World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1737

Shen Xiang and this Yang Yan, although just knew, but gives the opposite party to make the good impression, after Shen Xiang leaves Wind Eye City, immediately returns to No. 2 unlucky star, he must tell Azure Dragon the Infernal Demon Emperor latest motion, although in his heart worried faintly, but he knows that Azure Dragon will be definitely happy. In No. 2 unlucky star, Azure Dragon is helping Liu Meng'er their refiner, very bored he, currently suddenly has the matter to do, making him have fun. Got so far as Godhead?” Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang to be so quick, grinning asking, she in the refiner aspect , can only help to smelt the material, other aspects busily cannot add on. Azure Dragon sees the Shen Xiang stern-faced facial expression, asked: Annoyed troubles greatly?” Shen Xiang made him kill the Yang Yan matter to say Yu Fan, when as well as he and Yang Yan met words that spoke. Two War-God?” Azure Dragon two shine, the excited facial expression, has almost not leapt immediately with joy. That Yang Yan said that the genuine and fake I cannot determine.” Shen Xiang said. Best real, Infernal Demon Emperor sends two War-God to come, should win, when the time comes I can also move the physique.” Azure Dragon said with a smile: Does not need too to be worried that I dealt with.” Although Azure Dragon was not worried, but Shen Xiang was actually worried. Their does if wanted change a place?” Several females who Shen Xiang sees bustle about. For safety, best enters Hidden Jade Ring, War-God strength that moreover does not know when comes.” Long Xueyi said. Liu Meng'er they also hear the words that Shen Xiang spoke a moment ago, immediately shuts down. If needs to smelt the material , helping you smelt with me, then looks to put.” Azure Dragon said that Liu Meng'er their several in the female, are the strength quite formidable, but if these powerful War-God suddenly attacks, Azure Dragon cannot guarantee that can protect them.

How long Vermilion Bird does Soul Bow also need to refine?” Shen Xiang asked. Most soon takes one year! Moreover Grandpa Azure Dragon helps us.” Xue Xianxian said: Quite troublesome is carves to draw spirit pattern, several of us cooperates, can complete in one year, is quick.” The Azure Dragon nod said: They really have the talent in the refiner aspect, can in such a short time refine Divine Weapon, is truly rare! They are not good in flame, if they have the flame of my this strength to smelt the fierce material, their refiner speeds will be more astonishing.” Has not increased peak heaven stone Vermilion Bird Soul Bow to refine for one year, Shen Xiang can imagine how long later refines that divine ship to need. Xue Xianxian their several move back to the refiner various cauldron furnaces and types of tools Hidden Jade Ring, this made Shen Xiang more relieved. Your brat should better also stay here, if your stared by that two War-God, even if were my cloak cannot save you.” Azure Dragon said. Shen Xiang does not want to run around, he only wants to practice Emperor Soul as soon as possible, soon will leave here. Come, trains with me well, I make you be familiar with your purple golden bone as soon as possible.” Although Azure Dragon called Shen Xiang to attack him, but he has gotten rid, the flash dodged to Shen Xiang side, to a Shen Xiang's shoulder palm detachment. Azure Dragon has not used any attribute strength, but contests with fleshly body strength and Shen Xiang. But was terrorist, avoids Shen Xiang of Azure Dragon blade, has a lingering fear, if he has not avoided, he thought that his shoulder bone will possibly be chopped into pieces. Response very quick!” Azure Dragon laughed, suddenly disappears. Shen Xiang one startled, he most feared that Azure Dragon uses this move, he just arrived at No. 2 unlucky star time, Azure Dragon frequently round trip such does not have the trace, that speed most makes him feel the fear.

Really, in him knows that Azure Dragon acting seriously time, his back suddenly pain, was attacked by Azure Dragon, his original manuscript thinks one must be seriously injured, but has not thought that he feels the pain, the skeleton has not obstructed greatly. However he was hit to fly, has cracked-up a hill. Shen Xiang hastily flies to leap up from the ruins, leaps airborne, borrows the speed of Azure Dragon cloak, launches the attack to Azure Dragon, arm condense his formidable Divine Power, coordinates physical strength, is similar to a crazy axe, chops to Azure Dragon. Moreover he also uses Vast Wave Cut in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, the imposing manner is similar to the vast in strong winds rough seas is enormous and powerful, the mighty waves are turbulent. Azure Dragon laughs, does not avoid! Shen Xiang drinks greatly, from airborne dives, is dividing to cut to Azure Dragon with the arm, chops to the shoulder of Azure Dragon. Bang! The bang spreads, the earth trembles! Those who make Shen Xiang accidental is, this strikes unexpectedly unable to make Azure Dragon move, his strength is terrorist, but was melted by Azure Dragon completely, the earth was shaken by the bang trembles, does not have split open, these strength were absorbed by Azure Dragon completely. Good good, the progress is very big! Continues......” Azure Dragon suddenly to wave, makes together azure lightning, the bang on Shen Xiang, the bang will fly. Of Shen Xiang whole body tingling pain, while flying upside down, his hastily controls own body turn over, while he just turned the body, Azure Dragon came, to his maliciously foot, but was actually avoided by him. Azure Dragon trampled spatial, his speed compared with Shen Xiang quickly, even if a move hits spatially, after he makes up incurs, can still hit Shen Xiang.

Then, Shen Xiang and Azure Dragon have trained more than double-hour, how this can let the Shen Xiang clear understanding these War-God strengths is! Shen Xiang does not have including Emperor Soul, but the Azure Dragon strength is fiercer than these War-God, he cannot certainly ask for any advantage Azure Dragon here, he has used several limit strength, cannot injure to root hair of Azure Dragon. Although the disparity is very big, but Shen Xiang is very excited, can with such expert to the war, not be everyone has the opportunity that. Shen Xiang every day with three double-hour and Azure Dragon to fighting practice, this is also a practice, can strengthen Shen Xiang's to fighting the experience, other time, he will practice Divine Soul, concise elixir. Two months, these fellows had not come!” Shen Xiang has been familiar with present purple golden bone ge at this time completely. Do not be anxious, possibly was here and time suddenly of outside had very big transformation, perhaps our past two months, their side was only the moment.” Good, Divine Prison inside time is chaotic, before Shen Xiang came in shortly, Emperor Heaven on the past hundred years, but now he stayed for two months in Divine Prison, Emperor Heaven was also only past more than 20 days. Then, Infernal Demon Emperor locates my position, told here person my position very much difficultly immediately.” Shen Xiang said. The Azure Dragon nod said with a smile: Therefore, you do not need too to worry that Infernal Demon Emperor also knows, otherwise he will not send two War-God.” Senior, I heard that on here some unlucky stars is detaining Gods, doesn't know real? These Gods strengths are that type Heavenly God that controls Temple.” In the past the Shen Xiang heart has the thought that these unlucky stars strolled, but he thinks that these Gods did not say like Azure Dragon after all.