World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1781

Front Devil Ghost reaches tens of millions, colorful collecting together, like is the colored sea fluctuates, moreover in that dozens cracks, but also braves unceasingly, the overlapping pile is pressing , many Devil Ghost ran over. These Devil Ghost have not attacked now, stands completely is freezing, likely in wait command. Devil Ghost of these forehead congealing crystals, the strength endures compared with Profound God, is quite fierce, but has not opened the spirit wisdom, does not have the independent consciousness! Then, if in these Devil Ghost has the consciousness, to be fierce. To!” Two Senior Brother loudly shouted, oneself first flushed, in the hand a long sword flew to shoot, pink color of instantaneous head front forehead congealing crystal is great. That blames penetrated place greatly, spout the pink liquid, is similar to the fountain is the same, sprinkles all around is, what is fearful, these liquids sprinkle , on other Devil Ghost, other Devil Ghost unexpectedly can absorb, after absorbing these liquids, looks like probably is evolving, the shape and Pink Devil blame some demonstrations. Must with burn down fiercely!” Two Senior Brother see this scenery, immediately loudly shouted, circles in flight above Divine Sword emits flame, sword tip to the tread, oneself revolves rapidly, curls up fire Tornado, produces very fierce Divine Fire. That Pink Devil really fears the fire strangely, after meeting the flame, body these pink flesh and blood little were fired the ashes, at the same time, two Senior Brother also unceasingly rumble in the distant place Divine Power, Divine Power turns into the sword, is bringing the gale, assails, Devil Ghost that covers Pink Devil strangely all around evolved. Turns into Divine Power of innumerable sword back and forth to penetrate on these Devil Ghost, moreover releases Divine Fire, burns down in Devil Ghost within the body. Soon, in the Devil Ghost group burns big flame! The people see the flame to be effective, had own one set of operation plan, however when their rush over, distant place several such as the mountain-like blue color is great, opens the big mouth, to place that the flame is, spouts blue liquids, drenches sprinkles on the flame, extinguishes the Demon Execution Divine Fire pouring that two Senior Brother this High-Rank Profound God release instantaneously. Moreover extinguishes that thoroughly, a moment ago flame of flaming combustion, instantaneously on vanish from sight, after thereby Devil Ghost absorption blue liquid, oneself fast is also turning into the blue color, such one, these Devil Ghost no longer fear the flame. Good fearful adaptive faculty, it seems like must exterminate completely is not easy, everybody paid attention.” That nine Junior Sister dignified [say / way], she fluttering body has plundered to be great to dark violet color, she is waving both hands, falls the cotton wool to dance in the breeze, airborne lowers snowflakes, the cold wind howls, horizontal volume that crowd of Devil Ghost, suddenly, that crowd of Devil Ghost turn into snow white clear. Broken!” She drinks one lightly, frozen Devil Ghost suddenly disruption, turns into the ice sludge. Worthily is few formidable female War-God, the strength is not the lid.” Xiao Chou exclaims: Kills that many Devil Ghost all of a sudden, several are of head long gem.”

When the people exclaimed in surprise when these nine Junior Sister strengths, ice-breaking suddenly melting that these break to pieces, inside these Devil Ghost stump residual limbs turn into the colorful liquid, melts the ice sludge, when causes liquid that ground these mount completely, but also sending out is luminous, many colors gather together, looks like very strange. The people stop the footsteps, because these colorful liquids are wriggling, after collecting together, unexpectedly will move, has probably the life to be the same! This big piece of Devil Ghost liquid suddenly surges fiercely, piles up, is similar to a palace is so huge. Quick, a colossus appears before the people, this is one on has solitarily variously color great strange, several hundred are similar to the fierce positive eyes, sends out the burning hot the ray, suddenly when is the lasing leaves to bring scalding hot strength light glow. These Devil Ghost what's the matter? unexpectedly dies and is reborn, moreover can fuse together, changes stronger. We are the first time meet so formidable Devil Ghost.” That fifth child retreat with a laugh several steps: Eldest Senior Brother, told us to cope with these Devil Ghost knacks quickly, otherwise continued like this, these Devil Ghost must project on city gate!” The Devil Ghost group has not attacked, is dull in same place, even if giant Devil Ghost that just fused, is only that eye sends out the calorescence, not active threat person. With executing Devil Qi, or executes Devil God Palm, as well as various Executing Demon Divine Art! Must achieve destroys all evil Devil Qi breaths one time, otherwise wants the evil aura also, these Devil Ghost can the rebirth.” Ren Tianyong said. Eldest Senior Brother, you where?” I in the space crack, am fighting with Devil Ghost, you did not use, so long as were responsible for blocking this batch of Devil Ghost not to approach Divine City.” Must use Executing Demon Divine Art, these Executing Demon Divine Art Shen Xiang, he has not attained cultivation technique now, after all he just crossed the threshold for day, has not thought that will have such matter. With fully!” That two Senior Brother are serious, sees only his took a deep breath, afterward fierce taking control, intense golden light appears, huge incomparable golden palm, is similar to the vault of heaven general depresses rapidly. Bang! Shen Xiang also just saw that only giant palm, giant palm fell to the ground, in the forehand that just fused giant Devil Ghost that becomes. Dazzling golden light spews out suddenly, such as wave fallout surges in that tens of millions Devil Ghost groups, approaches that to execute Devil God Palm small Devil Ghost, all falls along with the giant palm pressure instantaneous vanishes in puff of smoke.

This is the High-Rank Profound God strength, moreover this fellow has not exhausted strength probably.” Shen Xiang opens that by stabbing pain eye, that two Senior Brother have disappeared, all Profound God in the actually position, unexpectedly all did not break in the Devil Ghost group, uses Executing Demon Divine Art that oneself most excel, cuts to kill these forehead congealing crystals Devil Ghost, is similar to the harvesting straw is the same. Several Profound God fight, that scene shocks together, especially that all kinds of Executing Demon Divine Art, making the person look is dazzled. The Executing Demon Divine Art lethality to these Devil Ghost very big, after the people see, in abundance breaks in the Devil Ghost group, starts to slaughter. Master, you have not studied Executing Demon Divine Art, waits to probably be careful well, with tightening us.” Xiao Chou said that in the past he saw Shen Xiang, always wants to get one with Shen Xiang well, has wanted to surmount Shen Xiang. But this time he sees Shen Xiang, does not have that thought that obviously is thinks that Shen Xiang present cultivation base, was unable to compete with him, he thinks, when Shen Xiang's cultivation base approaches his time. Shen Xiang nodded, he has been observing these forehead congealing crystals Devil Ghost, these crystallization are the energy collect for many years to form very much obviously, can make Devil Ghost strength stronger, obviously is not the ordinary thing. These congealing crystal unexpectedly nobody want!” Shen Xiang sees Devil Ghost that was cut to kill, falls many these crystallization, in the heart secretly rejoices, hastily use space strength, separates takes the thing spatially, gets so far as in own hand. Executing Demon Divine Art is formidable, especially these Profound God display, the might is infinite, a palm can hit Devil Ghost vanishes in puff of smoke, but these crystallization are perfect! little rascal, you do not cope with Devil Ghost well, picks these things to do? In this type of thing should contain the air/Qi of many Evil Devil, moreover cannot receive in exchange for divine coin.” That two Senior Brother discovered that some people with a very wise method, pick the crystallization that the ground falls. I am used to study! I just joined Demon Execution Temple today, has not studied Executing Demon Divine Art with enough time, therefore strength is limited, please two Martial Uncle understanding.” Shen Xiang hastily explanation. That two Senior Brother said: That should keep Demon Execution Temple, you came here too danger(ous), hurried!” Saying, his in the air finger, the fingertip makes together golden light, golden light flies to shoot to turn into a great net, covers one to attack Shen Xiang's Devil Ghost, that great net suddenly revolves, coils the powder Devil Ghost. Goes back quickly, do not die here.” Two Senior Brother said that also goes to other place, copes fiercely these great strange. Shen Xiang looked at all around, immediately criticizes, Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang these two fellows, kill very vigorously, Executing Demon Divine Art that they grasp is also very good, quick kills all around small Devil Ghost, has killed to the front these cracks.

Demon Execution Temple Demon Execution squad fierce, falls massive Devil Ghost on the slaughter all of a sudden, but in these cracks also unceasingly braves, resembles flood such to gush out unceasingly, moreover Devil Ghost that now comes out, started to attack the person, in the mouth emitted that sending out ray liquid, these liquid very danger(ous), so long as moved, will receive various different wounds, the burn, frostbite and poisonous wound, or were the muscle dissolution wait / etc., the injured person will withdraw from the battlefield immediately, therapy after pills in the rear area, continued to fight again. When this must keep off, this way is endless.” Shen Xiang has picked several hundred these crystals, he has space domain to protect itself, these retarded Devil Ghost cannot attack him, is directly passes through from him. Your this does little rascal, how also here pick these thing?” That nine Junior Sister said that she is second time meets Shen Xiang. In more than double-hour, Shen Xiang was met by several War-God, was shouted leaves, but Shen Xiang said one will not have the matter. Excuse me, arrived at nine Martial Uncle domains! The words said how long we can resist? Does not stop up these cracks, this way is not the means.” Shen Xiang tears the topic hastily. This I am not clear, can only wait for Master his old man to come!” Nine Junior Sister move sideways to arrive at Shen Xiang behind, holds the Shen Xiang's collar, said: Your luck is good, is all right to the present, you a bit faster leave this battlefield, you do not understand Executing Demon Divine Art , to continue to stay here to be able very danger(ous).” When nine Junior Sister must lose Shen Xiang, a Shen Xiang under foot stroke, has used space of points strength afterward slightly, works loose nine Junior Sister, has slipped into the distant place. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Does not need to be worried my, I am all right to the present , because these Devil Ghost could not injure me.” suddenly, Devil Ghost emitting liquid of distant place, turns into the flying arrow to shoot at Shen Xiang generally.