World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1776
Shen Xiang cannot stay in a place is too long, when enters Gods, he has been ready that here hides here and there. Cannot get rid of the tracing incantation, I am unable to stabilize!” Shen Xiang has made the short rest, use space strength shuttles back and forth. Before he when Emperor Heaven Demon Execution Temple, had inquired that inside Gods, knew that also had the quite safe place in this Gods, Divine City that for example some Temple established, will have very strict rule in, majority did not allow to have the conflict in inside. Now Shen Xiang must do, seeks for such Divine City, then cultivates a period of time in inside, is formidable until own Divine Soul enough, gets rid of the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation. Demon Execution Temple in Gods, although is not considered as that topest that formidable Temple, but this Temple is quite formidable, moreover mainly aims at Infernal Demon Emperor, therefore Shen Xiang will choose in this Temple. This Gods is vast, with is the same, Lu Zhen said adds also to be bigger than time world of Nine Heaven and these endless Heaven territory that it is said Gods every day in self- adolescence, will expand every day, where has not known the boundary. Shen Xiang is fleeing in this carelessly, he only wants a bit faster to find a live person, then asks how to go to recent Divine City. Cannot run all over the place in Gods, if meets some fierce Divine Level beasts here, that is not jokes, therefore Shen Xiang will be also careful. More than ten days later, he has run into the person by a lake finally, this is two old man, they squat to sit in the bund, looks at the level of the lake with rapt attention. These two old man are True God, Shen Xiang estimated that they are only Low-Rank or the Middle-Rank True God strength! Felt that some people, these two old man are vigilant, seeing is young people of young man, moreover revealed the aura that is not very strong, they relaxed. Two Senior, brat has become lost, how can go to this nearby to let Divine City?” Shen Xiang very respectful inquiry.

These two old man appearances are somewhat same, Shen Xiang thought that they should be two brothers. Nearby Divine City distance here is very far, takes the enfilade to be certainly quickest directly, but place stops of some journey many danger(ous), therefore you need a god plate to show the way.” old man puts out a palm size the black disc, above has golden needle. That old man throws to Shen Xiang this god plate, said: You pour into Divine Power, knows that in this god plate records the Divine City route, my this god plate only then more than ten Divine City routes, distance here recent also has.” After Shen Xiang expression of gratitude, pours into Divine Power, in the mind presents more than ten Divine City images immediately, gathers round with the yellow golden big city wall, sends out fierce Yang Yiban light glow, very shocks grandly. Named passes Divine City from here recent Divine City, Shen Xiang suspected that this city approaches the entrance of road of that god very much, therefore such will name, inside does not have Temple. Although does not have Temple, but there is Teleportation Formation, this sufficed him to transmit to Demon Soul Executing City. After Shen Xiang takes down on god plate all routes, gives back to that old man that finger of Highway God plate, then also again expressed gratitude, then chatted with them several, then said goodbye to hurry along. Shen Xiang planned that Divine City, but afterward thinks that was worried Infernal Demon Emperor has the ambush there, because that Divine City does not have Temple in inside, rule restrict of formulation Infernal Demon Emperor. Therefore he decided that farther point Divine City, that Divine City named flowing light Divine City, has Temple in, is any Temple Shen Xiang does not know. For was not guessed correctly the place that he must go to by Infernal Demon Emperor through his route, the Shen Xiang fee completely pains, stroll in all directions, finally carries on dozens spaces to shuttle back and forth, since flowing light Divine City in! Divine City outside is the shining big city wall, inside construction majority send out dazzling light glow, Shen Xiang is not liking this city very much, he quickly inquired that here transmission region, how long he has not stayed, used 100 divine coin, the transmission to leave.

Demon Soul Executing City, this is a famous loud voice city, Shen Xiang arrived here, immediately thought that beforehand flowing light Divine City missed compared with here. The architectural style, is in the strengths of this urban inside these people, is not flowing light Divine City can compare. To here, Shen Xiang has also felt relieved, at least Infernal Demon Emperor has not dared to act unreasonably here, he does not need to worry that was been more formidable than Profound God to chase down him by these. Xueyi this dead girl, where ran!” Shen Xiang thought one are also very bored, before had Long Xueyi to accompany him to speak well in the side. Shen Xiang divine coin are not many, but divine coin is here important, he had understood in Divine Prison! Although he does not have many divine coin, but has can receive in exchange for the divine coin thing much, for example his Godhead and these Saint pill. In his hand has two war Divine Level other Godhead, as well as two ordinary Godhead, can receive in exchange for the massive divine coin things, he had not known about this Gods very much, thought that therefore he has not gotten rid of now. My present fleshly body was very formidable, only needs to practice Divine Soul that's alright! It seems like I must purchase some and strong Divine Soul Sacred Level herbs come alchemy to be good.” Shen Xiang are not many to the Sacred Level herbs understanding, in world of Nine Heaven, but knows little, but in this Gods, the great variety of Sacred Level herbs, divine medicine has. In Gods, four most ancient Four Beast's Divine Weapons, that is fiercest Four Beast's Divine Weapons, Shen Xiang also wants a bit faster to look, but his present strength is very weak in Gods . Moreover the body also got down the tracing incantation. So long as he can get rid of the tracing incantation, can start to seek for that four ancient Four Beast's Divine Weapons. Shen Xiang specially sells the pills place here, has purchased a grain of bead, in this bead has the knowledge about saint medicine Saint pill, but reads with Divine Power, can enter in own mind immediately.

The price of this bead is not low, uses up on Shen Xiang final divine coin! Shen Xiang undergoes an understanding, knew that here gains divine coin not to be easy in Gods, generally speaking, so long as is not too lazy, one month can gain to two thousand divine coin, but earns divine coin at the same time, needs the expenses. For example purchases the pills auxiliary practice, or is asks the person to practice Divine Weapon divine armor, stays to need divine coin in Divine City. In addition, some quite big expenses, some low level True God, occasionally will rent compared with martial stage compares notes to practice, strengthens the actual combat experience. Goes to other Divine City to travel, transmission expense is also one, therefore here low level Gods, majority are quite poor. Initially enters True God are quite many, moreover majority will stagnate in Low-Rank True God this stage, next is Demigod, so long as is not the too rotten person, so long as boils a period of time, here can endure the True God rank!” Shen Xiang in majority that on the road sees is this strength. Middle-Rank True God and High-Rank True God have, but are not quite many! Profound God were less, Shen Xiang meets several in Demon Soul Executing City, but initially enters some upscale place, before for example him, that pills shop that goes, inside has Profound God. Shen Xiang can only refine low-grade Saint pill now, but dragon blood Saint pill of building up strength strong body, price only value 50 divine coin here. Regarding Shen Xiang, this sells convenient quite! However he is also clear, low-grade Sacred Level herbs, is very here easy to grow, moreover Gods the planter method is wise, can make these herbs grow quickly, person who needs low-grade Saint pill, the strength often is not very strong, is the quite poor that batch, therefore low-grade Saint pill also on this price. However middle-grade Saint pill was different, price compared with low-grade Saint pill high five to ten times!