World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1760
Shen Xiang is puzzled: This Primal Chaos Realm just did not appear? Such quickly can destroy?” Constantly strengthens along with Emperor Heaven, needs to absorb many this world the energies to come strongly, soon, these endless Heaven territory can by devour, let alone this ancient times ago small world!” Feng Yujie knew about these matters probably. If the Primal Chaos Realm destruction, showed Primal Chaos Realm, because Emperor Heaven formidable, but is unable to continue to exist, in several years, other Heaven territory with the Primal Chaos Realm same fate, by Emperor Heaven extinction energy, and annexes!” Qi Shi asked: „Didn't inside just present treasure? How can destroy?” This is also not because the Primal Chaos Realm internal energy is unstable, the thing that prohibited appeared now, but very danger(ous), if not grasp well the time, will follow Primal Chaos Realm to perish.” Feng Yujie said: Do not go, really very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang looks that together is similar to the entrance of huge black theater curtain, sighed one: It seems like I missed with this Primal Chaos Realm!” Then you also here do do? In we?” Huang Jintian asked. Naturally is not, I wait for the instance of Primal Chaos Realm destruction here!” Feng Yujie just said that inside departs dozens forms on suddenly, is similar to dozens light glow projects from inside, suddenly vanishes in far spatial. Is ten big Sacred Country that group of fellows, they ran, it seems like they also know the situation of inside worsening.” Feng Yujie said. Shen Xiang looks at that group of Sacred Country rulers, coldly snorted and said: What runs to dry? I had not planned that must kill you!” At this time Primal Chaos Realm that sliding door started to contract, gradually changed is small, moreover inside also unceasingly spread an intermittent wild energy, as well as billowing bang sound. Started!” Feng Yujie said: This Primal Chaos Realm, once destroys, means that not the good matter must occur.” What not good matter?” Huang Jintian hastily asked that the mysticalness of Feng Yujie was everyone knows that the people could see now, Feng Yujie definitely knew many matters. „When Primal Chaos Realm is past world of Nine Heaven has not presented a primitive world, should be called Primal Chaos, but getting smaller, as for any reason, you should know now.” Feng Yujie looks that unceasingly spout wild energy the entrance. Qi Shi said: This is because world of Nine Heaven was getting stronger and stronger, especially Emperor Heaven, has gone far beyond many Heaven territory.”

Good, the Primal Chaos Realm destruction, quite in completely was annexed, but is one's turn these endless Heaven territory, you think that Gods above Gods will sit by and do nothing? Now they should start to discuss how to process this world of Nine Heaven.” Feng Yujie said. „Can Gods meddle, suppresses world of Nine Heaven adolescence?” Jiang Sheng said: What way will they use? Destroys world of Nine Heaven?” Feng Yujie shakes the head saying: Already late, because of world of Nine Heaven already with Gods including together, once destroys world of Nine Heaven, Gods will become very unstable, Hell unlikely will be hard to escape by luck, when the time comes will become will be chaotic, that crowd of Gods will cross well above, is not willing to see this matter occurrence.” How you know that world of Nine Heaven and Gods do link together?” Huang Jintian pursues asks, this is the matter that no one has thought. Primal Chaos Realm gate already vanish from sight, only then that wild energy aura also flutters in all around. Feng Yujie long sighed: Is little is in progress! Primal Chaos Realm perishes, endless Heaven territory also will be annexed quickly! Also does not fear to tell you, in the past that crowd of Gods established world of Nine Heaven, to ban existing Gods, afterward was also prevented.” Therefore has existence of Nine Heavenly Devil Palace?” Shen Xiang puts out at the same time Primal Chaos Fire Token, this summons the Nine Heavenly Devil Palace thing. Feng Yujie looks immediately to Primal Chaos Fire Token in Shen Xiang hand, nodded: Gods the above gods think that crowd of Nine Heavens Gods died, world of Nine Heaven cannot make a name, let alone in the past world of Nine Heaven main Emperor Heaven was destroyed.” But who knows, in the past when that crowd of Nine Heavens Gods created world of Nine Heaven, has gotten down many painstaking care, even integrated in oneself all this world of Nine Heaven, therefore world of Nine Heaven in revolution silently, has been well-prepared, in the former a period of time suddenly enhancement, and there is the most space to fuse together with Gods.” Huang Jintian hastily puts out their inherited ancient book, records these important things. Said, once world of Nine Heaven destroys, Gods will present a piece of gap?” Qi Shi also feels the gravity of matter. Because of many years, Infernal Demon Emperor cannot in world of Nine Heaven use too many strength, by Gods audiences Temple has limited, if audiences Temple lifts the limit, here must overturn the heavens. Sees Shen Xiang several people of complexions to be dignified, the Feng Yujie chuckle several, said: Imagines that fearfully without you, audiences Temple will not be stupid here makes Infernal Demon Emperor act in a self-serving manner, regarding in audiences Temple numerous Heavenly God, this world of Nine Heaven is also a good place, they want stupid, not to know that comes to here to occupy a domain, but does not make Infernal Demon Emperor come to here to destroy.” Long Xueyi said: Gods can the influence extend here?”

The Feng Yujie nod said: Has the possibility very much, but they are one crowd of comparisons have the fellow of rule, should not disrupt here original order, but interferes slightly, lets here within their controls. After world of Nine Heaven is formidable, in the future shortly, also will have the outstanding Gods birth, regarding Gods Temple, this is very good resources.” How do you know these many?” Shen Xiang suddenly asked. I know that you can manage?” Feng Yujie sticks out one's tongue to Shen Xiang, this time appearance has covered, is that specially the ordinary facial features that is used to conceal. Long Xueyi said to Shen Xiang in a low voice: I go to Hundred Flowers Palace to look for Meng'er they, temporarily not with your together!” Long Xueyi this is to let Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie has a space of independent talk, only by doing so, Feng Yujie will say that are more. Qi Shi they also realize anything, said hastily has the matter to leave. Quick, here only remaining Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie. Was the time fulfills your commitment.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. You...... Can you really to others such?” Feng Yujie is nipping the lower lip lightly, a face hidden bitterness, saying of sweet and delicate voice song, her unexpectedly acted like a spoiled brat. This...... Only can blame you to entice me, now I close the eye, the full brain is you are wet the body to dance, the big buttocks that leg and that chest, that very curls upwards, can always hardly be removed in my mind.” Shen Xiang smiled badly. In the Feng Yujie heart charming, how she attracts Shen Xiang's, she is clearest, moreover she is also clear, the own strength of attracting is fierce, Shen Xiang does not think that she is impossible. Shen Xiang said with a smile: We, since has signed the contract, that forever is effective! Remembers you, for does not make me renege on a promise, that contract is harsh, even if that side that wins gives up not being good.” Good, but you, so long as closes me in secret room inside double-hour, anything does not do, can pass, or touches me casually suddenly also good, you can not to my such.” Feng Yujie looks at Shen Xiang with the piteous look: Others knew mistakenly, let off others!” If lets off you, I what to do? You under toxin to me deep, you should be clear, only if you can help me get rid of your type to attract strength, otherwise bitter, only then I.” Shen Xiang is also a face pitiful appearance.

Feng Yujie is nipping the red lip, she at that time to be won by herself, truly has become confused, to Shen Xiang use the strength of attracting is formidable, deep ironing entered the Shen Xiang's Divine Soul deepest place, can say every other a period of time, will manifest suddenly repeatedly, when the time comes Shen Xiang must be suffered by that evil desire, gets down for a long time, will cause very big damage to Shen Xiang. Xie Ling must be bell person, therefore Shen Xiang eats to decide her Feng Yujie is not the Tyrannical principle! Can to me time, I find the way to help you untie! When the time comes you do not make that to me, can solve! Or I let Meiyao and your together, like this you are uncomfortable time,......” following Feng Yujie could not be justified. Good, I give you time, I am a reasonable person.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You must be quicker, you should be clear, this type of spiritual toxin, is not Sister Meiyao can help me alleviate, then I again endure patiently a period of time!” Feng Yujie heard Shen Xiang saying that immediately one happy, hastily gentle saying with a smile: You are really a good man, did not have Sister Meiyao to say badly, waited after a period of time, the elder sister I can certainly help you these lanes.” Said after this saying, Feng Yujie thought that some are not right, asked low voice: „Will your good intention, like this let really off me? Always felt that you such do very stupid, like this put to the duck of mouth!” Feng Yujie to oneself that is confident, moreover she has attracted Shen Xiang, still fully suffered her suffering of strength of attracting to present Shen Xiang, even if Shen Xiang must to her anything, she unable to say anything, can only clench teeth by. I early had said I am not that person!” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: If you think, then we a bit faster looked for a place to manage the matter, I did not matter in any case.” The Feng Yujie origin is very mystical, Shen Xiang planned to familiarize her foundation to say first again. If let alone this matter lets Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou knows that he later will be very definitely troublesome, because they have treated as their biological mother Feng Yujie. Good, the elder sister I promises you, so long as in one year, I am unable to help you drive out attracting strength in your Divine Soul, when the time comes I help you solve with me.” Feng Yujie is because sees Shen Xiang to be so good to speak, unexpectedly gives her the opportunity, in the heart also is very grateful, therefore she boasts extravagantly, made such a romantic commitment.