World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1750

Returned to Divine Feather Sacred Country with Feng Yujie!” Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang also to ask, said: Ziqian also with their together, now in Divine Feather Sacred Country.” Qianxiang said that must reorganize clothing, waits for! Zilan their several sisters handled their matters here, Shumei their three people went to the Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit rearing in a pen room. Xiangyue and Qianqian also in Primal Chaos Realm.” The Shen Xiang hollow laugh several, he has not thought that Lu Qilian unexpectedly told him the whereabouts of these females all of a sudden. Pinches his loin in nearby Xue Xianxian gently, on the face is having a jealousy, although she already knows that Shen Xiang and many females have ambiguous relationship, but she cannot be what kind of! We these days in Hundred Flowers Palace refiner! Qilian, when the time comes probably also needs your help.” Liu Meng'er said: You, since knows Shen Xiang to come back, explained that Shen Xiang has not gotten rid of the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation.” Xue Xianxian and Dongfang Xinyue in abundance return to Hidden Jade Ring to tidy up. „After you enter Forest of Life, experienced inside? In that is what kind of world?” On the Lu Qinlian face brings to wipe the charming smile to look at Shen Xiang, but her eyes is actually full of missing. Made them say! In brief I only passed in for 1-2 years, more than 5000 years I do not know how to have lost, even if that inside time is confused, will not be confused that oddly.” Shen Xiang had suspected at this time Azure Dragon that Law of Time strength had problems. Brother, elder sister!” Mu Qianxiang comes, sees Shen Xiang Leng Youlan they, immediately shouted tenderly that afterward threw to the Leng Youlan's bosom, their two were militant, before frequently together fought, the sentiment was very deep. Xiao Xiang, you are fiercer than me!” Saying of Leng Youlan face hidden bitterness: I lost 5000, but I will certainly catch up.”

Afterward Xue Xianxian is drawing Mu Qianxiang, was telling them at the same time at Divine Prison inside matter. What in that Primal Chaos Realm has? How did you go in all of a sudden?” Shen Xiang asked. world of Nine Heaven and endless Heaven territory core world, but inside compares the bad risk, therefore not the suitable migration, only to suit in inside seeks for Heaven and Earth Treasure, as well as the Gods remains, we have not the small harvest in the three years! Xiangyue and Qianqian in inside, are seeking for Sacred Level herbs.” Lu Qilian arrives at side Shen Xiang , to continue saying: Reason that because your suddenly comes back, these Sacred Country ruler hastily have the person to return, was worried that you go to enter.” Mentioned Subduing Dragon Sect to be smashed, the anger in Shen Xiang heart upwelled immediately. „After Subduing Dragon Sect was destroyed completely, where did they go? I must look for them!” Shen Xiang asked. You only used in that side for 1-2 years, but here in 5000, you believe firmly in the past you did have enough strength to counterattack?” Lu Qilian said: Initially we had been ready that struggles hard, finally is your Master choice gives up Subduing Dragon Sect's, he is also clear that ten big Sacred Country the strength, now passed was so long, your Master treated people develops in secret, although the strength has been increased, but he still thought now is also not great war time.” Especially you! You fell behind!” Although Lu Qilian cannot completely understand Shen Xiang this time strength, but she according to the common sense, Shen Xiang falls behind for more than 5000 years, strength again strong, definitely is unable to compare that to have ten big Sacred Country of Infernal Demon Emperor in secret support. „, Now strength strongest is that Fire God Country! Fire God Country independent, does not calculate in ten big Sacred Country, but your Dragon Vein occupies many are this Fire God Country! Because Fire God Country is Gods above Fire God Palace supports in secret, various aspects be fiercer than Infernal Demon Emperor.”

What?” Shen Xiang clenches teeth saying: In the past that barely alive did Fire Emperor become very strong?” Right, Qi Shi was injured by him! Was almost cut to kill, that Fire Emperor is very really strong, I perhaps am not his match! If you present want to make war, my Hundred Flowers Palace fully will certainly support your, but you should better give careful consideration, at least must understand matter that these since 5000 will have.” Lu Qilian sighed gently, she can feel Shen Xiang this time anger clearly, own Subduing Dragon Sect picked off, Dragon Vein was robbed, definitely meets very angry. If must make war, I will not allow you to participate, my Subduing Dragon Sect can level!” The Shen Xiang sound is tranquil, looks at Long Xueyi, lightly smiled: Subduing Dragon Sect's Supreme Elder, we walk!” Brother, I...... I also want to go!” Leng Youlan knows the own present strength is very weak, but she truly very much wants to strive. I also go, I obtain the inheritance of Sword Emperor, now I had Godhead!” Mu Qianxiang said that on the face hangs is wiping the self-confident smiling face. Youlan, you stay here! Qilian she should have the means to help you a bit faster promote the strength! One side Meng'er, refines the divine ship matter to place, well using the Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit blood! Also, I fixed time will deliver Saint pill to you.” Heard Shen Xiang at this time that tranquil expression, Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang also no longer says anything, because Shen Xiang gives them now a very unusual feeling, making them not dare to defy. Under their Netherworld Abyss, Qi Shi said that you can certainly find.” Lu Qilian said: Reluctantly, if you need to help, my hundred flowers Sacred Country, Ice Dragon Sacred Country, Suppressing Devil Sacred Country and Divine Feather Sacred Country have Floating Life Sacred Country to help you!”

Floating Life Sacred Country?” Shen Xiang has not thought that this Floating Life Sacred Country ruler Liu Fusheng person is so good, unexpectedly is good with Subduing Dragon Sect's relationship. Um, in the past great war, Liu Fusheng also participated, if not your Master stops, I thought although finally is more frigid, but Subduing Dragon Sect and Dragon Vein can preserve.” Lu Qilian said. My Master he, although acts like a madman, but this matter he does well! If the casualties were too many at that time, is not the good matter, Infernal Demon Emperor to use the massive ghosts that died to resume own loss, now he should also during Yuan Qi damages severely.” Shen Xiang said: I look for my Master first they, chatted with them, I came back to ask you to discuss an important matter again, because I took a number of Sacred Level herbs urgently needed!” In the Lu Qilian heart tenderly snorted, Shen Xiang said that must with her about cultivating Life Slaughtering Technique, the concise that type of spirit bead, when the time comes wants endless kissing, but in her heart also anticipations, she ruler stance, although in the surface being keeping aloof, but she sees Shen Xiang to come back, in the heart is very excited. After Shen Xiang leaves hundred flowers Sacred Country, opens together Space Gate directly, arrives under Netherworld Abyss, thinks that Subduing Dragon Sect was compelled to hide under this abyss, anger in Shen Xiang heart has burnt.