World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1755

Feng Yujie simultaneously refines ten furnace pill, this also receives the Shen Xiang beforehand inspiration, Su Meiyao and she mentions has the matter about Shen Xiang alchemy, regarding Shen Xiang's alchemy technique, in Feng Yujie heart very much admires. But Feng Yujie has not studied Shen Xiang such to release Illusionary Brilliant Furnace now baseless, in her opinion that is unsafe, moreover consumes Divine Power, refines with good pill furnace directly quite well, this does not need to be worried that Illusionary Brilliant Furnace is unstable, when can make her simultaneously control many pill furnace is more relaxed. Before Shen Xiang, has not attempted simultaneously to refine ten furnace Heavenly God pill, but he thought that this is not very difficult, if he uses the book to assign the strength of Divine Ability, will be more relaxed easily. My Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is only sacred tool, your ten pill furnace are divine furnace, even if you have won me, that is not worth the haughty matter! However once you have defeated, Hehe......” Shen Xiang thought that Feng Yujie more shows own strength, when she defeats will have the sense of achievement. We competed with before, has not said the limit of pill furnace! If you need me to change to quite ordinary pill furnace also yes.” Feng Yujie has put out 20 Heavenly Soul Fruit, making Su Meiyao send to ten to Shen Xiang. „When my alchemy does not pay great attention to pill furnace, naturally will not limit you, if your this loses to me, I will be happier.” Shen Xiang inspects these Heavenly Soul Fruit, he will be worried about Feng Yujie above fight foot. Feng Yujie also thinks own ten purple Heavenly God furnaces can frighten Shen Xiang, who knows that Shen Xiang unexpectedly so is calm! Now simultaneously refines ten furnace immortal 9th level Heavenly God pill, but second must simultaneously refine ten furnace dragon blood Saint pill, right?” Nearby, if dream Great Emperor inquired in a soft voice that she is a female, therefore in her heart also hopes that Feng Yujie can win, in her eyes, Feng Yujie is her Senior. Good, when one everybody may probably favor, do not let that little rascal cheat.” Feng Yujie giggle said with a smile tenderly: I somewhat suspected now that he simultaneously refines two furnace dragon blood Saint pill, can consume up Divine Power.” Shen Xiang lightly snorted, nine groups of Qi mist suddenly well up, translucent, dim, turns into nine -and-a-half individual high pill furnace shapes, separately the arrangement by Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, the platoon becomes a straight line. Presents about the person who Shen Xiang knows, knows that this is he pill furnace that uses Divine Power to transform! Feng Yujie bubbles same Heavenly Soul Fruit to put in her purple day ten furnaces ten separately, Shen Xiang has not fallen behind her, uses Divine Power, controls Heavenly Soul Fruit to enter in nine transparent Illusionary Brilliant Furnace and Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace respectively. Has saying that Shen Xiang this building up law can the appealing eyeball, Feng Yujie, at this time carefully stare at Shen Xiang's nine Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, how she also wants to have a look at Shen Xiang to refine Heavenly God pill with own eyes, looked that has any difference with her building up law, or is studying something. Feng Yujie started to release the flame, her flame is formidable, although in divine furnace, the weak quantity of heat that but Shen Xiang sends out through that can induce to the fearfulness of that type of flame, making him doubt this Feng Yujie identity! It looks like in Shen Xiang, Feng Yujie should be already should enter Gods expert, but she here has not left for these years, obviously has other goals. The Shen Xiang release flame, his flame does not have the temperature, looks like very ordinary, wraps Heavenly Soul Fruit.

Primal chaos god builds up!” Shen Xiang releases one small Tai Chi Diagram bottom of Heavenly Soul Fruit from the beginning, has a suction, does not make Heavenly Soul Fruit interior that unusual Divine Power release. Sees him to reveal this, the Feng Yujie brow walks slightly, looked carefully, in the heart somewhat was also heavy, she can certainly be able to see, Heavenly Soul Fruit interior that terrifying Divine Power, because of this Tai Chi Diagram appearance, trigged, has not revealed a point again, such one, Shen Xiang can Heavenly Soul Fruit interior all Divine Power refined into Immortal Dan. When the ordinary alchemy master refines Heavenly God pill, will always make Heavenly Soul Fruit run off 90% efficacies, finally can only with that difficult 10% congealing will become pill pellet, but the drug efficacy also eating uncooked Heavenly Soul Fruit will be much stronger. Even if Feng Yujie, is hard to avoid this matter occurrence, she can complete compared with other alchemy masters, can reduce the efficacy to drain as far as possible, therefore her in the heart also secretly acclaimed Shen Xiang this method at this time. What flame is that? Isn't Saint Fire? Properly speaking, Shen Xiang has been able to use seven color Saint Fire now, his isn't God Refining Technique mainly fastidious about the formidable flame?” Hong Xia asked that she and Ji Ling this time had that mysterious Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit, has stepped into the road of alchemy. Su Meiyao taught Shen Xiang's God Refining Technique to them, they initially grasped, but at this time the Shen Xiang use, unexpectedly was not God Refining Technique that they were familiar with. I am not clear! His type of flame is very strange!” Su Meiyao is wrinkling the willow eyebrows slightly, earnest looks at Shen Xiang's pill furnace. What flame is this?” Lu Zhen also feels very strange, because that type of flame does not have the characteristics of flame. Liu Fusheng shook the head, is not clear. World Creating Fire!” When the people have doubts, Feng Yujie said solemnly: Also is called Creation Fire, Primal Chaos Fire...... I have seen only in brief one time, but Creation Fire that now he uses is weak.” This......” Ji Ling surprisedly said: My Sacred Spirit can Fire Spirit duplicate this type of flame?” The Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit fierce place, can duplicate others' the characteristics of Fire Spirit and flame. Cannot! This may be the flame so is not only simple, I do not know how he cultivates, in brief this type of flame is mystical unusually, perhaps he does not know that this type of flame also hides any secret.” This type of flame, is the Shen Xiang use book assigns the strength of Divine Ability to release, initially Azure Dragon also had said!

Good eye, your unexpectedly recognizes this type of flame! Feared?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. „Is that also what kind of? Your flame is so weak, now has not started to build up Heavenly Soul Fruit, but I built up 30%.” Feng Yujie lightly smiled: If your depending on is this type of flame, then you have not been able to defeat me!” In Shen Xiang's pill furnace, presents one Tai Chi Diagram at this time under each Heavenly Soul Fruit, but Heavenly Soul Fruit was also wrapped by his Creation Fire, has not changed. Do not be happy too soon!” Shen Xiang laughed, sees only in nine Illusionary Brilliant Furnace that to roll fiery red light glow, suddenly is covered by a white light. Refines the Heavenly God pill's alchemy masters to know that the pure efficacy when this is Heavenly Soul Fruit was built up to overflow. Red hot group outside white light are getting more and more, but Shen Xiang uses the strength of Divine Ability to be also getting stronger and stronger, reason that he is so slow , because he first time simultaneously refines ten furnace Heavenly God pill, he requires time to adapt. Now he adapted, can start to use the strength of Divine Ability, the fast decomposition builds up Heavenly Soul Fruit. The ray is getting more and more intense fiercely, is similar to nine white positive, is releasing to eat the dazzling white multi-colored sunlight unceasingly, moreover is revolving unceasingly! White brilliance is actually Heavenly Soul Fruit internal Divine Power, after being built up, is similar to falls into the vortex to be ordinary, revolves to well up the pill furnace upper formation, will congeal there pill. Looks that the continuous efficacy wells up the pill furnace uppermost layer, had refined Heavenly God pill's Su Meiyao, knew about Shen Xiang's by her her very clear Shen Xiang will leave pill's quantity to be terrorist. Ji Ling exclaims: This little rascal was too fearful!” Before Ji Ling and Hong Xia, specially helped Shen Xiang peddle massive high level pill, how now they personally see the Shen Xiang batch to refine high level pill finally. The Feng Yujie complexion is somewhat ugly, her no longer loquacity, slightly is nipping the jade tooth, is somewhat anxious, she does not think clearly, why Shen Xiang always has this strange alchemy method! However she thought that she can win, because she thinks that one builds up from Heavenly Soul Fruit the efficacy will not compare Shen Xiang to be few. How long however not to have passed, Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang still crazily to squeeze the Heavenly Soul Fruit internal efficacy, was more anxious, this makes her have the feeling that one type soon lost, heart that but she that moves restlessly on comforting under quickly, because Shen Xiang has not congealed pill, she is clear, Heavenly God pill concentrates pill is also very difficult, moreover that many grains. Limitless building up! Entire broken!”

Shen Xiang somewhat is also anxious, but this is because of he quite excited reason, he refined this Heavenly God pill in the past time, builds up a furnace to him be tired half dead, but now he simultaneously refines ten furnaces, still energetic. Limitless building up the one method in the foundation that in too extremely builds up strengthening, the naked eye can see in nine Illusionary Brilliant Furnace base that Tai Chi Diagram at this time, is emitting character marks and spirit pattern unceasingly. In Illusionary Brilliant Furnace nine Heavenly Soul Fruit explode instantaneously, lightens large formation golden light, is covering surrounding area dozens li (0.5km), is centered on that nine Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, presents together very thick light beam, shoots at the upper air! The Feng Yujie residence, was also covered by a huge semicircle golden color light cover at this time! Lu Zhen, Liu Fusheng and Bai Yaowei and the others, was covered by this golden light, cannot see anything, but they are actually inducing the Shen Xiang pill furnace internal change with formidable Divine Power. golden light that shocks abates gradually, making the people exclaim, but at this time on Shen Xiang nine Illusionary Brilliant Furnace becomes, is congealing white Qi ball, is similar to the white snow rubs general, sends out the clear multi-colored sunlight. So rich herbal Spirit Qi, understood at a glance that can concentrate many grain of Heavenly God pill! Saw this, Feng Yujie not to be almost able to continue, but she was having a hope, hoped Shen Xiang at the final moment failure! Shen Xiang smiles looks at Feng Yujie, this time Feng Yujie probably strips down to the skin before him is the same! In Shen Xiang read, each pill furnace inside Qi ball, was divided 12 small groups instantaneously, afterward the fast gathering fused together, finally turned into grains of stingy soaked pill pellet. I built up!” Shen Xiang puts out a quite big jade box, waves, Illusionary Brilliant Furnace vanishes, inside Heavenly God pill falls into the jade box completely! Ten furnaces, each furnace 12 grains, altogether 120 grains, quality completely excellent, refines the process audiences expert entire journey to witness, without any cheating behavior! Monster!” Lu Zhen exclaims: If Saint pill can also such build up the law, that can overturn the heavens?”