World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1759

Feng Yujie also sees Shen Xiang that nine Illusionary Brilliant Furnace inside three grains of blood light shining dragon blood Saint pill, all these that quick, she has not thought that has been harassed the mind by her Shen Xiang, after stubborn resistance a period of time, among suddenly refines dragon blood Saint pill. All these probably instantaneously complete equally quickly, must make Feng Yujie respond quickly without enough time! In addition, concentrates three grains of dragon blood Saint pill equally to be also shocking, because Feng Yujie her limit is also only two grains! Feng Yujie takes back her attracting attack, Shen Xiang was relaxed immediately, on the face shows the smile of haughty! Two, Feng Yujie loses that thoroughly, especially this time, she has also used shady move, but could not win Shen Xiang, she it can be said that defeated treads to spread. You won!” Feng Yujie nips the lower lip, tenderly snorted. Now she is still refining dragon blood Saint pill, twice is Feng Yujie acknowledged one have defeated, the referee that therefore invited does not need to make the evaluation. After a double-hour, Feng Yujie concentrates the pill success merit, her each furnace can refine two grains of dragon blood Saint pill, the quality is also good, the quantity that ten furnaces add, has been short of ten grains compared with Shen Xiang, this is the considerably large disparity. Shen Xiang comes Divine Feather Sacred Country to see Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, now he saw, moreover defeats Feng Yujie, can say that this line of harvests are very rich. Sees Feng Yujie that beautiful face to reveal a panic-stricken color, Shen Xiang laughed, gives Feng Yujie sound transmission in secret: I make you fulfill the commitment after a period of time again! Don't worry, I am very gentle.” Snort!” Wish the gambling to concede, let alone the contract, Feng Yujie was unable to renege on a promise, seeing the badness on Shen Xiang face to smile, Feng Yujie knows that Shen Xiang definitely will not be when the time comes lenient. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are still continue stay here, although they now were very strong, but was unable to defeat the demon emperor, now they are also the goals of demon emperor, therefore they must stay here to promote the strength.

Shen Xiang and Lu Zhen their several chatted several, then returns to Netherworld Abyss. little rascal, you must hee hee smile to...... Long Xueyi that Feng Yujie really: You did not fear that Sister Meiyao their several did scold you?” Shen Xiang said: I do not have am so silly, before has not found out the Feng Yujie true details, I am disinclined to touch her, but before , she entices my time, I truly very much want to give to eat her.” Feng Yujie this woman is truly mystical, but she is not an unprincipled person, she they is very at least good to Sister Meiyao, but is somewhat mischievous.” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Shen Xiang just came back shortly, Huang Jintian, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng will come. Has that Ice Emperor whereabouts?” After Shen Xiang comes back, is suppressing a lot of fires, he already wants to cut to kill 1-2 to have a participation to attack Evil Dragon Burial Ground Emperor Level expert. Had, they entered Primal Chaos Realm now, it is said that they pass on the news in Primal Chaos Realm inside person, presents something in Primal Chaos Realm, therefore they overtook in abundance.” Qi Shi said. They went to Primal Chaos Realm, now do we attack their best opportunities?” Long Xueyi comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, pleasantly surprised saying. Now is not the best opportunity, after they come back, is willing to make to order the good deployment to defend you, if we once attacks their Sacred Country, strength that they keep can definitely resist our a period of time, then they return fast!” Jiang Sheng shakes the head to say. Huang Jintian said: Captures the ringleader first, was inferior that we also enter Primal Chaos Realm, has cut these anything Great Emperor in inside, goes back to move their Sacred Country again! Also, now in Primal Chaos Realm presents the heavy treasure, is certain has a look, even if we cannot obtain, cannot make them obtain.” Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng approved of Huang Jintian to say.

Shen Xiang had considered, nod said: Good, we enter Primal Chaos Realm now, I also want to go to have a look at inside magical thing.” Then walks now!” Jiang Sheng puts out his ship, people going in inside, he controls the ship speed run, leaves Netherworld Abyss. „Do you have in Profound Cold Ancient Domain to investigate these days?” Shen Xiang asked: Inside should hide many secrets.” I have gone, that time almost did not come back!” Qi Shi said immediately, on the face is having fear. What's the matter?” Long Xueyi is very rare Qi Shi such to be afraid. Inside has fierce Evil Spirit, moreover by the seal in an inside region, after I be not entered that region, was entangled by these Evil Spirit, then I have hidden here and there in inside for more than one year, found to export, I had several times almost dead in.” Qi Shi recalls that has a lingering fear, a face fears. I suspected that these Evil Spirit were the past years dies in that crowd of Gods turns into, was fierce! They protect that mysterious region, I thought that in that is hiding any thing! That region was also banned to cover by a very fierce god, after going, is comes, but is difficult! These Evil Spirit are unable to leave that god to ban.” Huang Jintian said: These Evil Spirit with Night Demon Underworld is same?” „Different, Night Demon Underworld is very weak, my palm of the hand can make a big piece! However Profound Cold Ancient Domain inside these Evil Spirit, can all of a sudden Will kill me, if not I have good luck ever, perhaps my successive went to the Hell opportunity not to have.” Shen Xiang asked: Why do you want to go to Profound Cold Ancient Domain?”

Because of that time, some people have not dug from inside to many good things, is some Gods has, moreover I know that in has many to be able formidable thing, therefore my depth place has a look, who knows to be able that awfully.” Qi Shi sighed one: „This past several thousand years, I have not dared to go now again, if you must go, prepares sufficient!” Jiang Sheng controls ship, quick is flying that Primal Chaos Realm entrance, they just must go, presents together the form in their front suddenly, stops their person unexpectedly is Feng Yujie. Feng Yujie knows that this is the Jiang Sheng ship, knows Shen Xiang in inside. Do not go in!” Feng Yujie shouted. Why can't enter? These Sacred Country rulers have gone to treasure hunt, we cannot fall behind.” Jiang Sheng said. I also just learned of news, this Primal Chaos Realm must close quickly! After the closure, this Primal Chaos Realm completely will destroy.” Feng Yujie knits the brows to say. „Is this real? Xiangyue and Qianqian also in inside!” Shen Xiang worries immediately, Feng Yujie meets suddenly to appear to block here them, definitely does not idle is being all right to do. I had found them in inside a moment ago, they already in return on the way of!” Feng Yujie said: Does not need too to be worried that now many people removed, ten big Sacred Country rulers will come quickly also out, so long as in inside person, can feel inside that very unstable space.”