World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1775
Legend enters Gods the road of passing god has two, is easiest to go to Gods, will not receive the road of passing god anything tests in Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, but enters Nine Heavenly Devil Palace to be equal to courting death, therefore in the road of passing god is easy to pass, some people will not choose. Another passes the road of god, in passing the place of god, was in the past in that King Continent's Sacred Land, now that place exposed came out. That place Shen Xiang has gone several times, but has not penetrated, quite thorough one time is Liu Meng'er Dongfang Xinyue goes in only, obtained that divine book in inside. In there, the Shen Xiang also old friend, is a blue dragon, but does not know him also in that place. Lu Zhen this Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable went to pass the place of god, he successful has not passed the road of god through that but surely does not have the issue now, but he also wants to do in Emperor Heaven resists the Infernal Demon Emperor matter, goes to Gods, he there anything is not. Shen Xiang entered passed the place of god, Lan Cang does not know here. This fellow should go to Gods!” Shen Xiang looks here ruins, then moves toward the front. Passed the road of god regarding many expert of past years, was one very difficult through path, but now, actually becomes quite easy, was mainly because present expert is quite formidable. Shen Xiang also wants to see Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian's, but does not have their news, they travel in all directions, disguise change appearance, world of Nine Heaven adds on numerous endless Heaven territory, must find them not to be easy, can only relinquish. What insanity that Xueyi this small greedy dragon, sends? unexpectedly run Gods, what to do hasn't eaten there her?” Shen Xiang suddenly somewhat was worried about Long Xueyi, Long Xueyi needs to eat the good thing to be able become stronger, moreover she has relied on him very much, now she rushes alone, making Shen Xiang think that does not understand was why. Shen Xiang according to Feng Yujie said that after arriving at the place of this god, follows one to have the pale golden luminous direction to rush, that place passes the road of site god, can enter Gods. Goes to pass the road of god on the way, meets fierce Illusion Formation that various types form naturally, Shen Xiang can 11 go round, he also sees many corpses on the road, dies on the road, from these skeletons , some fleshly body quite formidable people, dies in this place. Shen Xiang on a boundless desert, that is sending out light golden light the road of passing god at this time, has given people an misconception, probably is the same in not far away, but Shen Xiang walked at this time for more than ten days, has not seen the road of that so-called passing god. What's the matter? Early knows before , asked well careful, has not arrived!” Shen Xiang looked at all around, determined one have not fallen into these Illusion Formation. He continued for three days in the desert, making him feel what was strange, on this long journey, the corpse were getting more and more, but he has not actually met any danger(ous), moreover these corpse majority have been dried up, the cause of death from fleshly body, did not look like like is Divine Soul takes away.

„Is that enters passes the entrance of road of god?” Shen Xiang saw the front sky, presents a pale golden vortex, that is space passage. Shen Xiang looked at a nearby corpse, knits the brows: „Do these corpses fall from the road of that god?” Has not passed successfully, the cause of death is this, this makes in the Shen Xiang heart somewhat worry. Road of really very danger(ous) this god!” Shen Xiang careful looks at a quite fresh corpse, the skeleton of this corpse should be very strong that but now actually becomes very frail, that withered meat is also same, was within the body formidable strength is drained likely completely. The Shen Xiang half step rushes to the entrance of road of that god, he carefully observed, then jump comes up, enters in that vortex. Really is space passage, moreover is very unstable!” For Shen Xiang in passing presents the issue by oneself, he uses the strength of Law of Space, reinforces this space passage. Otherwise this tyrannical space passage, will present some confused Space-Time strength as well as tyrannical space strength once for a while, this strength is terrorist, if cannot resist deals, the luck is good, that can also be fallen by own corpse on outside desert. The luck very bad words, must be pulled completely squashed to be broken by formidable space strength mostly, scatters in the road of this god. Here space strength, is the strength of formidable principle, the strength of this principle maintains Gods, world of Nine Heaven and so on innumerable every large or small spaces to revolve, is formidable and mysterious. „The road of this god is really difficult to walk, if not I can control space strength, to pass, many will receive one to suffer, this is also one test on person.” Shen Xiang can say all the way is relaxed, but he, when tries retreat, discovered that space strength will become wilder, will almost break away from his control, this made him have, once because had problems, he possibly can very danger(ous). It seems like the road of this god can only go forward, cannot retreat! This is unidirectional passage.” Shen Xiang sighed: If later wants to come back from Gods, it seems like at least also needs the High-Rank Profound God strength to be good!” If Heavenly God, must come back to be definitely relaxed, these Temple send that many Gods, is Heavenly God delivers. Now Shen Xiang suddenly thought Gods the rule is also good, can restrain that many Heavenly God, otherwise Infernal Demon Emperor must come world of Nine Heaven is really too easy. But now he was actually worried how long Gods the rule can also maintain, moreover many rules can change, after for example present world of Nine Heaven adolescence, the revision rule, like this everybody can blow flies Nine Spirit Kings creation world of Nine Heaven.

„After world of Nine Heaven, will be definitely stronger than Gods, otherwise Nine Spirit Kings will not be persecuted!” Shen Xiang has this premonition, the Nine Spirit Kings strength may be more formidable than these Heavenly God, but their nine are hard to escape by luck, the reason is because creates potential infinite world of Nine Heaven. Passes the road of god to be very long, Shen Xiang has not thought space passage can also be so long, space passage that in the past he opened, was instantaneously can reach the destination. But this also explained that the space that the space and Gods that world of Nine Heaven is are at has very big difference, even there is a difference in time, or makes between two spaces also be away from any thing. Now Shen Xiang does not dare to act unreasonably in space passage, can make this space passage so steady is not easy, if other people, arrives at his present position, mostly whole body scar. Wants through passing the road of god, this is also to an own certificate!” Shen Xiang remembered Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er they had said words, they wanted through passing the road of god. Induces very keen Shen Xiang to the space, induced to front has exported, to finally this long journey, the space also became stably. Front was Gods!” Shen Xiang suddenly is anxious: Tracing incantation of Infernal Demon Emperor under my body still, perhaps him knows that I entered passed the road of god, if so, outside will perhaps defend him to arrange the person.” Shen Xiang slows down the footsteps, how safe entry Gods is pondering! Before Infernal Demon Emperor, got down the initial capital to send for Divine Prison, has not taken Shen Xiang, now knew that Shen Xiang must go to Gods, regarding Infernal Demon Emperor, Shen Xiang walked into a trap. Infernal Demon Emperor in secret will definitely come, if possible, he does not want to share Heaven Refining Technique with other people, he definitely has not told other Heavenly God, I came Gods.” If so, Shen Xiang does not need to be worried that has too Heavenly God to get rid, if defends Infernal Demon Emperor one, he is quite relaxed. Infernal Demon Emperor is impossible to go into action personally, if so, is too conspicuous, definitely will be suspected. Before God of Wealth and he cooperated, infiltrated many manpower, lost that many Profound God, therefore God of Wealth will definitely not give up to me.” Thinks that also has God of Wealth this type to catch itself Heavenly God that Infernal Demon Emperor is more formidable, Shen Xiang this time pressure is not small. It seems like exits, a bit faster leaves, does not know Gods the space is what kind, my present strength, can open long space passage.” Shen Xiang already secret ample capacity, but at this time he approaches the exit / to speak to be also getting more and more near.

When he treads, the front bright punctures, this is the normal sunlight, but in this sunlight is bringing the air/Qi of very rich Divine Power. Really!” Shen Xiang looked at one, knows that all around is hiding many expert, there are several Profound God. Shen Xiang has used excellent Transformation Technique, was turned into a whole body to be scarred by oneself, horrible to look at diminutive old man. Here waits for his person, certainly must strike to kill, once recognizes the accurate person, will immediately get rid, if not Shen Xiang arrives, they get rid to other people, may miss the opportunity. But they have missed the opportunity now, Shen Xiang arrives at Gods, has not breathed many here air, his all around space has been similar to the watermark same fluctuates. That group of killers who here waits, also received the news that Infernal Demon Emperor transmits, said that Shen Xiang in appeared in Gods a moment ago. This group of killers wait to be so long, sees a whole body is the old man of blood comes out, subconscious considering is not Shen Xiang, therefore gave Shen Xiang to be short and precious time! Is a little Shen Xiang, enough Shen Xiang use space strength is far away from the place of this ambush! With the Shen Xiang suspicion is the same, Infernal Demon Emperor knows that he enters passes the road of god, does not know when he will come out! This Gods the space be more formidable than Emperor Heaven, therefore Shen Xiang cannot put on many distances, but this can also make him get rid of most danger(ous) time. Shen Xiang dozens times limits shuttle back and forth one after another, has been far away from the exit / to speak of road of that god. Just arrived at Gods, what has not seen clearly is, crazy escaping, in rest Shen Xiang, recalled that murderous aura of that several Dao Profound gods, he had a lingering fear, regarding his present strength, these Profound God compares danger(ous).