World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1778

Shen Xiang arrives at Demon Execution Temple above with Ren Tianyong, he does not know that is many levels, but here is not top, here is huge and spacious circular plaza, all around wall, the ground and above some massive abstruse spirit pattern, here obviously is fierce large formation. You sat in middle that's alright, then my Master will help you complete into the palace ceremony, as well as helped you drive out the tracing incantation.” Ren Tianyong said that departs from leaf of Stone Gate. Shen Xiang arrives sits down, relaxes mind, not long, spirit pattern in all directions started to shine. Relaxes, do not resist, otherwise you will suffer loss.” In the Shen Xiang's mind broadcasts old sound, this is the Demon Execution Heavenly God sound. Yes!” Shen Xiang relaxes the whole body immediately, not long, he felt in own Godhead presented a mark, that is the Demon Execution Temple brand mark. Well? Your fleshly body is very strange! Very formidable, your present cultivation base, should not have so formidable fleshly body.” The Demon Execution Heavenly God sound resounds in the Shen Xiang's mind. Temple Master Heavenly God, this is my secret, but also please help me keep, does not want the to divulge to an outsider.” Shen Xiang said. This Demon Execution Heavenly God is very good to speak, immediately complies. Relax, I will not say! I am quite curious, reason that your fleshly body like this, should fuse supreme god bone! Can cause this type of thing has Nine Spirit Kings, but Legend only then Nine Heavens Goddess has supreme god bone.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: Initially Infernal Demon Emperor destroyed Emperor Heaven, another reason, is he wants to grasp Nine Heavens Goddess, wants to obtain that supreme god bone, now unexpectedly on you!”

Shen Xiang recorded appropriate Feng Yujie saying that this supreme god bone only then Nine Spirit Kings and she knows that now this Demon Execution Heavenly God unexpectedly also knows, Infernal Demon Emperor knows! This is my accident obtains, is not Nine Heavens Goddess!” Shen Xiang asked: This supreme god bone except for can make fleshly body formidable, other uses?” This is becomes God king must have, but your supreme god bone is not strongest that but also needs adolescence, but this can make you from now on unnecessary cultivates this supreme god bone laboriously.” Demon Execution Heavenly God sighed: This is our Heavenly God continuously the thing that wants to practice.” Temple Master Heavenly God, why did you know in the past Nine Spirit Kings mysterious disappearance?” Shen Xiang asked. I am not quite clear, although at that time I am Heavenly God, but knows not many, Nine Spirit Kings is also expert that I admire, only if you can find other God king, they will possibly know many past inside stories.” Temple Master Heavenly God said: For many years, my energy placed to cope with on Infernal Demon Emperor, once this Infernal Demon Emperor plot can prevail, Gods will present the big disaster, our Heavenly God will no doubt not have any important matter, but other people difficultly said.” Then, Demon Execution Heavenly God makes Shen Xiang continue to relax the whole body , helping him except that tracing incantation, this has used ten days, obviously this tracing incantation stubborn. Although on you did not have the tracing incantation, but you are careful! Because of Infernal Demon Emperor, or is other person of Heavenly God, might make this type of thing on you.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: This tracing incantation quite weak that if cultivates the curse god technique Heavenly God to make specially, even if I is very difficult to untie.” What means has to guard?” Shen Xiang worries. Only if you have the Profound God strength, otherwise is very difficult to defend, what I make you be careful, once discovered one have gotten down the tracing incantation, must pay attention to a point.” Demon Execution Heavenly God said: In view of the fact that Infernal Demon Emperor has gotten down that many painstaking care on you, therefore I thought that he will not give up.” Although also has by the possibility of below tracing incantation, but Shen Xiang was quite happy that at this time, so long as gives him a period of time, making him Profound God, when the time comes did not need to be worried again.

I join Demon Execution Temple, will bring to you troublesome?” Shen Xiang also somewhat is worried about this at this time. Demon Execution Heavenly God long has smiled several: I worried actually you join Demon Execution Temple, the problem that later you encounter will be more, our Demon Execution Temple most does not fear is troublesome, we and Infernal Demon Emperor struggled many years, does not need to fear him.” Shen Xiang has not seen Demon Execution Heavenly God, but can intent Demon Execution Heavenly God exchange be good, because Demon Execution Heavenly God is practicing at this time, branches out a wisp of consciousness. Goes out of this floor, Ren Tianyong immediately the approach, smiles is giving Shen Xiang at the same time jade token, with storage pouch. Later we were the people on one's own side, had any need place, although made noise that's it.” Ren Tianyong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Ren Tianyong just about to says anything, sees only his frowned, hastily puts out at the same time jade token, some people were subpoenaing to him. Had fierce Devil God to appear, I dealt with this fellow first, another day will chat again.” Ren Tianyong said that departs fast. For serveral days, Tai Qiang here, he had come out and other Shen Xiang, after seeing Shen Xiang, his saying with a laugh: Brother Shen, can your degree of freedom compared with our higher, what you then have to plan? If all right to do temporarily, joins my squad!” Shen Xiang thinks: Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang with Tai Qiang, arrives in a Temple old man there registration, joins the Tai Qiang squad, old man that is responsible for registering, obviously had known that Shen Xiang is the Demon Execution Temple young blood, although Shen Xiang not with own portrait, but that old man looked.

This little brother, you join the Tai Qiang squad, the reward that every month obtains is still thousand divine coin, because of you quite free reason, you do not have the objection.” That old man asking with a laugh. No!” Shen Xiang does not depend works to gain divine coin here, was too slow regarding him, he now temporarily and Tai Qiang together, while convenient understanding this Gods. Shen Xiang not only every month only then thousand divine coin, but also he does not have the residence, he temporarily lives Tai Qiang there now. Old Tai, does your squad have several people?” Shen Xiang asked: I join your squads, can hold back to you?” Now had the place of finding a place to live, Shen Xiang sharply was not going to alchemy to gain divine coin . Moreover the tracing incantation had has relieved, he planned then first relaxed a period of time, then drew up well to seek for the Four Beast's Divine Weapons map. Now adds on you, we had three people!” Tai Qiang said with a smile: Before we had two.” Shen Xiang also thinks that the Tai Qiang squad has ten eight, has not thought that is only two people of groups! Do not despise my squad, although we before had two people, but the result was good, the duty finish rate was very high, arranged at entire Demon Execution Temple at first 50.” Tai Qiang said very proudly.