World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1735

refiner requires the time, especially refines Divine Weapon, how long Shen Xiang has not looked, also leaves No. 2 unlucky star, returns to No. 1 unlucky star. He looks for Yu Fan, Yu Fan knows that Sun You died, but Shen Xiang has not given him Sun You Godhead, making in his heart somewhat angry, but Shen Xiang looks for him quickly, making the air/Qi in his heart disappear. Godhead?” Yu Fan according to the secret marks that Shen Xiang leaves behind, found that hut that Shen Xiang is, he sees Shen Xiang, immediately sound transmission inquiry. Shen Xiang will certainly not give Yu Fan Godhead, said: Sun You, although died, but Godhead has not taken, after I he kills, on suddenly emits expert, has robbed Godhead, the speed very rapidness of fellow.” Shen Xiang has arranged a rumor casually, no matter he also Yu Fan does believe. How can like this? You killing the Sun You process told me.” In the Yu Fan heart begins to have suspicions. In the Shen Xiang heart already thought that the sputtering narration process, Yu Fan at the scene, only cannot immediately believe Shen Xiang this time. Found the next goal?” Shen Xiang asked. Yu Fan could not conceal many times, can deceive one time has been one time. Goal had, but in this city, does not kill too many people not to be good here, this time you obtain the distance here very far city.” The material of Yu Fan new goal passes to Shen Xiang there through the Divine Power way. I complete come back to look for you! Right Sir Yu, you give my flying disc, I was destroyed when No. 2 unlucky star, can you give me again one?” Shen Xiang wants, in has not broken off before Yu Fan, fishes to be many as far as possible some advantage from him.

This is three hundred divine coin, you buy one, here did not have!” Yu Fan has given Shen Xiang storage pouch. Can give again, I also want to buy good weapon and divine armor, I and Sun You fight, because his good thing to be too many, I could not kill, brought in others' attention.” Gives you again 300, you should know how to buy.” Yu Fan thinks, has given Shen Xiang three hundred divine coin, Shen Xiang gave his Godhead before , helping him make the good money, to let Shen Xiang gets so far as Godhead smoothly, he naturally natural. In the Shen Xiang heart despises this Yu Fan secretly, gives him a little, he now not rare this divine coin, but in his surface ships out very happy appearance. Yu Fan dull is not long with Shen Xiang, hurried back Plentiful God bank. Shen Xiang strolls in the city, about his posting a reward also, moreover in addition divine coin, arrived at 50,000 this numbers. The position that but Infernal Demon Emperor outside such, cannot be at Shen Xiang likely at any time told others, let alone between outside and Divine Prison must carry on the relation, even if in Divine Prison, the distance, must carry on the immediate pass on message is very difficult. Shen Xiang arrives at the nearby of Tai Qiang residence, to Tai Qiang sound transmission, making him come out. Old Tai, you leave this city with me today, later do not come back again!” Shen Xiang said: Yu Fan has begun to have suspicions to me, previous time kills Sun You when I have hidden the truth from him, but after this time, definitely could not conceal the truth.” Although Shen Xiang has not mentioned him to help Yu Fan seek the Godhead matter with Tai Qiang, but Tai Qiang looked now. Brother Shen, you have killed people here, later must exit to be difficult, perhaps also will be infiltrated Hell.” Tai Qiang said.

„Do you also know this matter?” Shen Xiang frowned. Other people possibly do not know, but I am very clear! Before also some fellows intruded Divine Prison from other places, they to a bit faster collection uneven divine coin leave, everywhere plundered, finally when looked Heaven Punishment God handed over divine coin, is infiltrated Hell, or was lost to No. 3 unlucky star on.” Tai Qiang said: You now have killed only two, is not too serious, at most when is exits, divine coin that needs are more.” Shen Xiang said: Yu Fan and I have said that so long as I help him get so far as 20 Godhead, he gives me thousand divine coin, I can leave here.” Tai Qiang understands why now Shen Xiang will carry Yu Fan to handle that many matters, because Shen Xiang also knows that here the fate of murder is very serious. Where now do you want to go?” Tai Qiang understands after Shen Xiang present situation, nodded. I must go to Wind Eye City, must go to there to kill a fellow, named Yang Yan, opens a luxury hotel there.” Shen Xiang said. „The people who this Yu Fan selects are good, that Yang Yan I have heard, whose he came from Gods with his Master, his Master safeguards bank, should be the Yu Fan same status, he with the Master study, oneself while opens a hotel, heard that he is also doing seeks the Godhead deal in secret, but this is Legend.” Shen Xiang at present one bright, something absolutely not rumors, since Tai Qiang has heard, that is very possible, he thought that Yang Yan Master, should be the same with Yu Fan, took advantage that this place fishes Godhead. How long did Yang Yan come here? His Master?” Tai Qiang recalled, said: Should have tens of thousands years, Yang Yan and his Master have not left here, his Master usually little makes an appearance, is mainly responsible for the revolution of bank, as well as takes inventory silver coin to deliver to above.” Shen Xiang nodded, Yu Fan also does such work , is usually very low-key.

Old Tai, you, so long as helps me get so far as ten Godhead, when the time comes I gave your enough divine coin to leave Divine Prison...... to be right, how many divine coin did you also miss?” Shen Xiang asked. Wants in No. 1 unlucky star, only needs thousand divine coin, I also miss more than 700 now.” Tai Qiang said that in the heart some cannot believe that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will help him leave here. ” If were Peng Renyi said that perhaps he does not believe that but he does not know why believed Shen Xiang. Here has nine unlucky stars, does?” Shen Xiang asked that before he has asked Azure Dragon, Azure Dragon does not know that other unlucky stars had anything, because Azure Dragon is unable to leave No. 2 unlucky star, he was stranded there. „No. 1 unlucky star you knew, on No. 2 unlucky star that terrifying old man you should ask for advice! No. 3 unlucky star, is some ferocious fellows, he must leave Divine Prison, needs hundred thousand above divine coin, basically can never leave.” 4 th to No. 9 unlucky star, the seal some fierce fellows, was hearing that had wielded Temple Gods, because makes mistakes, read and them is Gods, therefore pass/test them here, has not infiltrated Hell.” In Divine Prison, only then No. 1 unlucky star inside person does not have the seal, can go casually! So long as is competent, you go to other unlucky stars also to come out again, but ten have ** is very difficult.” Shen Xiang now is clear, why Azure Dragon stayed there that for a long time had not exited, actually there had one in view of his seal.