World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1770

Just got down the god from Gods and Jiang Sheng who that ship person they, although has been far away from Dragon Vein, but actually still induced to there at this time transmits one to burn the hot aura. This feeling is very familiar, looks like with earth core fire territory very much!” Jiang Sheng said that he is sensitive to the flame, moreover he also has the research to earth core fire territory. „Did Shen Xiang take that Dragon Vein?” Qi Shi said: That Dragon Vein is fierce, these Gods are unable to shake, if Shen Xiang this brat obtains Dragon Vein, is very strong.” Goddess Palace that beautiful woman said: „The Shen Xiang present strength was unable to withstand that Dragon Vein strength, even if I, or is Heavenly God, possibly is unable to withstand!” Feng Yujie sighed: This Dragon Vein adolescence very not normal, has surpassed such of past Nine Spirit Kings setting, how will turn into me not to know!” Lu Qilian suddenly shouted: Has very strong fellow to approach!” At this time the people also induced, immediately alerted, Goddess Palace that fierce beautiful woman, the whole face was dignified, because this aura made her feel very tremendous pressure. When the people are tense, surface such as jade pendant adorning a hat silver coated kpillsk youngster suddenly appears before the people. Where does anyone of you know Huang Jintian?” This youngster is Ninth Heavenly Dragon. The people are surprised, this seems like only youngster, but the strength so is formidable, he does not have any hostility luckily, he comes to here to find the person. Huang Jintian racks brains, cannot find out to know that a such fierce character, with he quite familiar cat is also the youngster appearance, but is not formidable. I am, do you ask me to have the matter? Do we know?” Huang Jintian stands, inquired. I am Ninth Heavenly Dragon, is Shen Xiang allows me to come looks your, because I just arrived at this world to be few, the matter that has, needs to find a person to consult, he said that you are his Master, therefore on allows me to come.” That youngster said to Huang Jintian. Person on this ship is not stupid, simultaneously has thought of a possibility! „Did you call Ninth Heavenly Dragon?” Long Xueyi said: „Are you a dragon are inadequate? I am also the dragon, but your aura is different from me.” Name is Shen Xiang helps me take! My Dragon Body structure and you are different, my Dragon Body is mainly earth core breeding, but your Dragon Body should breed with primitive Primal Chaos strength.” Ninth Heavenly Dragon said. Long Xueyi whispered: Gives the name the matter should allows me to come, Shen Xiang this fellow!” Lu Qilian asked: Then, are you Dragon Vein turn into? Then Shen Xiang? How hasn't he come with you?”

Asking of some Feng Yujie worries: „Did Shen Xiang have an accident?” Dongfang Xinyue in side, she said: He is all right, he has the words of matter, I will have the matter.” Because she and Shen Xiang's master and servant contract has not relieved, words that Shen Xiang died, her fragrant disappearing jade will also damage. Shen Xiang is all right, he fell under earth core.” Ninth Heavenly Dragon is puzzled, he does not know why these people will suspect Shen Xiang will have an accident. In the people heart criticizes immediately, falls also calls to be all right to earth core! Jiang Sheng, Huang Jintian and Qi Shi these three, understand present earth core, because they under Netherworld Abyss, attempt to enter earth core, but these passage had sealed off, even if had not sealed off, approaches, that thermal energy is not they can resist. What? Did Shen Xiang fall to earth core?” The distant place broadcasts the sound that is alarmed, this is the Long Huishan sound, Shen Xiang is her younger brother, moreover she also knows that fierce of earth core, she can not be anxious. Long Huishan at this time and troop formidable Ice Dragon is catching up, they were truly slower, have broken up. Sees that many Ice Dragon to arrive, in the Ninth Heavenly Dragon heart suddenly has a very kind feeling. He said that he must go to earth core, at that time I made him come up, he not on.” Ninth Heavenly Dragon said. You truly do not need to be worried that the Shen Xiang body has the Fire Dragon sword and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, enough he deals with earth core that bad environment, although we are fiercer than him, but does not have the words of Fire Dragon sword, is not necessarily able to survive in earth core.” Feng Yujie said that she has certain understanding to Nine dragons Saint Sword. Long Huishan asked: What exactly had?” Eldest sister, I told you!” Leng Youlan draws Xue Xianxian to fly, told Long Huishan the process. Ninth Heavenly Dragon at the same time patiently is also listening. At this time the people decided that first goes to Divine Feather Sacred Country, then discussed the later matter. ...... After Shen Xiang falls into earth core, takes produce fire Dragon Jianhe to release Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, with his previous time comes to be the same, here lava gives way to traffic completely he, moreover he has not induced has to burn hot strength.

That all of a sudden, truly made my fleshly body become stronger many a moment ago, but has not leapt purple golden bone ge this rank, I must practice jade bone to be good!” According to the estimate of Ninth Heavenly Dragon, that should be able to make Shen Xiang's fleshly body a moment ago all of a sudden is very right, but he does not know that Shen Xiang fleshly body is very special. This earth core should be the Emperor Heaven secret, I enter the deep place to have a look!” Shen Xiang to diving, the earth core deep place he has not gone, he goes to find out here. Dives to the earth core deep place unceasingly, has continued one all day, Shen Xiang also lost the patience, when he must give up, actually suddenly hits one group of very hard things, he carefully looks, that unexpectedly is a wall, but can also see that wall above azure stone brick clearly. Here the unexpectedly wall, Shen Xiang feels pleasantly surprised, immediately follows this wall to walk. He suspected that this is not only a wall, may be a building! Is definitely unusual in this earth core following construction, although seems like the ordinary blue brick, but is so long under earth core is burnt the melt, obviously this type of blue brick is not the ordinary brick bat. Shen Xiang high and low back and forth several times, determined that this is an outer wall of building, ten zhang (3.33 m) high, he starts to seek for inside front door now. This building was being wrapped by the lava, year to year is this, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart is curious, who this construction is constructs, why must construct in this place. He guessed correctly quickly was in the past that Nine Spirit Kings construction, because this world of Nine Heaven was they creates, this has the possibility matter. He used the half-day time to try to find out that finally had found a leaf of front door! I open the words of front door, can these lavas flow go in?” Shen Xiang was considering if wanted opens door, after he thinks, thought the person who initially constructed this construction, definitely has considered this issue, will therefore definitely not present the matter that he worries about. He has considered, therefore opens the front door! Although this sliding door is very big, but Shen Xiang shoves open has not actually taken the effort, simply opens together the crack in a door very much with ease. With is the same, after front door that he suspects opens a seam, inside shows strength, can prevent outside these to burn the hot lava flow to go. Shen Xiang has not opened the front door completely, but opened crack that's alright that sufficed him to go in together. After entering inside, front door closing slowly, he in very big passage, passage both sides has two rows of very neat columns of flame at this time, above is burning the raging fire, illuminates entire passage.

Should be that Nine Spirit Kings construction, these things very since time immemorial.” Shen Xiang comes to be able to feel that ancient aura. This hides in the earth core mysterious palace, unexpectedly is cool, although here very peaceful sinister, but Shen Xiang has not been scared, instead thought that here is very safe. Shen Xiang comes to the passage end, sees a leaf of front door, after he opens, arrives at a great hall, has a very big circular jade table in the great hall, by the jade table is placing the chairs of nine jade systems, this makes Shen Xiang affirm that here is that Nine Spirit Kings construction. Feng Yujie should know the matter of this palace!” Shen Xiang carefully is observing the great hall, besides that jade table jade chair, other is very ordinary, is Stone Zhi the thing. Among the round jade tables places a box, Shen Xiang has not been going to open the box, but around the round table extension, carefully looks at that nine chairs with the gentleman, after he has circled, discovered on the chairbacks of seven chairs the scoop channel, after seeing that scoop channel, he puts out a Heavenly Dragon sword subconsciously, unexpectedly can insert! Said that here has two chairs not to have the scoop channel, Poisonous Dragon sword and Jade Dragon sword also here?” In the Shen Xiang heart jumps crazily. Initially collection uneven Seven Saint Dragons sword time, this Seven Saint Dragons sword directs me to go to a place, is here?” Shen Xiang takes immediately completely other Seven Saint Dragons swords, other insertion chairback above scoop channels, can agree with separately completely. What's the matter? Why hadn't responded?” Shen Xiang waited for the moment in the one side, discovered that does not have the sound. „Is different the slot that the sword corresponds every time?” After Shen Xiang the Seven Saint Dragons sword pulls out, carefully observes these chairs, finally had discovered some clues, on the foot of each chair some ancient character, with the Seven Saint Dragons sword on is the same. This time should not mistakenly!” Shen Xiang compares these ancient character, 11 inserts once more Seven Saint Dragons sword. When he puts a final sword, nine jade chairs and that giant jade round table suddenly shine pale white light glow. Shen Xiang hastily retreat several steps, because produces very strong strength, making him have to retreat several steps. Following, making Shen Xiang stare the big eye, on that nine chairs suddenly presents nine long hair and waist, wears the person of white robe, their appearances were covered by one group of light white lights, cannot see his appearance. „Is this Nine Spirit Kings?” In Shen Xiang heart startled [say / way], he saw, at present these are the images, but is conveying some news. If Feng Yujie because of were good, the thing that perhaps she knows will be more than me!” After Shen Xiang thinks, wants to open space passage, entrains Feng Yujie, who knows that his space strength is here invalid. That nine people sit on chair, has not spoken, probably is waiting for anything, at this time suddenly had form together to float, unexpectedly was a female, this was not others, was that demon emperor, she was standing in God king behind!