World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1754
Shen Xiang remembers that initially who had said that Wu Qianqian and Su Meiyao knew after Dan Emperor whereabouts, seeks for Dan Emperor, now unexpectedly had been found by them, moreover obtains the inheritance of Dan Emperor. In the Long Xueyi heart was more uncomfortable, because Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue have very big progress, after this is firmer her, must eat rests, must become stronger. Initially Qianqian by the Ice Emperor poisonous wound, I can be the She enmity.” Shen Xiang mentioned this matter, in the heart was still very angry. Saint Ice Country Ice Emperor is not good to cope! Their ten big Sacred Country is a body, moreover expert that also many Infernal Demon Emperor place in secret! In addition, a very big threat, is in Night Demon Underworld formidable Night Devil, now is also not a weak influence.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang almost forgot Night Demon Underworld! That Punishing Demon Summit now how? Did you find your small Master?” Shen Xiang asked. Punishing Demon Summit had been ruined, in Punishing Demon Summit inside Gods, could not withstand Gods the above pressure, complete withdrawal, therefore Punishing Demon Summit cannot withstand several waves of attacks, by destruction!” Su Meiyao helpless sighing: Now looks like, this world of Nine Heaven by of desolate place Gods, moreover Gods also hopes that here is chaotic all day, will therefore make Infernal Demon Emperor act in a self-serving manner here.” The time passes by that many years, Gods above something were not the secret, so long as were world of Nine Heaven expert, somewhat knew. You? Subduing Dragon Sect dismisses, Dragon Vein was seized, depending on your temper, will not give up!” Bai Youyou asked. Naturally cannot! Sooner or later I will ask to belong my!” Shen Xiang firm saying. When the time comes we together go!” Su Meiyao sits side Shen Xiang's, is holding the Shen Xiang's arm, holds to Shen Xiang like the docile small kitty, especially when feels her weak chest rubs gently, making in the Shen Xiang heart secretly say cannot bear. We also go!” Bai Ziqian looked at Hong Xia and Ji Ling.

I already could not get used to seeing that ten big Sacred Country!” Bai Youyou said that in her eyes, the Shen Xiang's matter is her matter. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Your do not go, honest stay here promotes the strength to me, although I lost 5000! But I think me not long, must enter Gods, you naturally can when the time comes enter Hidden Jade Ring to go with me together, what I hope, you can by oneself true strength, has rushed to that to Gods the path!” Azure Dragon and Shen Xiang have said that enters Gods that road to be important, if no to enter Gods in that way, is very massive loss, although that road very danger(ous), but actually the value take risks. Mother has also said with us, after entering Gods, whether to mix well, looked when through that road passes the road of god can obtain anything.” Ji Ling said: I also think that you fall behind our many, has not thought that you such already shout must go to Gods!” Feng Yujie knew about Gods that lets Shen Xiang is the doubts, his suddenly thought Feng Yujie is Gods person, before Lu Zhen had said cultivation technique that she cultivates, is of fierce profound divine art Gods above. Half double-hour has not passed by, Feng Yujie came back, person who she behind with several chatted, besides Lu Zhen, Bai Yaowei and beside Grandma Lu and Lu Qilian, two strange faces. Shen Xiang remembers that the aura of that handsome guy, was in the past Floating Life City Lord Liu Fusheng when Floating Life city, initially Shen Xiang were sieged by Thunder Emperor and other expert, was Liu Fusheng gets rid to break that barrier, making Shen Xiang have the opportunity to escape. Floating Life City Lord, got rid to rescue in the past, has not thanked with enough time, now brat here repays.” Shen Xiang cups one hand in the other across the chest to say with a smile hastily, spoke grateful words. Others but now Floating Life Great Emperor!” Feng Yujie chuckle, introduced person who afterward another Shen Xiang does not know, that is one wears the purple skirt . Moreover the elegant beautiful woman, she and Liu Fusheng Station together, is a match very much. Shen Xiang looked, this beautiful woman should on the Liu Fusheng companion. This is if dream Great Emperor, if dream Sacred Country master, is the Floating Life wife!”

Feng Yujie was introducing that beautiful woman, making the Shen Xiang big feeling surprised, if this dream Great Emperor is very fierce, to the person one could not completely understand the feeling of not being able to feel. Bai Yaowei was past Heartless Devil Venerable, was Bai Youyou and Bai Ziqian's father, Su Meiyao's Master, he also knows that Shen Xiang and his daughter's something, said at this time with a laugh: I had also been together with a Pill Dao person of high skill in the past a period of time, although my alchemy is not good, but as evaluation!” Shen Xiang, your matter we heard Divine Feather Great Emperor to say on the road, you lose that many years, unexpectedly also dare to initiate the challenge to her, made me surprised, then I anticipated very you can make me broaden the outlook, your alchemy all sorts of Legend, I also early had hearing.” Lu Zhen said with a smile. Lu Qilian has not said anything, she gives the feeling of person is she and Shen Xiang is not quite ripe, but actually she and Shen Xiang's relationship progressed to that situation, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not know. Really hopes that you can build up the fierce toxin, looked that who can kill by poison my this old lady who is fiercest.” Grandma Lu chuckle said that although she white-haired, but is very young, does not have the appearance of old lady. Grandma Lu, if kills by poison you, here will have several people to ask me to go all out immediately.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Mother, you do not make!” Lu Qilian was worried really Shen Xiang kills by poison Grandma Lu, Shen Xiang with the terror of poisonous method, she has seen several chapters. Liu Fusheng said with a smile: This little brother dares to select War-God feather Great Emperor, should be very self-confident, does not know that what gambling stake you do have?” No!” Feng Yujie said hastily that she does not want other to know, her unexpectedly accepts Shen Xiang such condition of feeling ashamed. Su Meiyao asked: What pill do you compare?” Three games of two victories, the first game is Heavenly God pill, the second game is also he decides.” Feng Yujie looks to Shen Xiang, asked: What pill can your second game compared with? Let me confident!”

dragon blood Saint pill! herbs I have.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: As for the third game, should not need!” Feng Yujie also lightly said with a smile: Truly does not need, two games of I can make you defeat tread to spread!” Although on the Feng Yujie face is having smiling face, but in her heart still secretly jumped, Shen Xiang unexpectedly can refine Saint pill, if Shen Xiang crossed in 5000, this is actually very normal, but Shen Xiang only stayed in that Divine Prison very short time. Bid goodbye is so early, I will make you defeat shamefully in the first game, my beautiful Divine Feather Great Emperor, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang suddenly rude laughed, looked at the people secretly to knit the brows. A moment ago Feng Yujie and confrontation in Shen Xiang corners of the mouth, made people think that they have the cannot live under the same sky big enmity probably. Only refining a furnace is not better, compared with compared with refining the multi- furnaces! This is also decided by you! Heard that also is good at simultaneously controlling many pill furnace.” Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang to put out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, suddenly said. Ten furnaces, how?” Shen Xiang wants not to think that said directly. Just said that Feng Yujie Luo Xiu wielded gently, was similar to the light smoke is frivolous, saw only nearby her to present ten purple nine foot pill furnace, each had person of high, was very huge. Purple day ten furnaces! This is Gods above famous pill furnace, unexpectedly here, it is said the material with the purple Heaven Refining system that a side collapses.” Lu Zhen took a deep breath: This is good divine furnace!” In order to win Shen Xiang, Feng Yujie no longer hides one's incompetence by remaining silent, must show the true strength.