World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1771
Sees the demon emperor to appear, Shen Xiang somewhat is accidental, he from Feng Yujie had learned that the demon emperor initially with her together, just started is very good with Nine Spirit Kings relationship, but afterward betrayed Nine Spirit Kings. Why the demon emperor will betray, Shen Xiang to the present is not very clear, even if Feng Yujie, she does not talk clearly. Shen Xiang continues to look at the front influence, sees only God king waved, hints the demon emperor to draw back, demon emperor some do not prefer, scatter tenderly snorted, walked. At this time, Nine Spirit Kings launched both arms completely, was arranging barrier likely, Shen Xiang thinks following, they must certainly discuss some important matter. Young nine girls and big nine girls, including was controlled surely, should already die, her Spirit Body already by devour.” Sits said in God king on head, on the face reveals sad appearance. You thought that is who?” Other eight God king facial colors are somewhat serious, obviously was they also knew this matter, but they had not determined that was who betrays them. Big nine and small nine, is Feng Yujie and demon emperor. Is small nine, even if her performance, deviated her disposition a moment ago, the big nine girls are very sensible, know that this conference room cannot come, but small nine these days, always follow to come to here us, must listen secretly our talks.” Another God king said. Feng Yujie is the big nine girls, Shen Xiang now knows, reason why the demon emperor can betray, actually is Nine Spirit Kings has not paid attention, the demon emperor by the enemy side with the fierce method control, the actually soul already was wiped to extinguish. This is disadvantageous to our following plans!” Is God king of head said: We can arrive at this to calculate well, then must look at the Nine Heavens good fortune!” Another God king nod said: We were the time withdrew, ended this bored dispute, enabling the outstanding life in this brand-new world blooming brilliance.” It looks like quite strong God king, points at the jade box on tabletop to ask: Chicken young nine girls are not actually she, then this supreme god bone does not need to give her.” Other God king nodded. That Deity King said: Big nine girls had to saint bone, I do not hope after her, how can protect this stretch of earth, only hopes that she can escape, going on living well, this world of Nine Heaven has the fate, his saving and destroying, is not the external force can decide.” Deity King just said that their suddenly stands up. Came, we were time face!”

Afterward they sway, their chairback suddenly project seven multi-colored sunlight, is that Seven Saint Dragons sword flies to shoot, another God king is ejects a book, Shen Xiang recognizes that book, is that record many refiner method and formation divine book. Four Beast's Divine Weapons refines according to this divine book! The following image is very chaotic, Shen Xiang only sees Nine Spirit Kings to leave hurriedly, on the tabletop is loaded with the jade box of supreme god bone not to move. „Is this Nine Spirit Kings last talk? After they finish talking, went to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace? Where that is here? Is here Nine Heavenly Devil Palace in Legend?” Shen Xiang hit one to tremble, but thinks carefully that thought is not, if were Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, he definitely faces many danger(ous) now. What thing is supreme god bone? Feng Yujie also has this thing, should be very strong!” Shen Xiang walks, pulls out completely Nine dragons Saint Sword. Now he knows that true function of Nine dragons Saint Sword, records the content that Nine Spirit Kings meets here, but he also can only see finally that. First has a look at this supreme god bone is anything!” Shen Xiang opens the jade box, inside does not have what bone, only then one group silver-white mud, looks like soft, but also is sending out the multi-colored sunlight. „Is this supreme god bone? What thing is? Should deposit many years!” Shen Xiang has not induced to any aura. He used the finger to poke, suddenly thought that the finger stabbing pain was incomparable, probably the finger was gripped to be the same by many needles maliciously. Felt that the unusual ache, he pulls out immediately the finger, actually discovery that group of silver-white putty groups stubbornly holds, felt with the gentleman massive blood fast flows out the body from the finger. suddenly has this matter, causes him panic-strickenly, he only thought this is bone anything, who knows that unexpectedly so awfully, especially that hemophagia speed, can probably his suck dry be the same in a minute. When he wants to cut off the finger, actually suddenly felt that has the thing in drilling into his finger, enters in his body. At this time the pain of finger reduced, he can also be able to feel that has any thing to enter his body, enters in his skeleton, integrates the speed very rapidness of his skeleton, all of a sudden, expands the whole body. What thing is this?” Shen Xiang looks to own finger, that group of silver-white mud have drilled into his body completely. Has not attracted his blood again, has not made him feel the stabbing pain again, he has felt relieved much, but then occurred made his panic-stricken matter.

A semblance of his hand, presented a silver-white thing, probably is light ice layer such, is wrapping his hand. Just started is only that hand, but arrived afterward, spread to his whole body, keeping him from moving, probably was frozen to be the same. For all that but Shen Xiang has not induced ill, his whole body was wrapped by this silver-white ice layer, dull standing there. Outside the body has the huge change, but internal change is not small, Shen Xiang can feel clearly that the skeleton of his within the body in little falls likely broken, but does not have the ache, but falls after broken, starts to reorganize, so repeatedly is circulating. „Is this supreme god bone advantage? If I fuse this thing, what supreme god bone I did have that? What thing is this?” Shen Xiang wants to know that very much this supreme god bone is useful, but he knows that this definitely is the good thing. supreme god bone has two, is Nine Spirit Kings prepares to Feng Yujie and demon emperor, but after the demon emperor was controlled by the enemy, leaves behind one here, another was fused by Feng Yujie! This thing is definitely unusual, later looks for Feng Yujie to ask that is good!” Shen Xiang was being bound by that strange silver-white cover, is unable to move, only then the eyeball can rotate, he by that light cerebral cortex, can see outside. Those who make his heart startled is, his unexpectedly sees red light, this red light obviously is these lava hot thick liquid. After he fuses supreme god bone, this palace unexpectedly lost defense strength, by these formidable lava extrusion disruption. Was finished!” In the Shen Xiang heart shouts that he strength cannot use at this time, hides in Divine sea inside Divine Power does not know why was prohibited. When he worries, at present a suddenly red, entire palace is burst by the lava, around him is the fiery red lavas. Has not used the Fire Dragon sword and Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, in the earth core very deep place, Shen Xiang thinks one died. Now he had been wrapped by some lavas, had not felt that a little heat, that matter light silver-white color, unexpectedly is so fierce, can be cut off so heat of degree to come. Then, Shen Xiang in this state has continued for one month! One month later, his suddenly felt that cover is somewhat loose, moreover he can also move, he makes an effort slightly, breaks open that matter silver-white outer covering. Burnt!” In the Shen Xiang heart shouts that afterward takes produce fire Dragon sword, making these lavas withdraw.

Shen Xiang feels at this time very pleasantly surprised, because of that all of a sudden, made him know that a moment ago own fleshly body is fearful at this time, was burnt, but thought that the skin is burningly painful. He puts out one clothes to put on immediately, then carefully looks at own body, discovered that the skeleton turns into the silver-white color completely! Before is not, that purple golden bone! What's all this about? This can supreme god bone be fiercer than jade bone?” Shen Xiang determined that own skeleton had the huge change, his entire fleshly body becomes very formidable. He has thought carefully, suddenly understands! He can break to wrap he one month of silver-white color outer covering, is not because that outer covering loses the function, because his strength become stronger achieves. My fleshly body has surpassed the jade bone rank, said that I can become True God quickly!” In the Shen Xiang heart is excited, so long as he can become True God, can go to Gods. Shen Xiang stimulates to movement the Fire Dragon sword, making the Fire Dragon sword release stronger strength, enabling around him to have a bigger space, such one, facilitates him to use space power to open space passage. First goes back to ask Feng Yujie, how had a look at the father now, then decided that if wanted looked for the father.” Shen Xiang opens space passage, leaves earth core, arrives at outside Divine Feather Sacred Country. Had supreme god bone Shen Xiang, feels different formidable strength, before he had formidable strength to originate from Divine sea inside strength, was assisted by Divine Soul, Godhead as well as the Divine Power three mutually, but he prepared to in Divine Soul concentrate Soul Frame, when the time comes he can unite the three, became True God! Shen Xiang enters Divine Feather Imperial Palace, after arriving here, he knows Feng Yujie not here, but went to Goddess Palace! Governs the Divine Feather Imperial Palace person through the inquiry now, Shen Xiang finds that this month, Gods above arrives at many Temple directly, many in Emperor Heaven big influence Big Shot, hired oneself these Temple. Feng Yujie has joined Goddess Palace! Feng Yujie should be Nine Heavens Goddess is unmistakable, moreover she also has supreme god bone, should also be Heavenly God, if she also joins Goddess Palace, Xianxian and Meng'er they also enter Goddess Palace, perhaps is a good choice, after all will be safe in, the Goddess Palace influence should not be small in Gods!” Shen Xiang knows one went to Gods, definitely will stare very deadly, because his Heaven Refining Technique is conspicuous, God of Wealth decided that gets rid to him, if Xue Xianxian they can join good Temple, this can make him reduce many worries.