World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1749
The Subduing Dragon Sect's strength should also be top, properly speaking should formidable be very right, should establish Sacred Country, but Shen Xiang actually had not found to transmit from the transmission region to Subduing Dragon Sacred Country Teleportation Formation now, nearby Subduing Dragon Sect does not have. Subduing Dragon Sect has Duan Ming and Master there, depending on their strengths, should very be strong now, Subduing Dragon Sect should not have the matter.” Shen Xiang felt at ease by oneself, said actually and Jiang Sheng again they, does not look that Subduing Dragon Sect was destroyed completely, so long as there are them, other Sacred Country want to attack Subduing Dragon Sect, must prepare great war. Emperor Heaven started to use saint stone now, Shen Xiang transmits with saint stone to hundred flowers Sacred Country Hundred Flowers Palace outside, these hundred Flower Empress palaces expanded, was huger than former Yao Hongwei, covers Hundred Flowers Palace formation to be fiercer, Shen Xiang's Divine Power is unable to seep, only if he invaded forcefully Divine Power, but such will certainly be discovered that not like the turnover that before can have one's wish. \\ " Is formation that who helps her construct, is so fierce! \\ " Long Xueyi has also tried, if she strengthens Divine Power again, must alarm Hundred Flowers Palace. Change is so big, we left at that time, did not have such fierce restriction.” Liu Meng'er surprisedly said: „Did we leave multi- youngster?” Shen Xiang also wants to know the answer, therefore he is holding that jade token, goes from the Hundred Flowers Palace front door directly, opens access, enters Hundred Flowers Palace most core the region, this place is also Lu Qilian core strength. Shen Xiang was brought by an attractive young girl to a living room, here fills fragrant, the decoration is succinct, the flower-scented green tea is delicious, making Shen Xiang suddenly want to live in a period of time in this place very much. Arrived at Hundred Flowers Palace, Liu Meng'er they had not come out, they must refine divine ship in inside, after they were worried to come out, will be disturbed. Tastes scented tea Shen Xiang, suddenly is inducing to the familiar aura, his hastily turns head, sees a short hair shoulder-length beautiful woman, she looks like, although small and exquisite, but is having ice-cold arrogant makings, especially that pair is full of the dignified look, is makes one dread three points, completely not because her gentle and charming build will despise him. This female Lu Qilian most haughty subordinate, Xiao Lizhi! Xiao Lizhi!” Shen Xiang sees Xiao Lizhi to be so formidable, cannot help but startled shouted: How did you become that fierce?” Xiao Lizhi sees Shen Xiang to change the original appearance, knows the person who is Shen Xiang, she knew that before a person holds the secret order of Lu Qilian to enter Hundred Flowers Palace. After seeing Shen Xiang, Xiao Lizhi that full is dignified chilly eyes, became gentle some, she has a special and indescribable complex sentiment to Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang had saved her at risk of life, in she most critical time, moreover Shen Xiang was very good to her, the strength was also formidable, is in her heart has admired secretly man. Shen Xiang, you came back finally!” Xiao Lizhi hastily walks, whispered: Comes with me!” Shen Xiang follows when Xiao Lizhi behind, grinning stares at the Xiao Lizhi slender back, Xiao Lizhi is putting on white tight-fitting packing up, making her build look like sends concave-convex, the buttocks that especially that very curls upwards, walk, badly looks at Shen Xiang Hehe to smile. Snort!” Xiao Lizhi has not thought that Shen Xiang or same as usual, always like this sexually harass her.

Xiao Lizhi brings Shen Xiang to come to a secret room, immediately said: Meng'er Xianxian they? Aren't they and your together?” The Shen Xiang nod said: Is and my together, they now are very good, in my storage equipment, helping me refine divine tool! How long I left, the change that this Emperor Heaven has was too big!” You left here in 5000, your unexpectedly does not know!” Xiao Lizhi is somewhat surprised: „After you enter Forest of Life Dark Region, what experienced? Does not know passing of time unexpectedly!” Is a long story!” Shen Xiang and several females are very shocked, how long they have not stayed in Divine Prison, outside unexpectedly passed in 5000! Qilian they? They fortunately?” Shen Xiang asked. Xiao Lizhi shakes the head saying: Had many matters, Palace Master they led a group of disciples to leave Hundred Flowers Palace, went to a place, has not come back!” In Shen Xiang heart immediately one anxious, holds the shoulder of Xiao Lizhi, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech asks: Where went? When matter?” „The three years ago matters, you do not need too to be worried!” Xiao Lizhi hastily said that works loose Shen Xiang: Has Lu Great Emperor and their together, you do not need to worry that many expert!” Hears Lu Zhen to go together, Shen Xiang has felt relieved. Was right, these since 5000, hasn't here had great war?” Shen Xiang is somewhat accidental, that many endless Heaven territory strong presences came to here, here unexpectedly was so peaceful. „Before 2000, has occurred one time, at that time...... At that time your Subduing Dragon Sect was captured, Evil Dragon Burial Ground was destroyed, your Subduing Dragon Sect disintegrated......” Xiao Lizhi to see Shen Xiang's complexion sank, said: We have to assist, but afterward Elder Huang made the decision, gives up Subduing Dragon Sect, otherwise the casualty is serious.” The Shen Xiang fist pinches giggle to make noise, coldly said: Now that was Dragon Vein seized by whom?” Ten big Sacred Country establish big Sacred City there, there by ten big Sacred Country controls, initially was that ten big Sacred Country attacked.” Xiao Lizhi sees Shen Xiang to suppress anger immediately, in heart unavoidably panic-stricken, because Shen Xiang is very calm, but that invisible anger is very scary. Did not need Xiao Lizhi saying that Shen Xiang guessed correctly what goods that ten big Sacred Country was! Xiao Lizhi, do you have Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's news these days?” Shen Xiang also asked that in the past was so long, he thought that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou should be able to go out.

Has, they originally in Divine Feather Sacred Country, but afterward had joined our Hundred Flowers Palace, is our Hundred Flowers Palace elder, they have gone to several Forest of Life, wants to look for you, but afterward was stopped by Palace Master.” Shen Xiang asked: „Were they and Sister Qilian went to that place together? Actually is where?” I only know that there is Primal Chaos Realm! Palace Master makes me remain behind here, then carries off the Hundred Flowers Palace main strength, major Sacred Country also so, takes away the strongest person, goes to Primal Chaos Realm!” Xiao Lizhi sighed: They go are three years, a news does not have.” „Do you have to send for practicing them? That Primal Chaos Realm where?” Shen Xiang suddenly is interested in that Primal Chaos Realm, he thought that possibly is related with Primal Chaos Fire Token. In Sacred Dan World that Primal Chaos Mountain originally.” Xiao Lizhi said: That front door is also opening now, but goes in inside person not to come out, Palace Master initially had told me, do not send for looking for them, to certain time, they naturally can come out.” Said that my Master he also did go in?” Has gone, with expert that you are familiar with, went in majority of!” The Xiao Lizhi nod said. Was right, demon emperor? This fellow should appear!” Shen Xiang is very depressed at this time, always felt one little lived for several thousand years, what actually he does not know, when Azure Dragon uses Law of Time he sends off, in that Space-Time tunnel gave rise to the small problem, after causing he arrives at Emperor Heaven, in the past such a long time. Appeared, makes many important matters to come, moreover that Primal Chaos Realm is she discovered that it is said inside has the trails of Nine Heavens god...... Is inside has Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! Matter that in the past the Nine Heavens gods died mystically, now was well-known, so long as found the Nine Heavens gods, can obtain their inheritance, therefore many expert went to Primal Chaos Realm.” Xiao Lizhi looks at Shen Xiang, has drawn his sleeve: „Can you also go in?” Um! However before, me must seize Dragon Vein!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: This group of bastards, are not at while me, unexpectedly occupied seized our Dragon Vein!” Shen Xiang just said that outside transmits a formidable aura, by restriction of secret room, penetrates! They came back!” Xiao Lizhi startled shouted: We have a look!” In the Shen Xiang heart suddenly wants to curse at people, he is just thinking that anything ten big Sacred Country people are not, quite made him have it all, but Lu Qilian they come back now, explained that ten big Sacred Country expert also came back, he definitely easily did not take. Knew that here past more than 5000 years, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian their several female also hastily came out from Hidden Jade Ring, this feeling makes her somewhat uncomfortable, they went to Divine Prison to be possible shortly, but here actually passed for more than 5000 years, this will make them backward, especially Leng Youlan, now other people definitely compared with her, she cannot ask others to fight again everywhere.

This was also too skillful, I just came out, they came back!” Shen Xiang suddenly thought that this definitely is not accidental, Infernal Demon Emperor definitely knows that he returns to Emperor Heaven, therefore attempted to pervert in secret, making ten big Sacred Country people hurry back with great speed. Lu Qilian came back, in her side also with Lu Qinlian and Ji Meixian. Enters the hall, Lu Qilian their three females, sees Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er their several, but does not have an accident, obviously had known that Shen Xiang came back. This...... For a long time does not see, was not too long!” Shen Xiang sighed one: Also can see that you are really good, I have not fallen behind you to be too many fortunately!” Xue Xianxian whispered: They had Godhead, we fell behind!” Shen Xiang, you take away more than 5000 years them, their this strength? Did you do?” Lu Qilian carefully looked at Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian, Leng Youlan, Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing they several strengths, immediately somewhat angry. Qilian, this does not blame him! We in that place were only the past 1-2 years, we also thought clearly, why not to come out from that place, this Emperor Heaven on the past more than 5000 years.” Liu Meng'er hastily answered. Shen Xiang sits on a chair, careful looks at Lu Qilian, Lu Qinlian and Ji Meixian three females, the Lu Qilian strength is very strong, but Shen Xiang could not completely understand that but Lu Qinlian had Godhead, even cultivated including Emperor Soul, Ji Meixian had the bloodlines of Phoenix, the strength was also very strong, their three people did not have what change, was as before beautiful. They?” Shen Xiang asked. What you asked was who?” Lu Qilian lightly snorted. This...... Sister Youyou and Sister Meiyao.” Shen Xiang asked.