World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1732

Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue nodded, afterward leaves the courtyard, enters in Teleportation Formation, transmits Hundred Flowers Palace. Sees two females to leave, Qi Shi sighed: This way, Evil Dragon Burial Ground sooner or later will be broken through, who knows that meets suddenly to emit that many endless Heaven territory, moreover is one by one fierce, if the joint attack, does not need Infernal Demon Emperor to mix, this Emperor Heaven definitely will erupt great war.” Hundred years regarding Emperor Heaven is not anything, is only matter in a flash, but these for hundred years, Emperor Heaven actually had many changes, as well as potential crisis. Has made demon emperor who Shen Xiang worries about appear . Moreover the demon emperor also causes many matters to come, in addition more and more endless Heaven territory appearances, in abundance emerge in Emperor Heaven, is staring at Evil Dragon Burial Ground saint stone Dragon Vein completely, making the Subduing Dragon Sect's pressure bigger and bigger. Cannot hit, this is not center Infernal Demon Emperor does below cherish?” Huang Jintian said. That is, if Evil Dragon Burial Ground were attacked, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, Bai Yaowei, my Master and Vermilion Bird will be curled, then Infernal Demon Emperor makes Hell demon armed forces again, comes on several Devil Lord, this Emperor Heaven definitely loose.” Qi Shi shakes the head to say. What means has?” Huang Jintian asked. Dragon Vein definitely cannot let! It seems like I can only go among Profound Cold Ancient Domain to have a look, in the past my Master walked dogshit to transport in inside, obtains Godhead.” Qi Shi said. Good, you must be careful.” Huang Jintian nodded, Profound Cold Ancient Domain inside buries divine object real, in some expert that came from endless Heaven territory went in had found, afterward caused many expert to go, few that but can come back. ...... In Divine Prison inside Shen Xiang, if knows that world of Nine Heaven passed for hundred years, but also has that many matters, Wu Qianqian the poisonous wound, he definitely will immediately also go back. But he has not known now, moreover he thought that he comes in shortly, world of Nine Heaven will not have any important matter. Shen Xiang has used two days of time, refines Heavenly God pill ten Heavenly Soul Fruit completely, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian is also closing up. Azure Dragon sees Shen Xiang to be so quick, asked: What's wrong? Isn't smooth? Such quickly came out!” In the Azure Dragon memory, refines 9th level Immortal Dan regarding the Shen Xiang present strength is the quite difficult matter, he thought that Shen Xiang at least several months can complete. Naturally smooth, I refined ten furnace Heavenly God pill!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle, puts out a grain of Heavenly God pill to throw to Azure Dragon: Just drew a charge, you have a look, compared with what kind of Dan Emperor?” Azure Dragon has gawked staring, he suspected very much Shen Xiang was telling the lie, Shen Xiang goes in inside two days, unexpectedly successful takes 9th level Immortal Dan, and has refined ten furnaces. Just drew a charge!” Although Azure Dragon not alchemy, but looked comes out.

Quality is very good, Heavenly God pill who in the past Dan Emperor refined was the same with this grain!” Azure Dragon thinks that Shen Xiang cultivates Heaven Refining Technique, accepted this fact, he has heard fierce of Heaven Refining Technique, especially in the alchemy aspect. Then your what starts to refine Saint pill?” Azure Dragon asked. My present Divine Power, can only make me refine 9th level Immortal Dan! But refinement Saint pill compared with on 9th level Danger Zone difficult a lot of times, I now unable to achieve, only if I can practice Emperor Soul, has stronger Divine Power.” Shen Xiang said. Said that you can start body cultivation?” Azure Dragon asked. Um!” Shen Xiang nodded: Just does not have Saint pill to assist, to practice quite to be difficult.” You must practice Emperor Soul to come, does not need jade bone, wanted skeleton refined into purple gold color that's alright.” Azure Dragon said: Just this also requires the time, you must know that the Divine Prison other time and spaces are different, here time is chaotic, sometimes here one day, is other spaces one year, or is here hundred years, is only other spaces one days. Even is sometimes odder.” „Is this real?” Shen Xiang knows when here prohibits the space, has joined time barrier, making Law of Space expire here. Law of Space also bases on under normal time to use, if the time is chaotic, rule of very difficult assurance space revolution. Does not use anxiously, you should better or practice Emperor Soul to come, even if unable to get rid of the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation, but can also make your strength promote many.” Azure Dragon said. Shen Xiang nodded. Was right, what Sacred Level herbs do you have? Although cannot refined into pills, but if eats, can have the good effect, but does not have pill to be so good.” Azure Dragon asked. Blood Dragon Ginseng can strong fleshly body!” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted: Eats Blood Dragon Ginseng, but the effect will be worse than Saint pill, but also can only now like this.” Azure Dragon startled [say / way]: Your unexpectedly has Blood Dragon Ginseng, good!” Shen Xiang puts out Blood Dragon Ginseng, the Little Dragon same ginseng, sends out rich incomparable blood energy. After Azure Dragon receives, will put out a blade cutting in half, then hastily will put out bottle, will drip into black liquid on this two halves Blood Dragon Ginseng respectively. This is...... Dragon Saliva Art condense comes out?” Shen Xiang asked that Dragon Saliva Art was in Azure Dragon Divine Art, Shen Xiang has not studied Life Slaughtering Technique time, has used Dragon Saliva Art. „It is not, this be fiercer than Dragon Saliva Art, is I revises from Life Slaughtering Technique, but also is only the Life Slaughtering Technique superficial knowledge!” These black liquors that Azure Dragon puts out, quick grows on that two halves cut open Blood Dragon Ginseng.

Then he continues, not long, he duplicates ten Blood Dragon Ginseng to come, was drop of that's alright. Senior, your this black elixir, how long using condense to come out?” Shen Xiang asked. One month a drop, is not easy!” Azure Dragon said. Very is not truly easy!” Naturally, where Shen Xiang's to does not go quickly, but he and Lu Qilian about cultivating Life Slaughtering Technique time, that spirit bead that comes out concise, so long as a grain of spirit bead, can duplicate six. But these spirit beads were used by him on Soul Eroding Powder, was already used up by him. How many do I want to eat to suffice?” Shen Xiang is taking Blood Dragon Ginseng, will eat. Wait / Etc., first do not eat now, you start to exercise martial arts eats again! You at least must eat three hundred Blood Dragon Ginseng, can practice purple golden bone! Relax, I usually concise these elixir did not have any use, here also suffices.” Azure Dragon said with a smile. Three hundred Blood Dragon Ginseng! If refines Saint pill to me, at least is 300 grains!” Shen Xiang exclaims: 300 grains of Saint pill, take away the world of Nine Heaven words, definitely will cause the stir.” This is natural, but you practice the Emperor Soul words, has been when the time comes also OK, you practice Life Slaughtering Technique, later can also cause fiercer elixir to come.” Azure Dragon he he smiles: „Did you prepare? You when use Heaven Refining Technique Body Refining, I suitably will also coordinate your.” The Shen Xiang nod said: I must start now!” He just said that Azure Dragon loudly shouted, deep blue sky suddenly presented dark clouds, intermittent strong winds raid. hōng hōng hōng! Time lightning flash thunder cry, the strong winds are intermittent, what is fearful, in the strong winds is also smuggling a azure thunder. This is my Wind and Thunder Domain!” Azure Dragon tightens wind and thunder strength afterward, turns into a hut to be so big, wraps Shen Xiang. Starts to eat Blood Dragon Ginseng, then you use Heaven Refining Technique Body Refining, when you need my wind and thunder Divine Power, absorbed that's alright directly.” Azure Dragon said.

Azure Dragon understood that use wind and thunder strength also has water strength, but in the water contains formidable life strength, can make the human the body stronger, coordinates the stimulation of wind and thunder strength again, absorbs let alone. Shen Xiang swallows Blood Dragon Ginseng, Blood Dragon Ginseng enters his within the body to melt immediately, making him think the whole body painfully swollen, afterward he revolves Heaven Refining Technique, releases one group of flame to wrap him, ignition strength that the flame releases stimulates his fleshly body, absorbs Blood Dragon Ginseng that rich Blood Contract unceasingly, is nutritious his body. Also insufficient!” Shen Xiang absorbs wind and thunder strength that Azure Dragon releases, integrates in his flame, making his body simultaneously receive several strength to stimulate. Azure Dragon lightning strength is very overbearing, under the Shen Xiang's Heaven Refining Technique control, becomes gently, coordinates his flame, is quenching his fleshly body. Because of the Heaven Refining Technique reason, Shen Xiang when using the wild strength exciting body, will not let the body severe pain, but the ache has, but he can withstand. Heaven Refining Technique Body Refining is fierce, Shen Xiang is only more than three double-hour, built up to melt Blood Dragon Ginseng, then he ate up one to continue to practice. Although outside him wraps wind and thunder strength that Azure Dragon is releasing, but Azure Dragon is very idle, but sits is looking at the same time. Practices ten double-hour continuously, then rests two double-hour.” Azure Dragon said. Then, after Shen Xiang eats up three Blood Dragon Ginseng, today's practice conclusion, he can the obvious feeling fleshly body in become stronger. Must eat to suffice three hundred Blood Dragon Ginseng to be good!” Shen Xiang thought that this does not require how much time. That is only I estimated that at least needs three hundred Blood Dragon Ginseng, will come when the time comes possibly and go out, in brief the Blood Dragon Ginseng matter gives me, you cultivated that's alright relieved.” Azure Dragon said. Shen Xiang has rested two double-hour , to continue to start to eat Blood Dragon Ginseng, starts to practice. Also only then massive saint medicine, can make him promote to be so quick, uses Heaven Refining Technique to practice the body , after will not let him , the foundation is not steady, practice that he can feel relieved. Shen Xiang does not know the world of Nine Heaven matter, therefore he not anxiously exiting, after he also plans to practice Emperor Soul, seeks some Godhead to walk again. That Yu Fan is cloudy his matter, he also on heart, before leaving, he will certainly make Yu Fan eat the suffering, otherwise he was not Shen Xiang. If can have formidable strength, in this Divine Prison, regarding Shen Xiang is not the misdemeanor, he can seek some Godhead, after waiting, he goes to sell to Gods again, can gain large sum of money divine coin, although will not be frequently smooth, but he will certainly attempt.