World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1763

Shen Xiang learns that many matters after Feng Yujie here, had decided that then in any event, must make anything, now copes with that ten big Sacred Country most good opportunity, if drags again, when the time comes audiences Temple sends for incorporating really these Sacred Country, he must begin not to be easy. Sees a Shen Xiang firm appearance, Feng Yujie to see that he prepared to want fight. Was casual you, in brief you carefully, if audiences Temple discussed the result, once determined that lifted a ban to world of Nine Heaven, many Temple sent Gods to get down, when the time comes you must restrain some, these Gods were not good to cope.” Feng Yujie sighed lightly. Um, do you want to go back now?” Shen Xiang suddenly remembers a matter, asked: You, if goes back, how can help me have a look at my father now.” Does not have the issue, you look for me after a period of time again!” Feng Yujie sees Shen Xiang to turn around, suddenly holds the Shen Xiang's arm, puts out a golden symbol, fills in the Shen Xiang hand. Critical time, perhaps is useful to you, all careful!” Feng Yujie smiled to Shen Xiang, sticks out one's tongue. This is Divine Talisman, before Shen Xiang in Divine Prison, that Yu Fan has given him one, the effect is truly good, but now Feng Yujie gives his, looks like be much better than to his Yu Fan. Many thanks elder sister!” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile, hastily receives. Feng Yujie urged one again, then the floating body leaves, suddenly disappears, only then on her charming fragrant also remaining here. Shen Xiang puts out that Divine Talisman that Feng Yujie gave a moment ago, carefully looks above spirit pattern, the paper of this symbol is shining, probably is the gold foil is the same, understands at a glance compared with fierce of Yu Fan. „Does this type of thing refine? Later must let Sister Meng'er and Xianxian they studies, the refinement are many this type of things to defend self also well.” Shen Xiang receives Divine Talisman, then opens space passage, after treading, then arrives at outside a city wall big city. The place that Shen Xiang goes, is Evil Dragon Burial Ground originally, but that Evil Dragon large formation was broken, now ten big Sacred Country have established big Sacred City in this above, must obtain momentarily passes and out the qualifications of city, must pay 5 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone to be good. Because this big Sacred City on Dragon Vein, the air/Qi of inside Sacred Spirit richly, the words of direct absorption, probably is absorbing the air/Qi of saint stone internal Sacred Spirit, therefore cultivates in inside very well, is long-awaited Sacred Land of cultivating. On Shen Xiang also has the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation, because just the Shen Xiang's strength is quite formidable, therefore Infernal Demon Emperor temporarily has slowed down to chase down the Shen Xiang's speed now.

Infernal Demon Emperor is plan and other audiences Temple after world of Nine Heaven lifts a ban, he again from Gods sends for coping with Shen Xiang, but when the time comes he also has not the small competitive power, person who because wants to catch with Shen Xiang obtains Heaven Refining Technique not only then his Infernal Demon Emperor, God of Wealth participated! Without the notice of Infernal Demon Emperor, ten big Sacred Country rulers do not know Shen Xiang outside big Sacred City, but ten big Sacred Country imperial capitals also in big Sacred City. Shen Xiang has not paid 5 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, he uses Transformation Technique to turn into bug, mixed very much with ease with some people. After entering inside, he first arrives at Teleportation Formation plaza in city, transmits to Saint Ice Emperor, Ice Emperor in this. Shen Xiang is comes, he has not called Qi Shi their several, because when the time comes he hits, perhaps will use some kill zone quite big methods, when the time comes will have the acquaintance to compare to be in the way in the nearby. Arrives at Saint Ice Emperor, Shen Xiang directly soars that grand palace. The Saint ices Imperial Palace looks like probably in a big piece of iceberg above carving, is snow white, carves very fine, approaches, that ice cold air/Qi is not the average person can withstand. Defense was too weak!” Shen Xiang tested to protect Imperial Palace these formation with Divine Power slightly, were too many compared with the incoming messenger with Lu Qilian Hundred Flowers Palace. Shen Xiang stands in the Saint ices the Imperial Palace entrance, that several bodyguards who at this time guards a gate also frowned to him, seeing him to stand there dull, then devils walks, the strengths of these bodyguards are also very strong, was just Sage of nine transformed Saints. That several bodyguards want to stand Shen Xiang this in the entrance person expel, they just went out few steps, sees Shen Xiang right hand suddenly to present azure light, afterward a formidable great blade flashes before from azure light, sees above that lifelike Azure Dragon, as well as hears that dragon roar that made one tremble, these guard hastily retreat. To their this strengths, knows certainly that this is any blade, that overawes eight sides Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but has the person of this blade, is this Dragon Vein original master, Shen Xiang! Shen Xiang suddenly that more than 5000 years have not presented comes back, this matter early again 2-3 days ago has spread, at that time ten big Sacred Country started to alert Shen Xiang, because Dragon Vein is Shen Xiang's, but they have not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly single-handedly arrives at a Sacred Country imperial capital Imperial Palace entrance. Shen Xiang lifts up high Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, in emerging Divine Blade of vast Divine Power surging forward, making the Divine Blade brilliance natural, spout an intermittent air wave, the earth shakes, gets angry Dragon to roar again and again.

This Dragon Vein is my!” Shen Xiang said that is dividing to a that ice palace blade, a dragon roar of Heaven-shaking roared, blade Qi turned into the azure light rainbow, the brilliance emits, was similar to a ray of light dragon, fired into Ice Dragon. The azure light rainbow clashes from the knife, turns into a azure big dragon instantaneously, dragon head spout intermittent terror Qi Energy, sweeping away all obstacles breaks in the front that grand ice palace, that seems like the firm and huge Imperial Palace front door, was hit the smashing instantaneously. The angry dragon roared unceasingly, giant thick ice splashed unceasingly from Imperial Palace, greatly had been divided a blade for the grand ice palace by Shen Xiang, internal majority of building, as well as got angry the sound wave that Dragon roared to break by that strong blade Qi shatters, the interior of entire ice palace, has been split up, the majority of big constructions collapsed completely. Ices palace biggest Temple Master is also the Shen Xiang main goal, by dragon head hit that maliciously blade Qi turns into, entire Temple Master turns into a big piece of powder dust, is similar to from ground splattering, but the water splash is common, powder to four directions. At this moment, big Saint Ice Country, by that lingering gets angry Dragon to roar to cover, but that suddenly shivers to follow to come the formidable pressure that is to make in the person heart the fear, Saint Ice Country sky, has floated grey haze, lightning glow sparkles, murderous aura is imposing, the person in city can feel that to make terror murderous aura that one is hard to breathe clearly. A Shen Xiang blade ruins the Saint to ice Imperial Palace, at this time he received Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the float upper air, in the hand presented a fiery red great bow, as he draws the bowstring, bows suddenly to spurt the produce fire flame, when he draws also rapidly concentrates a brilliance dazzling long arrow, always below has a big chilly weather ice, but draws after Shen Xiang the bow concentrates unreliably a arrow, this all around temperature suddenly elevated, these ice sheet melt rapidly, running water turns into many creeks, flows in all directions. „Hasn't Ice Emperor, come out to suffer to death? Be not hiding like the turtle!” The Shen Xiang's roaring sound such as the thunder is billowing, transmits eight sides, shakes the people tympanum to make noise. ! A Shen Xiang loose bowstring, the fiery red long arrow such as the lightning flies to shoot, strikes above that collapsing Temple Master, submerges the earth deep place! Bang! A bang transmits from the ground, sees only that Temple Master surrounding area several thousand zhang (3.33 m), has cracks, is similar to the spider web is ordinary, what is fearful is in these cracks emits an intermittent flame. hōng hōng hōng! Also is several bangs deeply does not see the bottom in the crack to pass from these, afterward is a frigid incomparable huge vibration, huge such as the stone of mountain was shaken to fly, these cracks spout intermittent burning hot flame.

Shen Xiang projects an arrow, stimulates a wilder explosion and vibration, the entire ice palace was ruined completely, that continuous explosion from the deep place, that vigorous flame strength spout from the ground, turns into a giant column of flame, enters the clouds, the intense flame covers entire Saint Ice Country. The giant column of flame shoots the upper air, is splattering unceasingly every large or small hot group, is similar to the meteorite shower of rare book, pounds to fall on Saint Ice Country on. Suddenly, this big national capital burns the raging fire, the Shen Xiang's flame, but Saint Fire, is no one can suppress! Dragon Vein is my Shen Xiang's, if continues to stop over on Dragon Vein, no matter, same kill without mercy!” Shen Xiang that ice-cold fills heartless murderous aura sound transmission entire Saint Ice Country. The people are reckless at this time, flees from this place awfully in abundance, they quite regretted that at this time spends that much money Dragon Vein that comes this to snatch, now was advocating, moreover made that big noise, they lost seriously, cried not to have the place to cry. Shen Xiang!” Roars is similar to thunder cry transmits. Piercing ice cold cutlass suddenly from appears in all directions, covers Shen Xiang, Saint Ice Country Ice Emperor came! The Shen Xiang body shakes, the body presents one set of golden light dazzling armor, has the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor protection, the cutlasses of these thorns have not come, by protecting body strength that divine armor shakes breaking. You came finally, you should withdraw a period of time, like this you can many exactly! Do not think that you gave Infernal Demon Emperor to work as running dog on Eternal Life undying!” A Shen Xiang stride, arrives at side Ice Emperor. Ice Emperor is one wears the middle age of mourning clothes, he governed entire Saint Ice Heaven Territory, says Ice Emperor, now establishes this Saint Ice Country, after attacking and occupying Subduing Dragon Sect, here has made the place. Including Godhead no dregs!” Shen Xiang arrives in front of Ice Emperor directly, space strength is similar to the wave surges generally, forms space domain. You...... You......” Ice Emperor suddenly thought one are unable to move, panic-stricken, he also saw at this time, this is one very formidable space strength of Shen Xiang use, prohibits him in a very slightly very small space.