World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1736

Shen Xiang makes Tai Qiang be responsible for seeking for the good goal to be hunted and killed by him, so long as he gets so far as enough Godhead, can feel at ease goes to No. 2 unlucky star to practice, after cultivating Emperor Soul, immediately leaves here. He has given back to Tai Qiang hundred divine coin, afterward he goes to Wind Eye City. Wind Eye City is a very big city, compared with that big several times that Plentiful God bank is, here bank is the flash divine coin villages of heads of four big bank, this bank master be more formidable than Plentiful God. But person who now Shen Xiang must hunt and kill, is sends to govern bank the son of person, should with the Yu Fan same strength, strength close Gods. But Shen Xiang does not fear the opposite party, because Yu Fan has said that was sent like this type, moreover strength quite formidable Gods, strength was prohibited the part by Heaven Punishment God, when the emergence, can call Heaven Punishment God. Therefore Shen Xiang wants to kill that Yang Yan father, he does not have that balls, because will bring in Heaven Punishment God, does not do well is infiltrated Hell directly. This Yang Yan and his father, if like Yu Fan, for many years here sought many Godhead, so long as I took that's alright their Godhead.” Shen Xiang suddenly change plan, does not kill that Yang Yan temporarily, but approaches the opposite party first. If were not chased down by Infernal Demon Emperor, the plan in Shen Xiang heart will be very smooth, now he can only give a try first. He uses the Azure Dragon cloak, quick arrives at Wind Eye City, this city very strange, the urban middle has a very big pit, this pit is sending out intermittent light breeze every time, therefore this city will therefore acquire fame. Legend that pit is because digs Black Saint Iron to dig. Shen Xiang arrives at that hotel that Yang Yan opens, this hotel is very luxurious, has ten layers to be high, each is spacious, can let eat meal the lodging in inside. change appearance from now on Shen Xiang, arrives in hotel to emit Divine Power to investigate, wants to have a look at Yang Yan whether here, but has not succeeded, this hotel is not very ordinary, Divine Power is hard to penetrate the floor. Storekeeper, I wants to see your bosses, can help me convey a message.” Shen Xiang arrives at the counter to inquire. Person who every day wants to see our bosses were many, if my boss everyone receives, that have't can die of exhaustion him?” The storekeeper said with a smile. Shen Xiang is to express own sincerity, has put out a grain of Heavenly God pill. 9th level Immortal Dan also is very here precious, he said with a smile: Storekeeper, this is I gives you small gift, was exhausted you!” Although the storekeeper has not seen Heavenly God pill, but has actually heard, although he can afford, but gives to him as the gift, he is glad to accept. The storekeepers he he smile: Then asked you to wait a bit, I went to convey a message to him, sees was the matter of boss.”

Shen Xiang knows that conveys a message must look at this storekeeper, so long as handled that's alright him. Boss is willing to see you, on please ten buildings.” After the storekeepers come back, to [say / way] that Shen Xiang smiles. After Shen Xiang is on ten buildings, arrives at a great hall, the boss waited for him here. This you have given the storekeeper good gifts, I think that you are the sincerity have the urgent matter to see my.” The person of speech is Yang Yan, a build grandiose young man, on the face is having the smile: Please sit down!” After Shen Xiang sits down, looked at all around: Mr. Yang, here is not quite convenient, the matter that I and you discussed was quite important.” From the appearance, Shen Xiang thought that Yang Yan this person also good, not like the person who that type ten are not wickedly, before Yu Fan has told him, lets the homicide is the fellow of that doing all kinds of evil, for example Peng Renyi this type. This great hall also has other people, these people were the Yang Yan honored guest, Shen Xiang said that making Yang Yan some not hope. This is related with Yu Fan!” Shen Xiang gives Yang Yan sound transmission. Really, hears is related with Yu Fan, the Yang Yan brow a wrinkle, stands up immediately immediately: Comes with me.” Yang Yan and his guests greeted, brings Shen Xiang to come to a secret room. Yu Fan just came here dozens years, but he has had a grudge with us, but this matter other people do not know that you do know? You is a prisoner!” Yang Yan asked. Because his allows me to come kills you!” Shen Xiang said: Although you think that I am very weak, but I can kill you really!” After a Shen Xiang such saying, that Yang Yan unexpectedly lightly smiled, has not guarded immediately. You do not believe that I will kill you?” Shen Xiang also smiled. You, if must kill me, definitely will not ask me to discuss that the Yu Fan matter, will not tell me, Yu Fan makes you kill me.” Yang Yan said with a smile: You look for me, really has very important matter.” Said to look why Yu Fan can make you kill me? You must know, if you kill one to look like my this type the person who gets down from Gods, consequence serious?” Yang Yan asked. I do not know that has any serious consequence, does not want to know, because my present situation is not very good, will otherwise not lead by the nose by Yu Fan.” Shen Xiang face earnest saying: Yu Fan allows me to come kills you, and takes to give him your Godhead!”

But, I know that wants is not the person of prisoner, Godhead has the brand mark, Yu Fan has also told me, let alone Yu Fan he is the person in God of Wealth palace, therefore I determined that his allows me to come kills you, because of personal grudge.” Yang Yan nodded: You are very intelligent, has not killed me! I now am very curious, why do under you brave Hell danger(ous) to kill me?” Before Shen Xiang, thought that this matter has the trick, that Yu Fan has really begun to have suspicions to him, although he kills this Yang Yan to be all right, but looking back now, if kills this Yang Yan, he greatly troublesome. For with the Yang Yan cooperation, Shen Xiang restores his original appearance, seeing this face, Yang Yan slightly to think that understood many matters. Yu Fan has not needed you, therefore he makes you kill me, you were also then finished! He made you help him seek Godhead before, he also in extinguishing your mouth.” Yang Yan sneers again and again: Your good and bad had posted a reward several Godhead people by Infernal Demon Emperor, he underestimated you, you were very intelligent.” Shen Xiang honest saying: I helped him get so far as Godhead before, he gives my goal is 20!” 20? The appetite of this fellow was also too big! Godhead, so long as revolves well, can on to 45 surely divine coin that heads, regarding this fellow, this be very big number, but he also calculates to be content, knows that you are not good to cope, your mouth that therefore wants a bit faster to extinguish.” Yang Yan said with a sneer: You possibly do not know that Infernal Demon Emperor had a more further action, does not know that he pays the big price, unexpectedly sends two War-God to come, but has not arrived here.” War-God?” Shen Xiang does not know that War-God means anything, Azure Dragon has not told him. You possibly to Gods the matter did not understand, then you should know Plentiful God and Brilliant God here.” Yang Yan said: They are the God of Wealth four big apprentices, is strength very strong Gods.” However War-God has their status, as for the strength, I thinks that you should have the concept.” Shen Xiang nodded: in other words, War-God strength in God of Wealth under them.” Good, even if ten hundred my Master, cannot hit them, so long as they one, your situation bad risk, but Yu Fan was worried that you before will say his matter at the point of death.” unexpectedly came two War-God, Shen Xiang to feel worried, but he knows that Azure Dragon will be very certainly happy. Then I did die?” Shen Xiang sighed: I have not killed you luckily, otherwise I will definitely not know this news.” It seems like I must thank you, if you start to me, I thought that I definitely will be massacred by you, although you look like very weak, but I thought so.” Yang Yan smiled: You have killed me, may under Hell very much, can be caught quickly by Infernal Demon Emperor.” „, You made me catch the Yu Fan handle.”

In the Shen Xiang heart hates darkly, he does not want on such convenient Yu Fan, the words that but he gets rid to Yu Fan, Heaven Punishment God will definitely get rid. I am not willingly, I help Yu Fan get so far as Godhead, but my anything has not fished.” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist, actually he also obtains Godhead. „Do you want to revenge?” Yang Yan asked. Naturally thinks that this Yu Fan wants to kill me.” Shen Xiang hates the sound to say. When Yu Fan meets life danger(ous), Heaven Punishment God will get rid, when the time comes directly delivers to Hell you.” Yang Yan said: My means that are find the way to hold him, so long as does not kill him, did not make him meet danger(ous) that's alright.” Shen Xiang mind Divine Halo dodges, so long as grasps his Yu Fan, then takes away this Divine Prison Yu Fan, when the time comes he can massacre Yu Fan. Actually you must leave here now, only needed 10,000-20,000 divine coin to suffice, I can your divine coin, for other, me only not want to make you this friend.” Yang Yan puts out storage pouch, Shen Xiang Divine Power sweeps, has one pile of divine coin on seeing. He has not thought that this Yang Yan unexpectedly is a such person, although does not know that he has what mind, but how to see not like under the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator to him, is much better compared with Yu Fan that will think in one way and behave in another. I am not have not wanted, I do not plan to leave here quickly.” Shen Xiang smiled: You could rest assured that although I do not want your this divine coin, but I can be the friend with you.” This makes Yang Yan be surprised: I had said with you before that two War-God matter, their strengths are not weak, if you take these divine coin to leave, can avoid being chased down by them.” To be honest, I have thought before must catch you, then tries to find the solution are many some Godhead from you and your Master body lane, but that thinks.” Shen Xiang he he smiles: I have the means to cope with that two War-God.” Yang Yan shakes the head sighs: No wonder Infernal Demon Emperor will pay that big price to catch you, he makes two War-God get down, each at least needs ten hundred million divine coin above, otherwise, this will not be equal to many Mei Godhead.” Your I make his divine coin throw away carelessly!” Shen Xiang laughs: First said goodbye, these War-God must come, I must make a preparation.” Yang Yan has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Shen Xiang: „After hoping , can you drinks one cup in Gods well, although we were the friends, but cannot drink several cups, was really regrettable!”