World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1745
Long Xueyi throws to Shen Xiang Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, after Shen Xiang receives, did not have drop of blood owner recognition fiercely, Vermilion Bird Soul Bow on trembles, emerges an intermittent intense flame, spurts up the arrogance unceasingly, Shen Xiang is almost not grasping steadily. Had the response!” Shen Xiang drops the blood to Vermilion Bird Soul Bow in immediately, afterward revolution Vermilion Bird Divine Art, fuses together with it. Felt that oneself fused Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, Shen Xiang suddenly thought their body other three Divine Weapon appeared suddenly, God Slaughtering Hand appeared in his double palm, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appears in his right hand, shining Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor was wrapping his body. The left hand grasps the bow, the right hand arms with knife, two Divine Weapon both send out very intense light glow, the both eyes of stabbing pain person. Shen Xiang fuses together relation between this Four Beast's Divine Weapons, making this Four Beast's Divine Weapons more luminous, light glow that Four Beast's Divine Weapons sends out how long has not maintained, gradually is gloomy, Shen Xiang still makes Four Beast's Divine Weapons fuse. After the glare vanishes, saw only Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Shen Xiang hand changed a type, before already not, was so big, reduced, the shape also had very big change, the azure knife, middle there presented pale golden golden light all over the body, was carving Golden Dragon! On the hilt has pale silver light glow, above is twining White Dragon. Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor was shining, now actually crimson, but also is mixing with some black, looks like appears lower-key, moreover is not stiff, probably is one slightly hale and hearty clothes, will put on not to be noticeable. The white killer's hand, turned into the black glove at this time, reveals the finger, but Vermilion Bird Soul Bow does not have originally such glittering red light, is binding a pale white cloth strip. What's all this about? How this Four Beast's Divine Weapons looked like a scale!” Azure Dragon said. Does not have the attractiveness of actually, but such one, appears very ordinary, pours does not go bad.” Long Xueyi revolves around Shen Xiang, looks that on him that wraps Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, how now to see likely is not the armor, instead likely is one obsolete clothes. Shen Xiang said: What you see is only illusion, but this is most ancient Four Beast's Divine Weapons, in the past had not considered any outward appearance from this set of Four Beast's Divine Weapons, therefore has not raised the eye, but very strong that's it, I can feel now.” Azure Dragon startled [say / way]: Has not thought that these girls have guessed right, one set of ancient Four Beast's Divine Weapons, then, you currently does this set of incomplete Four Beast's Divine Weapons inside hideaway have the ancient Divine Weapon clue?” The Shen Xiang nod said: In Gods, where I knows, separately in all directions, moreover I thought that in that wrap ancient Four Beast's Divine Weapons is also hiding anything!” Long Xueyi said with a smile: Perhaps old blue worm, ancient Gods, Azure Dragon, perhaps has relationship with you!” Was difficult saying that my Azure Dragon was unique, if also had Azure Dragon in the past, then said that I also had a previous generation, then the memory of my previous generation?” Azure Dragon knits the brows saying: Shen Xiang, if you can, be able to help me go to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to look for the related clue, felt that in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace is hiding many secrets.” The Shen Xiang nod said: Does not have the issue, I before entering Gods, certainly will go to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to find out, I believe that I have that strength to come out! I also want to ravel this matter.”

„Do I have a previous generation? In the past we were Saint Beast that the same batch presented!” Long Xueyi said: Big white cat, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise wait / etc. these ancient times Saint Beast.” Shen Xiang lets the relation interrupt between Four Beast's Divine Weapons, his Four Beast's Divine Weapons also restored to the original condition! At this time the Liu Meng'er's sound passed on, said: Azure Dragon Senior, if you have a previous generation, perhaps you can the memory of awakening previous generation!” Long Xueyi said: Good, I have the time also to have a look at my Divine Soul deep place to hide the previous generation of sealing to remember!” Azure Dragon nodded: I later will try certainly!” Three grains of dragon blood Saint pill who Shen Xiang refining to Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian, their two do not have the bloodlines to inherit, fleshly body is quite small and weak, their several does not have the bloodlines of Saint Beast like Dongfang Xinyue. I also almost must walk, before leaving, my also a little matter must do!” Shen Xiang looks at No. 1 unlucky star, he must look for Yu Fan, although he attains Peng Renyi Godhead from the Yu Fan hand, but Yu Fan wants to kill him, he will not give up. Yang Yan, he holds Yang Yan Sacred Level herbs that purchases him to need from Gods, he wants to have a look at Yang Yan not to buy. Shen Xiang arrives at Wind Eye City quickly, Yang Yan that hotel. Yang Yan equally is warm, seeing Shen Xiang to arrive, hastily entertains him warmly. Looked like you probably becomes the fierce point!” Although Yang Yan cannot feel the Shen Xiang's strength change from the aura, but he passes the self-confident ray pupil to see from Shen Xiang that pair. Closes up is so long, to break through.” Shen Xiang he he smiles: Big brother Yang, do you have Gods?” Yang Yan to Shen Xiang one glass of liquor, said but actually: I have gone one time, the thing that you want I also brought.” Yang Yan puts out three jade boxes, opens, while was introducing inside thing. This is Saint Flame Fruit, low-grade saint medicine!”

This is the Saint snow and ice is colored, is low-grade saint medicine!” Finally this is Saint Yuan Ginseng, mainly strengthens Divine Soul! To be honest, these are quite common in Gods, did not say that any rare thing, is low-grade saint medicine, but middle-grade and High-Grade saint medicine also has, is quite expensive, moreover needs a period of time to attain, I travel between Gods and Divine Prison, has the time limit, therefore can only get so far as low-grade saint medicine.” On Yang Yan face some ashamed looks, because he thought that can only attain this scale the thing, is unfair to Shen Xiang very much. However regarding Shen Xiang, low-grade saint medicine was good, these can refine Saint pill, moreover to Liu Meng'er their this Ice-Fire with cultivating has very big use. No problem, for me is very good! This need how many divine coin?” Shen Xiang asked. This is I gives to you, do not raise divine coin with me.” Yang Yan hastily makes a hand signal, preventing Shen Xiang from continue raise the divine coin matter. Shen Xiang laughs, hastily proposes a toast to Yang Yan. „When I return to Gods, inquired! Heaven Punishment God is really fierce, anchorage Hell Temple and War Temple pressure, has not punished you! This is a good news, but also has the bad news.” Yang Yan spoke of that bad news, smiling face suddenly on face vanishes. This makes Shen Xiang somewhat anxious, hastily urged: What bad news? Is to my disadvantageous?” The Yang Yan nod said: „Is disadvantageous to you, but currently speaking, did not have what threat to you, if continued to be difficult saying that because you have not known how long must be able to leave here.” Said?” Shen Xiang has the help of Azure Dragon, when he wants to leave. „The Infernal Demon Emperor preparation sends a number of War-God and Profound God newly gets down, he used many divine coin before, now he cannot put out many, but he pledged, so long as delivers to Hell your Divine Soul, he has the means to get so far as Heaven Refining Technique from your there, then he can share Heaven Refining Technique with these with Heavenly God that he cooperates.” In Gods, Heaven Refining Technique is many Heavenly God wants to obtain, especially these grasp massive Sacred Level Divine Level herbs Temple, if there is Heaven Refining Technique, the meeting can let their alchemy master level promotion.” Yang Yan has drunk one glass of liquor , to continue saying: „During other Heavenly God are considering, God of Wealth palace the considerations in some God of Wealth also this aspects, once God of Wealth joins......” Yang Yan has not said that he knows Shen Xiang can also understand the consequence is what kind. God of Wealth is your founder, you leak this secret to me, you did not fear that he does blame?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, does not have the tense feeling, making in the Yang Yan heart admire secretly.

But I one time have not seen him, I have the sentiment to the Brilliant God comparison...... Moreover my brand mark is Brilliant God hits, with God of Wealth No problem!” Yang Yan said. Shen Xiang suddenly has an intuition, that Brilliant God and God of Wealth relationship possibly is not very good, although is master and apprentice. Shen Xiang, your present situation very danger(ous), if God of Wealth also participates, by his financial resource, he can make over a hundred Profound God come here, when the time comes Azure Dragon definitely could not resist, you can also very danger(ous).” Yang Yan worries for Shen Xiang: You know that I go to Heaven Punishment God there to ask you to leave here price!” How many are? Properly speaking I cannot leave am right!” Shen Xiang said: I kill two fellows, should be infiltrated Hell to be right.” If you are here prisoner, you already under Hell, but you astray here . Moreover the people who you kill are cultivation base compared with you, therefore was determined by the day punishment palace to protect oneself, this is not the too big crime, because...... Because you have killed two War-God, therefore you must exit, must give two hundred million divine coin.” Before Yang Yan also thinks that two War-God are Azure Dragon kills, has not thought that is actually Shen Xiang, if were not the day of punishment palace said that he will not believe. However he also guessed correctly that definitely is Azure Dragon trigs that two War-God, then gives Shen Xiang to kill! What he is curious, how Shen Xiang massacres that formidable War-God, at least he cannot accomplish, War-God does not have the battle efficiency, depends on the body of that Profound God, is not their this little brat can shake. Shen Xiang smiles: You do not need to be worried that I have the means that other exit!” Yang Yan heard him saying that immediately has smiled: so that's how it is, harmed me to be worried, this may probably be made to drink as a forfeit!” Shen Xiang with a smile from punishing three cups, then said: „Before I plan just before leaving, kills Yu Fan! This fellow almost kills me, I cannot make him so free! Right, I have gotten so far as Godhead from his hand......” Shen Xiang coax the Yu Fan process to tell Yang Yan him, hearing Yang Yan to laugh. After Yang Yan smiles, said: You must kill him not to be easy, he was being protected by Heaven Punishment God, once he meets any danger(ous), Heaven Punishment God will immediately appear, so long as Heaven Punishment God appears, you will also be very troublesome.”