World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1765

Shen Xiang rushes to big Sacred City alone, duel ten big Sacred Country, this matter shortly after spreads over the Emperor Heaven major cities, shocking, many small influences faintly worried that they worried ancient times Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that matter occurrence, when the time comes Emperor Heaven again was ruined, bitter is they. Actually their this worries are unnecessary, present Emperor Heaven together with other Nine Heavens, becomes very stable, is not casual can disintegrate. When Long Xueyi in Hundred Flowers Palace, she Shen Xiang and Feng Yujie competition dragon blood Saint pill who refines sends, she and Liu Meng'er several females in a cool cave, is looking at their refiner. In the past shortly, Xiao Lizhi hurriedly caught up. What's the matter, Shen Xiang go to big Sacred City, faces ten big Sacred Country alone, has hit, heard that Saint Ice Country Ice Emperor had been destroyed completely, now Shen Xiang attacks Dragon Vein crazily, wants to ruin Dragon Vein.” Xiao Lizhi sees Long Xueyi here, is somewhat surprised, she thinks Long Xueyi to be able with Shen Xiang together. Long Xueyi knit the brows: Feng Yujie? She should with Shen Xiang together! Only then does a Shen Xiang person appear in big Sacred City?” Xiao Lizhi nodded: Only then he, does not have other, the latest news is Fire God Country Fire Emperor, bringing audiences expert to hurry, other nine big Sacred Country rulers, how Shen Xiang.” Liu Meng'er hears Shen Xiang and one group of people hits, immediately is impatient: We hurry, can he deal with?” Leng Youlan has put out a big sword to wield several, prepares momentarily fight. At this time Lu Qilian and Lu Qinlian walked, seeing Liu Meng'er their several females to sharpen the knife, then said: We do not participate, Shen Xiang these time has not called including Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, usually always mixes Huang Jintian of foot not to appear, obviously is he wants to go all out unscrupulously, the words that we go to will only be in the way.” Lu Qinlian said: „Side we only go to observe then, do not enter the battlefield, now the parents they hurried to!” ......

Moreover one side, just and Shen Xiang separated shortly after Huang Jintian, Qi Shi and Jiang Sheng, has collected in one. This young bastard, does this matter not to call us, dislikes us to be in the way, unexpectedly regards as the burden by him, was too hateful.” Huang Jintian scolded. This fellow is truly fierce, has killed Ice Emperor all of a sudden, moreover other nine imperial capitals cannot take him to be what kind of! I am not clear, attack does Dragon Vein that he keeps do? He iron core must ruin Dragon Vein?” Qi Shi knits the brows: This Dragon Vein, but good thing, although was robbed temporarily, but, we have enough strength to snatch again good also!” Jiang Sheng said: If destroys Dragon Vein, on Dragon Vein big Sacred City, even the surrounding area several li (0.5km) must be ruined, cannot master Shen Xiang to think anything!” They on a ship, Feng Yujie just returned to their Divine Feather Sacred Country, immediately hears this news, her hastily is bringing Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou rushes to big Sacred City, they see Jiang Sheng that ship, descends above. It seems like he must ruin Dragon Vein really!” Feng Yujie said. Jiang Sheng knows that is Feng Yujie above, hastily opens a door, making Feng Yujie they enter in the cabin small hall. How did you affirm?” Huang Jintian asked. These since 5000, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also frequently see Huang Jintian their several, they were familiar. Because Gods major Temple want to contend for the domain, definitely first aims at Dragon Vein! When the time comes that many Temple look, even if we collaborates, simply is not capable of ruining Dragon Vein, therefore Shen Xiang takes advantage of now fight.” Feng Yujie said: I and he said after these matters, he immediately went to big Sacred City, I think he will give up competing for Dragon Vein.” Su Meiyao shakes the head saying: You do not understand him, the words that he knows, must go not to be possible!”

Bai Youyou sighed: This is Shen Xiang, you more thought that he should be afraid certain things, he more did not fear, even if major Temple get down, he will do everything possible not to make these Temple obtain his Dragon Vein easily.” Audiences expert knew after Shen Xiang went to big Sacred City, immediately overtakes, but they have not approached big Sacred City now, because big Sacred City unceasingly spout an intermittent air wave! Saint Ice Country compares to approach the big Sacred City middle, the Shen Xiang continuous bombardment ground, fallout that arouses, has destroyed similarly big Sacred City that ten countries built. Bai Yaowei, Lu Zhen and Grandma Lu and Liu Fusheng several also arrived, with a Lu Qilian female, gathers on Jiang Sheng that boat, talking at once was arguing. „The Old Jiang head, approaches again, here can only through the aura induction!” Qi Shi shouted: Heard that Fire Emperor also brought any Gods to come, but does not have great war to get up now.” Jiang Sheng controls that ship to go forward fast, actually suddenly sees a troop person to fly! „Isn't this nine emperors? So to be how distressed?” Huang Jintian happily said with a smile, flies from the deck, is being a fist pounds to that Thunder Emperor. Huang Jintian, you tired of living I also not tired of living, I am disinclined to be big with you now, Dragon Vein wants your lunatic apprentice to ruin quickly, destruction strength when the time comes produces you should be clearer than me.” Thunder Emperor avoids Huang Jintian that fist, throws down these words , to continue to fly to run away. Jiang Sheng hastily stops, said: We do not approach!” Lu Qilian turns head to look the person who that crowd flew to run away a moment ago, said: Does not have Fire Emperor! Fire Emperor with Shen Xiang great war? But is not, does not have the Fire Emperor aura!” Long Xueyi said: Fire Emperor and ten fellows are gathering round Shen Xiang, but they have not attacked, does not know that is doing!”

Lu Zhen looks at the sky, said: We pass, Shen Xiang should unable to extinguish Dragon Vein, that thing is not he can extinguish now!” Said?” Feng Yujie knits the brows: „Is he doing?” Lu Zhen said with a smile: Had a look not to know? You should be clearer than that Dragon Vein me fierce, until now ten big Sacred Country and Fire God Country completely have not controlled Dragon Vein, in the past Dragon Vein fused with Shen Xiang.” Gods audiences Temple should have the result, some quick people will prevent Shen Xiang!” Except that these know several people who audiences Temple can arrive, other people feel surprised incomparable, has not thought that audiences Temple unexpectedly must appear in world of Nine Heaven. After Feng Yujie Primal Chaos Realm was annexed, the world of Nine Heaven future pattern tells the people, making the people solve the doubts in heart. Feng Yujie has not told other person of her status, even if Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou does not know, this secret now only then Shen Xiang knows. Fire Emperor brought ten expert to come, but Shen Xiang actually looked but not see them, still kept drawing Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, a fire ground of arrow another arrow.