World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1743

The Shen Xiang's book assigns Divine Ability to demonstrate a small part at present the ability, but also needs to unearth, can whether knows also has other abilities. Your assigns Divine Ability except to be able to build up the thing fast, but also there are other abilities? You can watch Soul Yuan inside energy liberation now.” Azure Dragon said. The Shen Xiang revolution Divine Soul inside that Soul Yuan energy, absorbs red Qi mist from that fiery red bead, integrates in Divine Power, then releases from the palm, this is one bunch of flame! This flame and unusual, because Shen Xiang has not urged the round in within the body Fire Spirit energy, unexpectedly can also release the produce fire flame to come, this definitely is not the ordinary flame. Good strange flame, unexpectedly is not hot, moreover contains life strength, is this that type of flame?” Azure Dragon knits the brows saying that afterward puts out a seed to throw into the flame of Shen Xiang palm. „Do you release the flame to need to consume Divine Power?” Azure Dragon carefully observes Shen Xiang palm that by the unusual flame is burning the seed. Need, but consumes few, if I use many Divine Power, this flame will turn all at once, can build up something instantaneously, like a moment ago.” Shen Xiang just said that saw his palm that seed to split, under the combustion of that type of flame, unexpectedly germinated! Really is this type of flame!” Azure Dragon said pleasantly surprised: This is Creation Fire!” What flame is this? What has to distinguish with Primal Chaos Fire?” In the Shen Xiang heart is also surprised, flame not only has not burnt down the seed, but also let seed germination. „A view, Creation Fire is Primal Chaos Fire, initially the myriad things were burn down, concrete I was not clear.” Azure Dragon said: You use Creation Fire, temperature very low time, can let seed germination, if the hyperpyrexia, can build up to turn into the energy the seed, the energy of then you again decomposing from the new combination, creates!”

Should be this!” Azure Dragon nodded: Your this type this assigns Divine Ability is very fierce, has very big help to your alchemy! Regarding this assigns Divine Ability, if can keep secret that to be best other to know.” Nearby Long Xueyi said: Now a bit faster is used to try alchemy, looked that has very big help.” Shen Xiang puts out pill furnace immediately. I now on refinement immortal 9th level Heavenly God pill!” Shen Xiang puts out to bubble same Heavenly Soul Fruit, puts in pill furnace. He built up Heavenly Soul Fruit before time, needs builds up with very strong Divine Power and flame, builds up a furnace to fall his Divine Power on the energy consumption, but now cultivates Emperor Soul, has the life Divine Ability creation flame, he thought that certainly will refine quickly. Blue dragon head one time looks at Shen Xiang alchemy, looks with single-hearted devotion, emits Divine Power, induces pill furnace inside change. Shen Xiang transfers in Soul Yuan unusual strength, the use book assigns the strength of Divine Ability, releases that Creation Fire, moreover is very strong that. He naively does not certainly think that this type of flame can build up Heavenly Soul Fruit directly, after all Heavenly Soul Fruit is not ordinary Hua Hua carelessly, therefore he coordinates Heaven Refining Technique limitless God Refining Technique, builds up with his skilled technique. pill furnace inside Heavenly Soul Fruit moves that strength, starts to resist, if before, Shen Xiang will release one Tai Chi Diagram to imprison resistance strength that Heavenly Soul Fruit releases in the base. But now he uses Creation Fire to burn to build up, coordinates Heaven Refining Technique again, that Heavenly Soul Fruit releases to resist strength, the function that but that strength has is not big, was built up by the Shen Xiang's Creation Power little decomposition.

Shen Xiang sees own assigns Divine Ability to have very big help to alchemy, in the heart wild with joy, although can only build up Heavenly Soul Fruit little, but this is Creation Fire that because he uses is weak, he increases the fire intensity immediately , to continue to burn down Heavenly Soul Fruit. Now so long as Heavenly Soul Fruit releases to resist strength, was built up the decomposition by his Creation Fire, pure herbal Spirit Qi will well up the pill furnace upper formation. Builds up the speed is not quick, but the process is very relaxed, was not strenuous like former that method, but needs a skill now, he discovered that Heavenly Soul Fruit aware giving up resistance, but his fire intensity was too strong, will eliminate massive herbal Spirit Qi, therefore he must extremely pay attention. Heavenly Soul Fruit resistance strength, weakens from time to time, from time to time strengthens, sometimes or even did not resist, crosses 1st Stage old times to resist, so the relapse, needs frequently the attention, will otherwise affect pill's quantity and quality. Because is first time with this assigns Divine Ability alchemy, Shen Xiang is especially careful, the time of using are also very many, but was also same as before, more than double-hour refined a furnace Heavenly God pill, left pill quantity are ten grains, regarding this he was also quite satisfied. Before built up a furnace pill, Divine Power almost exhausts, but he thought that now has not consumed anything! If by his present strength, uses the old means again, the consumption same will be many, thus it can be seen, when this assigns Divine Ability to make him be at alchemy to be quicker. Heavenly God pill furnace ten grains!” Azure Dragon exclaims: Really fierce, if you refine Saint pill, there is this speed and this type pill quantity, can that also?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: I can refine Saint pill quickly, when the time comes can have a look, but Saint pill pill quantity will not be generally many.” Before he cannot refine Saint pill , because has not practiced Emperor Soul, enough formidable Divine Power has not supported his flame, but now he cultivates Emperor Soul, but also has abnormal Creation Fire, making the confidence multiply. In your hand has many Sacred Level herbs, when refines Saint pill, the independent one type can refine, although is most low level Saint pill, but the effect will eat herbs more than directly well.” Long Xueyi said: What pill do you plan to refine first?”

I plan to come alchemy with Blood Dragon Ginseng first, refines dragon blood Saint pill, this pill can strengthen fleshly body, the use is very big, has the market very much.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: When the time comes can also they eat to Sister Meng'er!” Azure Dragon asked: „Can I look at your alchemy at the same time? How I want to witness Pill Saint born.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Naturally does not have the issue!” Then, Shen Xiang does not enter cave inside secret room, plan outside alchemy. This Vermilion Bird Soul Bow what to do? What do not try Four Beast's Divine Weapons together to have?” In the Long Xueyi hand is also taking that Vermilion Bird Soul Bow. Azure Dragon looks in the Shen Xiang hand is taking Blood Dragon Ginseng, had considered, said with a smile: First has a look at this brat refinement Saint pill, I think him anxiously refinement Saint pill.” Long Xueyi said: I do not matter, but refinement Saint pill probably requires a longer time.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, adjusts own condition, inspects Blood Dragon Ginseng is whether complete, has the flaw, the simple treatment, has put then in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace.