World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1747
Azure Dragon heard Shen Xiang to say must walk, immediately urgently shouts: Do not walk, waits for these fellows to come, I send off you again!” This......” Shen Xiang is hesitating, said: „The person who if they come are too many, what to do can't you resist?” I did not fear that what you do fear? They do not dare to kill me, some Heaven Punishment God look!” Azure Dragon both hands hold the Shen Xiang's shoulder to swing: Sharply be not leaving here, even if help me, you walked, I will be more bored.” Doesn't need to be worried? If God of Wealth joins , was very when the time comes difficult to say!” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried that he does not want to kill Azure Dragon. I said that is all right is all right, you do not need to be worried about me.” Azure Dragon thinks that large quantities of Profound God War-God come, he is excited. Good, waits for these fellows to come, you immediately send off me! You do not fear them, I feared!” Shen Xiang said: When the time comes do you with enough time send off me?” Naturally with enough time, quick can make you, you felt relieved!” Azure Dragon said with a smile: If they came, then I break through hopefully, has this group of fellows to accompany me to play here, later will not be bored.” Shen Xiang curled the lip, Azure Dragon unexpectedly regards as this plays, that is very matter awfully, knew that God of Wealth may probably join, he secretly was startled. I went to alchemy!” Shen Xiang sits under a tree, puts out Blood Dragon Ginseng , to continue to refine dragon blood Saint pill, after he goes back, must to some of his friends, be used to win over the person while convenient, but his present elixir does not suffice, could not duplicate too many Blood Dragon Ginseng. Before remembering itself, eats uncooked that many Blood Dragon Ginseng, in the Shen Xiang heart is one was a pity, when used to refine dragon blood Saint pill completely, that can certainly obtain, Azure Dragon own elixir also uses up now. Only can go back Lu Qilian to congeal together that type of spirit bead, this can a bit faster obtain massive Sacred Level herbs.” Remembers with Lu Qilian all sorts of ambiguous, Shen Xiang cannot help but tastes.

Sister Meng'er, when can you refine that Godhead?” Shen Xiang asked: Should better before that batch of War-God Profound God arrive builds up, I do not want to be insane with Azure Dragon.” Waits again for 2-3 days, we are also the first time refine, needs to be careful.” Liu Meng'er should say. On Shen Xiang only then three Blood Dragon Ginseng, he has only been able to refine two, but must keep one to be used to duplicate. His these time successfully refines a furnace, obtains three grains of dragon blood Saint pill, but this time has still not used the book to assign Divine Ability to refine. This furnace with this assigns Divine Ability to try!” After Shen Xiang Blood Dragon Ginseng puts in pill furnace inside, transfers the strength of Soul Yuan inside Divine Ability, releases World Creating Fire, pours into pill furnace. After Blood Dragon Ginseng by this flame incinerator, immediately in a big way erupts one to roll blood energy, shakes swaying that pill furnace keeps, Shen Xiang strengthens the big flame the intensity, simultaneously uses primal chaos God Refining Technique, suppresses resistance strength that Blood Dragon Ginseng releases. This assigned flame that Divine Ability released to be fierce, built up the Blood Dragon Ginseng speed he uses seven color Saint Fire to be quicker than before. So long as it seems like uses the normal refinement method to refine, will again become with this life Divine Ability conveniently.” Shen Xiang thought that this furnace be quicker, moreover were also very few regarding the consumption that former that two furnaces refined. Saint Returning Pill should be middle-grade Saint pill! Fuses together refinement very difficult many Sacred Level herbs, it seems like alchemy level very high of Feng Yujie, is only the womenfolk, can refine middle-grade Saint pill.” Shen Xiang thought own present must refine middle-grade Saint pill not to be good. Remembers Feng Yujie, Shen Xiang thinks was received immediately by Feng Yujie for daughter's Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao! This makes him want anxiously going back!

Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian their several, know that Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's matter, is Long Xueyi tells them. I now am Pill Saint! After waiting, goes to Gods, I must become Dan God!” The Shen Xiang's goal was also higher, he learned from Azure Dragon there, in Gods Dan God are not many. Trembling Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, suddenly stabilizes, Shen Xiang both eyes flash the flame, the fist are grasping, shouted to clear the way lowly concentrates!” pill furnace three groups of cyclones, search immediately, concentrates fast pill pellet! Azure Dragon is looking at the same time, said: Became?” Has become, compared with former that two furnaces quick a point!” Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, takes out three grains of blood red dragon blood Saint pill from inside, although has a light smell of blood, but will not make people think ill. Used this has assigned Divine Ability is different, unexpectedly can quick that many!” Azure Dragon is surprised: In Gods on, quite ordinary Pill Saint refines this pill, at least also takes several days, even if quick, be slower than you.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: You have not seen have been quicker, is only his present experience is insufficient, otherwise you give him hundred Blood Dragon Ginseng to have a look, the speed when the time comes he refines is more astonishing.” Long Xueyi said well, Shen Xiang is familiar this dragon blood Saint pill, in addition uses Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique, simultaneously refines the multi- furnaces, in leaving pill's quantity and speed will also not have any reduction, that will be more astonishing. If uses the book to assign Divine Ability to refine low level Immortal Dan, perhaps I do not use pill furnace, can complete in the palm directly!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This life Divine Ability is really the good thing, unexpectedly to produce so mysterious strength, if can practice second to assign Divine Ability again, that is better?”

Senior, do you see to practice second to assign Divine Ability Gods in Gods?” Shen Xiang asked that he knows that this was not easy, because Azure Dragon does not have second to assign Divine Ability now. Has seen, basically these Temple inside Heavenly God have, even there is third fourth, by that time also weighs the strength with this, heard Godhead that more formidable Heavenly God, has are more, as for many, I do not know that is the secret.” Azure Dragon sighed: I also practice in the attempt now, but the difficulty is very big, only if I can become High-Rank Profound God, so long as when the time comes can practice second Godhead, can become Heavenly God.” This was very remote matter, do not think that came step by step!” Shen Xiang nodded, asks: Senior, when the time comes do you deliver me? The time of this place is chaotic!” I have my means that so long as you are also not true Gods, I can deliver you, initially Vermilion Bird with your same cultivation base, I same did not deliver her.” Azure Dragon said with a smile: You do not need to be worried!” When the time comes you deliver me, you will definitely consume many strength, how can also be able to resist to besiege your Profound God and War-God?” Shen Xiang remembers that Azure Dragon has said that must deliver him to this Divine Prison, needs to consume very many strength.