World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1752

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou in Divine Feather Sacred Country, they and Shen Xiang so are separately long, thinks of Shen Xiang, after they planned to leave Primal Chaos Realm, immediately goes to Hundred Flowers Palace, but Feng Yujie makes them return to God Feather Sect first, this will compare the security. Because after Shen Xiang vanishes 5000, comes back once more, moreover Infernal Demon Emperor also spreads the news, the posting a reward command that in the past issued was still valid, cut to kill Shen Xiang, then obtained four Godhead! But they also know that after 5000 Shen Xiang, is not definitely good to kill, therefore they do not have to be silly immediately look for Shen Xiang! In the past by many expert that Shen Xiang killed, there is Emperor Level expert, before 5000, Shen Xiang can kill, after 5000, was needless to say. Shen Xiang arrives at Divine Feather Sacred Country, directly soars Imperial Palace! Thinks that must face the Feng Yujie this mysterious and formidable woman, in the Shen Xiang heart suddenly has not the small pressure, especially Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou with her, have been worried about to be affected by Feng Yujie. Except for Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao here, Hong Xia and Ji Ling also, initially Shen Xiang planned that lets Hong Xia and Ji Ling studies alchemy technique with Feng Yujie, who knows that afterward unexpectedly was accepted as the apprentice, after Shen Xiang thought that mostly with Feng Yujie. Shen Xiang arrived here, in the direct report his name, he has not changed the appearance, because he thought that the Feng Yujie strength is very strong, does not fear troublesome. Shen Xiang please be entered in that gold and jade in glorious splendor Imperial Palace quickly, goes to a garden, Feng Yujie in the pavilion in garden, sits in a stone stool, but actually scented tea. The Shen Xiang half step walks, sits down, in sitting in the Feng Yujie opposite, then unscrupulous looks at Feng Yujie that ordinary appearance, under he very clear this ordinary facial features, hides one to attract the incomparable face. Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, has not seen two females, hastily to ask. „In 5000 does not see, don't you think me?” Feng Yujie is smiling, gives Shen Xiang one cup of scented tea: I am their godmothers, you must see my daughter, I must certainly check!” Shen Xiang drinks that cup of tea, curled the lip: You are their godmothers, do I do to think you? I said Aunt Feng, makes them come out to see one side me!” That is not good, I must have a look at you since 5000, some big progress!” Feng Yujie mischievous playing with sends the tree top, pair of nimble and resourceful beautiful eyes glittering a mischievous vision. Shen Xiang is very depressed, runs into acquaintance each time, he must explain that one only passed for 1-2 years, where he not clear that in 5000 will die. I only passed in that place for 1-2 years, I had explained to many people.” Shen Xiang in the quickest language fast, narrated at Divine Prison inside process him simply. Therefore, you do not need to test me now, a bit faster makes me see them, or I look!”

Beautiful woman who many years do not see here, moreover in his heart one of the most important two females, Shen Xiang at this time worries. Feng Yujie is not anxious , to continue to hang the Shen Xiang's appetite, happily said with a smile: Meiyao is your person, what are you anxious? You arrive, are not many asks that my matter, is always looking for them anxiously, I will be very sad, loses very much.” This...... Aunt Feng, you are their godmothers, I cannot too nearly walk with you! This is not good!” Shen Xiang whispered: Have not made good!” Shen Xiang first time sees this Feng Yujie time, she is such mischievous. Why? I am only their godmothers, doesn't have blood relationship relationship...... we to walk point to be also what kind of a about? Also, your many women, they have not been jealous, are many my to be also what kind of?” Feng Yujie continues to tease Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang wish one could to move her clothes immediately, punishes her maliciously, making her know now him anxiously. „Did you dislike me to be too old?” Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang not to speak , to continue to smile, she does not certainly know that she had been dug up up in the Shen Xiang mind, and...... Right! You were too old, I do not have the interest to you! Naturally, you are interested to me, I will make to put up with suddenly, satisfies your innermost feelings the void!” Shen Xiang saying slowly, he saw that Feng Yujie intentionally thinks now he worries. Feng Yujie more wants to grasp him, he more cannot make the opposite party prevail. Aunt Feng, you have not rested with the man!” Shen Xiang becomes calm, starts to counterattack. Right!” Feng Yujie said with a smile slightly: What's wrong, did you start to have the interest to me?” Naturally is not, my many women, how I will not be interested in you again.” Shen Xiang has hit. Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang to start with she each side nonsense, wants to tease Shen Xiang's, now it seems like it is hopeless. Meiyao and Youyou are very formidable! With my help, they have congealed Godhead, cultivates Emperor Soul to come, the skeleton in within the body is also the crystal skeleton! I treat as biological daughter same to regard them, but they also planned, with you, two pretty daughters of my laborious cultivation, like this followed you, I am very sad.” Feng Yujie intentionally honk mouth, a face hidden bitterness. Or you also together with me!, This can with their together, my Hidden Jade Ring be very big, even if again ten you are not the issues.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, but in his heart is actually very grateful Feng Yujie, not only helps Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou cures many years of wound, but also makes them so fierce. Snort! Others are saying the proper business with you now.” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said: Does not permit to display one's eloquence!”

I was also saying the proper business with you! Sees you to be alone and forsaken, my suddenly was interested in you very much.” Shen Xiang shows a evil looking smiling face intentionally. Feng Yujie is nipping the jade tooth, is criticizing Shen Xiang, she really with a Shen Xiang lecture of proper business, who is knowing now Shen Xiang unexpectedly sexually harasses her in turn. Your courage is big, you did not fear that I do punch you? These since 5000, I become formidable, you definitely are unable to imagine! But you lost in 5000 time, I must take you, is simply easy as pie.” Feng Yujie suddenly becomes serious. Right, but you are still my defeated, in the past when I and competed with alchemy, you truly lost to me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Or we have compared again one time, moreover this time plays in a big way.” Good! Although my Feng Yujie is not dedicated alchemy, but must win your this little rascal, the previous time is only because I am too negligent, moreover did not know about you, I as Pill Saint, therefore intentionally has not used the maximum level, do not think that I lose to you.” Feng Yujie is also an innermost feelings powerful female, hears Shen Xiang to mention the previous her disastrous defeat matter, was earnest. You initially can only refine Immortal Dan, moreover you also discard in 5000 in that side, I am Pill Saint, these since 5000, even if I have not developed on Pill Dao, my progress has big, you lost.” Although Feng Yujie said that but she these since 5000, has gotten down many hard labors in the alchemy aspect, because has lost to Shen Xiang, she must win one time. Said that your self-confidence is very big?” Saying that Shen Xiang smiles: Such being the case, we play greatly! If you are familiar with my matter, should know that my side has two female slave.” I know that is called Hua Xiangyue, had come to here, has studied a period of time alchemy technique with me, she and Meiyao Youlan relationship is very good...... Wu Qianqian, she is also a good seedling, probably was also damaged by your this young bastard.” Feng Yujie said: „Do you raise your female slave to do?” We, since competes with, must be imposing, bets life not that necessity, bets saint stone anything, we cannot have a liking, therefore I bet a comparison to have the pleasure, you lost, you are my! I lost, I am your.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Dares to come?” This is unfair! Do I want you to do? But you obtain my words, is useful! I am not do not dare, but is the condition is not coordinated.” Feng Yujie coldly snorted, she has not thought that Shen Xiang this young bastard, unexpectedly wants to receive her is female slave, she thought that too has underestimated the Shen Xiang's courage. Shen Xiang said: That considers as finished, does not have any vigor without the pleasure! You had lost in any case to me! Good, quickly makes me see Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou now!” „It is not good, must compare again one time!” Feng Yujie firm saying: Gambling stake can discuss well.” Shen Xiang very optional saying: My request is not big, I want you...... If not good, you and I stay in a secret room, then in a double-hour, is casual I to be what kind to you, you cannot have any revolt.”

Speaking of behind, Shen Xiang badly bad has smiled. little rascal!” Feng Yujie clenches teeth snort|hum saying: I am Meiyao and Youyou godmother, you did not fear that is known by them?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „Didn't you say a moment ago? You and they do not have blood relationship relationship, even if intimate with does not have anything!” Ok, my some are the time, Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou is in any case impossible to be given up on by you for a lifetime, I always have the opportunity and they meet! After I come back , many matters must be done, I first walked.” After Shen Xiang stands, Feng Yujie hastily light tenderly shouted: What to be anxious? I also had not said that does not comply!” Good, now we officially chat the matter of gambling stake! I can accept your dirty condition......” Shen Xiang breaks her, said with a smile: What condition accepts my?” Is...... After is you have won, I give you a double-hour the time, is casual you to be what kind to me..” Feng Yujie has nipped a lip lightly, stared Shen Xiang one, said. This is not cracks a joke!” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised. I am earnest! However this matter cannot let Meiyao and Youyou knows, because after they know, definitely will prevent your dreadful behavior.” Feng Yujie serious saying, looks like truly likely does not chat But, you, if has lost to me! Must make my servant hundred thousand year!”