World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1761
Shen Xiang this time situation, does not have Feng Yujie to imagine that seriously, so long as the seal for a Shen Xiang round of merit, Shen Xiang does not use Heaven Refining Technique inside Soul-Lock Technique, can stabilize the mind with ease, not by her type partly visible attracts strength to affect But Feng Yujie does not arrive at Shen Xiang to have this fierce Soul-Lock Technique, therefore was mistaken that Shen Xiang's situation terrible, she recalls very much at this time, thought one are somewhat excessive, in the heart is very, guilty. Aunt Feng, you above the matter to Gods understood probably that you had stayed above before?” Shen Xiang had this type to suspect very much long time ago, what at this time made him have doubts, Feng Yujie should be already can enter Gods expert, but also depends now does not walk here, obviously has other reasons. Did not tell you!” Feng Yujie said grinningly that seeing her to avoid this issue, Shen Xiang recognized, this Feng Yujie is Gods gets down, moreover before is very early, got down. Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Real stingy.” Feng Yujie suddenly is drawing Shen Xiang, leading him to fly a direction, that side has big piece of ancient forest , understood at a glance that is place that a few person goes. Shen Xiang asked all the way several issues, Feng Yujie had not replied, such has been drawing Shen Xiang, not so fast but so slow neither dashes in mountain forest. They dashed continuously more than double-hour, stops, the place that at this time is under that mountain scene forest the mountain of deep place. „Do you lead me to come to here to do?” Shen Xiang looks at the great mountain that all around these have reached to the sky, here mountain is Primal Chaos Mountain, he had also come to this mountain scene forest in the past, that Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison here gets so far as. „Don't you want to know my something? I bring here you, then told you.” Feng Yujie said. Gave me directly sound transmission not that's alright?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Does not need to come to this place, orphaned male widow......”

Feng Yujie tenderly snorted, the complexion becomes serious: That is because I have thing to you look! That thing cannot other to see.” Sees only her to stretch out the jade palm, above has a transparent bead, is not likely is any mysterious thing. What thing is this? Not anything special!” Shen Xiang just said that transparent bead has shone, the interior has the silver-white multi-colored sunlight, bead the place of center, but also has beat Silver Flame. Thinks somewhat familiar?” Feng Yujie whispered: Now you know that this was anything!” Silver light that bead sends out is getting more and more bright, but Shen Xiang also felt that at this time very strange burning burns, this burning burns is not because his body was burnt down, but is his Divine Soul. Was shone by this silver ray, felt that Divine Soul was roasted roasts is the same! „Is this Creation Fire?” Shen Xiang also spreads out the palm, emits wad silver flame, looks like in exactly the same as that bead. The flame that but Shen Xiang puts shivered several, immediately extinguished. Good, is called Primal Chaos Fire, in the past world of Nine Heaven and endless Heaven territory various majority of lives and energies, were burnt by this type of flame! But my this is Primal Chaos Fire Spirit, is my assigns Fire Spirit.” Feng Yujie receives that bead, whispered: That bead, was my assigned Godhead a moment ago!” What?” The Shen Xiang amazed [say / way], Feng Yujie unexpectedly can take casually own Godhead.

I deceive you to do, now knows me fiercely!” Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang that surprised facial expression, chuckle said: Do not want to bully me!” Shen Xiang ill-humored saying: I have been bullied me not to say anything by you, moreover I always am also letting you! Also, now you have not told me, you are any background.” Feng Yujie has knocked the Shen Xiang's head gently, said with a smile: „Couldn't your this fool, have guessed correctly my status to present? Was very obvious!” Shen Xiang thinks, shook the head, he truly cannot find out Feng Yujie is any origin. I have Primal Chaos Fire Spirit, explained that I am good at controlling this type of flame very much!” Feng Yujie said with a smile lightly: I have now given you a prompt, you should be able to guess correctly!” Had this prompt, Shen Xiang has thought slightly that changed on the complexion, an astonished facial expression, looks smiles repetitive Feng Yujie tenderly. One of world of Nine Heaven inventors?” Shen Xiang has gawked the good half sound, surprised shouted. Before this is him, has not thought of matter, if is really this, what status then the demon emperor is? Feng Yujie spits the tongue, said with a smile tenderly: Was scared? Actually I am not considered as that one of the any inventors, but at that time a girl in Nine Heavens Temple.” Shen Xiang said: Then demon emperor? You have not said that she is you arrives at this world together?” Good, we not through normal mode birth! I had said with you before, I and demon imperial capital was born in crystal ball, but she is black crystal! But creates our, is that batch of Nine Heavens Gods.”

Feng Yujie sighed lightly: I with the demon imperial capital am not the end product, we are only existences that one type tests, but that batch of Gods are very good to us, treats as the apprentice same to regard us, cultivates us, after we have good strength, they lead us to create this world, at that time I grasped Creation Fire, helped.” However demon emperor she was misled, destroys our plans specially, we also finally discovered that at that time was I makes into the severe wound her, caused her deep sleep for a long time, after she woke up, caught up with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that matter! At that time I because of something, therefore cannot prevent, caused Emperor Heaven to be destroyed! At that time before me, Master their plan fails, have not thought that Emperor Heaven met the rebirth, moreover that perfect.” Recalls the past events, the Feng Yujie facial expression is complex, happy and sad, missing and lonely these mood suddenly well up. Shen Xiang does not believe that shook the head: In the past that batch of didn't Gods, die in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace?” Good!” Feng Yujie sighed sadly: Only then I lived, I do not think clearly, they before, why must send out Nine Heavenly Devil Palace with all strength me at the point of death.” They exhaust final strength, delivered me, but I also dropped the secret disease at that time, now was better.” Shen Xiang is staring at Feng Yujie, if Feng Yujie said is the truth, then Feng Yujie is a formidable goddess of genuine goods at reasonable prices, moreover is very ancient that batch. Cannot believe! Then, is demon emperor very fierce?” Shen Xiang suddenly worries that has such fierce woman to act unreasonably in world of Nine Heaven, this is the disaster.