World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1734

Shen Xiang cultivates purple golden bone, after powerful, there is a fuller confidence, let alone he also has Azure Dragon to lend his Azure Dragon cloak. He leaves No. 2 unlucky star, quick arrives at that city that Plentiful God bank is, and here had found some secret marks, this is Yu Fan leaves his. Shen Xiang also here leaves behind the secret marks, makes Yu Fan to come out to meet. Yu Fan cannot see right in front of one Shen Xiang in Plentiful God bank, otherwise is known by Infernal Demon Emperor, definitely will look up on him, will be blamed when the time comes by Plentiful God. Shen Xiang rents a room in the city, is far away from the city, in order to avoid being located by Infernal Demon Emperor, has waited till the time of agreement, in he returns to return to the city that room, but at this time already night. Yu Fan has not entered in the room, he gives Shen Xiang sound transmission outside the window: You can also live well, has not thought that you went to No. 2 unlucky star also to live coming out.” Is only the luck! Had the goal? I must start fight.” Shen Xiang said. Had, under you a goal is this City Lord younger brother, this fellow is not a good thing, the strength is not very strong, because his father is quite fierce in Gods, therefore he has Godhead.” Yu Fan hastily told Shen Xiang the material of goal character. In the Shen Xiang mind presented the image that Yu Fan transmits. Regarding Yu Fan, Shen Xiang is his money tree, so long as seeks Godhead, he can obtain two surely divine coin, before Shen Xiang, has helped him make one. However Yu Fan has not told Shen Xiang, after Shen Xiang has killed 20 people, when the time comes looks for Heaven Punishment God certainly to be infiltrated Hell. It looks like in Shen Xiang, this Yu Fan wants to kill him, he wishes one could to kill the bastard who this thinks in one way and behaves in another now.

The Yu Fan reality supports, he has not practiced Emperor Soul not to dare to act rashly, let alone he also needs Yu Fan to the goal that he provides to hunt and kill, moreover on Yu Fan also has that Peng Renyi Godhead, he must seize, even pulls out Yu Fan Godhead. Sun You, this fellow does not stay in Gods, follows to do his brother?” Shen Xiang is unreadable, because Sun You was not infiltrated Divine Prison, but comes to this place voluntarily. Shen Xiang greater part of the night arrives at the Tai Qiang residence. Tai Zong Guan, does not see for a long time.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Brother Shen, I and others you were very long, has the matter to tell that I do do?” Tai Qiang discovered at this time Shen Xiang was much better compared with Peng Renyi, at least Peng Renyi wants to kill him, but Shen Xiang has saved him. You think the means approximately to go to outside the city Sun You, this matter is best mystically, when the time comes you plots against him, injures him, then other matters give me.” Shen Xiang said. Sun You? This fellow is very good to cope, he comes to here is mainly because cannot stay in Gods, he is always bullied above, he gets so far as large sum of money divine coin above, coming to here to be able show off one's military strength.” Tai Qiang said: I can approximately come out him, this matter gives me.” Good, best to set time.” Shen Xiang said. Noon tomorrow, wild mountain group outside city.” Tai Qiang is very confident to this matter. Shen Xiang nodded, to Tai Qiang sound transmission: Best not to let Yu Fan know.” He leaves this city, is strolling outside, he left No. 2 unlucky star to have was quite a while many, but also nobody chased down him, he guessed that was because Infernal Demon Emperor must spread the news from Hell requires some time.

At noon next day, returns to No. 1 unlucky star in Shen Xiang that outside the stars wanders fast the ground, arrives place that Tai Qiang says, he found Tai Qiang quickly. Tai Qiang just and male great war, the Tai Qiang strength is good, with his great war person is Sun You, although Sun You is not strong, but weapon and armor in his hand are fierce, causing Tai Qiang is unable to injure to him. Shen Xiang arrives quietly, not saying anything further, directly uses water vine, releases strongest Divine Power, ties up Sun You. Tai Qiang sees opposite party suddenly to tie down, immediately understands Shen Xiang came, hastily exhausts fully, wields the great hammer in fight, pounding maliciously to Sun You. The bang of bang, Sun You was rumbled to enter the ground, the body falls into the ground, by his body presented fissures. Even if fierce equipment, such maliciously were struck, and has not resisted, must be shaken the wound. Shen Xiang stimulates to movement the Azure Dragon cloak to make him overtake immediately rapidly, wields Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in fight, uses of Thunderbolt Cut Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, draws on an intermittent crazy thunder, a blade cuts to Sun You. Seeing Shen Xiang must kill people, Tai Qiang hastily shunt, in order to avoid occupies Slaughter Qi, is not good to oneself. Must kill Sun You not to be easy, because on Sun You has divine armor, after Shen Xiang chops has chopped dozens blade Thunderbolt Cut , the opposite party kills, and pulls out Godhead, devour Divine Soul. Also obtains Godhead!” Shen Xiang is looking at Godhead in hand, shows the happy smiling face, after he Godhead receives, takes down that Sun You Divine Blade and divine armor, although had been attacked by him, but is still perfect, obviously inside has joined peak heaven stone. This gives you! You most sell now.” Shen Xiang said: I also need you to help me to seek Godhead.”

Tai Qiang is very excited, because Shen Xiang gives his Divine Blade and divine armor is very precious, can sell in Gods to over ten thousand divine coin. Tai Qiang does not dare to violate Shen Xiang, otherwise his contract will make a false counter-accusation, but he knows that Shen Xiang to him not like Peng Renyi, Peng Renyi has not given this type of thing, moreover he knows that he quick can exit, so long as helps Shen Xiang seek enough Godhead. Do not tell Yu Fan!” Shen Xiang urged: You go back first, if you discovered that Yu Fan must strike a vicious blow to you, you escape as soon as possible, this is my secret marks, when the time comes relates with my this set of secret marks.” Shen Xiang did not count on that found 20 goals using Yu Fan with ease, can have several to be good, when the time comes he and Yu Fan breaks off, he must rely on very familiar here Tai Qiang. He does not hope that Tai Qiang struck a vicious blow by Yu Fan, naturally, Yu Fan strength got up by the seal, moreover he cannot kill people here, otherwise he cannot exit, he too had not been worried that is feared Tai Qiang was discarded by Yu Fan. Two surely divine coin!” Shen Xiang is looking at Godhead in hand: Does not know Sister Meng'er their if wanted , if they fuse Godhead here, the strength also will become very strong.” Shen Xiang returned to No. 2 unlucky star, seeing several females to bustle about is refining that Vermilion Bird Soul Bow. Dongfang Jing closes up is very long, but also in Hidden Jade Ring, otherwise she will also join. Their several coordinate well, even if no very strong strength, but with this tacit coordination, can refine fierce Divine Weapon to come.” Azure Dragon is looking at the same time that Long Xueyi is eating the fruit, she helps to smelt some materials. We have been familiar with Vermilion Bird Soul Bow spirit pattern, but our consciousness can merge into one organic whole, then divides the work carves to draw spirit pattern fast, regarding me, quite difficult smelts the material, because our flame intensities are limited.” Liu Meng'er said.