World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1769
Dragon Vein is earth core cultivates, is in world of Nine Heaven unique and formidable existence, should benefit world of Nine Heaven to be right, but is coveted by these Temple now! If were occupied by these strong presences seizes, controls Dragon Vein, other world of Nine Heaven people will not profit!” Shen Xiang float before dragon head, waited for patiently Dragon Vein following change, while is pondering the formation of Dragon Vein. Reason that he thinks will have Dragon Vein continuously to appear, this definitely is not the coincidence, definitely was in the past that Nine Spirit Kings arrangement, they early on here prepare, therefore after Dragon Vein vanished, crosses a period of time to appear in elsewhere. In the past Qi Shi also obtained Dragon Vein, but afterward was ruined, but now breeds more formidable! In addition, Dragon Vein was occupied by Feng Yujie. Feng Yujie knows that place has Dragon Vein, obviously learned from Nine Spirit Kings there! Then this will Dragon Vein be what kind of? According to my intuition, I should be able to fuse this Dragon Vein.” Shen Xiang thinks that the energy of this Dragon Vein implication is formidable, he felt that he may unable to eat up, therefore he thinks, thought that some are impossible. In the Shen Xiang innermost feelings were pondering when Dragon Vein matter, suddenly hears in Divine sea to have the sound. Your present strength is not certainly able to fuse me, even if Heavenly God may not subdue me.” This sound is somewhat immature, likely is a youngster sound, hears these words, Shen Xiang, although shocks, but he one wants to understand that this definitely is that Dragon Vein sound. Dragon Vein unexpectedly opened spirit, had own consciousness, in other words Dragon Vein no longer is the stone same pendulum here, soon purple monkey can turn into the life to hover Nine Heavens. „Are you Dragon Vein?” Shen Xiang is startled to ask. Good, you should be my master, you should, when I did not have adolescence gets up to fuse me, like this I can make you become stronger, I for many years in you, but you now! But why I do not know, I now become stronger and stronger, moreover does not want to be fused by you.” That Dragon Vein said.

Shen Xiang said: Relax, I will not force your! Said that you also had a period of time, helping us be formidable, this benevolence I will remember, so long as you did not astray dishonest ways that's alright! You are Nine Heavens breed, you are so formidable in the strength now, should become here protector is right!” I have nine fathers, they transmit to my consciousness are also this, but they have not made me protect directly, but makes me help one be been formidable by humanity that I approve.” Dragon Vein said: But I probably could not achieve now, I have violated them.” Shen Xiang knows that this Dragon Vein complex at heart, Dragon Vein adolescence to this situation, has own thought is very normal at this time, in addition to yearning of outside, he like this can also understand. So long as you can protect world of Nine Heaven, does not calculate that violates them! This is your nine father's ultimate goals, no matter in what way, so long as you can achieve this to suffice.” Shen Xiang continues the young dragon that enlightens this spirit wisdom to inaugurate. I understood, many thanks you can understand me! Since you have been I awaken, humanity that first sees, before I when the deep sleep, blurry had still approved you, I have not misread the person. You give me the giving a name character!” Shen Xiang thinks that said: You now were also a dragon, that named Nine Heavens surnamed Long! Um, called Ninth Heavenly Dragon.” If Long Xueyi here, definitely because of giving a name, but has the dispute with Shen Xiang. I know that you called Shen Xiang, many people were noisy a moment ago, was calling your name!” Ninth Heavenly Dragon smiled: I, although cannot fuse with you, but I can actually help you formidable, I and other must separate with the earth, when the time comes earth core spout strength to come, that strength can make your fleshly body become stronger big.” Shen Xiang present fleshly body is weak, was only to the purple golden bone rank, but his goal was jade bone, can have such opportunity, should better, but, if he wants to become True God, must result to practice jade bone to be good. Good!” Shen Xiang nodded. He just complied, here Ninth Heavenly Dragon roared on suddenly, fired into the clouds.

Entire dragon body suddenly flies to shoot, that deep hole spout a very strong quantity of heat, with a greatly strengthened flame. In nearby Shen Xiang, immediately by that quantity of heat attracting! earth core in the self- repair, is attracting strength that these spout, before has not entered earth core, you must a bit faster come up, otherwise arrives at earth core, you can very danger(ous).” What above transmits Ninth Heavenly Dragon is the sound. Shen Xiang also has earth core, and has gone several times, past earth core was just weaker than the present were too many, present Emperor Heaven becomes so formidable, this mainly because of the earth core stronger and stronger reason. Therefore he cannot determine now that his Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor and Fire Dragon sword whether can also let him in earth core like a fish in water. „The Fire Dragon sword was also past Nine Spirit Kings creates, no wonder I in the past in earth core, after produce fire dragon sword, the earth core lava all withdrew, does not know whether currently also has the effect.” Shen Xiang wants to try, present earth core is also mystical regarding him, his previous time goes to earth core time, Earth Core Divine Tree killing, the type of Divine Fire at that time obtained, makes him practice Creation Fire. Good, goes to earth core to rush to!” Shen Xiang in that passage, by a formidable suction slowly entrains, in unceasingly was also attracted in his side very strange scalding hot strength. This thermal energy what's the matter? Although burns very painful, but also has analgetic strength.” Is Shen Xiang cannot say itself now pain, but thought that some body Ma Ma, suddenly feel the pain, but the pain vanishes quickly, so fast repeatedly is taking turn. After the moment, the sky hears the Ninth Heavenly Dragon anxious shout: Comes up quickly!”

I want to go to earth core to have a look, will not have the matter! You stroll first, if you can find Huang Jintian's person, makes him teach you something, he is my Master.” Shen Xiang said. earth core danger(ous) is very very fearful, you will die under.” Ninth Heavenly Dragon worried very that but Shen Xiang also induces to his strength is fluctuating, unexpectedly must entrain him with that formidable strength. Does not need to be worried that I have magic treasure to protect the body! I had gone to earth core before.” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, he is worried to miss this opportunity, otherwise he must go to earth core only to be able through Netherworld Abyss that road, he does not know that now that road also does pass. Good, I look for Huang Jintian now!” Ninth Heavenly Dragon said that flew not to have the shade. Dragon Vein leaves the earth, has produced huge heavenly pit, but Shen Xiang also enters earth core from this heavenly pit now! earth core when closes that hole, spout big lavas, fills up entire deep hole, but also spout big intense flame, these flame are colorful, has including the black golden color, is covering entire big Sacred City. If Shen Xiang sees at this time, certainly will think that this is very familiar, because this is earth core fire territory.