World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1757

Feng Yujie this move is fierce, she uses the strength of oneself that inherent formidable attracting, harasses the Shen Xiang's mind, such one, Shen Xiang surely will receive to affect in alchemy, is unable to display the strongest level, she can win Shen Xiang steadily. This move is also the matter that Shen Xiang has not expected, Feng Yujie such does, a little acts perversely, moreover before these many people, it seems like she, for was not devastated a double-hour by Shen Xiang, the face does not want. Rests again, starts to refine dragon blood Saint pill, these time is to still refine ten furnaces.” Feng Yujie said with a smile lightly, looks Shen Xiang that closed one's eyes, smiled sweetly. Shen Xiang does not open the eye also to be able alchemy, for was not harassed his condition by Feng Yujie with the strength of attracting, he decides to close one's eyes alchemy. So long as did not look that has been all right, Shen Xiang thinks! But who knows that after he closes one's eyes has sat in meditation the moment, Feng Yujie that partly obstructs the face of tissue, as well as she wears the tender body of pale pink long skirt still to be able hardly be removed in his mind, he has used the Suppressing Devil purifying the mind Secret Art, but the effect is not very tangible. How can like this?” In the Shen Xiang heart somewhat worries, if continues, he definitely is unable wholly-absorbed alchemy. Your Suppressing Devil purifying the mind Secret Art is used to cope with the demon emperor, but Feng Yujie and demon emperor is different, she probably be much fiercer than the demon emperor! Now she is attacking you with the strength of attracting, but this attack is strange, will not make the person discover that you are unable to realize.” Long Xueyi said. In the Shen Xiang mind always reappears Feng Yujie that graceful varied tender body, Feng Yujie puts on at this time few, partly reveals the milk-white bosom, on the face is revealing the charming smile that bewitches, the whole body flatters the vigor to be full, what awfully is she is jumping one type to flatter the dance, when transforms the dancer's posture, always a partly visible dew spring scenery, making Shen Xiang want to stop but cannot. Shen Xiang has closed the eye at this time, but bewitch to seize the soul the picture always unceasingly to flash through in his mind, he also hears Feng Yujie that charming chuckle gradually, occasionally also will bring weak light to recite, is overwhelmed with emotion to cancel the person. Shen Xiang in the people eyes, probably is bearing the enormous pain at this time, full Tou are the sweat! Aunt Feng, you push toward the fiery pit in yourself! I had not been interested in you very much, but......” Shen Xiang to Feng Yujie sound transmission, he hopes that now Feng Yujie can stop, otherwise he is unable to refine that ten furnace dragon blood Saint pill.

Feng Yujie has not responded to Shen Xiang, she sits cross-legged there, dull looks at Shen Xiang, she is quite surprised to the Shen Xiang's strength in meditation, now she attacks was so long, Shen Xiang unexpectedly can also unable to withstand. Saw similarly, Feng Yujie received the hand immediately. Can start!” Feng Yujie said with a smile sweetly, her eye was very charming, is flashing the rosy cloud wave, probably was smiling. Shen Xiang long aspirated, Feng Yujie that flattering dance awfully stops finally, and vanishes in his mind gradually. Blood Dragon Ginseng is also Feng Yujie leaves, she also has to duplicate the Sacred Level herbs thing probably, but after Shen Xiang attains these Blood Dragon Ginseng, discovered that these Blood Dragon Ginseng qualities are not very good, therefore he thinks that Feng Yujie duplicates Blood Dragon Ginseng thing his elixir not to be good. This possibly is Sister Meiyao duplicates.” Shen Xiang is inspecting ten Blood Dragon Ginseng carefully, then emits nine Illusionary Brilliant Furnace. When he prepares to start, opposite Feng Yujie charming throws Meiyao toward him, made that the Shen Xiang whole body trembles. „Is this woman the plan disturbs me in my alchemy on the way again?” In the Shen Xiang heart thump, if so, that following test is harsh, perhaps he meets the halfway failure. In the Shen Xiang heart is comforting itself, so long as endured this pass/test diligently, defeats Feng Yujie, is he takes revenge! This woman only uses her fierce attracting strength to me obviously, therefore other people had not been affected.” Shen Xiang has not started, but knits the brows to look at Feng Yujie, looks at that beautiful charming eye, looks that pink long skirt is covering the tender body, as if wants carefully on each inch her looks to be careful.

Feng Yujie did not abstain from, Shen Xiang is not one time twice such unscrupulous look at her, at this time she also caters to Shen Xiang, once for a while to Shen Xiang blinking charming smile. Has the means to deal with this woman?” Long Xueyi also knows reason that Shen Xiang has not started, if Shen Xiang has not dealt with Feng Yujie that type the method of attracting strength, so long as he from the beginning, ten have ** will lose. Shen Xiang said: I in am seeking for the method from Heaven Refining Technique, in Heaven Refining Technique definitely have, but needs me to comprehend from inside, this need time!” In order to smooth alchemy, Shen Xiang now first from exercising martial arts, seeks for a stable mind from Heaven Refining Technique the method. Refines dragon blood Saint pill to require some time, even if Feng Yujie is also so, but is actually quick can refine in the Shen Xiang eye, therefore he now still very calm seeks to restrain the Feng Yujie method from Heaven Refining Technique. „Haven't you started? Half double-hour!” Feng Yujie knits the brows gently, asked in a low voice. Shen Xiang wants to scold her very much, he has not started now, is not because was worried that the Feng Yujie halfway uses that type to attract strength for him. The people also secretly knit the brows, the look that because Shen Xiang has narrowed the eyes with the color is staring at Feng Yujie, probably fell into the Feng Yujie flattering color snare unable to extricate oneself. However the people also understand, if Shen Xiang starts, in the crucial time, Feng Yujie will launch the attracting attack of that invisible, Shen Xiang definitely will have an accident. Looked that the beautiful woman is quite important, if you also take down the tissue on face, that was better!” Shen Xiang smiles lightly, although he surface looks like a badly bad appearance, but in his mind rapidly is actually analyzing Heaven Refining Technique, seeks for itself to need from these abstruse chant.

„Are you are finding the way to cope with me? I am not the demon emperor, I do not have am so good to cope!” Feng Yujie smiles tenderly: This blames your strength in meditation being insufficient, you looked that those present are all right, you a moment ago almost could not resist.” In the Shen Xiang heart criticizes, other people are all right , because she does not have converging attack others, but uses strength on him completely, he will definitely have the matter. A double-hour, Shen Xiang has not started, but Feng Yujie progresses very smoothly, because of her present is happy, displays very well. Had!” Shen Xiang had finally found a method from Heaven Refining Technique. Does not know that this Soul-Lock Technique is whether useful, now can only give a try first.” Shen Xiang understood that chant that immediately he seeks, then silently revolves. Shen Xiang suddenly closes one's eyes, but he is not alchemy, this brings to the attention of Feng Yujie, before Shen Xiang was staring at her to look that now suddenly does not look, is exercising martial arts likely.