World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1779
The Tai Qiang squad has two, listens to his expression, can attain this rank seems a very great matter, can see that his partner strength is good. In Demon Execution Temple, how many you looks like your this squad, how many people generally is composes?” Shen Xiang did not have the tracing incantation now, he also wants to stroll everywhere with Tai Qiang, carries out the task that above distributes. Altogether has more than 300! Many people of squads, are first ten these, basically is a dozens people of team, that is the big team! Moreover the duty that carries out is that very danger(ous), forms the first line, the team leader is my Master.” Tai Qiang said. The Ren Tianyong unexpectedly team, he in strongest War-God as Demon Execution Temple, the team that he leads most also is also very normal. Walks, I lead you to see my partner now, we are also these months the team of group, because we cooperate well, therefore the result is good.” Tai Qiang said with a smile: Before I just joined Demon Execution Temple time, with others' team, afterward thought that I think to compatible with that brat, then forms own squad.” Tai Qiang brings Shen Xiang to stroll in the mountain village, arrives at a quite obsolete house, outside shouted: little rascal, our squads had the young blood.” Tai Qiang is just about to open the door to go, broadcasts together the discontented sound on hearing in: Our squads cannot make others join casually, at least also through my inspection!” Shen Xiang frowned, because this sound is somewhat familiar, looks like with his acquaintance very much, but also somewhat is different. After opening the door, Shen Xiang sees some skin dark colored bald men to stand in the entrance, he very high, the personal appearance is very even, the body wears a gown, two arms that reveals appear have strength very much. Xiao Chou?” Shen Xiang was startled to shout, at present this bald man is his apprentice, but the past years was the young girl appearance, now has grown up, but the appearance has not changed many. Who are you? Do we know?” Because of Shen Xiang now or change appearance, therefore Xiao Chou cannot know Shen Xiang. Tai Qiang understood at a glance that Shen Xiang knows Xiao Chou, because he has not told Shen Xiang the Xiao Chou name, but Shen Xiang unexpectedly knows. But then, what making Tai Qiang fearful and apprehensive is, Shen Xiang unexpectedly jumps, maliciously has patted in Xiao Chou that luminous skull. Patted a resounding, Tai Qiang was shocked, he did not understand why Shen Xiang must make the action of this being sick, was all right to pat others skulls, had the hand inexpensive problem except for Shen Xiang, Tai Qiang cannot find out other reasons. Xiao Chou just must act crazy, actually sees this person of smiling face to be familiar at present, as well as that look, he recalls immediately that he from infancy to maturity, dares such to do dead to whip the person of his skull not to be many, only then such several, has Shen Xiang. Your this mixed the ball, unexpectedly already came Gods!” Shen Xiang was saying with a laugh, but also puts out a hand to feel the head of Xiao Chou.

„Is Master, really you?” Xiao Chou not only has not gotten angry, instead cheers up, has hammered a Shen Xiang fist: Your this irresponsible Master, threw down multi- youngster me.” Shen Xiang Ha Ha said with a smile: But aren't you also adolescence quickly? Xiaodao they, not with your together?” Their these fellows were too slow, cannot follow my rhythm, I am Herculean Clan am most outstanding for these years, I have the purest bloodlines and inheritance of Titan, they cannot compare me.” Saying with a smile of Xiao Chou haughty: Has not thought that Master you also know the Old Tai head, this fellow unexpectedly has not mentioned your matter with me.” Tai Qiang said with a smile: You have not said that your is Master Shen Xiang?” Because Shen Xiang in Gods is also the quite sensitive character, therefore Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou will not raise. Your these two fellows, should be feared that said knows me, draws on troublesome to you, therefore has not said.” Shen Xiang ridicules to say. Was then good, your master and apprentice in our squads, we can push the rank before.” Xiao Chou is Herculean Clan, the adolescence speed has come quite to be astonishing, but now is to lead many people enters Gods, some Shen Xiang accidents, a moment ago Xiao Chou added one have the bloodlines of Titan, this makes him more surprised. Xiao Chou brings Shen Xiang and Tai Qiang to own house, put out many good things to entertain them, simultaneously discussed the later matter. „Does this squad rank what's the matter? Ranks very importantly?” Shen Xiang just joined this Demon Execution Temple, did not know about these very much. Naturally important, so long as ranks to proceed, divine coin that we obtain every month can turn one time, the task difficulty of receiving will be also higher.” Tai Qiang said. Then ranks calculates according to what?” Shen Xiang also asked. According to points, duty that completes are more, points that obtains is higher! Moreover completes the difficulty big task, points are more! Our two were to also brave hard work several tickets was big, wind to 50 th, but our goals entered to first 30, now has you to join, I thought that must enter the first 20 issues not to be big.” Tai Qiang said. Xiao Chou laughs: You underestimated my Master, had him, first ten did not have the issue! Perhaps we only do not have War-God, only then three people, can actually push in the first ten squads.” Tai Qiang took a deep breath: If can enter first ten, the squad can obtain three middle-grade god attires, worst middle-grade divine tool, is better several million divine coin!”

Not? Now what I use is worst low-grade divine tool, tens of thousands divine coin stall goods.” Xiao Chou puts out a lance, looks like very good. Tai Qiang also puts out own Divine Weapon, is very big scissors: My this were more than your difference, only value three ten thousand divine coin.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: My Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Emperor Heaven, is topest existence, to here, could not compare you!” Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Vermilion Bird Soul Bow, this can only be quite general Divine Weapon. Should be able value several thousand over ten thousand divine coin.” Tai Qiang took up to come to see: Only then enters first ten to have the reward, we try hard!” Xiao Chou said with a smile: Master, your alchemy is so fierce, here mixes ten years eight years, must buy one set of middle-grade god to install is not the issue.” Shen Xiang has alchemy to gain the divine coin thought that his goal does not purchase Divine Weapon! So long as he found ancient Four Beast's Divine Weapons that's alright. Then our present that's alright move! Does not rest, looks for the duty to do directly.” Xiao Chou said: We now are the 50 th squad, does not need to wait for the assignment, can lead directly.” For long-awaited middle-grade divine tool, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang have been full of the working zeal at this time. Shen Xiang follows in them behind, arrives on that big Demon Execution Temple, Shen Xiang has counted, the floor that they are at should be twenty layers. Here has many people, moreover many Profound God! In the past Shen Xiang in Divine Prison, Azure Dragon had said that after Profound God carried on the inspection, will obtain a silver god sign, above wrote the Profound God two characters, these Profound God that Shen Xiang saw, was the waist is hanging the god sign, majority were Low-Rank Profound God. How that many people? Had an accident?” Xiao Chou sees 20-30 Low-Rank Profound God all of a sudden here, does not dare to be so crazy, after all he is only small True God. High-Rank Profound God!” Shen Xiang suddenly sees a thin man, he is bringing the silver mask of half face, at the back of both hands, the waist is hanging on the silver god sign, by that Profound God writes one on character. Two Senior Brother......”

Two Martial Uncle......” One group of people say the hello to these two Senior Brother hastily, Profound God call this artificial two Senior Brother generally, other people are shouted that he for two Martial Uncle, should be the Demon Execution Heavenly God two apprentices. Beforehand Ren Tianyong and these two Senior Brother, should be the Demon Execution Heavenly God quite fierce disciples, but is not Heavenly God! But that God of Wealth outstanding disciple, is Heavenly God, for example Brilliant God and Plentiful God. Afterward came seven waists to hang High-Rank Profound God expert, was the Demon Execution Heavenly God disciples, became nine Martial Uncle females by numerous disciples, nine Junior Sister in other High-Rank Profound God mouths, was most noticeable, because she was here only female High-Rank Profound God, moreover whose came with her also had several Low-Rank Profound God. Shen Xiang has counted secretly, at this time here Profound God had more than 50, this Demon Execution Temple strength was very strong. Old ten, said many times, the War-God sign must receive.” At this time looked like somewhat simple and honest big walks, hearing that two Senior Brother saying that his hastily received waist that blood jade common sign. Shen Xiang looked at one, discovered that above writes the War-God two characters, moreover has three characters in side! Old ten this fellow, unexpectedly was 3rd Stage War-God, previous time saw him, was only two, adolescence that quickly.” The seventh child said. „, Nine Junior Sister are fierce, now is 4th Stage War-God, our these old fellow were slow, must be caught up by the junior, you may other goof off.” What speech is a fatty of smiling, now many person whole faces are serious, but he is grinning, this fatty a moment ago by into the fifth child, was the Demon Execution Heavenly God five apprentices. Before Tai Qiang and Shen Xiang have mentioned, had ten great war gods in Demon Execution Temple, should be the Demon Execution Heavenly God ten apprentices, strongest was Ren Tianyong, but actually not here. Everybody Jing Jing (quietly), then started to say the proper business!” That two Senior Brother stand in front, float, letting the people to see him clearly. The person who at this time this floor gathers has more than 200, strongest is these two Senior Brother without doubt, other are the teams leader of some squads, was subpoenaed a moment ago in Tai Qiang, making him a bit faster come here set, at that time he and Shen Xiang Xiao Chou arrived. Called to come here everybody, was because had the work to do! Infernal Demon Emperor this fellow, does not know where he fiddles with large quantities of Devil Ghost, this batch of Devil Ghost are not our Gods the product, should be other places, the strength is quite formidable, it is said also has other day of Divine Level Devil Heaven king! Our time duties, completely stop up this crowd of things, making Divine City have the sufficient time to complete the defense, avoids when the time comes being captured by Divine City.” unexpectedly to prevent Divine City was captured, people in an uproar!