World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1738
During Azure Dragon frowned, is lost in thought that Shen Xiang has not disturbed him. After half double-hour, Azure Dragon recovers, said: Really has such matter, I had heard before has Heavenly God to be infiltrated Divine Prison! However these Gods because of offending rule, but was harmed by certain fellows.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: „Is this real? These Heavenly God danger(ous)? I want to take a look!” Do not go, unusual danger(ous)!” Azure Dragon said. Shen Xiang is disappointed, sighed one. Right Senior, has the Gods strength divided? War-God? Heavenly God?” Shen Xiang suddenly is curious to this. Generally speaking, has Emperor Soul jade bone, has Godhead again, was Demigod! If can display Godhead complete strength, can become True God, above True God is Profound God, finally is Heavenly God! True God, Profound God and Heavenly God these three God Position, are divided into Low-Rank, Middle-Rank and High-Rank three stages! For example I, now am Middle-Rank Profound God!” Azure Dragon said that but also puts out a silver sign, above carves one to leap the dance Azure Dragon, above writes Profound God these two large characters, then has a small character in the nearby. This is my sign, has used hundred thousand divine coin, is God of Wealth palace there lane, heard that the refinement method is the same with divine coin.” Azure Dragon said: But does not have any use, but a strength symbolizes! Must say that the advantage also has, comes and goes out some places, will have this type of sign more convenient.” Shen Xiang received that god sign that Azure Dragon hands over, works very well, he suspected that in has also joined peak heaven stone. This is also divine tool, the critical moment can be used to keep off others' attack.” Azure Dragon said with a smile. Can do to divine coin?” Shen Xiang asked: I also want to make one, later goes to Gods, should be more convenient.” Naturally is not! You first must go to audiences Temple to overcome an obstacle, then audiences Temple qualifications will show to you that making you go to the God of Wealth palace to hand over divine coin to produce the sign.” Azure Dragon said: Has the qualifications of Profound God, can test the War-God sign! I test certainly, but does not need.” War-God mainly makes goon anything, has the words of War-God sign, will be quite marketable!” Shen Xiang gives back to Azure Dragon that sign, asked: In Gods, Heavenly God quantity are many?” Azure Dragon said: Gods person, although that is the most higher world, but is connecting innumerable looks like world of Nine Heaven this space, therefore above Heavenly God are also many! Just only then strongest High-Rank Heavenly God, has the qualifications to found Temple.” Senior you go to Gods to be so long, practice the Middle-Rank Heavenly God rank, is quick or slow?” Shen Xiang thought that at least must have Azure Dragon this strength quite to be good to mix in Gods, otherwise has scruples.

Calculated quickly! I felt that I must break through quickly, I should be able to practice the High-Rank Profound God strength here.” Azure Dragon looks at the sky: „The words that two War-God a bit faster come, I can a quicker breakthrough.” The Shen Xiang eyebrow corner/horn beats: „Did you want their devour?” Azure Dragon laughs: Naturally is not, I need to break through through the stimulation of this fight, but when the time comes I cannot kill them, otherwise I can under Hell.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: That is killed by me, their Godhead are very definitely valuable!” That must have a look at you to be capable of that taking their Godhead.” Shen Xiang decided that then starts the lane to be many some Soul Eroding Powder, if this type of thing the quantity multi- years is high, must corrode the body of Gods are not impossible. Profound God Godhead and Divine Soul, regarding Shen Xiang that are the big tonics! Shen Xiang and Azure Dragon start to war, at this time Shen Xiang also somewhat hopes that these War-God a bit faster come, because Azure Dragon has said that if hits to lie the opposite party, the corpse gives him to process. In an instant passed for four months, waits for impatient Azure Dragon suddenly to cry loud and long, stops with Shen Xiang to the war. Came?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, anything cannot see, induction any aura. Um, you a bit faster hide, the farther the better to here, but do not leave No. 2 unlucky star, our Profound God great war, fallout is not you can withstand.” Azure Dragon said that flies to kick a foot to Shen Xiang, tramples to fly Shen Xiang in own line of sight. Shen Xiang was kicked to sea, just wants to complain several, sees the sky to turn into piece of azure on suddenly, moreover glittering intermittent lightning. „Is this Wind and Thunder Domain?” The Shen Xiang shock said that the place that he is at now, is away from Azure Dragon there to be far, in another end of unlucky star, even if his speed run, takes several days! But now Azure Dragon Wind and Thunder Domain, actually covers the entire unlucky star, now he is clear, Azure Dragon and he to war, has only used a wee bit strength. Shen Xiang wants to look very much, but he knows that he arrives there, the pit bottom will write off by fallout that god will fight, he will be honest is staying here. „Did my treasure, how progress?” Shen Xiang was inquiring Hidden Jade Ring inside beautiful women.

Progressed to half, now is outside situation what kind of?” Liu Meng'er asked. I do not know that Azure Dragon kicked me.” Shen Xiang also very much wants to know. Jing Jing (quietly) went out, has her joining, the speed that we progress will be faster.” The Dongfang Xinyue sound is blissful: Jing Jing (quietly) fuses the Vermilion Bird inheritance fruit, became very strong, possibly was fiercer than me.” At this time broadcast Dongfang Jing that gentle and charming sound: Elder brother, do not listen to paternal aunt, I am not fierce.” Dongfang Jing does not like killing, she worried that Leng Youlan will pull her to go to the war, although she has been used to it, but does not want. Shen Xiang lies down in the water surface, is thinking own Emperor Soul ability meets is what kind. dragon brat, you said that which convenience my Emperor Soul ability toward will develop?” Because Shen Xiang own Emperor Soul must practice quickly, regarding this is curious. Was difficult to say!” Long Xueyi cannot determine: I do not know that in the past my Emperor Soul ability is to eat to rest the ability.” What ability is the Azure Dragon Emperor Soul ability?” Shen Xiang said: I do not dare directly to ask him.” I do not know that is very mystical, I had asked him in the past, was passed by his making excuses belt.” Long Xueyi said: Should be very shameful, otherwise old blue worm will not keep secret.” What is shameful?” Shen Xiang said: Is his Emperor Soul ability is very bad?” Does not know that this is the riddle topic that in my heart for many years wants to untie.” Long Xueyi sighed: So long as thinks each time that thought the heart is itchy.” Meng'er, you, if must make the flame stronger, what needs me to make?” Shen Xiang asked that previous time he saw several female faces to envy Azure Dragon that type of fierce flame, in the heart has been thinking must help them strengthen the flame. This matter anxiously.” Xue Xianxian said: Grandpa Azure Dragon is fierce Middle-Rank Profound God, the flame is more formidable than us is very normal, I have not thought can have his type of flame all of a sudden.” But you should have big promotion leeway now!” Shen Xiang said: If your this cultivation base, the flame is very strong, means that your beginnings are getting higher and higher, from now on will be also getting stronger and stronger.” Shen Xiang is this, his cultivation base is low, but the strength is very strong, the request that various aspects promote wants to be higher than time the common person, but this can make his strength stronger.

If there is fire attribute and ice cold attribute Sacred Fruit, has very big help to me and Xianxian, Youlan, Xinyue and Jing Jing (quietly) I do not know that they currently have the fierce bloodlines.” The Liu Meng'er's sound conveys. Youlan has White Dragon Bloodline, what Sacred Fruit can eat! The Vermilion Bird bloodlines of Xinyue and Jing Jing (quietly) are fire attribute, needs fire attribute Sacred Fruit, or is Blood Dragon Ginseng this type saint medicine that strengthens fleshly body.” Long Xueyi chuckle said: Best is the variety are more, will eat will be too greasy, you will eat Blood Dragon Ginseng to know.” Good, when Azure Dragon has solved that two War-God, I go to No. 1 unlucky star to look for Yang Yan, asks that he can help me get so far as these Sacred Fruit.” Shen Xiang thought that hits relationship with Yang Yan, can get so far as some Gods from Yang Yan there herbs, Sacred Level herbs in Gods, although also sells quite high, but are always more than world of Nine Heaven. The sky was still covered by the azure lightning thick cloud . Moreover the sea level high and low is also fluctuating, Shen Xiang waited entire the day, fight unexpectedly not to finish. It seems like is very strong with fellow of old blue worm fight, does not know that he can support!” Long Xueyi said: Now I somewhat am worried about him.” The fight will be definitely getting more and more intense, Shen Xiang cannot approach to look that he can only wait for patiently! Before he also somewhat suspected that the Yang Yan words, War-God came now, can show that the Yang Yan words were not false, that had two War-God to come to here. Infernal Demon Emperor naturally knows that No. 2 unlucky star is detaining Azure Dragon, guessed correctly that Shen Xiang on No. 2 unlucky star, definitely obtains the asylum of Azure Dragon, therefore he doesnot can under the initial capital, incur two War-God to come to here to cope with Azure Dragon, otherwise makes Shen Xiang obtain the help of Azure Dragon for a long time, he compels into Divine Prison Shen Xiang laboriously, has helped Shen Xiang busy. Obtains Azure Dragon help Shen Xiang, strength will be definitely getting more and more formidable, this is Infernal Demon Emperor is not willing to see, he does not know that before Azure Dragon will be closed into here, because Shen Xiang is too dull long in No. 2 unlucky star, makes him begin to have suspicions, afterward, has not thought that unexpectedly will have that skillful matter. What Infernal Demon Emperor most is worried is Shen Xiang gets rid of his tracing incantation, once makes Shen Xiang continue to ramble, all that he makes for these years quite in as futile as carrying water in a bamboo basket, and loss is serious. If Infernal Demon Emperor knows that Shen Xiang can refine 9th level Immortal Dan, and can also duplicate massive Sacred Level herbs, definitely will be wild with rage, because this can make Shen Xiang fast formidable. Infernal Demon Emperor, if these two War-God had been killed by Azure Dragon, you thorough defeat! I think that you should also arrive at this to finish! You were also Heavenly God, was small with my this competes, might as well I later went to Gods, we face-to-face fought.” Shen Xiang murmured.