World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1764

Can control so formidable space strength, does not have Gods strength, has controlled Power of Law, this Ice Emperor knows that this, any, calculates was formidable. Shen Xiang flies high grasps, sees only his palm suddenly to present is beating the bloody heart, but this heart was being wrapped by a transparent space guard shield, at this time also has strong vitality, jumps unceasingly crazily. This heart that Ice Emperor, sees the speed of heart beat, knows that this Ice Emperor fears at this moment. Ice Emperor knows own heart not with own body separation, because Shen Xiang has used very mysterious space strength, after his heart takes, but makes his heart be also at with the condition of body link. „......” Ice Emperor does not see on the Shen Xiang face to show the mean smiling face, is similar to bellows. Shen Xiang's control suddenly emits one group of silver-white flame, covers that heart, decomposes a pure energy, scatters. The Ice Emperor pain shouted one, regarding expert of this rank, even if did not have the heart not dead, but he must make a such formidable heart again, that need very much time, or were eat the heart of the Buddha fruit to repair. But major issue that now Ice Emperor faces does not repair the heart, but is can go on living! And has the Godhead disparity without Godhead is such big, moreover faces Shen Xiang this monster, Ice Emperor at this time already desperate. Heard that you will use Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison, moreover copes with Qianqian with this type of toxin! Snort, this is also my first seeks your reason!” Shen Xiang has not massacred Ice Emperor immediately, but puts out one group of white powder, squeezes in the Ice Emperor mouth. Makes you taste fierce of Primordial Strange Poison!” Shen Xiang's Primordial Strange Poison is not one type, but is several types fuses together. Move Ice Emperor, in front of Shen Xiang can only , whatever butchers, at this time eats up Shen Xiang's Primordial Strange Poison, the skill by Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison paralysis, can only , whatever other strange poison proliferate in within the body unceasingly.

Devil Decaying Death Qi, Mysterious Freezing Evil Poison and seven Night Devil suffer strange poison of person blue, Ice Emperor was also experienced, recognized these strange poison, at this time he was calling out pitifully, the facial expression became fierce incomparable. I will not deliver under you Hell, because I under Hell the opportunity to you, I will not make you disappear in this world directly, the Samsara opportunity will not give you!” Shen Xiang saw similarly, a palm hit in the Ice Emperor top of the head, aspiration his Divine Soul, used Primal Chaos Fire afterward fully that is the fleshly body purification of strange poison. Ice Emperor died! Moreover dies that quickly! In the past Qi Shi or Great Emperor of Ten Heavens time, is equally fierce, can cope with other Emperor Level expert with ease, but he must cut to kill these Emperor Level expert not to have is so easy, now Shen Xiang kills Ice Emperor is similar to kills the chicken to be equally simple! Obviously present Shen Xiang, be more formidable than past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens! Shen Xiang sweeps, looks at these Saint Ice Country remnants of faction, coldly said: You use the quickest time to cut to kill the Ice Emperor matter me to disseminate entire big Sacred City, moreover told here all people, here Dragon Vein was my, if died here, may unable to blame me.” Did not need these people saying that Shen Xiang used vast Divine Power a moment ago, congealed the sound wave, covered entire big Sacred City! In big Sacred City nine national capital expert can hear! Saint Ice Country had been destroyed completely, Ice Emperor several sub- were killed, in big Sacred City inside person saw that the Shen Xiang's strength is fearful, but then Shen Xiang definitely here great war, will continue to stay here only to be affected. Walks quickly, this Dragon Vein initially was ten big Sacred Country no longer snatched while others, now others come back, or here shovel was even, was very normal matter, continued to stay here again, perhaps the poor life did not guarantee!”

Other nine emperors have not appeared, they can definitely prevent Shen Xiang!” You have not seen, Shen Xiang lifts the hand to destroy completely Ice Emperor, Ice Emperor and his disparity differ are not a least bit, this is not the quantity little can make up, let alone nine emperors, even if 90 emperors came, made into the dog in the same old way.” Walks quickly walks quickly, rubbish! Nine emperors have not appeared, obviously has instigated, you have not seen other nine Imperial Palace inside fellows, runs is quicker than anyone?” The people run away in abundance, because Saint Ice Country that direction transmits an intermittent very big sound at this time. Shen Xiang shoots to tread with Vermilion Bird Soul Bow unceasingly crazily, but at this time he also induces to have dozens very strong aura to well up to the distant place, ten have ** was other nine emperors has the person to come. Snort!” Shen Xiang suddenly releases very strong space domain, wraps oneself, the domain has hundred zhang (3.33 m) this, Emperor Level expert that these come, so long as dashes his space domain, probably passes through Space Gate, has expanded these hundred zhang (3.33 m) instantaneously, is unable to approach Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang's space domain is fierce, attacks outside, moves the domain unable to cross the domain middle, from another one will carry thoroughly. Shen Xiang, can you ruin Dragon Vein?” The Thunder Emperor anger sound asked that regarding this Dragon Vein, these nine imperial capitals attached great importance, for many years they cultivated here, the advantage that the deep feeling this Dragon Vein brought, shortly afterward, can help them concentrate again Godhead. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: You should not have while me fight kills your times, before much recollection , the happy matter, will wait for me again not to give you this opportunity! Naturally, if you run away, I am also disinclined to chase down your waste residue.” Shen Xiang draws the bowstring unceasingly, concentrates fierce arrows, attacks the tread crazily, at this time under presented very huge deep hole, saw that likely is he must ruin the Dragon Vein appearance. You disappeared in 5000, really becomes very strong! In the past you ran into us, must flee in all directions, but now......” Thunder Emperor coldly said, in the heart also envies incomparably, now Shen Xiang unexpectedly disdains to kill them, obviously Shen Xiang at this time as formidable as what situation.

Therefore Shen Xiang value ten Godhead, now they also kill motionless! Nine emperors as well as many expert, are at a loss outside the domain, dry can only worry looks at Shen Xiang little attack that Dragon Vein. In their eyes, Shen Xiang must ruin Dragon Vein, like this no one can obtain, but this Dragon Vein is their condense Godhead only way! Shen Xiang truly has not paid attention to nine emperors at this time, he cultivates Heaven Refining Technique, has Godhead, before also devour Prince of Hell Godhead, devour formidable Divine Soul also, fleshly body, although has not achieved jade bone, but also is very powerful, in addition Four Beast's Divine Weapons, these nine emperors in his eyes radically collapse at the first blow. Now Shen Xiang somewhat blames Huang Jintian their several, unexpectedly boasts that fiercely these nine emperors! Um?” Shen Xiang suddenly stopped, because he feels a heat wave to raid, he has not guessed that wrong words, should be Fire God Country Fire Emperor. Fire God Country Fire Emperor has not joined ten big Sacred Country, but he controls on a Dragon Vein big region, that originally half remnant Fire Emperor, because obtains Gods the Fire God Palace's support, therefore becomes very formidable, almost kills Qi Shi. This Fire Emperor arrives, ten big Sacred Country nine emperors, secretly cheer up, because they also feel a stronger flame aura, but that aura is not Fire Emperor, moreover be more formidable than Fire Emperor, they guessed that definitely is Fire God Palace's Gods.