World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1774
Defends in cave outside Feng Yujie, is mad again and again stamps fully. „Was I the brain have gone bad, unexpectedly helped this bastard do this matter!” Feng Yujie more wants more to think own brain is sick, not only helps Shen Xiang call alone Dongfang Xinyue, making them enjoy happy of fish water in inside, but also helps them act as lookout outside. This young bastard, but also makes the sound intentionally that in a big way, makes me hear intentionally? Won't he conveniently arrange barrier?” Feng Yujie has to seal up own sense of hearing, when Shen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue wadding entangles these that said made the talk between lovers that one was red in the face, fully entered in her mind. Inborn has to attract strength Feng Yujie, is the place of first time that close men and women happy love! When do they want to play? Endless!” Feng Yujie waited for more than double-hour, but afterward thinks that Shen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue are not the average person, Shen Xiang have to saint bone, Dongfang Xinyue has the Vermilion Bird bloodlines, their together makes this, can be endless. Feng Yujie wants to walk away, but Shen Xiang tracing incantation has not gotten rid, moreover Gods approached to Nine Heavens Gods, Shen Xiang compares danger(ous), therefore she also can only continue to defend here. Sufficed, the Yujie elder sister was still waiting for us outside!” Dongfang Xinyue sweet and delicate voice song by the Shen Xiang's chest, they already sexual intercourse two double-hour, rest time also will turn on the window to have a look outside Feng Yujie. Anxious anything, I must go to Gods quickly, later our foresight must wait to be very long again!” Shen Xiang is rubbing the chest of Dongfang Xinyue, said with an evil smile: We also want double cultivation, then takes a bath, called Meng'er and Xianxian!” Speaking of behind, Shen Xiang evil has smiled. Also can calls Xianxian and Meng'er? It is not good, this has felt ashamed, is not absolutely good!” Dongfang Xinyue face already red. Dongfang Xinyue also wants to continue anything, but Shen Xiang has hugged her, plunges into a bathing pool, then kisses violently in the bathing pool...... Feng Yujie estimated that Shen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue at most here merry 1-2 days of this, after all their strengths are very strong, but she has not thought that Shen Xiang can with Dongfang Xinyue double cultivation, this may require a lot of time. Shen Xiang this time fleshly body and Divine Soul are formidable, first time with Shen Xiang double cultivation Dongfang Xinyue, obtains very big advantage, moreover can make that type in double cultivation moreover very comfortable matter, making her suddenly somewhat not hate to leave Shen Xiang. Good elder sister, you also outside?” Shen Xiang suddenly gives Feng Yujie sound transmission. Is the Xinyue girl is unable to satisfy you, making me go to serve you?” The Feng Yujie sound conveys, is having a resentment. I have this idea, does not know you to be willing...... To be honest, this was harmed by you, who makes your strength of attracting always suffer me!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile.

Gave up any idea of! You a bit faster finished up!” Feng Yujie tenderly snorted and said. „Is that good? I must walk quickly, later has not known when met with them! Moreover your strength of attracting has suffered me, you cannot help me drive out within one year, therefore you a bit faster help me call Xianxian and Sister Meng'er.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Feng Yujie thinks that Shen Xiang has received her suffering of strength of attracting, in the heart also feels sorry, can only brace oneself calls Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er. Quick, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian also arrived under Netherworld Abyss, Feng Yujie makes them go in that house. After two females open the door, sees Shen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue kids around in the bathing pool, immediately was shocked. Xue Xianxian not saying anything further, the direct previous time, stands near the pond beats to Shen Xiang, but also turned into creating a disturbance finally, but also was towed the bathing pool by Shen Xiang, was dug up a none remaining, hides distant Liu Meng'er, is unable to escape by luck, was used a suction volume to come by Shen Xiang, afterward three females whole faces blush pinches and hits to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang is Hehe smiles, a pair of big hand adept and gentle counter-attack, made that three female shouted tenderly again and again...... Feng Yujie was numb, her low mumble said: Meiyao they walk really well, otherwise...... Does not dare to imagine!” She thinks that side Shen Xiang has many women, if with Shen Xiang together, she definitely will grasp at this time crazily. This bastard also calculates to be conscientious, has not reached the day of the claw Jing Jing (quietly) really pure little girl!” A Feng Yujie person is indulging in flights of fancy outside, was waiting for Shen Xiang they finished up. Knew that the Shen Xiang preparation must go to Gods, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian are only Youyou sigh, before they and Shen Xiang in Divine Prison, has been together a period of time, that has been their for many years first time together for a long time. At this time, they also very intimate takes care Shen Xiang well, because, possibly one side needed to say goodbye for a long time. Shen Xiang not all for and three female happy, with their double cultivation, the strength of supreme god bone oneself just fused through the double cultivation way, transports to their bodies. When with three female double cultivation, Shen Xiang lost very big Yuan Qi, because he also passes to them his within the body some strange abilities, for example that anti- poisonous ability, is his some Primal Chaos Fire, although is very weak, but can actually make a start to them, later they practice well, can become very strong. Feng Yujie waited for more than ten days outside, Shen Xiang and three females come out, sees his face thin and pale appearance, in the heart to rejoice in other people's misfortune at the same time, has guessed correctly something. Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue that because walks with Shen Xiang, at this time is energetic, moreover has very big change, this was Shen Xiang has used any secret method obviously, transported many strength to give them. You have that skeleton, is insufficient this! What have you made?” Feng Yujie is very curious, why Shen Xiang will turn into this.

„Did you try not to know?” Shen Xiang Hehe smiles. Snort!” Feng Yujie ill-humored coldly snorted. Shen Xiang eats up a grain of dragon blood Saint pill, the facial expression restores gradually, he opens space passage, bringing Feng Yujie they to arrive at outside city of Goddess mountain forest. „The Yujie elder sister, called Jing Jing (quietly), before Shen Xiang went to Gods, played with this little girl, she may hope that can stroll with your together.” Dongfang Xinyue happily said with a smile. We do not go, but must rush a job! Only hopes after us, goes to Gods, can give you that ship.” Xue Xianxian has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheeks: All careful!” Liu Meng'er has also kissed his other one side cheeks: Do not show off power, you must remember that also has us!” Feng Yujie and three females returned to Goddess Palace, then also called Dongfang Jing: if wanted I accompany you, now came many Gods, True God!” Um!” Shen Xiang nodded. Dongfang Jing knew that can play with Shen Xiang, in the heart is very happy, therefore she comes out, but also wears a very attractive pale pink flower skirt especially, at this time her on the naive pure small face is brimming with joyfully. Elder brother, knew that you are so long, you have not led me to play! Qianxiang has said that you led her to play before, but also has eaten the lots.” Dongfang Jing steps onto Shen Xiang's flying disc, closes right up against the Shen Xiang's arm. Qianxiang also is really, this and Youlan walked, these two girls are the nerve big strip, wild girl who also likes fighting.” Shen Xiang was extremely worried at this time. Brother, does not need to be worried their, but Qianxiang now new Sword Emperor, the Youlan elder sister strength was also very strong, all right.” Dongfang Jing said with a smile: We look for Ling Ling, she should in eldest sister there!” Feng Yujie said: Long Huishan she also went to pass the road of god, moreover she also brought Shen Lingling, I heard before Shen Lingling , when adolescence got up had the secret disease, has not thought that with a help of Ice Dragon [lineage/vein], unexpectedly became that fierce, advanced by leaps and bounds, now and many old fellow of Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] went to Gods together.” This is not good matter, it seems like I must a bit faster go to Gods to be good!” Shen Xiang thinks Ice Dragon in Gods the bitter experience, starts to be worried about Ice Dragon [lineage/vein]. Xueyi has given Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] Ice Dragon supreme Dragon Vein, I think that should not have the matter.” Feng Yujie said.

Ling Ling diligently, rushes really now has passed the road of god, I later must try hard, I must rush depending on my skill have passed the road of god.” Dongfang Jing face firm saying. Shen Xiang has pinched her face, said with a smile: Jing Jing (quietly) certainly!” Feng Yujie also said with a smile: Now passes road of anything god not to be good to fear that Emperor Heaven becomes so formidable, in the person of Emperor Heaven practice, the strength will be stronger than before, in the past enters Gods from Nine Heavens person very little and very few. However was now different, has Temple to come, joins Temple to obtain the Gods direction, will take much less tortuous paths.” Clean elder sister, you are also Gods is right?” Dongfang Jing stares greatly the eye, looks at Feng Yujie to ask. Um!” Feng Yujie lightly smiled, traces Dongfang Jing face: Later I also will direct your, making you stronger, you have the Vermilion Bird bloodlines, foundation is good.” Shen Xiang brings Dongfang Jing to travel the Emperor Heaven mountains and rivers great river, went to some lively cities, even also goes to some endless Heaven territory, is bringing Dongfang Jing and Feng Yujie, tastes various types of good food, has purchased many strange things, has played nearly ten days. Dongfang Jing was satisfied, with the Shen Xiang farewell time has not cried, brings to smile with Shen Xiang sweetly waves goodbye. Shen Xiang teleport to Saint Beast Ancient Domain, because of Demon Execution Temple here, in the past Punishing Demon Summit that batch of Gods, at this time can open and aboveboard suppresses Infernal Demon Emperor strength in world of Nine Heaven, but Saint Beast Ancient Domain here has gate of the Hell, therefore Demon Execution Temple choice construction here. Lu Zhen and Grandma Lu, at this time in Demon Execution Temple, Qi Shi this and Infernal Demon Emperor have the big enmity fellow, definitely also here. Bai Yaowei is in itself also Punishing Demon Summit, now he also chooses to join Demon Execution Temple, Huang Jintian and Jiang Sheng, as well as Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong these old friends, was turned to come to here by Huang Jintian. After Shen Xiang arrives at Demon Execution Temple, has drunk to heart's content for several days with these old friends several nights, then agrees with them, from now on Gods again to meet together!