World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1742

Shen Xiang only wants to try, he even also somewhat worried that this Yu Fan has seen through him, has been ready that runs, who knows that he has flickered casually several, lets greedy Yu Fan obediently took Peng Renyi Godhead. Obtains this Godhead, Shen Xiang has very joyful mood to return to No. 2 unlucky star. Now he had four Godhead, two general, another two are other profound Divine Level Godhead! But before him, devour Prince of Hell Godhead has not built up, when he and others cultivated Emperor Soul builds up that Godhead again, like his Emperor Soul will strengthen. Azure Dragon sees the Shen Xiang mood to be so good, smiles to ask: What matter is so happy? Did you seek Godhead outside?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Obtains Godhead, but is others both hands offers!” Afterward he flickering the Yu Fan matter said that hearing Azure Dragon to laugh. Then? Can you also look for him?” Naturally goes, moreover I must unite Yang Yan to play him to play.” Shen Xiang sees Yu Fan that to trust him now, he must use this well, before Yu Fan such had also played him. Was right, War Temple and Hell Temple are exerting pressure to Heaven Punishment God now, wants to make Heaven Punishment God infiltrate Hell me!” Azure Dragon feels the beard to say with a smile: You do not need to be worried that more will be such Heaven Punishment God will not agree on exceed! According to custom that Heaven Punishment God subscribes, some people intrude here, kills people in this inside, he does not pay attention generally, let alone that two War-God on own initiative look for you, died getting what one deserves.” Like this I felt relieved!” Before Yang Yan like this had also said that now Azure Dragon also said that Shen Xiang felt relieved. I have practiced, soon will practice Emperor Soul to come.” Shen Xiang rushes to a cave, that is Azure Dragon is Shen Xiang builds, they have traded to one have the mountain to have the water place, because before there great war had been ruined. Shen Xiang enters a peaceful stone chamber, starts revolution Heaven Refining Technique God Refining, cultivates Divine Soul! The so-called Emperor Soul ability, is actually Divine Ability, but this Divine Ability is special, moreover majority are unique, for example Long Xueyi's eats to rest the ability, is Divine Ability, moreover this Divine Ability is very fierce, is very mysterious! Before and Yang Yan chatted, Yang Yan has said that was called in Gods generally this assigns Divine Ability! Shen Xiang somewhat worried now own assigns Divine Ability inappropriate! Emperor Soul is the view of world of Nine Heaven, but is called Soul Yuan in Gods! So-called Soul Yuan, is Divine Soul has in one Yuan, this assigns Divine Ability is in a Yuan birth by this, so long as in the future in the Yuan will practice Soul Frame, Soul Frame and Godhead will fuse together again, that can become True God! This process is very complex, is difficult!

Heaven Refining Technique God Refining, has this aspect, but Shen Xiang has not practiced that stage now. If no well amends the divine art method, must practice Emperor Soul not to be easy, Nine Turn Dragon God Technique and Heaven Refining Technique are very good amends the divine art method, but now Shen Xiang mainly cultivates Heaven Refining Technique and Life Slaughtering Technique, Nine Turn Dragon God Technique he has not practiced. Although amends the divine art method in the late stage replacement, but Shen Xiang can adapt, because Heaven Refining Technique was very profound, therefore this has not affected him, instead also makes him practice the Divine Soul aspect to have not the small help. In Shen Xiang's Godhead also has not built up Divine Soul, these Divine Soul are his devour comes, is formidable, so long as builds up these Divine Soul, he can absorb massive pure Divine Power , helping him to practice in the Yuan. Shen Xiang closes the eye practice, unknowingly on the past a half year, in his Divine sea world has the tremendous changes, before only then an island, but actually turns into several now, above full is the green and luxuriant forest, fills life Qi/angry, his Divine Soul sits cross-legged on a high summit, is absorbing the Godhead release builds up Divine Power. Divine Soul that these his devour comes, was almost built up to melt by him, but at this time he also felt that his Divine Soul interior start to condense is gathering one group of things, that is Soul Yuan! Is one group of flame? My assigns Divine Ability to be related with the flame?” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, because this conforms to his several guesses, if this assigns Divine Ability to be related with the flame, that explained that his flame will become very strong, he this will assign Divine Ability to be very satisfied regarding this type. The Divine Soul in Yuan forms, the spheroid that turns into a heat gradually, dantian spot situated in Divine Soul! My did Divine Soul turn into Emperor Soul? Is that Soul Yuan? What my assigns Divine Ability is?” Although Shen Xiang felt that own Divine Soul was more formidable, but other aspects do not have the too big change probably, he has opened the eyeglasses. Long Xueyi hurriedly said: You, have you cultivated Emperor Soul for a long time?” How long waited for?” Shen Xiang only thought one slept likely. One year!” Long Xueyi said: Answered my issue quickly.” I not am quite clear, felt that was cultivates Emperor Soul likely, moreover my assigned Divine Ability to be not quite clear, how can know?” Shen Xiang asked. You try your Divine Power first strongly! If promoted many times compared with before, then explained that you have practiced Divine Soul.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang sits cross-legged in the cave, looks at the crown, revolution Divine Power, is going to the above fist bang, when uses Divine Power, he felt that vast Divine Power appears in his body continuously, from arm direct impact. Bang!

That mountain that a sad deafening sound, he is on vanish from sight, only then an extremely terrifying heat wave remains. Catches up in Azure Dragon hastily of distant place, is surprised, tut tut said: Good fierce Divine Power, all of a sudden on this mountain Rongdiao.” Shen Xiang slightly tried a moment ago that Soul Yuan inside strength, unexpectedly had this effect! Those who make him quite pleasantly surprised is, he can induce to a remaining in the air energy, this is the energy of that mountain interior implication, that fist was decomposed a moment ago by him. He emits Divine Power, gathers together the energy that these induce, is only instantaneous, that huge portion energy gathers, turns into a granulose illumination the pellet, has congealed very slightly very young pill. Really has very big relation with cultivation technique that I practice.” Shen Xiang looks at pellet that floats, in the heart wild with joy: Said that I utilize my assign Divine Ability, perhaps quickly can build up Saint pill!” Azure Dragon knits the brows: With is your assigns Divine Ability? With the difference of Dan Emperor!” Shen Xiang hastily asked: Hearing Dan Emperor can concentrate baseless pill, is specifically what kind of?” Dan Emperor concentrates baseless pill, is only restricted in various energy quite abundant places, concentrates instantaneously the energy pill! However you can probably the thing rapid dissolution that various types form naturally, the energy that is fast decomposing concentrates pill, looks like you be fiercer than him.” Shen Xiang asked: Senior, what then your assigns Divine Ability is?” Azure Dragon has hit, said: Your assigns Divine Ability still to wait for unearthing, otherwise is unable to know that the true function, you should have a look again, this assigns Divine Ability has various very strange abilities, your assigns Divine Ability not only perhaps this aspect.” Azure Dragon has avoided the Shen Xiang's issue, before Long Xueyi had said that Azure Dragon has hidden own assigns Divine Ability. Long Xueyi has been very curious, now Shen Xiang is also so, but Azure Dragon did not say that they cannot be what kind. Cultivated Emperor Soul, you almost should walk!” Azure Dragon asked. Um, but I also want dull a period of time, I to look for Yang Yan again first, having a look at him to have the thing that brings me to want from Gods.” The Shen Xiang beforehand plan has Emperor Soul, waits for divine ship to refine again, leaves here. That Vermilion Bird Soul Bow should build up! How has a look at Four Beast's Divine Weapons together to be able!” Azure Dragon said with a smile: This is I puzzles I many years of riddle.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Your assigned Divine Ability is also makes me curious many years.”

„Can little girl, not say this?” Azure Dragon feared very much others closely examine him to assign the Divine Ability matter: I have not asked you to assign Divine Ability, is?” But you had guessed correctly that my assigned Divine Ability is anything.” Long Xueyi mumbled: Therefore this is very unfair, now we prepare to solve the Four Beast's Divine Weapons riddle, satisfy your curiosity, why can't you satisfy our curiosity?” Azure Dragon sighed: My assigns Divine Ability not to have anything actually, is the comparison...... Compared with special.” „It is certainly fierce!” Long Xueyi came out from Hidden Jade Ring, in the hand is also taking a fiery red big bow, above carves the Vermilion Bird calibration line, sends out intermittent red light, this is Vermilion Bird Soul Bow. Azure Dragon shakes the head saying: My assigns Divine Ability to be very weak, this is also the reason that I do not want to make others know.” Azure Dragon said that airborne suddenly rains, he smiles bitterly saying: You looked that this is my assigns Divine Ability, rains, is not fierce!” Long Xueyi is opening the small mouth, has tarried, the facial expression that a face cannot believe that her suddenly wants to smile very much, but her a little conscience, actually has suppressed. Actually old blue worm, you do not need to be discouraged, you should practice second Godhead and second Divine Soul, such had second this to assign Divine Ability, or the depth unearthed you to assign Divine Ability, perhaps had other fierce places.” The Long Xueyi comfort said. Azure Dragon said: Your this little girl very much wants certainly to smile! However you can comfort me, I am very happy, is rare you to have conscience one time, not only has not laughed at me, but also comforts me!” Actually I also carry on to unearth me to assign Divine Ability strength, besides raining, an ability, is I can integrate in the rain water elixir, like this by my flowers and plants trees of these rain water irrigation, can be long very well, if goes to herbs anything, my this life Divine Ability is very useful.” Shen Xiang said: Said that this life Divine Ability and doesn't suit you? What reason is this?” Azure Dragon shakes the head saying: I am not clear, in brief I am a tragedy! As for cultivating second Godhead, second Divine Soul, second assigns Divine Ability, that was too remote, because is very difficult, I had tried.” This assigns Divine Ability unable to change, is unable to give up, once is inappropriate , can only appoint.