World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1767
In Shen Xiang Feng Yujie the strength of attracting, therefore this demon emperor presents time, he is vigilant, he uses Soul-Lock Technique at the same time, but also releases one Tai Chi Diagram to carry on Protector outside own Divine Soul, as well as the revolution Suppressing Devil purifying the mind Secret Art resists the spiritual attack of this demon emperor. The strength of demon emperor is very strong, Shen Xiang is not accidental, because the demon emperor is the same with Feng Yujie, was in the past that batch of Nine Heavens God king made, although afterward caused heavy losses, now passes that many years, restored quite well. Nine misses, this person quarrelled to your malicious talk a moment ago, I help you teach his well.” That Ten Thousand Heart Flames suddenly arrives at side the demon emperor, puts out a golden long sword, is looking angrily at Shen Xiang, must attack. Demon emperor light shouted: Ten thousand Young Master hold on a minute, I must have a look at him to make anything but actually!” Ten Thousand Heart Flames knits the brows: He naturally must ruin Dragon Vein, does not make us obtain, we should better a bit faster take him, do not let him injure to Dragon Vein!” The demon emperor in Gods also some fame, she worked for Infernal Demon Emperor, but currently she probably also has the relation with other Gods, the status is not low, that Ten Thousand Heart Flames unexpectedly is so respectful to her, but also called her for nine misses. In a moment ago, the demon emperor must attract Shen Xiang on attempt, but she failed, the Shen Xiang innermost feelings are very firm, are hard to shake obtain, although her strength of attracting has also been defeated, but her the strength was quite weak at that time . Moreover the people who must entice are some greatly are not interested in the woman, is some does not have the passion man. But Shen Xiang is different, knew about Shen Xiang's according to demon emperor, although Shen Xiang female are not many, but also several, showed that Shen Xiang is interested in the woman, moreover these females are also various aspects play. In addition before Shen Xiang, has not seen her, therefore the demon emperor thinks that Shen Xiang is good to go well, has not thought that her several tests, had not succeeded a moment ago. Shen Xiang is first time sees the demon emperor to be good, but before him, had been enticed by Feng Yujie . Moreover the Feng Yujie skill be more formidable than the demon emperor, now Shen Xiang was unable totally to get rid of the strength of Feng Yujie that attracting, therefore he now does not defend, the demon emperor could not entice him. Shen Xiang to demon emperor said with a sneer: I urge you a bit faster to be far away from me now, because after I completed here matter, I then must kill you!” Dissolute!” Demon emperor Ten Thousand Heart Flames is angry immediately, but he has not attacked, because demon emperor with tender and delicate white hands according, in he grasps on the hand back of sword.

Shen Xiang admires fierce of this demon emperor secretly, unexpectedly handles this Ten Thousand Heart Flames all of a sudden! Ten Thousand Heart Flames is the eldest son of any Fire God big disciple, even if not Profound God, is quite formidable True God, unexpectedly so is easy to be confused the mind. I and you do not have the enmity, why do you want to kill me?” Asking of demon emperor Youyou, in that beautiful big eye, the unexpectedly glittering suffering from injustice tears, look like miserable, but Shen Xiang actually does not eat this set. Relax, before you at the point of death, I will certainly tell you.” The Shen Xiang sound is bringing killing intent, can see likely is not the attire. The demon emperor is a big threat, let alone is Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's foe! In not far away Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also yes what's the matter, they although now was more formidable than before, but they did not have enough assurance to defeat the demon emperor now, moreover Feng Yujie has also urged them, now they and demon emperor have very big disparity. Ten Thousand Heart Flames sees Shen Xiang to demon emperor manner, in the heart is angry, he sees the demon emperor not to prevent him again, in the heart the great happiness, the long sword in hand emits an arrogance, is bringing a threatening heat wave, flies to Shen Xiang. What in Gods is weakest is True God, this Ten Thousand Heart Flames is Middle-Rank True God, in Gods, the strength is not very strong, Shen Xiang should know this, therefore he is secure, we do not need to be worried.” Lu Zhen said. Ten Thousand Heart Flames thinks that rush over can a sword chop dead Shen Xiang, who knows that he just entered Shen Xiang's space domain, arrives at another end, he turns head to look that Shen Xiang also still draws the bowstring, the fire ground. In Ten Thousand Heart Flames heart startled anger, wields a sword to divide several fire Qi, but after bumping into the space domain outer wall, steals from the domain other aspect, probably passed Space Gate such. Now nobody can move Shen Xiang, even approaches Shen Xiang unable. This is the strength of Law of Space, only if you have High-Rank True God strength, otherwise is hard to shake his space domain.” The demon emperor sighed one lightly: Has not thought that he imagines stronger to be bigger than me!”

You come, attacks him with joint forces, I do not believe unable to rumble to break his defense, but is small Saint Venerate, we may be Gods!” Ten Thousand Heart Flames to Junior Brother Junior Sister shouted that and he comes. Their five same places attack, make flames, suddenly, the airborne flame, the hot cloud is vertically and horizontally densely covered, but also presents giant palms once for a while from all directions the racket to Shen Xiang. Under this attack, following big thick soil layers were lifted, the soil was burnt down the ashes, after the Dragon Vein above soil layer vanishes, Dragon Vein dragon head is clearly discernible! Silver-white dragon head, Longzui opens slightly, eye unexpectedly glittering weak azure light, seems having Spirit Qi, now reveals dragon head, dragon body also buries below. Has an energy guard shield from dragon head also very far above, Shen Xiang is unable to rumble broken, Ten Thousand Heart Flames hit that guard shield a moment ago accidentally, is hard to shake. dragon head was smaller!” Shen Xiang frowned, in the past this Dragon Vein or immortal stone rank time, is similar to great mountain such, but now entire dragon head only then the hill is so big. Qi Shi said: What's the matter? How did dragon head become such small?” Huang Jintian shakes the head saying: dragon head, although is small, but still is very fierce, this time defense, even if Gods is also hard to shake, Shen Xiang continuously so were no wonder many a moment ago a attack, is unable to break through that defense.” Sees Dragon Vein dragon head, demon emperor to dive immediately, Ten Thousand Heart Flames responded, hastily followed. When they move that matter defense, was actually opened by a very wild strength ball, they responded, even if, had not been shaken the wound. „Is this Dragon Vein? If can release Divine Power to come, this Dragon Vein is also divine tool that forms naturally.” lightning suddenly dodges to fall together, sees only a guy float above Shen Xiang's.

Thunder Temple!” Ten Thousand Heart Flames knits the brows: This fellow is not good to cope!” The guy looks to Ten Thousand Heart Flames, laughs: „Isn't this sons in ten thousand Zishan?” Ten Thousand Heart Flames just must reply, actually sees Shen Xiang to fire into below Dragon Vein, anxious shouted: Blocks him quickly, do not let enter in dragon head.” The demon emperor also tenderly shouted to clear the way: Liao Ming, prevents him quickly!” That asked Liao Ming guy to say with a smile: Why do I want to listen your?” He is Shen Xiang!” Ten Thousand Heart Flames anxiously said, he does not have the means to Shen Xiang, but he thought that Shen Xiang can enter in the Dragon Vein guard shield range. Liao Ming has laughed several: He is Shen Xiang closes my trifling thing, moreover before I get down, the god of thunder his old man has told me, do not have least bit occurring together with this weird brat.” At this time the vision of people centralized on Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang covered from the defense of Dragon Vein is getting more and more near.