World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1762

Shen Xiang recalled that Lu Zhen had said a matter, is cultivation technique that Feng Yujie and demon emperor uses, is Gods above very rare divine art, moreover that very danger(ous). This is because of their two, is under the instruction of that batch of Nine Heavens Gods since childhood. You do not believe me!” Feng Yujie sees the Shen Xiang whole face to suspect that smiled. Naturally does not believe that I can here, be now because past that batch of Nine Heavens Gods have created this world, but you have a participation, this said that my existence is related with you?” Feng Yujie sends out a series of light and lively tenderness to smile immediately. Yes, you must thank me now! Therefore I receive Meiyao they to make my daughter also load to handle.” Feng Yujie has pinched the Shen Xiang's face: „The little rascal head, you also to my bad thought that now fear before!” Snort, is not because you entice me, you pull out the pit of the stomach to ask itself, I can exercise forbearance you to the present, is very good.” Shen Xiang pats the Feng Yujie tender and delicate white hands. To further confirm Feng Yujie has to participate to create one of the world of Nine Heaven Gods, Shen Xiang continues to closely examine something, these matters in his heart are the riddles. Aunt Feng, your matters told me, did not fear told me again secret some!” Shen Xiang asked. Called me an elder sister, I told you.” Feng Yujie mischievous smiling. Good elder sister, to ask now!” Shen Xiang also puts out a very comfortable big chair, making Feng Yujie sit. Really clever!” Feng Yujie very happy saying with a smile: You ask now! I know told you.” „The matter of that god grave you should know that my father is still defending above now.” This has been in the Shen Xiang heart for many years riddle. Naturally knows that god grave is I establishes, did you say?” Feng Yujie said: Is only has not thought that unexpectedly is your family defends the grave above.” Shen Xiang has tarried immediately, that damn the god grave, unexpectedly is at present this love installs the tender goddess to make. This...... This what's the matter? Do you have dead? What god grave makes?” Before Shen Xiang, has many guesses, then the fierce god grave, which old fellow lane definitely is.

My second Divine Soul and Godhead are burying in inside, almost died! However under that has Dragon Vein, in the past that many years, quick can recover, when the time comes I can become stronger!” Feng Yujie said: If I competed with alchemy with you at that time again, you will certainly lose to my, that is my true strength.” Feng Yujie has second Divine Soul and second Godhead, that in other words, she is Heavenly God! When can my father always?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, this Feng Yujie imagines compared with him formidable. Crossed a period of time that's alright again, they crossed very well, after all there Dragon Vein above in any case, moreover there are me to remain above Creation Power, can breed massive high level herbs, if they can find me to leave behind above some divine art, they definitely become stronger.” Feng Yujie said. You are Heavenly God, can only refine Saint pill too to be also weak!” Shen Xiang curled the lip: You so are fierce, but also loses to my this to be small, disappointed me.” That is...... That is because before me, does not have to pay great attention to Pill Dao, moreover when I do not have, I for many years therapy.” Feng Yujie purses the lips saying: You just wait, I certainly will win one day your, when I found divine medicine, I can refine Divine Pill, when the time comes my second Divine Soul repairs again, I restore strength originally, wins you radically is the piece of cake.” Shen Xiang laughs: You have won me, what sense of achievement does that have? I the gods am not, only if I am also Heavenly God, has with your same strength, otherwise I lost, I will not be sad.” Feng Yujie was rousing the face, tenderly snorted several. „, I want to ask that the matter of Seven Saint Dragons sword, as well as Four Beast's Divine Weapons, has Azure Dragon these Saint Beast, the past years was Gods has existed?” Shen Xiang asked. Yes, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise and Azure Dragon, were of ancient times divine beast Gods, was formidable, but afterward was cut to kill the slaughter completely, was formidable a point the dragon also to kill off, therefore nine Gods created world of Nine Heaven time first bred this flock of formidable beasts, was used to protect world of Nine Heaven!” „The Seven Saint Dragons sword is actually Nine dragons Saint Sword, Poisonous Dragon sword and Jade Dragon sword two!” Feng Yujie on the contrary is now curious, the matter that Shen Xiang knows are also many. In my hand has the Seven Saint Dragons sword, said that also missed two! Poisonous Dragon and Jade Dragon are unusual, does not know how can collect.” Shen Xiang understands now why collects the Seven Saint Dragons sword, the thing of demonstration is that fuzzy, actually is incomplete. Feng Yujie said: In Nine Heavens Temple has nine God king, in the past was very strong Gods, was called Nine Spirit Kings in Gods, in the past after these formidable divine beast were slaughtered, their nine rushed to Hell, took completely these divine beast seven soul six souls, finally they founded world of Nine Heaven, when bred these divine beast, completely injected seven soul six souls.”

Saint Beast that in other words, initially the first batch presented that has a previous generation! But created at that time time, condition is bad, there is an external force to disturb unceasingly, therefore had very big problem, still they do not have the memory of awakening previous generation. Initially we think after their awakening memory, will protect this world, let this world become stronger, finally banned Gods.” Shen Xiang said: But they very unite majority, possibly is the subconscious drives them such to do.” Long Xueyi, Azure Dragon, Ice Dragon, Qi Shi, White Tiger wait / etc., was Saint Beast Ancient Domain came out in the past, their relationship very good. Shen Xiang puts out these Primal Chaos Fire Token, said: Is before very long, has Legend, after letting these Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition completely, can summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace? What then in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace is also hiding?” Is this right, must make nine Primal Chaos Fire Token in the past, because of nine God king, but afterward because of the time reason, only had refined seven.” Feng Yujie received these Primal Chaos Fire Token, that pair of white hands somewhat shiver, in eyes also contains to bring the tears, that Nine Spirit Kings quite in her elder her family member. „Did they die really?” Shen Xiang asked: They say God king, should not be easy dead!” I do not know that in brief that place do not go, they are also living, turned into Evil Devil.” Feng Yujie returns Primal Chaos Fire Token to Shen Xiang, wipes falls dry in the tears of cheeks. Shen Xiang receives Primal Chaos Fire Token, knits the brows to ask: Is who starts to them? God of Wealth?” Feng Yujie shook the head: „It is not God of Wealth, the God of Wealth strength is insufficient, Gods by far be bigger than world of Nine Heaven, moreover is also more complex, without your surface understanding simplicity of that.” Naturally, you do not need to Gods understanding many, you later to have the opportunity to go to Gods now, when the time comes can realize by oneself! I will tell you that many, mainly looks in you that clever share.” Feng Yujie stands up, suddenly dodges to Shen Xiang in front, has patted the Shen Xiang's handsome face gently, smiles gently. Primal Chaos Realm had been swallowed by world of Nine Heaven, then endless Heaven territory definitely is hard to escape by luck, therefore not long, Gods major Temple, will send for contending for the domain! I estimated that above audiences Temple, will start to lift a ban initially, can make some Gods get down, like that Punishing Demon Summit!” Shen Xiang suddenly holds the white hands of Feng Yujie, is rubbing her hand back gently, smiles evil looking, making Feng Yujie spit one tenderly, shrinks the hand. Elder sister, you also make Temple, I certainly with your.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I may not have that leisurely mood, I have the destination in Gods.” Feng Yujie said: Gods has Goddess Palace, inside is a female, if they send for after a period of time, I am world of Nine Heaven Goddess Palace Palace Master.”

Shen Xiang sighed: Really was a pity that it seems like I can only found Temple! The name I have thought that is called Deicide Temple, is aggressive enough!” Feng Yujie said with a smile tenderly: You before were Subduing Dragon Sect, now is Deicide Temple, always makes these murderous aura to be so heavy, I thought that you should found one specially Temple focusing on alchemy, currently Gods did not have.” alchemy is my principal work, Deicide is the side occupation, makes me formidable through alchemy, can expand Deicide Temple, has the matter to be all right gets rid to Temple that these I am reprehensible, is inferior to God of Wealth and Fire God this fellow.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Relax, I to your Goddess Palace fight, I will not kill that bad god specially.” Feng Yujie has selected the Shen Xiang's forehead with the finger: All day knows to court disaster, if you so are really dry, Heaven Punishment God definitely will torment to death you, if you want to do, how best to learn to avoid hunt of penalty Temple first.” Was good, will have not long Temple to get down, ten big Sacred Country rulers also will hire when the time comes oneself, therefore when the time comes your Dragon Vein also will be controlled by many Temple! I told you that many, wants to make you take good care, now the pattern was different!” Shen Xiang said: I did not fear that Dragon Vein is my, if I cannot obtain, everyone is unreachable, no matter I his anything Temple!” Said that you do want to do against with these Temple now?” Feng Yujie is worried about this very much. Shen Xiang nodded: I am not easy target!” Feng Yujie sighed lightly: And other second Divine Soul recovers completely, I give you Dragon Vein of that god grave, like this you did not need to compete with these Temple.” Shen Xiang shakes the head: You give me, these fellows can also snatch, when the time comes I same must have the conflict with them, this will be sooner or later matter!” In world of Nine Heaven, who does not know that Dragon Vein is my Shen Xiang's, now Subduing Dragon Sect is forced to dismiss, Dragon Vein was wrested away, but I came back, still does not have a sound, others pit bottom thinks that I have instigated, thinks that I fear that ten big Sacred Country! But I did not fear! Even if there is audiences Temple to participate to wrest away Dragon Vein, I did not fear!”