World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1748

Azure Dragon makes Shen Xiang not want to be too many, although he can deal with very much self-confidently, but Shen Xiang worries. Shen Xiang stayed here for several days, Liu Meng'er their several females also collaborated to refine that Godhead. Now these Profound God and War-God do not have, I cannot too leave here quickly, killed Yu Fan, Heaven Punishment God will perhaps appear.” Shen Xiang is looking at Godhead in hand, somewhat hesitated. This Godhead will explode five days later, even if places in storage equipment, will explode, is mainly detonates the Godhead interior implication formidable strength, therefore you have five days of time!” Xue Xianxian said: When the time comes asks Grandpa Azure Dragon, has a look such to do to make Heaven Punishment God know! Yu Fan seeks Godhead here, is violates the rule the matter, was killed is also gets what one deserves.” Azure Dragon said: All right, so long as is not your personally fight, Heaven Punishment God anything has not said that but also a little will be when the time comes troublesome, after all Yu Fan is the person who Gods above sends, Plentiful God, if investigates, was difficult saying that but this also required the time, when the time comes you already receded Gao Fei.” Shen Xiang heard a Azure Dragon such saying, felt relieved was taking that Godhead surely Plentiful God bank, had found Yu Fan. Yu Fan sees Shen Xiang to arrive, in heart secret one happy, at least now he also gains Godhead, he also in that batch of Profound God that being worried about Gods above gets down, he thinks when the time comes is the Shen Xiang's time of death. Has the new goal?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: These time progresses quite smoothly!” Temporarily does not have, you many and other a period of time!” Before Yu Fan, has thought that decides no longer to make Shen Xiang help him seek Godhead, so as to avoid a long delay usually means many problems. Sir Yu, I urgently needed take divine coin to purchase good Divine Weapon magic treasure now, can give me first a point.” Shen Xiang also wants to seize the opportunity to fish a change. How many wants?” Yu Fan asked. Eight hundred divine coin!” The divine coin that Shen Xiang wants for Tai Qiang, he complies to help Tai Qiang return to Gods, good and bad Tai Qiang has also helped his busy. I have 700 temporarily!” Yu Fan had considered, has given Shen Xiang seven hundred divine coin. Shen Xiang is taking seven hundred divine coin, immediately seeks for Tai Qiang, Tai Qiang has left behind the secret marks here, he knew place that quickly Tai Qiang is at now, is a neighbor small city. Arrives at that small city, after Shen Xiang found Tai Qiang, not saying anything further, storage pouch fills to Tai Qiang. In this seven hundred divine coin, should suffice you to leave here!” Shen Xiang gives Tai Qiang sound transmission: I am hidden by many terrible business now, you hurry to leave! Do not stare by Yu Fan, he wanted to eliminate a potential informant me before.” Tai Qiang feels grateful Shen Xiang, he has not thought that Shen Xiang just arrived at here shortly after person, gets so far as that many divine coin , helping him to leave Divine Prison. Obligation did not say thanks, says goodbye!” Tai Qiang walks is also very neat.

Looks at Tai Qiang to leave, Shen Xiang hopes, goes to Gods, this Tai Qiang will become stronger! Should go back, is safer near azure dragon body.” Shen Xiang returns to No. 2 unlucky star, seeing Azure Dragon to stand on the summit all day, a face anticipated that waits for these Profound God to arrive. After Shen Xiang comes back, Azure Dragon gets down from above, he was closed in this place is truly bored, except for the practice, he must seek for some pleasure. Senior, this gives back to you!” Shen Xiang gives Azure Dragon the Azure Dragon cloak. Then do not run around, so long as I induce to that group of fellows arrive, I immediately send off you, so long as side me, you will not have the matter.” Azure Dragon received the cloak, this cloak is also very good divine tool, before Liu Meng'er they had also studied, have drawn up the blueprint, after waiting, refines again. Now Xue Xianxian their several, wholly-absorbed refinement divine ship in Hidden Jade Ring, to them quite difficult smelts these peak heaven stone, luckily before Shen Xiang, has bought divine furnace to them, can play very major role in the smelting, moreover Azure Dragon also pours into one group of flame in inside, they only needed to control flame that's alright. Three days passed by, Shen Xiang by studies Heaven Refining Technique on a tree, at this time just dawn, Azure Dragon on startled shouted one, suddenly appears in front of Shen Xiang, he seizes the Shen Xiang's front piece. Came!” The Azure Dragon whole face is excited: little rascal, we like this said goodbye, waited that little girl not to let her die well again!” Azure Dragon was saying, releases very formidable Dragon God's Strength, sees only his back space to start to fluctuate! Let Shen Xiang feel what is shocking, he induces from Azure Dragon this terrifying Dragon God's Strength to strength of principle, because he has Law of Space profound bead, therefore he is familiar with this Power of Law, although not with his same principle. Is Law of Time!” In the Shen Xiang heart is extremely surprised, Azure Dragon unexpectedly is grasping Law of Time, no wonder he can send off him from here. Bye!” Azure Dragon said that hastily turns around, loses that space passage that Shen Xiang into behind him opens. Shen Xiang did not have with enough time and Azure Dragon says goodbye, arrives at one piece fully is the purple light forest! Is Violet Leaf Forest! I came back!” Shen Xiang falls on a branch, shakes falls one purple illumination the leaf. ...... After Azure Dragon Shen Xiang sends off, his above suddenly presents seven colors light, sees only over a hundred to wear various chromatic dispersion to send out light glow saint armor, grasps Divine Weapon Profound God to appear, soar into the clouds and mount the mists. They before coming, knows that Azure Dragon is what kind of expert, but now sees Azure Dragon is a little old man, in the heart unavoidably somewhat disdains.

You must look for Shen Xiang is right, he walked!” Azure Dragon said with a smile: You ran a fruitless errand one, you should know that entered Divine Prison one year to pay divine coin to leave, in other words, you must stay here for one year!” I do not look for Shen Xiang's, the duty that you receive is to come to here defeats you, discards you.” Guy coldly said. The guy said that dozens Profound God stand: We are cope with Shen Xiang's.” These hundred Profound God carry out the different tasks separately. Whether or not, you must stay here for one year!” Azure Dragon said while loudly laughing: This year time, enough I defeat you, discarded you!” Azure Dragon said that great war erupts immediately...... Shen Xiang returned to Forest of Life in Holy Water Heaven Territory, he somewhat is worried about Azure Dragon, is only the worry is also useless! Azure Dragon he grasps Law of Time, but he possibly initially grasps, otherwise he can certainly leave Divine Prison.” Shen Xiang said. old blue worm is really fierce, in the past I may compared with him, now cast off me.” Long Xueyi sobbed: Later can perhaps aspire to seize the position of Heavenly God.” Shen Xiang looked at all around: We can go back, now big ticket Emperor Level expert catches me, cannot I be what kind of!” After coming back, Shen Xiang can use the strength of Law of Space, he opens space passage, returned to Emperor Heaven! „Is this Emperor Heaven?” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm said. „Were you making a mistake place? Then long does not use the strength of Law of Space, was unfamiliar?” Long Xueyi also hurriedly said. The place that Shen Xiang is at although is a mountain scene forest, but the air/Qi of here that rich Sacred Spirit, looks like in these endless Heaven territory the best position, is similar to quality good saint stone mineral lode, making Shen Xiang cannot help but suspect that his has saint stone quality Dragon Vein. Right, here is Emperor Heaven!” Shen Xiang affirmed very: Here past long time, then adolescence!” Ah? Leng Youlan somewhat worried: Then we will fall behind other people?” Youlan, you have my White Dragon Bloodline, you do not need to worry that can fall behind, has your brother Pill Saint, you can surpass quickly.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile.

Shen Xiang said: „Before here, should be a city, now doesn't unexpectedly, how long this Emperor Heaven pass?” The Shen Xiang float upper air, opens space passage once more, this time he arrived at a very giant city! City that Hundred Flowers Palace actually is, unexpectedly becomes so huge!” Shen Xiang float in upper air, under overlook that vast architectural complex. powerful protecting city large formation, my unexpectedly is unable to use space power to penetrate!” Shen Xiang is exclaims in surprise that afterward descends the ground, stands in front of that broad giant city gate, looks at that four large characters hundred flowers Sacred Country. Passed multi- youngster?” Shen Xiang can see from that four characters that here had been wrested away by Lu Qilian completely, moreover she also becomes Flower Empress that is worthy of the reputation. Shen Xiang enters the city gate, needs to explain status and origin, moreover before him , discovered that when many change appearance people, come will issue a license by the side giant mirror that by the city gate will place. Shen Xiang put out initially Flower Empress to his token, gives bodyguard who defended a city, the bodyguard looked that immediately was respectful to Shen Xiang! In the past was so long, this sign so is useful!” Shen Xiang receives the sign, entered the city gate very much with ease. After entering the city gate, side has huge plaza, construction very many Teleportation Formation, two regions, one is in hundred flowers Sacred Country the transmission region, moreover is the transmission leaves hundred flowers Sacred Country. Shen Xiang arrives by the transmission region, sees Ice Dragon Sacred Country, Suppressing Devil Sacred Country, Fire God Country, Saint Ice Country and Saint Thunder Country...... wait / etc. many Sacred Country, what influence he can also see these Sacred Country from these names is. Divine Feather country! Feng Yujie also came to here!” Long Xueyi said. How was Emperor Heaven? The strength of Sacred Spirit is so rich, these endless Heaven territory by far cast off, is thick the facial skin to run to come to here!” Shen Xiang said. Floating Life Sacred Country, this is Holy Water Heaven Territory of Floating Life cities three water lord hosts? That City Lord Liu Fusheng person was initially good, helping you block that crowd to chase down your Emperor Level expert.” Long Xueyi said. Of Hou Family three water lord hosts, should be that Saint Hou Country, here!” Dongfang Xinyue clenches teeth saying that initially she issued a warrant for arrest by Hou Family. Highest Sacred Country and Saint Evil Country...... these fellows came happen, avoid I run everywhere am chasing down them!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer. Leng Youlan said: Brother, doesn't have Subduing Dragon Sacred Country?”