World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1756
Feng Yujie knows one lost, how at this time regardless of her diligently, is unable to surpass Shen Xiang, but she has not given up congealing pill, but shouted the one breath gently , to continue wholly-absorbed alchemy. Shen Xiang also patiently waits for Feng Yujie, this he won, he can be possible to ridicule Feng Yujie greatly, but he actually felt that now some are not wonderful, because this time Feng Yujie displays very calmly, this makes him have a not good premonition. Sister Qilian, are elixir in your hand many?” Shen Xiang gives in nearby Lu Qilian sound transmission: Meng'er their several went Divine Prison with me, discards 5000, I then plan to refine to be many some Saint pill, making them a bit faster catch up.” Many, my elixir has not given Xiangyue and Meiyao they use, it seems like after me, must teach Life Slaughtering Technique to them is good.” Lu Qilian asked: „Can you refine Saint pill now?” Has been OK, later I build up eat to you! We find a time, together refine some spirit beads, duplicates massive saint medicine to come, when the time comes I can refine large quantities of Saint pill.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Lu Qilian is unable to reject Shen Xiang, can only comply silently, seeing Shen Xiang alchemy so to be a moment ago fierce, in her heart also somewhat anticipated that Shen Xiang can refine massive Saint pill for her from now on. In the past the less than half double-hour, Feng Yujie successfully had also congealed pill, her each furnace can refine eight grains of Heavenly God pill to come, was fiercer than many alchemy masters, but has lost to Shen Xiang. Senior, please evaluate this victory and loss.” Shen Xiang stands, he he says with a smile. This you won!” Feng Yujie said immediately that at this time her the facial expression was very serious, making the smiling face on Shen Xiang face receive. Su Meiyao their several daughters, seeing their godmother to show this slightly some dignified facial expressions, somewhat is accidental, usually the Feng Yujie temper is a mischievous girl, all day is laughing, now this appearance is very rare. What they do not know, Feng Yujie now already not that big self-confident achievement, once loses, she may probably be devastated a double-hour by Shen Xiang, thinks that such consequence, she cannot be happy.

Rests a double-hour, then carries on second!” Feng Yujie said that entered in room to go, first time she lost to the Shen Xiang's time, nearby nobody, but some that many people look now did not say that what awfully after was she lost,...... Shen Xiang, can't you let select her?” Su Meiyao to Shen Xiang sound transmission, she does not know that gambling between Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie makes. This...... If I give her, she will not be happier.” Shen Xiang said: I am also am testing now my strongest strength!” Liu Fusheng walks, is having a smile asking: Little brother, what rank Saint pill you do high energy refine now?” low-grade Saint pill!” Shen Xiang replied: I will just refine, but middle-grade Saint pill probably also needs the a period of time ability.” Liu Fusheng wants to make Shen Xiang help him build up Saint pill, but that is middle-grade Saint pill, now Shen Xiang can only refine low-grade, making in his heart lose secretly. If you refine middle-grade Saint pill, whether the time comes to help me refine?” Liu Fusheng asked. Naturally does not have the issue, this for me is the good building up cell phone meeting.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Unusual welcome!” Grandma Lu said: Then refines dragon blood Saint pill is right, pill of this building up strength strong body, is not good to refine, moreover builds up with Sacred Level dragon medicine, definitely requires a lot of time.” Must quite long time!” Shen Xiang nodded, if refines a furnace, regarding Shen Xiang is also only 1-2 time's matters, but then refines ten furnaces, the time will be definitely longer. In Shen Xiang mouth quite long time, is only several double-hour, but in Lu Grandma and other expert hearts, that is several days dozens days, person but who regarding their this living that many years, waits dozens days nothing.

What do you have to harvest in Primal Chaos Realm? Because I come back, making you drag in lots of people to run, really does not do right by.” Shen Xiang somewhat guilty saying. All right, we also will again go in any case after a period of time! Next time went to should be also quick, when the time comes you also together went, will be very definitely lively.” Lu Zhen said with a smile. That Primal Chaos Realm is quite mystical, inside resources are very rich, at present we have not met any danger(ous) in inside, but does not represent not to have, in the Primal Chaos Realm deep place, should also hide any fierce thing.” Bai Yaowei said. When Shen Xiang and people chatted, Su Meiyao suddenly startled shouted: Mother...... You are......” The people are shocked immediately, Shen Xiang turns head to see, to see only a strange and beautiful female walks from the room, her face first half is obstructing the pink tissue, wears one set of pale pink long skirt, is revealing that charming collar bone, as well as a less than half milk-white bosom, a pair of jade lotus root arm, under the pink silk sleeve, appears more beautiful. In the Shen Xiang heart jumps suddenly, he knows that this strange female, is Feng Yujie, but she is using the true appearance! Feng Yujie reveals own true colors, wears that wrap pale pink long skirt again, making her strength of attracting threatening. Shen Xiang looks that her pair fills the mysterious and charming pupil, almost absent-minded! Feng Yujie that walks slowly, beautiful eyes has a smile, is stepping Ana's lotus steps, is full of one type charming that from top to bottom made one be hard to dominate. Even if had Lu Zhen, Bai Yaowei and Liu Fusheng certain resistance strength to this strength, at this time has to secret revolution strength resist. Su Meiyao their several daughters naturally are all right!

Feng Yujie did not have to show completely own appearance, before she arrives at that purple day ten furnaces, graceful sitting, is full of beautiful pupil gentle staring of charm with that pair Shen Xiang. Comes out from Feng Yujie, Shen Xiang both eyes straighten, before he has looked at the Feng Yujie portrait, but that portrait was too fierce, making him fall into a blurry condition instantaneously, immersed for several days, and has forgotten the appearance in that portrait. Looks that Feng Yujie that pair can make the eye that person Divine Soul inverts, Shen Xiang almost fall, his hastily responded fortunately, fierce closes own both eyes, but Feng Yujie that partly obstructs the powder gauze the face, as well as that pair the eye that fills to charm, reappears unceasingly in his mind. This woman unexpectedly plan draws on to interfere me with this, like this I cannot feel at ease alchemy, good method!” In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing, he revolved, even if Suppressing Devil purifying the mind Secret Art, in that illusory picture cleaning mind. Sees the Shen Xiang mind to fall into enemy hands, was almost charmed by Feng Yujie, Lu Qilian and Su Meiyao their these females, in heart secret to rejoice in other people's misfortune. Shen Xiang gives Feng Yujie sound transmission: You act shamelessly...... Also, you had not said I took the demon emperor, thinks your true appearance to me?” „Don't you want to visit me in the past very much? Let alone I have not visited you to look now! Gambling that we sign approximately , has probably not allowed me to use the true colors!” Feng Yujie responded to the Shen Xiang's sound, was having very happy laughter. For does not lose to Shen Xiang, Feng Yujie she has been ready for any sacrifice!