World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1766
Shen Xiang very wholly-absorbed fire ground, the defense of Dragon Vein is powerful at this time, he has overrun to the self- defense guard shield that Dragon Vein releases now, repeatedly after the fire, still has not shaken. He knows certainly Fire Emperor outside his space domain, but he was actually not worried that he has the self-confidence to his space domain! Even if Fire Emperor their several can break through his space domain, he will not fall into their hands! In expert that Fire Emperor brings, the strength is very good, sees like is Gods, just started Shen Xiang also to have this misconception, but after nearness, he carefully looks, discovered that the opposite party is also only Demigod. Looking like the strength compared with Fire Emperor in some, does not have what threat in the Shen Xiang eye. Jiang Sheng steered that ship to depend, felt Shen Xiang's space domain, the people understands why that nine emperors cannot move Shen Xiang. When Shen Xiang attack earth, splashes the giant fragment, flies to shoot the upper air, hits Shen Xiang's space domain, is directly passes through from space passage, has not pounded Shen Xiang, even if the strong attack is also so. This Dragon Vein is quite fierce, such attack is so long, is unable to break through the defense.” Xue Xianxian looks flame that below that splutters unceasingly, that is Shen Xiang stimulates with the arrow that Vermilion Bird Soul Bow releases. Vermilion Bird Soul Bow is Xue Xianxian their several refines, she understood the Vermilion Bird Soul Bow might very much that in addition Shen Xiang present strength, that is more formidable. This Dragon Vein quality already was the saint stone constitution of high grade, Dragon Vein before was very early to release Evil Dragon Burial Ground natural formation to protect itself like this, now also forms a stronger guard shield in bottom, I want to be ten big Sacred Country people initially had not entered underground.” Lu Qilian said. Feng Yujie also knew about Dragon Vein that she nods saying: „Since Subduing Dragon Sect moves out, Dragon Vein had the enormous change, becomes refuses to acknowledge family, now is Shen Xiang is unable to establish the relation with this Dragon Vein, therefore I thought that Shen Xiang is awakening Dragon Vein with own way, or must ruin Dragon Vein.” Before Lu Zhen had said that Dragon Vein of this rank, is not Shen Xiang can destroy, now Shen Xiang shakes the outer layer defense to be difficult continually. Feng Yujie has not thought that Shen Xiang's this Dragon Vein becomes this, but that she seizes, because year to year was absorbed the massive energies by her, therefore adolescence must not have Shen Xiang this good. Fire Emperor suddenly drinks to People: Came, leaves far point here quickly.” Fire Emperor is bringing ten expert, fast dispersing, they are only have not approached Shen Xiang's space domain, at this time airborne also presented flame, that flame fast proliferate, is similar to the flame sea of clouds covers in the air, the flame well-illuminated, covers sky over Dragon Vein, one burns the hot heat flow to press intermittently unceasingly. This is the fire God Heaven gate!” Feng Yujie knits the brows: „The Fire God Palace's person has gotten down, this is Fire God Palace of genuine goods at reasonable prices!”

The Xue Xianxian running together of two syllables in rapid speech asked: That Shen Xiang what to do?” Shen Xiang also induces to all around change, he looks to the Jiang Sheng ship, said: You to are farther, I will not have the matter!” The Shen Xiang's sound is light, but is bringing an excitement, especially in his both eyes glittering the self-confident ray, making in the people heart feel relieved. Jiang Sheng hastily controls the ship to be far away, in the airborne hot cloud also presents a very big flame vortex, sees only a fire group to descend from that vortex. Fire Yun Meng disappearance, that fire group outside flame also gradually dissipates, sees only inside to present red huge flying disc, is standing many sons and daughters on flying disc! Male big handsome, female young pretty, slim and graceful, they wear one set of fiery red clothing, the forehead have a mark of bunch of flamelet. In these five people, stands in the forefront that man, the flame of forehead flame is quite strong, other four people are quite weaker, understood at a glance that the strength of that man is only strongest. Sees these five people to arrive, Fire Emperor one line of come up to salute hastily! I am Ten Thousand Heart Flames, later you must listen to my instruction.” That Ten Thousand Heart Flames stretches out the fingertip, in the Fire Emperor forehead, is reading the Fire Emperor memory. Feels Fire Emperor to resist, his coldly snorted: Coordination selects!” Follows that coldly snorted, a greatly strengthened pressure appears, making the Fire Emperor body tremble, does not dare to resist. Ten Thousand Heart Flames several people are also very calm, although sees Shen Xiang, but does not have immediately fight, but understood that first here what happened. Snort, do you also dare to say Fire Emperor?” After reading the Fire Emperor memory, Ten Thousand Heart Flames disdains one, that handsome face reveals belittling that despises to smile, afterward looks to Shen Xiang. Eldest Senior Brother, this person is Infernal Demon Emperor loses Shen Xiang that several billions divine coin cannot take, it is said afterward God of Wealth and other Heavenly God, loses about hundred Profound God, finally made him escape.” A female said to Ten Thousand Heart Flames. The words that hears that female, about Lu Zhen and the others that Gods has known, again and again shocks, because Lu Zhen knows many Gods in Punishing Demon Summit matter, therefore he also informs other people, knows the concept of divine coin and Profound God! This matter Shen Xiang has not told them!

Loss about hundred Profound God have not taken!” On the Feng Yujie face full is startled color: What has he done in Divine Prison?” Is old blue worm does, that over a hundred Profound God get down time, old blue worm has packed off him, has not thought that many were cut to kill by old blue worm, old blue worm was too fierce, does not know that old blue worm massacres that many Profound God, what fate will have!” Long Xueyi sighed. Lu Zhen they think slightly that who knew old blue worm in Long Xueyi mouth is, the Azure Dragon strength also made them feel shocking! Ten Thousand Heart Flames joins hands behind the back, is staring at Vermilion Bird Soul Bow in Shen Xiang hand, knits the brows: This is Divine Weapon, should just refine few years, refines the technique, although is jerky, the crucial moment is not suffices, but also calculated regarding little rascal of this world well, did they refine? However in my eyes, this bow is also only the trash.” After Shen Xiang hears, said with a sneer: In trash eye, anything is the trash!” A Ten Thousand Heart Flames behind female drinks immediately greatly: Said boastful talk little rascal, Eldest Senior Brother these words that but the Fire God big disciple purple fire Heavenly God eldest son, you spoke a moment ago, enough made you die hundred times.” Shen Xiang has laughed several: That how? He has the skill to set out over a hundred Profound God to cope, even if his father, perhaps couldn't use this strength? Let alone copes with me with several billions divine coin! Naturally, your four pull out to post a reward my their Godhead is can achieve.” „The little girl flat and thin piece, the father was chased down many years by Infernal Demon Emperor, had not feared his point, let alone the trivial Heavenly God eldest son, he at best is strength quite strong True God!” Ten Thousand Heart Flames fist suddenly gets hold, wants to get rid to Shen Xiang, at this time actually heard a charming incomparable laughter, is similar to the bell is ordinary, hears to make one be infatuated with, even if the female hears, in the heart indescribable feelings, cannot help but are full of the incomparable favorable impression to this laughter. But Jiang Sheng hears this laughter, complexion is ugly immediately, Qi Shi at the same time hey smiles again and again. Demon emperor came!” Long Xueyi whispered, told Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian and other has not seen the female of demon emperor. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou hear that laughter, is pinching the jade fist tightly, initially they were plotted against by the demon emperor. Five, you are ten thousand Zishan hangers-on! Oh, you certainly are the sons in ten thousand Zishan, looked like with him, was very handsome.” White fog of sending out multi-colored sunlight floats, turns into one only to put on the beautiful female of tissue, she is exposing the chest, but binds with the slightly thick gauze slightly that two is wiping crimson, but the tissue that the waist wears at will, can see some things of feeling ashamed indistinctly. The body of demon emperor that perfect, covers under the tissue long skirt, the attraction is full, she bare both feet, in the air is stepping the graceful step to walk, that double cultivation long leg and slender jade waist have the swing of rhythm to sway from side to side, the milk-white bosom of front that simple package is high and low fluctuating.

But what is fiercest is her beautiful the suffocating facial features, above has a very marvelous attraction, making the person look at her one eyes, is hard to move out of the way the line of sight. Shen Xiang guesses that knows this is the demon emperor, he thinks the demon emperor grows very much with Feng Yujie looks like, but sees the demon emperor now, actually discovered that their two faces are complete, but same bewitching seizes the soul, brings disaster on the nation and people. Shen Xiang suddenly thought that in the past Jiang Sheng enticing was not injust by this woman, can be overwhelmed with emotion on such outstanding person, is worth very much. Face cold and proud Ten Thousand Heart Flames, seeing on the demon emperor face to have the light charming happy expression to walk, looks at the walking posture of that beautiful enticement, cannot help but deeply was attracted, in his side two females, although beautiful, but in the heart actually cannot help but somewhat feels inferior, some envy. The demon emperor seems like must move toward Ten Thousand Heart Flames, who knows that her suddenly revolution, moves toward Shen Xiang! Outside Shen Xiang has space domain, the demon emperor also induces obtains, therefore she has not gone, is only the void ta step, arriving Shen Xiang in front of slowly. The people earnestly look at this, the demon emperor fierce everyone knows, nine emperors who that just left, returned, they see the demon emperor to go into action, in the heart secretly has felt relieved, thought that Shen Xiang will certainly be taken by the demon emperor. In the Ten Thousand Heart Flames heart is not feeling well, he knows that the demon emperor is very fierce, this kind of fierce woman he also likes, was speaking a moment ago still with him, but arrives at Shen Xiang in an instant reluctantly, causes in his heart angry. Although Shen Xiang has not gone to look at demon emperor, but he carefully is actually observing, he discovered with amazement that demon emperor unexpectedly has not paid attention to Feng Yujie, even if Feng Yujie covers own appearance at this time, they should also the mutual induction obtain are right. Shen Xiang, I see you today finally, greeting on first meeting greeting on first meeting!” Demon emperor happily said with a smile. You should be thousand people ride in ten thousand people, the great and famous(celebrated) demon emperor, I also saw you, greeting on first meeting greeting on first meeting!” Shen Xiang unexpectedly said with a smile frank, probably was really flattering expert. The people stare, Shen Xiang said this words to come to such a beautiful woman, really spoiled the fun, although he said was the truth. The demon emperor self-control is good, but selects the delicate eyebrows gently, then Yanran said with a smile: Is moves the Nine Heavens man worthily, is really not ordinary!”