World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1753
Loses the servant who must make the hundred thousand year, Shen Xiang is giving careful consideration, Feng Yujie is not jokes now, looks at her appearance, obviously has the enormous confidence! Naturally, Shen Xiang is also very confident to oneself, but Feng Yujie complied with his type to shame the bashful condition, obviously after Feng Yujie definitely has the absolutely safe, move. What's wrong? I complied, doing that you also rub gently? You should not fear!” Feng Yujie contemptuously smiles, very haughty spits the fragrant tongue. This...... Some are not coordinated, the condition that you put forward is not quite for me fair!” Although Shen Xiang is confident to oneself, but he must prepare for the worst, if lost? You look at such line not, if I lost, makes your servant 10,000 years, this was always OK! I after all by Infernal Demon Emperor with the person who four Godhead post a reward, moreover you have not known, Infernal Demon Emperor to catch me in that Divine Prison, the loss is more serious, I thought that little said also 20-30 Godhead!” Shen Xiang said not false, that two War-God that Infernal Demon Emperor sends, have spent almost such a number. Stems from Shen Xiang's to anticipate, Feng Yujie unexpectedly very simple complied: Good, to prevent you acts shamelessly, we must result in make a contract anything, like this your I can feel relieved!” Should better!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: You, if lost, when the time comes makes anything to you, this is you complies! Also, this cannot let Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou knows, otherwise I am not dry!” Feng Yujie saw Shen Xiang iron core wants to handle that dirty matter to her, in the heart cursed several, spat one lightly: You do not use too haughty, you quickly were my servant!” I naturally want haughty, because you must quickly by me...... cough cough.” A Shen Xiang face badly smiles. Contract signing, Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie they were cloudy the sinister smile several, because they think that the opposite party will certainly lose. Does not think really clearly, your this little rascal will lose 5000 did not say that itself will not be too strong. Even if you have Heaven Refining Technique as well as the good perception, you were also arrogant excessive, I counted the hundred thousand year am Pill Saint, now I can refine High-Grade Saint pill!” Feng Yujie despises looks at Shen Xiang, she is the sincerity looks down upon Shen Xiang's at this time. You must know that I can refine High-Grade Saint pill now! Even if you can refine low-grade Saint pill, you and I at all are not a rank.” The Feng Yujie whole person fills incomparable self-confidence, resembled her to win. Before signed the contract time, we have said that competition time must choose pill who both sides can refine! Therefore you can refine Divine Pill, this is not your superiority! Before you understood that refined middle-grade Saint pill, but my 78 Immortal Dan cannot refine, has not let your disastrous defeat.” Shen Xiang smiled lightly, carries on to counter-attack. You feel your pit of the stomach, you initially truly lost to me.”

In the Feng Yujie heart acknowledged that at that time she exhausted fully, same will lose to Shen Xiang, but now is different, she is old Pill Saint, now can break through, can refine High-Grade Saint pill, the breakthrough in Pill Dao aspect compared with before was not the high least bit. Although in her heart is very self-confident, but she will not despise Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang dares to bet with her, explained that also after having own, move. Good, to let you loses is sincerely convinced, refines any pill to choose by you! Three games of two victories!” Feng Yujie said: Decides the victory and defeat, luck factor, to highlight the strength, must compare several times.” The Shen Xiang nod said: I approve of your view! We first refine immortal 9th level Heavenly God pill!” Does not have the issue, herbs I leaves! Here has.” In the Feng Yujie heart is quite surprised, Heavenly God pill is difficult to refine, Shen Xiang from the beginning unexpectedly on choice this, moreover refines Heavenly God pill to be very difficult to branch out to carry, other alchemy masters will not choose generally, Shen Xiang only stayed in that Divine Prison for several years, can refine this Heavenly God pill, was fierce.. However Feng Yujie refines Heavenly God pill to have the self-confidence to oneself, because before her, frequently refines Heavenly God pill to step up own level. Shen Xiang looks calm, in the heart blossomed happily, he refines Heavenly God pill, most when is higher than pill can leave 12 grains, he thought that this Feng Yujie again fierce, at most is also only several grains, definitely is unable to surpass his. Sees on the Feng Yujie face that self-confident and beautiful smile, in the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart: First leaves was too happy that will wait for me to rout you with the most heartless way!” Feng Yujie said: „Don't we need the referee? After all when alchemy, unavoidably will have some special situations, when the time comes needs the referee to evaluate.” What referee elects to be good?” Shen Xiang asked: I may not have good candidate!” Liu Fusheng, Bai Guangyao, Lu Zhen and Grandma Lu and Lu Qilian, you do not have what opinion! I can call them to come now.” Feng Yujie said. These people are the Shen Xiang's acquaintances, he naturally does not have the opinion, although is good with his relationship, but these five people definitely will be very when the time comes fair. Good, then you wait / etc., I give you half double-hour to be ready again, so as to avoid suffers a crushing defeat after at the appointed time, finds various excuses.” Feng Yujie attaches great importance to this competition, she sets out to leave this botanical garden, looks the referee that she said a moment ago. She just walked shortly, Shen Xiang sees two beautiful figures to appear in the distant place, looks carefully, unexpectedly is Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou! But in them behind, but also with three similarly beautiful females, separately is Bai Ziqian, Hong Xia and Ji Ling.

Sees Shen Xiang, these females are also very excited, especially and Shen Xiang had determined that relationship Su Meiyao, swoops in the distant place, tests in the Shen Xiang's bosom. little rascal, I want dead you!” Su Meiyao was closely being hugged by Shen Xiang, the coquettish look such as the silk looks at Shen Xiang, stretches out the jade to handle gently caresses the Shen Xiang handsome firm and resolute cheeks. I also think you!” Shen Xiang has kissed a Su Meiyao's cheek, then grinning sees several other females: I also very much think you!” Sister Youyou, Sister Ziqian! You wear the same clothes, stands together, is really attractive!” Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian wear the similar pale white long skirt, two females both have one iced cold, but actually beautiful unparalleled face, similarly is passing elegantly beautiful arrogant makings, but they show appears briefly the beautiful smile to Shen Xiang at this time. „In 5000, your this little rascal same has not changed, the eye is dishonest!” Bai Youyou smiles: Xueyi?” I here! I do not want to exit now.” Long Xueyi is eating thing in Hidden Jade Ring, she does not want to exit is worried to see Bai Yaowei, Lu Zhen and other expert, because she falls behind these people now is really too many. Here is in Divine Feather Sacred Country Imperial Palace, Shen Xiang does not dare too to be here casual, otherwise he has kissed at this time violently with Su Meiyao. Shen Xiang and several females sit in pavilion, again narrated his bitter experience, heard Shen Xiang saying that several females felt very accidentally. Heard Shen Xiang to say must with Feng Yujie competed with alchemy the time, these females were more surprised. This...... You and mother she competes with alchemy, you must be psychologically prepared that can lose!” Su Meiyao said: These years I am studying alchemy with her, I now am Pill Saint, can refine low-grade Saint pill to come! alchemy technique that naturally, I use is your God Refining Technique, mother she makes many improvements on God Refining Technique, therefore she progressed.” You will not blame me! I have passed to her God Refining Technique!” Su Meiyao somewhat was worried that Shen Xiang will blame her Naturally will not blame you, since she has used my God Refining Technique, said that she also receives my inspiration, like this after she lost, can be sincerely convinced.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, a point no longer intent. Feng Yujie uses his alchemy method, he happily also without enough time, because, he can stimulate Feng Yujie that arrogant heart with this at any time. You won evidently probably were the same! The mother she has been able to refine High-Grade Saint pill now, although her main practice direction is not alchemy, but can actually have the so high attainments, cannot defeat easily.” What speech is Bai Ziqian.

What's wrong? Sister Ziqian did you also become the daughter of that woman?” Shen Xiang looked at one side Hong Xia and Ji Ling: I think that you should be now five sisters!” Su Meiyao smiles tenderly, has twisted meat on the Shen Xiang arm vigorously: „Did you start to indulge in flights of fancy?” Where has!” Shen Xiang hastily tears Su Meiyao that only to fill the tender and delicate white hands of strength, Feng Yujie is fierce Pill Saint, although Su Meiyao they are her adopted daughter, but is similar to them the biological daughter is the same, gives them the best resources, trains them. Shen Xiang, in your heart definitely is thinking any evil matter.” Ji Ling giggle said with a smile tenderly: These years, I and Hong Xia had a new understanding to you.” Snort!” Bai Ziqian coldly snorted, their several together several thousand years, on Shen Xiang these dirty matters, Su Meiyao has said several. You are insincere, discredits me everywhere!” A Shen Xiang face is suffering from injustice: I have not let one's thoughts wander, I have been very honest!” Long Xueyi also wants to help him speak words, but thinks of Feng Yujie, once loses to Shen Xiang, must to the Shen Xiang casual what kind of double-hour, she think or think to consider as finished. Was staring by several women's looks of despising, in the Shen Xiang heart feels weak, but he is thinking secretly: I level your godmothers, how when the time comes look at you also the Chinese zither!” Was right, do you have with the demon emperor have encountered?” Shen Xiang hastily tears the topic, moreover is also very successful. Has! Has hit twice, but cannot cut to kill her each time, but her side many expert are protecting, especially ten big Sacred Country rulers, so long as she makes noise, will never reject her request! Hears her also in Primal Chaos Realm.” Xiangyue and can Qianqian also in Primal Chaos Realm, they have the matter?” Shen Xiang hear of Lu Qilian have said that Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian seek for precious saint medicine in Primal Chaos Realm. This does not need too to be worried that Xiangyue and Qianqian obtain the inheritance of Dan Emperor, is not ordinary.” Su Meiyao said: They also frequently with us together, discuss alchemy technique.”