World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1740
Shen Xiang also thought that was a pity, but that is Infernal Demon Emperor divine coin, wants grievedly is Infernal Demon Emperor is also grieved. They gain that many, must have the life flower to be good.” Shen Xiang looks that under that two corpses leave behind the trace, at this time was corroded cleanly. Azure Dragon traces the beard, said with a smile: This time I very hit satisfying, these many years, have been able finally physique!” Shen Xiang said: If these two War-God are War Temple sends, now died, can War Temple continue to send War-God to get down?” Is casual they, comes one to extinguish one in any case, if sends High-Rank Profound God to get down, I also dare to spell to spell, happen to helps me to break through the bottleneck.” Azure Dragon said with a smile: Only if they send Heavenly God to get down, but Heavenly God was infiltrated Divine Prison, does not close in my this place, these No. 2 unlucky star is I monopolizes.” Why can you monopolize No. 2 unlucky star?” Long Xueyi some do not understand: Heavenly God does not have that treatment, your unexpectedly has, even if you and Heaven Punishment God relationship is good, is insufficient to have this good treatment.” I heard that these No. 2 unlucky star is the fellow who world of Nine Heaven comes up establishes specially, goes to Gods from world of Nine Heaven fellow also few, commits a crime was infiltrated Divine Prison are less, therefore could be said as I monopolizes.” Long Xueyi also asked: That two War-God were infiltrated Divine Prison, should go to other unlucky stars to be right, how can they be free?” Azure Dragon said with a smile: Possibly is Heaven Punishment God knows me to be bored, therefore makes them have the free power intentionally.” Shen Xiang looks to No. 1 unlucky star, said: Yang Yan this person is very interesting, hopes me and he can become a friend.” Leads me to have a look at this fellow, if can trust, looked that can make him bring a good thing to get down from Gods.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: I may want to taste the Divine Fruit flavor.” „Haven't you eaten Earth Core Divine Fruit?” Shen Xiang curled the lip: Divine Fruit is very expensive, I affordable.” You can try to find the solution!” Long Xueyi entered Hidden Jade Ring: No matter can become, you must ask that he has any means to get so far as.” Azure Dragon is patting the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile: In booth such a young gluttonous ghost, you later had receive.” Shen Xiang is resigned-looking: I went to No. 1 unlucky star!” You, after perhaps Infernal Demon Emperor also has carefully, move!” Azure Dragon urged one, Shen Xiang also immediately vanish from sight. Wind Eye City, Shen Xiang these time saw Yang Yan very much with ease, this Shen Xiang was brought to a peaceful refined small hall.

Yang Yan several days ago, knows that has two War-God to arrive at Divine Prison, now sees Shen Xiang to be able safe and sound arrived here, he feels very surprisedly. Worthily is Brother Shen! Truly speaking, I also think that I could not see you again.” Yang Yan laughs: Now we can drink two cups happily!” Shen Xiang looks at present this manner uncommon guy, laughs, said: You did not fear that I do annoy to trouble to you?” I did not certainly fear that this place nobody dares to rush hardly.” Yang Yan called the person, held the banquet, seeing table sumptuous cooked food, Long Xueyi unable to sit still, hastily came out from Hidden Jade Ring. Yang Yan sees suddenly to be many to be possible beautifully the female of person, cannot help but is vigilant. Shen Xiang explained hastily: This is I......” I am his woman, waits for you to drink freely that's it.” Long Xueyi grinning saying, sat, starts to plan to eat anything to eat anything first again. Shen Xiang wants to pat her very much, unexpectedly suddenly braves. Big brother Yang, did my this girl hinder you to drink to heart's content?” Long Xueyi looks at face astonished Yang Yan, spits the tongue. Yang Yan has not responded that he hears the Long Xueyi's words, said with a smile hastily: Naturally is not, you are the Brother Shen wife, I welcome certainly.” Has not done right by, this little girl is greedy, sees this table dish, could not bear run.” Shen Xiang has pinched the Long Xueyi's face gently. All right, eats freely!” Yang Yan very straightforward saying, but he just said that Long Xueyi started, unusual quantity clamps the dish on tabletop to taste. In the Shen Xiang heart relaxed, because of the bad table manners of present Long Xueyi that wolfing down, is rare she so adeptly with the chopsticks has not clamped the dish, small mouth mastication. Her quite graceful table manners, in the Shen Xiang eye is a big marvelous sight. Yang Yan smiled, is raising glass to Shen Xiang, afterward they drinks to heart's content, while chatted, Long Xueyi ate the speed of dish also gradually to speed up. Yang Yan opens the hotel, moreover he opens the hotel not to plan to make money, Shen Xiang could see that he is one the person who likes becoming friends, therefore he very natural straightforward, seeing Long Xueyi to like eating, but also made one to add a table especially, in quite delicious the dish the hotel handed over completely. Similarly is God of Wealth disciple child grand disciple, the difference so to be how big! Your Yu Fan is very cloudy!” Long Xueyi did not fear in front of Yang Yan speaks these words, because Yang Yan will not care.

Yang Yan said with a smile: We, although is God of Wealth disciple child grand disciple, what I with is Brilliant God, the Brilliant God Master Ancestor manner is frank, righteousness Bo Yuntian, must therefore become Brilliant God disciple child grand disciple, is first same as him.” Said that Brilliant God disciple child grand disciple is few?” Shen Xiang said: That Yu Fan has said that Plentiful God disciple child grand disciple are many, has not seen Plentiful God several times.” That side Plentiful God truly is this, however our Brilliant God ancestor master and apprentice younger brother is few, my Master is he slightly youngest, the strength weakest apprentice, was patted comes here informed and experienced, he to my Master to me, is good, frequently instructs us.” Right big brother Yang, governs bank is your father is your Master?” Before Shen Xiang, from Yu Fan obtaining the quality, they are the fathers and sons. Is my father is also my Master!” Yang Yan said: I am my father's only son, to join the Brilliant God hanger-on, I request him to be the master! Brilliant God only then nine apprentices, as for that Plentiful God, I are not clear, Plentiful God accepts the apprentice everywhere randomly, but his these apprentices to obtain the Plentiful God injury, manipulate strategically, struggles, although this can train very strong disciple, but the conducts of these disciples are disappointing.” Long Xueyi approves of: That Yu Fan is this morality moral character, a very cloudy fellow, must result in kills him.” Must kill him not to be easy! He has Heaven Punishment God to stare, is not good to start.” Yang Yan shakes the head to say with a smile. You have not said that caught that's alright him?” Shen Xiang thought that this is not very difficult. Is such good, when you catch him, must make him lose the consciousness instantaneously, making him not feel that any a wee bit vigilance grasps to make the corona him, otherwise his vigilance, triggers Heaven Punishment God in Divine sense that on him leaves behind, Heaven Punishment God will get rid.” Yang Yan said: This difficulty is big.” Cannot make him obtain Godhead in vain.” A Long Xueyi face resentment. This is natural, but he will temporarily not leave here, Godhead wants in his hand, has the time to find the way to seize from his hand.” Yang Yan has drunk one glass of liquor, smiled: I could help you try to find the solution.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Big brother Yang, heard that you also do to seek the Godhead deal, is this real?” Sees Long Xueyi so to have a big mouth, Shen Xiang somewhat worries, but he knows that Yang Yan this person is also this direct person. Good, actually this is above tacitly consented to that but there is a skill to get so far as from here does not have Godhead of brand mark is not the easy matter, before had many fellows to plant! So long as does not touch the Heaven Punishment God bottom line, does not make the important matter, this is the matter that above tacitly consents.” Said that was sent here manservant, can send one greatly?” Long Xueyi said. Yang Yan said with a smile slightly: Yu Fan told you, was he sent is very unfortunate matter?”

Shen Xiang nodded with Long Xueyi, initially the performance of Yu Fan, probably was sent to suffer hardship to be the same, actually this is together the cushy job! You have not possibly known that Yu Fan and his Master, were regarded as important by the Plentiful God comparison, how otherwise can Yu Fan have such good arrangement?” Long Xueyi bah: This fellow, initially said oneself piteous, said how one have also met Plentiful God, added own strength is faint, later leaves this Divine Prison, will cast off by own Senior Brother younger brother.” Shen Xiang said: No wonder he that quickly can help me incur the good goal, actually he already the prepare, he only misses a good hunter.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Since big brother Yang is big nouveau riche, then I am impolite!” Then, she starts to wolf down, looks at Yang Yan to laugh. Big brother Yang, Shen Xiang is a good hunter, you have a look at him, can work with you.” Yang Yan said: Naturally, I can provide the good goal to Brother Shen, moreover I do not want anything, but Brother Shen you are clear, you kill the words of too many person here, finally exits not to be easy, especially Heaven Punishment God that pass/test, was infiltrated the Hell risk! You were not infiltrated Divine Prison, Heaven Punishment God will not look generally.” I do not want to kill, I only want to make several Godhead! Then here lane selects divine coin from big brother Yang, holds big brother Yang to help me buy a thing from Gods again, does not know that can be too troublesome you.” On Shen Xiang has Godhead, can receive in exchange for many divine coin, enough he bought many things. Naturally is not troublesome, but I go shopping from Gods require some time . Moreover the thing that buys cannot be too precious, for example Saint Dan God pill anything, the time of these needs is longer.” Yang Yan said. Sacred Level herbs or Sacred Fruit?” Shen Xiang only needs these, especially fire attribute and ices attribute Sacred Fruit. This can very quickly get so far as actually!” Yang Yan said with a smile: Brother Shen plans to stay for a long time here, does the strength promotion leave again?” Has this idea!” Shen Xiang is planned that promotes the strength to walk again, but will not stay too for a long time, if he cultivates Emperor Soul, Liu Meng'er they refine divine ship, he almost can leave Divine Prison.