World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1751

Under Netherworld Abyss once barred up the Ancient Fire Beast place, had a very big space there, Shen Xiang arrives at bottom of Netherworld Abyss, immediately walked toward that giant cave. Enters the cave, Shen Xiang sees more than ten small houses! Shen Xiang arrives, intentionally touches here defensive formation, awakens in the small room person, sees only Qi Shi, Jiang Sheng and Huang Jintian runs immediately. „The little rascal head, you came back really! Also thinks that forever could not see you.” Huang Jintian sees Shen Xiang, very excited laughs. Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng have also smiled, hastily brings Shen Xiang to a quite small and narrow hall. Here your how many? Other people?” Shen Xiang asked. Subduing Dragon Sect has dispersed, if other people continue with us, definitely will have very tremendous influence to them, therefore I make them leave, hires oneself other influences! Relax, foundation of these fellows are good, moreover goes is I introduced that they are mainly centralized in Floating Life Sacred Country and Suppressing Devil Sacred Country.” Huang Jintian sighed: „The little rascal head, really does not do right by, has not preserved your Subduing Dragon Sect! Moreover I also dismissed Subduing Dragon Sect!” Long Xueyi comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, said with a smile tenderly: Where dismissed? I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Supreme Elder, moreover Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean also here!” Long Xueyi sits side Shen Xiang, looks at Qi Shi, happily said with a smile: Heard that you were almost killed by Fire Emperor, real?” Qi Shi curls the lip saying: Can not to mention this matter? Was I is too mainly negligent!” Shen Xiang asked: Master, where Xiaodao did they go?”

Xiaodao their several distinctions went to Floating Life Sacred Country and Suppressing Devil Sacred Country, Duan Sanchang wander with their Duan Family several, Li Baojun and his Master Li Tianjun walked, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan travel in all directions...... In brief their present crossing must be very good, you do not need too to be worried their.” Huang Jintian has patted Shen Shen Xiang's shoulder: Has the words of time, goes to narrate to chat with them!” Shen Xiang nodded, asked: „Didn't you go to Primal Chaos Realm?” Knows you to come back, I also immediately come back here you! Mainly wants to have a look for more than 5000 years, you became fierce.” Jiang Sheng looked at Long Xueyi, said with a smile: Where this small greedy dragon to does not go probably!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: We only stay in that damned place for 1-2 years, here on the past in 5000, if will give me really in 5000, I can give extra that anything nonsense Fire God Country to smash that ten big Sacred Country with little rascal now.” „Is this real? Is that place that you go to where? Time disparity unexpectedly such big!” Huang Jintian some do not believe. Naturally real, we also met old blue worm! That place is called Divine Prison, is mainly......” many matters of Long Xueyi one breath in Divine Prison carefully narrates them, hearing Qi Shi their several people to exclaim in surprise again and again. Has not thought that Azure Dragon became that fierce! Oh, but could not rescue Old Ice!” Jiang Sheng sighed: Azure Dragon was also infiltrated Divine Prison, Old Ice meets to receive.” Huang Jintian said: „When definitely is Azure Dragon opens the Space-Time tunnel has the problem, therefore you short time in Space-Time tunnel, outside this on the past in 5000!” Qi Shi said with a smile: You are equal after the flash will arrive at 5000, this is also good!” Is good your head!” Long Xueyi thought own this time strength and Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng differ that many, in the heart is uncomfortable. White Tiger and Vermilion Bird two Senior?” Shen Xiang asked: They not here?”

They went to Gods, just shortly after walked! Others lived together affectionately now, and has died one time, in the past was because participated in the too many world of Nine Heaven broken matters, finally made into such, after Subduing Dragon Sect dismissed, world of Nine Heaven became very tranquil, they also left.” Qi Shi said: We also want to walk, but......” Long Xueyi interrupted: Just you did not have that ability, otherwise you already walked!” This...... Also cannot say, if we want to walk, now can definitely walk! Now we almost can go to Gods.” Qi Shi said with a smile: Do not despise us.” A Long Xueyi face despises: You really fierce, will not make Subduing Dragon Sect dismiss.” This is the idea of Old Huang, we also planned to fight to the end.” Jiang Sheng looks hastily to Huang Jintian. Huang Jintian heaved a deep sigh: You experience the person who past world of Nine Heaven that has fought, young people who this great war should give the new generation, but was not our old bones! Let alone, if erupted great war at that time, the one who is happiest is who? Naturally is Infernal Demon Emperor, he can harvest the massive good ghosts, can make him stronger.” Qi Shi said with a smile: Therefore, this great war , if no Shen Xiang to participate, uses Heaven Refining Technique to take away these ghosts, definitely met convenient Infernal Demon Emperor.” Also good! Now did not have the dragon to fall, in the past strongest Dragon Emperor had been destroyed completely by us! Subduing Dragon Sect dismisses dismisses! However, that Dragon Vein cannot like this give them!” The Shen Xiang sound fills killing intent: But initially I obtained first, that is my thing, in any event, I must expel in the above influence!” Good, we and others you came back, and goes all out one for you!” Qi Shi pats the Shen Xiang's shoulder vigorously: When fight?” Huang Jintian said: If only then our these attack, will not kill too many people, truly speaking, I am not cruel enough to look little rascal that Subduing Dragon Sect these I train personally died.”

Jiang Sheng said: Was right, a matter! Before is 5000, Saint Ice Heaven Territory Ice Emperor, once attacked Wu Qianqian with Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, almost makes her be poisoned lethal, but has been all right now.” Is the Saint now Ice Emperor of ice country's?” Shen Xiang fist fierce grasps, the sound has an anger to ask. Is this fellow, because he has the good strength, therefore Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison now was not Primordial Strange Poison.” Jiang Sheng said. Shen Xiang said: Walks, we first go to Saint Ice Country!” Qi Shi hastily is drawing Shen Xiang: What now to be anxious? They know you to come back, definitely first together meets to discuss anything, was not good to find them, waited for that fellow alone in Saint Ice Country, we had made him again in the past, now you only need our news that's alright!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, nodded, then puts out storage pouch, throws to Jiang Sheng: This thousand peak heaven stone, refine the Divine Weapon good thing.” This...... In Divine Prison gets so far as? I want to take a look really!” Jiang Sheng knows certainly that peak heaven stone is anything, immediately is excited. Qi Shi, Old Huang, you inquired that Ice Emperor whereabouts, I refine Divine Weapon here, when the time comes also has your share!” Jiang Sheng happily said with a smile. „The Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation I have not gotten rid, I walked first, Ice Emperor returns to Saint Ice Country, informs me!” Shen Xiang opens space passage, arrives at outside hundred flowers Sacred Country, then through here Teleportation Formation, transmits to Divine Feather Sacred Country.