World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1744

Before Shen Xiang, to strengthen fleshly body, has eaten massive Blood Dragon Ginseng, he also knew about Blood Dragon Ginseng that this is also the choice first refines one of the Blood Dragon Ginseng reasons. „The Blood Dragon Ginseng vigor is very big, is very crazy, very violent! I have a look first, if I do not use the book to assign Divine Ability, whether can blow?” The Shen Xiang's book assigns Divine Ability, although is helpful in the alchemy aspect, but he when refining new pill, he does not plan to use first, because this will make him rely on the book to assign Divine Ability, thus the reduction cultivates the Heaven Refining Technique initiative. He thought that if grasps well Heaven Refining Technique, coordinates the book to assign Divine Ability again, can make him the wind when alchemy be suitable, the basic skills cannot forget, he must firmly grasp, this can make him steadily stronger. Because knew about the Blood Dragon Ginseng drug efficacy that Shen Xiang on use primal chaos God Refining Technique, releases one Tai Chi Diagram from the beginning first under pill furnace, is used wild strength that imprisons Blood Dragon Ginseng to release. Blood Dragon Ginseng meets burning down of seven color Saint Fire, immediately blows out thick red blood energy, making pill furnace tremble, that blood energy exploded suddenly, was similar to the storm is ordinary, wanted to destroy colorful Saint Fire. Although Azure Dragon does not have personally to see, but actually induces obtains pill furnace inside situation, how he wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to solve this difficult problem very much. Decides!” Shen Xiang uses many Divine Power on that Tai Chi Diagram, making Tai Chi Diagram revolve, has a suction, attracts wild blood energy that spout, wraps outside Blood Dragon Ginseng. Tai Chi Diagram revolves rapidness, each revolves instantaneously dozens revolutions, the suction that has is strong, at this time Blood Dragon Ginseng unceasingly releases blood energy, but these blood energy just came out, was held by Tai Chi Diagram, moves around Blood Dragon Ginseng, was built up by seven color Saint Fire little burning down of Shen Xiang release. Blood Dragon Ginseng is more formidabe compared with Heavenly Soul Fruit, the Heavenly Soul Fruit interior is only unusual Divine Power, but Blood Dragon Ginseng not only has unusual Divine Power, in that blood energy, but also is bringing that strength that and human body releases to be ordinary. Came!” Shen Xiang suddenly induced to Blood Dragon Ginseng has contracted slightly, afterward inflated suddenly, unexpectedly understood self- revolution strength. Shen Xiang hastily strengthens Tai Chi Diagram strength, but Blood Dragon Ginseng also suddenly spouts stronger blood-colored Qi mist, in pill furnace, as if suddenly blows out big blood to be ordinary. Shen Xiang early is prepared luckily, ahead of time strengthens Tai Chi Diagram, holds the blood-colored energy that this erupts completely, does not make it erupt, otherwise Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace will be damaged. Every other a period of time, Blood Dragon Ginseng will carry on one time this eruption, after Shen Xiang has refined two double-hour, Blood Dragon Ginseng became a thumb size, internal blood energy was built up to melt by Shen Xiang completely, but Blood Dragon Ginseng altogether will erupt 13 times, gap time Shen Xiang grasps each time clearly. Quick, last point Blood Dragon Ginseng, did not have any battle efficiency, was built up to melt with seven color Saint Fire by Shen Xiang very much with ease.

Blood Dragon Ginseng was built up completely! Sees Shen Xiang to arrive at this stage quickly, in the Azure Dragon heart feels urgently shocks, because Shen Xiang just began refinement Saint pill, such quickly arrives this step, Pill Saint that he knows although are not many, when also several, he chatted with these Pill Saint they just refined Saint pill, says takes a step difficultly, the failure can succeed repeatedly. But he witnesses Shen Xiang to refine this Blood Dragon Ginseng now, it can be said that is problem-free, but he is also very clear, Shen Xiang own level is truly high, alchemy technique is different from other Pill Saint, the time, the efficiency is high. Now Shen Xiang has not congealed successfully pill, but Azure Dragon knows that the Shen Xiang distance succeeds is not far, regarding many alchemy masters, each stage is very difficult, but regarding Shen Xiang, only then the middle builds up that point is most difficult, has wanted that pass/test, behind is not the difficult matter. Azure Dragon can also look, especially when Shen Xiang processes Blood Dragon Ginseng several times wild spout the strength light hand, definitely when can solve concentrates finally pill difficult problem. old blue worm, was scared! I have been used to it, when you have not seen this little rascal alchemy the scene of most shocking.” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly. What scene?” Although Azure Dragon has not seen pill furnace, but he thought that shocked very much. He simultaneously controls dozens over a hundred pill furnace time, or is he uses Heaven Refining Technique, great mountain completely refined into pill within ten thousand li (0.5km) when surrounding area...... When he builds up the person.” Long Xueyi thinks also to think that Shen Xiang is very fearful, what building up law has. Azure Dragon said: Is so fierce? Has the opportunity to open mind, although in the past Qi Shi this fellow cultivated Heaven Refining Technique, but he did the proper business uselessly, was really the careless and wasteful use of nature's products.” The Shen Xiang alchemy technique so fearful reason, a factor, is he cultivates that Heaven Refining Technique, simultaneously uses in the Enlightenment Stone sensibility that profound law to decide, comprehends many to build up the law, in the past was Qi Shi, cannot comprehend anything. This Infernal Demon Emperor does not spare no expense to the reason that Shen Xiang catches, but has gotten down the initial capital, Shen Xiang same lives well. old blue worm, we guess that this brat can concentrate many grain of dragon blood Saint pill!” Long Xueyi said with a smile. This...... In the normal situation, generally is a furnace grain of Saint pill, but before this little rascal , when refines Heavenly God pill, furnace ten grains, therefore I cannot judge with the common sense!” Azure Dragon thinks: I thought that he refines this Saint pill, should be able to congeal two grains to come!” Furnace two grains of Saint pill, that was unusual, Azure Dragon stayed in Gods was so long, above fierce Saint pill he has also heard, can refine high level Saint pill, only then a few Pill Saint when refining low level Saint pill can furnace two grains.

Long Xueyi said with a smile: I guessed that is three grains!” Azure Dragon knits the brows: „Is this such possible? dragon blood Saint pill I have also seen, can dragon blood Saint pill who Blood Dragon Ginseng of good quality refines two grains of high qualities, that should be the limit! Moreover these Pill Saint that I see, when alchemy, have not drained many herbal Spirit Qi.” This you do not understand, has not drained many, that was drains.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: But Shen Xiang can achieve uses completely, when he uses the flame also has very mysterious method, can surpass the limit.” If in your eyes, concentrates two grains of Saint pill is the limit, but in Shen Xiang there, the limit possibly is three grains, or five grains, even is six grains.” Long Xueyi said: He alchemy technique that comprehends from Heaven Refining Technique, with others' difference.” Azure Dragon shakes the head saying: Is the limit also has one, Blood Dragon Ginseng on a little, can a Blood Dragon Ginseng refined into grain of pill very be good! After a Blood Dragon Ginseng refined into grain of pill, the effect is about ten times originally, if two grains of pill is 20 times, this I can accept! However three grains...... That has exceeded Blood Dragon Ginseng limit value greatly, this is unreasonable.” Bets?” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Does not bet!” Azure Dragon has flatly refused, although he thinks that the pill three grains are unreasonable, but he also lacked self-confidence now, what because alchemy is Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang opens the eye, said with a smile: Senior has not bet luckily, otherwise you definitely lost!” Azure Dragon a moment ago and Long Xueyi argued, has not paid attention to pill furnace inside situation, but now his hastily induces with Divine Power, actually discovered that in pill furnace presented three groups of cyclones, this was must concentrate three grains of pill's rhythms! This causes Azure Dragon immediately took a deep breath, he from this heaven defying alchemy technique, can meet the Shen Xiang future future, perhaps quickly can exceed him. Long Xueyi has patted the shoulder of Azure Dragon, saying with a smile of haughty: Now knows my family man fiercely! Therefore you felt relieved, we can you from here lane, you want patience wait / etc. that's alright quickly.” Azure Dragon acknowledged that so long as Shen Xiang can go to Gods, so long as by the formidable influence suppression, were not depended upon Life Slaughtering Technique to duplicate herbs, only sells Saint pill, quick can gain to large sum of money divine coin. Your alchemy time, has used Life Slaughtering Technique?” Azure Dragon asked that he thought that only then this possibly possibly. Used! Life Slaughtering Technique had strange ability, can duplicate has the Spirit Qi thing, my alchemy time, uses in the Life Slaughtering Technique profound method, comes out the deficient herbal Spirit Qi duplication, but this requests to be very high to Divine Power, needs to act bashful very accurately, otherwise will be very easy to be defeated.”

The Shen Xiang nod said: This was only I just tried to find out, Life Slaughtering Technique also and Heaven Refining Technique was so abstruse, needs to try to find out for a long time that can comprehend something.” Really so!” Azure Dragon has untied a riddle topic: It seems like I have the time, must study these abstruse divine art, otherwise meets your this young people to cast off.” Shen Xiang has completed to congeal pill, opens pill furnace, red light sparkles, is fluttering a light fishy smell, before is not, that comfortable medicine is fragrant, this is the dragon blood Saint pill's normal phenomenon. Quality is very good!” Azure Dragon heard that knew. Shen Xiang takes out three grains of red shining pill pellet from pill furnace, very calm he, is usually excited at this time, both hands somewhat shiver, because he refined Saint pill! Practices Emperor Soul, refines Saint pill, this is his beforehand goal, now has achieved, he thought that almost can go back! Senior, does if wanted taste?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Does not use, gives that several young misses, is quite useful to them! They have dragon blood Saint pill who you refine, in body cultivation, does not use like you laborious! Their fleshly body can be formidable, can withstand a stronger flame, when the time comes flame also with. Regarding refiner, the flame is really not very good.” Azure Dragon said. Liu Meng'er their several females have the talent in the refiner aspect, although the itself strength is not too strong, but approached in the past the Divine Craftsman rank, can refine Divine Weapon with joint forces. The Shen Xiang nod said: Many thanks Senior cares about them!” Azure Dragon he he smiles: Now can start Four Beast's Divine Weapons to converge, in has a look to hide any secret, whether and such of Dongfang girl guess, in this Four Beast's Divine Weapons is hiding stronger Divine Weapon.”