World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1741
After Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi liquor full food is full, is not dull in the hotel, does not want to put to trouble to Yang Yan. They have reached an agreement, wait to come after a period of time again, simultaneously he also holds Yang Yan to help him seek the ice and fire attribute Sacred Fruit from Gods. After Shen Xiang walks, Yang Yan stands in the bedside, looks to vanish in street end Shen Xiang, sighed gently. Ahiko, I knows that you like becoming friends well, but this Shen Xiang was really too danger(ous), although looked like also good, but we must maintain the vigilance, moreover cannot make Infernal Demon Emperor know that between you and him had the communication, will otherwise be troublesome.” Yang Yan behind suddenly presents an attire simple middle age, he is Yang Yan father and Master, Yang Kairui. Father, Shen Xiang this person of good, I thought that he will certainly have to erupt from now on is, so long as treats him sincerely, he will also treat as the good friend you!” Yang Yan said: Relax, I work to have the discretion, if has had an accident, I can shoulder!” You is a my son, if you have had an accident, how I am cruel enough to make you shoulder?” Yang Kairui has patted the shoulder of Yang Yan: Hopes you not to misread the person!” Yang Yan said: What sound Infernal Demon Emperor did there have? That two War-God how?” I had had the contact with Master a moment ago, that two War-God died, has not escaped by luck including Divine Soul, moreover kills their people are not Azure Dragon, otherwise Heaven Punishment God and Azure Dragon relationship is good, he cannot work for one's own interests under the guise of working for the public, definitely will infiltrate Hell Azure Dragon.” Hears father's words, Yang Yan is surprised, said hastily: Said that two War-God are Shen Xiang kills? Does he kill? Is impossible! Even if the father you, perhaps cannot shake the body of Profound God, even if, but must write off Divine Soul to be also difficult.” The Yang Kairui nod said: Therefore, I will worry that you and Shen Xiang walk too nearly, annoys to trouble! If is really Shen Xiang kills, Heaven Punishment God will also open eyes to close one's eyes, so long as Shen Xiang does not look for Heaven Punishment God on own initiative, Heaven Punishment God will not look his!” But, now Hell Temple and War Temple are giving Heaven Punishment God to exert pressure, hopes that Heaven Punishment God punishes Shen Xiang, infiltrates Hell Shen Xiang.”

Yang Yan knits the brows: Said that to be disadvantageous to Shen Xiang? If Heaven Punishment God cannot withstand the pressure, then Shen Xiang definitely will be infiltrated Hell, will be beyond redemption!” Yang Kairui said with a smile: This does not need to be worried but actually that Heaven Punishment God that disposition will not be easy to comply, moreover more compels him, he is counter- doing! Initially the God of Wealth founder, iron core must infiltrate Hell Azure Dragon, but Heaven Punishment God is he sings an opposing tune. This matter you first told him, let his a little preparation!” After Shen Xiang leaves Wind Eye City, immediately runs up to Plentiful God bank to go, arrives at the Yu Fan residence directly. Yu Fan knows certainly that Infernal Demon Emperor sends the next two War-God matter, at that time he thinks that Shen Xiang died, therefore made Shen Xiang kill Yang Yan, no matter any result, had the advantage to him, he worried when Shen Xiang War-God chased down, before the point of death, supplied his matter. Now Yu Fan knew that two War-God died, sees Shen Xiang smiling to stand before him, making in his heart jump. Sir Yu, that Yang Yan was too fierce, I could not kill, you traded a goal to me.” Shen Xiang has not planned and Yu Fan has no consideration for face. Yu Fan does not certainly know that Shen Xiang became a friend with Yang Yan, does not know that Shen Xiang was clear he manner. Good, the Yang Yan strength is very strong, you are all right well.” Yu Fan sees Shen Xiang also to look for him, in the heart is somewhat happy, because Shen Xiang is a very outstanding Godhead hunter. Shen Xiang intentionally coldly snorted: Yang Yan is very strong, but I almost massacred him, so long as I cultivated Emperor Soul to come, I can cut him, was only poor, what a pity!” Saw Shen Xiang saying that earnestly, Yu Fan also somewhat believes that he now is only strange, that two War-God have not come to kill Shen Xiang, how also dead.

Emperor Soul?” Yu Fan asked: What thing is this?” Gods above is not called Emperor Soul, but is called Soul Yuan, Azure Dragon has with Shen Xiang has mentioned. Is Soul Yuan!” Shen Xiang said. „Didn't you have Soul Yuan now?” The Yu Fan shock, he thinks that the Shen Xiang's strength should be close Demigod that type. I, if has, already killed Yang Yan!” Shen Xiang sighed: If Godhead were again good, I can kill Yang Yan.” In the Yu Fan heart suddenly moves, he is also clear Infernal Demon Emperor to pay very big price to send out two War-God to kill Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang is also living now, that two War-God actually died, in a short time, Infernal Demon Emperor will not cope with Shen Xiang's again, because Infernal Demon Emperor Yuan Qi has damaged severely, needs a period of time to restore. But the Shen Xiang's situation is special, the strength is also good, when this Divine Prison is the rare Godhead hunter, he naturally hopes that Shen Xiang can, like this he be able to continue to depend upon Shen Xiang to hunt for the Slaughter God standard, now he knows that Shen Xiang did not have Soul Yuan, can cut to kill Sun You and Peng Renyi this expert, if Shen Xiang condense leaves Soul Yuan again, he gives the Shen Xiang choice goal, does not need to think, moreover Shen Xiang can also help him seek Godhead quickly. Yu Fan beforehand has suspected Shen Xiang, moreover he also planned that to rely on Shen Xiang's kills Yang Yan, but he sees Shen Xiang also silly coming back to look for him now, making him think that one has deceived Shen Xiang completely. Sir Yu, this is your previous time gives my divine coin, I have not used, gives back to you!” Shen Xiang that several hundred divine coin that Yu Fan gave. Yu Fan received these divine coin, in the heart has given careful consideration, said to Shen Xiang sound transmission: I give you Peng Renyi Godhead , helping you to practice Soul Yuan, but after you, must help me hunt and kill many Godhead! Naturally, when the time comes you can also obtain.”

This appropriate? But that Godhead value 2000 ten thousand divine coin.” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally appropriate, I am help you to promote the strength, moreover you must help me seek Godhead, our is the fair deal! However after you practice Soul Yuan, do not look for Yang Yan again, his father is formidable, your first time kills him to be defeated, will again not have the second opportunity.” Yu Fan was worried that Shen Xiang goes again, when the time comes directs Heaven Punishment God, that Shen Xiang died. Good, so long as I practice Soul Yuan, I will certainly double help you hunt for the Slaughter God standard.” Shen Xiang face sincere saying. Yu Fan puts out Godhead, gives Shen Xiang: Practices Soul Yuan, immediately looks for me!” Shen Xiang received Godhead, nodded, then leaves rapidly, in his heart blossomed happily, he has not thought that Peng Renyi Godhead deceived easily from the Yu Fan hand! This bastard was too worried, knew that I have almost the strength that Yang Yan kills, to let me can hunt and kill many Godhead fast, unexpectedly fell.” In the Shen Xiang heart is greatly happy, person who deceived, often is because too greedily move. Yu Fan thinks Shen Xiang in Divine Prison all alone, only, only then he receives Shen Xiang, he also thinks one were good to Shen Xiang, has given that many divine coin Shen Xiang, can buy the Shen Xiang's heart completely, therefore he also very trusts Shen Xiang now.