World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1780
„The second child, you have not gotten sick, our can Divine City be captured? I remember, our Demon Soul Executing City has not experienced this matter! If that crowd of Devil Ghost is so fierce, audiences Temple must send.” That fifth child with a laugh said. This matter is related with Infernal Demon Emperor, according to the audiences Temple rule, before Divine City had not been threatened, audiences Temple will not get rid! I also had not said that Divine City will certainly be captured, we are preparing now.” Two Senior Brother said: Can kill fierce Devil Ghost, points will definitely have, kills slightly does not have, but small must kill! Master his old man said that if Devil Ghost projects on under the city wall, we deduct points completely, divine coin Divine Weapon that before rewarded took back completely.” „Can the water how can like this, sprinkle how receive?” „, Temple Master Heavenly God cannot like this.” My divine coin has squandered, he cannot receive.” The people complained. Your this group of useless fellows, self-confidently do not have! I did not say a moment ago, the premise that receives is, cannot make Devil Ghost arrive under the city wall, so long as everybody goof off, this definitely does not have the issue. Has not started, thinks one cannot achieve, if made Eldest Senior Brother hear, you must be deducted points.” What speech is that nine Junior Sister, was reproven by her, the people shut up in abundance. Shen Xiang thought that this Demon Execution Temple quite unites, moreover expert is not very severe, when speech is also very friendly. Two can Martial Uncle, give point these Devil Ghost materials? This helps us battling.” Shen Xiang asked that whom although he has not requested to be a master, but he saw others such to shout that he also such shouted.

Shen Xiang joins Demon Execution Temple, this Demon Execution Temple other War-God do not know, the person who now knows are not many, obviously is Demon Execution Heavenly God intends to conceal. Temporarily does not have the material, if everybody when the time comes collects, passes to Third Elder, making him pass to everybody.” That two Senior Brother think that said: Prepared to embark, the position in the city gate dead ahead, walked in that direction, can see dozens huge space cracks, Devil Ghost to run from inside.” The people diverge immediately, Shen Xiang their this squads worry actually very much, making ten big squads take the lead, this is in the hearts of other platoon leader thinks together. This Infernal Demon Emperor causes these, to divulge to Demon Execution Temple discontentedly?” Shen Xiang always thought that this is Infernal Demon Emperor because of him, makes such one to Demon Execution Temple. The teams leader of first ten squad, are the Demon Execution Heavenly God disciples, the population of these squads dozens, inside has several Profound God, the overall strength is very strong. Heard that these Demon Execution Temple present ten great war gods, is only the Demon Execution Heavenly God third group of disciples, those who are fiercest is the first group of disciples, there are ten, but is missing! But the second batch continuously in Demon Execution Temple, but little makes an appearance, it is said the present ten great war gods have not seen.” whispered of Tai Qiang near the Shen Xiang ear: Demon Execution Temple is not weak.” The doubts in Shen Xiang heart have relieved, because the God of Wealth haughty disciples are Heavenly God, Demon Execution Heavenly God in Gods was also quite strong Heavenly God, the disciple possibly was not only profound Divine Level leaves, the actually present ten disciples, unexpectedly is the third batch. The Demon Execution Temple squad leaves Demon Soul Executing City enormously and powerful, although only then over a thousand, but the overall strength is fearful, walks on the street, frightens many passers-by to be fearful and apprehensive, especially takes the lead that nine War-God, is only that imposing manner, can frighten the person balls to tremble. Master, your present status is best other exposed, and other do not use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.” Xiao Chou gives Shen Xiang sound transmission.

Shen Xiang nodded. Then you do have good weapon?” Xiao Chou asked. No, I do not need now also good, if not really good, when the time comes doesn't have you?” Shen Xiang has not felt actually anxious. Just joined Demon Execution Temple, Shen Xiang has not studied Demon Execution Temple cultivation technique, moreover he now is also not True God, therefore some Xiao Chou worries. Shen Xiang had supreme god bone, therefore he is very confident to his strength, let alone he also has space strength, as well as cultivates Heaven Refining Technique, if must cope with ordinary Devil Ghost, he does not have the too tremendous pressure. A people city gate, after having spun more than double-hour, sees front to have several jet black cracks to be vertical from the upper air, every large or small Devil Ghost are coming out from facing set unceasingly, dissimilar in shape and form, the color has several types, is much longer, these Devil Ghost common features, are very ugly, the body overflows is bringing the odor mucilage, biggest has the great mountain to be ordinary, smallest is some flights, is similar to the locust in groups. These Devil Ghost concentrate together, has not attacked immediately, obviously is when other quantities were enough, launches the attack again. This is what world comes?” Shen Xiang is not the first time has met such scene, before he also met many Evil Devil to be evil, but faces now, strength stronger is bigger. Some abnormal world breed, these world are the nature formations, but was been evilly filthy by strength, breeds this Devil Ghost, in their consciousness, fills cruel and slaughters! This matter Demon Execution Temple was not one time meets twice! Moreover original intention that Demon Execution Temple establishes, copes with this type of thing!” Tai Qiang sees these things, wrinkles the thick eyebrows: Because only then in Hell has strong evil strength, therefore the Temple Master Heavenly God suspicion is Infernal Demon Emperor has done!”

Infernal Demon Emperor may make anything to test very much, wants to breed large quantities of this formidable Evil Devil to be wicked fast, making him have stronger strength.” At this time suddenly broadcast the Ren Tianyong sound. Attention, if not Profound God, do not go to cope with the forehead congealing crystal Devil Ghost, especially the crystal gloss is quite bright, these Devil Ghost are very formidable!” The people from the Devil Ghost group, search these forehead congealing crystals Devil Ghost that Ren Tianyong said immediately. Looks slightly, the people's in one on heart startled, because these Devil Ghost quantities are many. The forehead of Devil Ghost, has the place of eye, although the eyes of some Devil Ghost have several 20, but where can see the forehead, Devil Ghost of forehead congealing crystal is very attractive, nearby the eye is inlaying gem Devil Ghost likely, was Ren Tianyong a moment ago reminded must pay attention. I am Middle-Rank True God, Old Tai am High-Rank True God, Master...... you, although is also not True God, but many weird methods, we add, top Low-Rank Profound God reluctantly, should put together congealing crystal Devil Ghost.” Xiao Chou said. Shen Xiang and Tai Qiang also want to try to cut to kill these fierce Devil Ghost, but the Shen Xiang comparison cares about the crystal that these concentrate, perhaps is the good thing, can let his refined into pill.