World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1768

Feng Yujie said well, Gods audiences Temple lifts a ban to world of Nine Heaven, has not forbidden Gods to come world of Nine Heaven, even must place the influence here, plays the influence, wants to control world of Nine Heaven. Now regarding Shen Xiang, most important is this Dragon Vein, this can be said as his thing, moreover had been wrested away for many years, now he must bring back own thing. When Shen Xiang approaches the defense of Dragon Vein covers, space domain suddenly that he releases vanished, this is not he receives, but does not know that came under any strength influence to dissipate. He does not have to use any strength again, when he moves the Dragon Vein guard shield, actually relaxed entry inside! Sees this, the people are all startled, because this explained that Shen Xiang is very likely to control Dragon Vein! This Dragon Vein fierce, Thunder Temple Liao Ming said a moment ago, this is supreme treasure that forms naturally! Shen Xiang at this time float in front of dragon head, looks that Dragon Vein that pair is sending out the eye of pale azure. adolescence really quick, has not thought that long does not see, you soon did not recognize me.” Shen Xiang puts out a hand, is stroking dragon head gently. Saw only that dragon head binocular suddenly to lighten azure glow, unexpectedly had the response. Sees this, demon emperor anxiously, she fully realized that fierce of Emperor Heaven Dragon Vein, but Shen Xiang was not controlled by her, instead has very big hostility to her, if falls to the Shen Xiang hand, is disadvantageous to her. Goes to catch these women, hurry up!” Demon emperor suddenly said to Ten Thousand Heart Flames: Inside has the Shen Xiang's wife and sworn sister, so long as holds them, can coerce Shen Xiang.” In the Ten Thousand Heart Flames mind suddenly presents pictures that demon emperor transmits, immediately knew Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er and Shen Xiang relationship is very intimate, is the Shen Xiang's woman! Feng Yujie hears the words of demon emperor, immediately goes forward one step, the white hands wields, emits a huge purple hot group. The purple hot group turns into huge purple Qilin, exudes to roar, the foot pedal purple hot wave, welcomed to Ten Thousand Heart Flames these five just True God that got down from Gods. Is you!” The demon emperor discovered that now existence of Feng Yujie, she also sees Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou now, before is not her, had not discovered that but before because, was covered with strange strength by Feng Yujie. You are same as usual, always wants to use this treacherous plan.” Purple Fire Qilin that Feng Yujie coldly snorted, she releases is fierce, unexpectedly lets Ten Thousand Heart Flames several again and again retreat, is unable to go forward one step.

The demon emperor feels is thorny, she has not thought that Feng Yujie here, and is so fierce! suddenly, demon emperor induces to very formidable burning burns the aura to approach, her hastily dodges, avoids one arrow that shoots from below, is Shen Xiang is drawing Vermilion Bird Soul Bow to attack her. Your other haughty! Numerous Temple will arrive quickly, most of them stand me! Other did not say that is only your Shen Xiang occupies this Dragon Vein, they will not circle your, let alone Infernal Demon Emperor is still valid to your posting a reward!” The demon emperor voice becomes ice-cold, before not having, that type gentle and charming sweet. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Audiences Temple comes world of Nine Heaven I, no matter, but if must rob my Dragon Vein, depends upon the brute force to inform Nine Heavens, that do not blame me!” Shen Xiang draws Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, has been shooting an arrow to Evil Emperor of distant place! This arrow was the shuttle space in the past, Evil Emperor did not attack him in this arrow, when he knew, his body was pierced, Divine Soul already by the strength severe wound that this arrow brought. Those who let the demon emperor be furious, Shen Xiang simultaneously projects eight arrows afterward, other attack eight Sacred Country rulers, were hit by a Shen Xiang arrow separately completely remnantly! These Sacred Country rulers coordinate the audiences Temple words, can make these Temple better to rule Nine Heavens, but completely is hit by Shen Xiang now remnantly! Obviously does not want to make these Temple take over control of ten big Sacred Country influences with ease. You initially attacked Evil Dragon Burial Ground, when occupies seizes my Dragon Vein, should think of this day!” Shen Xiang has an angry sound to be similar to the startling thunderclap is ordinary, deafening sound near the ear of people. You, since is the Infernal Demon Emperor running dogs, I deliver you to see him now, hits move of hū! to stand to him for me in Dragon Vein dragon head Shen Xiang, is striking a fist to the sky, nine lightning suddenly descend, the electric light that glittering comes out is similar to the dragon shape is common, hits separately on the body of that nine Sacred Country rulers, their fleshly body will rumble the powder. However Shen Xiang has not destroyed their souls, but makes them go to Hell! Shen Xiang just cut to kill these Sacred Country rulers, in the sky above presents formidable pressure, the airborne four directions float various color pink clouds. Draws back!” Distant place drinks greatly, a Fireball impact comes, to pound on purple Fire Qilin that in Feng Yujie releases, that purple Fire Qilin destruction. Airborne in all directions, many whole bodies are sending out dazzling ray Gods, they were just got down from Gods, but the demon emperor was actually their receiving and instructing people. A moment ago also some demon emperors of worry, seeing the formidable reinforcement to approach, in the heart relaxed, said to Shen Xiang Gods: Catches quickly that ship person, so long as holds them, can coerce Shen Xiang!”

Airborne Gods also dozens, although does not have profound Divine Level other, but actually several High-Rank True God, other are Middle-Rank True God, words that joins up, the strength is also formidable. These Gods just arrived, demon emperor gives them on hastily sound transmission, just had the matter that to tell these Gods here simply. Knowing Shen Xiang must control Dragon Vein, these Gods worry, defers to does, in abundance after all Jiang Sheng that ship that the demon emperor said. Shen Xiang was still waiting for that at this time Dragon Vein regains consciousness completely, seeing that ship to be surrounded, he worries. You dare to go forward again, I summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Shen Xiang suddenly puts out seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, lifts up high. Feng Yujie hastily gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Do not act unreasonably, summoned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, we also had danger(ous), we can deal with this group of fellows!” Shen Xiang knows that Feng Yujie is very strong, but Xue Xianxian they on that ship, his some did not feel relieved. Nine Heavenly Devil Palace these four characters, really have big deterrent force, after these Gods hear, in the heart is afraid, especially when sees seven Primal Chaos Fire Token in Shen Xiang hand, immediately is silent. Is far away from here to me, otherwise, we together go to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to stroll.” Shen Xiang continues shouted. The demon emperor is biting the lip, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will have this, as life that past Nine Spirit Kings made, demon emperor fierce of her very clear Nine Heavenly Devil Palace! Everybody has sealed the god, is also honored and popular in Gods, coerces this matter you also to catch up? Copes with these Demigod is not the small and weak saint, passes to Gods, you did not fear that laughed aloud?” Light white fog floats, sees only above to have more than ten wear the female of white clothing, the speech stands in front that beautiful woman, her sound is somewhat hoarse, but is having a deterrent force. Goddess Palace!” Demon emperor coldly snorted and said: Initially you strongly opposed to enter world of Nine Heaven, now do you do?” „The unexpectedly audiences Temple majority support, we oppose to be also useless! Although we opposed, but does not represent us not to come world of Nine Heaven! Everybody came, why we cannot come.” Goddess Palace that beautiful woman lightly smiled: You, although is Nine Spirit Kings creates, but you are not Nine Heavens Goddess!” Heard Nine Heavens Goddess, Shen Xiang understood approximately, that Nine Heavens Goddess might is Feng Yujie, she was also Nine Spirit Kings creates.

Shen Xiang, you receive quickly Primal Chaos Fire Token! I think you to guarantee that this ship person will not receive any injury, you do not need to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace.” Although this Goddess Palace beautiful woman looks like very calm, when mentioned Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, in beautiful eyes could not conceal that fear. Feng Yujie and Shen Xiang have mentioned Goddess Palace, that is Gods above quite neutral Temple, moreover is the female composes, the strength is also quite formidable, therefore Shen Xiang quite trusts this Goddess Palace. Ten Thousand Heart Flames said: This Dragon Vein must result in the equality to enjoy, cannot his one to monopolize!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: If you can show that world of Nine Heaven or this Dragon Vein are your this group of fellows create, I leave this Dragon Vein immediately, is casual you to be what kind of! The impudent and shameless fellow, you were initially hateful can not ruin this world, now actually regards as is own.” You should better run, best is get lost your Gods, otherwise and other Dragon Vein woke up, father first cuts you, offers sacrifices to regain consciousness Dragon Vein that with your blood.” You......” Ten Thousand Heart Flames violent anger, he is True God, unexpectedly so is despised immediately by Shen Xiang, kills kills, added that must make the sacrificial offering with him. Said in old man of upper air: world of Nine Heaven is the maturity world, needs to maintain orderly, can make this world more equal, prosperous and peaceful, this is also we comes here goal.” Shen Xiang bah, coldly said: You , if not come, here will be better, if not for initially you interfered, here already prospered, perhaps has not been inferior to Gods! You tolerated Infernal Demon Emperor to make many evils here, you were clearest!” We walk!” That old man can calm down but actually very much, leading the person to tread the cloud to go, before he just before leaving, has left behind a few words: Shen Xiang, you will sooner or later go to Gods, when the time comes you will pay the price for the words that you speak today.” I will go! I will make you understand that tolerating the Infernal Demon Emperor consequence to be serious.” Shen Xiang does not fear, this words he heard. The gods leave, they do not certainly return to Gods, but leaves Dragon Vein with the demon emperor, regarding that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, they must the great care. You leave! Waits for here to have anything, I am not clear!” Shen Xiang gets down from dragon head, float in the dragon head front, is looking straight ahead the eye of dragon head. Jiang Sheng controls the ship to fly from fast, Goddess Palace audiences Goddess with that ship behind, quick leaves this to be destroyed almost big Sacred City. Shen Xiang truly does not know that Dragon Vein will be then what kind, he only knows that he needs patiently to wait for now here!