World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1777
Shen Xiang did not have to refine middle-grade Saint pill now, Feng Yujie that for many years , can only refine middle-grade Saint pill, therefore the process will not be definitely easy. In Gods, the low-grade Saint pill's type are many, he thought that he refines not to be late all low-grade Saint pill completely. Shen Xiang must alchemy earn massive divine coin here, first seeks for a residence in this city, is concise elixir, duplication massive herbs, starts alchemy again. If he does not have the tracing incantation, he will certainly open the cave outside remote forested mountain, hides alchemy in the cave, that can save large sum of money divine coin. Now he to be safe, can only choose to stay in Divine City, relieved alchemy that like this he can have no more worries, just in Divine City, seeks for the residence to need divine coin. Inquired according to him, in these Divine City did not sell the house generally, was only the hiring, the good place rent was very expensive, although disappointing place convenient, but the environment was not very good. One method that this also Divine City amasses money! Must buy the house, but the price is very high, is not the average person can withstand. If only stays the short time in this Divine City, generally chooses to go to the inn or the hotel, but Shen Xiang must plan the long-term stay, therefore he can only seek for the residence, went to the expense of inn and hotel was too high, these place not suitable alchemy. Body did not have many divine coin, tonight can only sleep outside the street temporarily.” Shen Xiang watched the weather, soon the darkness, he a moment ago asked that an ordinary small house, one month of rent is two thousand divine coin. Most one month can only gain to 2,000-3,000 divine coin, therefore this rent is quite high, generally is several people about renting is cost-effective. „Before early knows, making Sister Meng'er they give me peak heaven stone to be good, here can sell many divine coin, sufficed me to support the opening.” Shen Xiang strolls on the street, is seeking for good over night place. While Shen Xiang plans to sleep outside the street time, actually suddenly sees the front to present a very familiar face, this makes him pleasantly surprised. Tai Qiang!” Shen Xiang hastily gives front that middle-aged sound transmission. Shen Xiang in Divine Prison, although has had some not happy matter with Tai Qiang, but they were becoming reconciled have let finally, moreover Tai Qiang was also because obtained the Shen Xiang's help, can leave Divine Prison, regarding Tai Qiang, Shen Xiang was his obligation person.

Tai Qiang hears in the mind familiar sound, is pleasantly surprised, he does not have to think one can also meet Shen Xiang. „Is Shen Xiang, really you?” Tai Qiang some cannot believe that he also thinks Shen Xiang was bogged down in difficulties, after all Infernal Demon Emperor and many Heavenly God collaborate to grasp with Shen Xiang, this was no one can hide. Tai Zong Guan, has not thought that we met quickly!” Shen Xiang should say that he changed the appearance now, but Tai Qiang acts according to his sound transmission, where can know Shen Xiang. „It is not quick, this passed in 5000!” Tai Qiang sighed that he arrived at side Shen Xiang. Tai Qiang is High-Rank True God, contrasts here most people, the strength is good. I just came Gods, I come time was chased down by large quantities of expert, I run luckily quickly.” Shen Xiang said after a sigh, he followed in Tai Qiang behind. Tai Qiang said: No wonder a while ago heard to pass that side Divine City to converge many skilled people, actually is copes your.” Old Tai, do you have place here? I just arrived here, to transmit to this Divine City, has used up final divine coin, can temporarily in your dull a period of time.” Shen Xiang is the Tai Qiang benefactor, Tai Qiang is glad, saying of straightforward: Does not have the issue, my place also calculates quite in a big way!” Shen Xiang and Tai Qiang were chatting, knew that Tai Qiang came out after Divine Prison, arrives at this Demon Soul Executing City, because Demon Execution god City Lord must cope with Infernal Demon Emperor Hell Temple, but Tai Qiang probably and Hell Temple had enmity, therefore he looked for one to live in Demon Soul Executing City. Tai Qiang is High-Rank True God, under Profound God strongest, therefore he serves as a petty government official in Demon Soul Executing City Demon Execution Temple at this time, is mainly responsible for hunting and killing Evil Devil. So long as some people provide the clue, determined where will have formidable Evil Devil, Demon Execution Temple will send for putting to death, Tai Qiang now is a team leader of squad, he can obtain over ten thousand divine coin every month. The place that therefore Tai Qiang lives is very good, has the mountain to have the water in one, in the enchanting scenery mountain village, is one constructs the house on halfway up the mountainside. Old Tai, the easy life has well!” Shen Xiang sits on a comfortable chair, drinks good wine that Tai Qiang took, acclaimed one: This house should be very expensive!”

Not! At least needs millions divine coin, I am also to rent now, because here all are Demon Execution Temple, but I am the Demon Execution Temple person, when I rent convenient, wants two thousand divine coin very much every month.” In this mountain village lives like me the person, so long as is not the vacation, once receives the notice, must instantly leave, sometimes also compares danger(ous), couple days ago by me the several fellows of that mountain on saw Infernal Demon Emperor completely.” Tai Qiang emotionally said: This is also on the blade licks the day of blood, divine coin was not good to gain!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Is easier than to gain in Divine Prison!” This is natural, initially in Divine Prison, gained divine coin is very difficult.” The recollection in Divine Prison leaves uncultivated that many years, Tai Qiang sobbed. Brother Shen, was inferior how you also do join Demon Execution Temple? You now and Infernal Demon Emperor enmity is biggest, God of Wealth Fire God these fellows join in the fun, once you join Demon Execution Temple, God of Wealth and Fire God definitely will give up, as for Infernal Demon Emperor, that did not need to be worried, Demon Execution Temple and Hell Temple were sworn enemies.” Before Shen Xiang, has considered this matter, but after he is worried to join Demon Execution Temple, own freedom certainly will be limited, he does not want to receive too many restraints. Tai Qiang saw the Shen Xiang's worry, said hastily: Actually you are not necessary to be worried that other Demon Execution Temple and Temple are different, this Temple will not tie up the person, so long as you do not want to mix in Demon Execution Temple, momentarily can leave! However enters the Demon Execution Temple person, finally will choose to stay behind, moreover must join Demon Execution Temple is not that easy.” Naturally, if you, I think that the time will be very definitely easy, perhaps Demon Execution Heavenly God personally will come out to discuss with you.” Shen Xiang already heart movement, really if said with Tai Qiang is the same, will not receive too many restraints, can be separated at any time, then joins Demon Execution Temple now truly is a good choice. Moreover, his also goal, wants to have a look, whether Demon Execution Heavenly God can help him get rid of that made him be tired of thoroughly the tracing incantation. Demon Execution Temple to the Shen Xiang's impression continuously good, because Lu Zhen is Punishing Demon Summit comes out, his Master Huang Jintian is also Punishing Demon Summit, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou and Punishing Demon Summit a little relationship, therefore this Demon Execution Temple makes him have warm feelings. Good!” Shen Xiang nodded: When you have free time, leading me to go to Demon Execution Temple, I hope that I join Demon Execution Temple this matter to keep secret temporarily.” Shen Xiang must join Demon Execution Temple, Tai Qiang is very happy, said with a smile: Now I lead you to go, looks for the Demon Execution Heavenly God big disciple directly, the fellow is also my present Master.” Although was too black, but Tai Qiang said is not in the way, still brings Shen Xiang to arrive among a great tower this Divine City. During the dark night, this reaches as high as thousand zhang (3.33 m) great tower, sends out silver-white light glow, making the entire Divine City center cover in this sacred silver white cloud light, this is Demon Execution Temple, a grand and sacred construction, has Heavenly God in.

Shen Xiang follows in Tai Qiang behind, Tai Qiang has informed his Master, is the Demon Execution Heavenly God big disciple, named Ren Tianyong, is High-Rank Profound God, has the qualifications of War-God, is the Demon Execution Temple ten great war gods' heads, in entire Gods the War-God circle has very big fame. This fierce War-God, to the Shen Xiang's feeling should be murderous-looking, is much longer is right, but after Shen Xiang sees Ren Tianyong, is unexpected. This Ren Tianyong looks like the scholarly, wears the somewhat old long unlined close-fitting gown, in the hand grasps a folding fan, folding fan above writes the beautiful character, seems like the female writes, he looks like, although delicate, but is not delicate, because he is very high, although build not tall and strong, but is not thin, is very even, his body has a thick student taste, does not kill the four directions likely greatly War-God. After Ren Tianyong sees Shen Xiang, lightly smiled, has not given people a feeling of keeping aloof. You come to here are the wise choice, little Taihe I mentioned your worry, I can guarantee, the matter that you worried about will not occur.” Ren Tianyong comes straight to the point directly, discussed the proper business. I, since joins Demon Execution Temple, I will also do according to the Demon Execution Temple rule!” Shen Xiang nodded, said with a smile: I have not wanted to make Infernal Demon Emperor know that now I join Demon Execution Temple.” Ren Tianyong laughed: On you have the tracing incantation, but you here, even if did not tell him, he will also guess correctly that but then we will also help you untie wish finally, Infernal Demon Emperor wanted is not a fool, can think of your choice.” In Shen Xiang heart wild with joy, this Demon Execution Temple unexpectedly can help he unties that damn the tracing incantation! What then I need to make now, can officially joins Demon Execution Temple?” Shen Xiang has decided to join temporarily. „If other people, we will carry out according to Demon Execution Temple always flow, but regarding you...... Our exception, makes Temple Master Heavenly God come directly.” The Tai Qiang shock said: Temple Master does Heavenly God come personally? Said that can accept the disciple?” Ren Tianyong said with a smile: „It is not, said that is the exception...... Temple Master Heavenly God knows in Shen Xiang heart not to acknowledge as teacher, therefore he does not have this idea, he such does, but makes God of Wealth Fire God and other Heavenly God no longer stare at Shen Xiang!”