World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1782
That nine Junior Sister are just about to get rid, actually suddenly induced to have the strange spatial variation to Shen Xiang around, Shen Xiang releases space domain, the liquid that Devil Ghost emitted must bump into the Shen Xiang's time, unexpectedly separates penetrates the Shen Xiang's body spatially. Shen Xiang shrinks very slightly space domain, wraps outside his body, this can also reduce the loss! Space strength? Your control strength to the space is so fierce, how do you achieve?” That nine Junior Sister are very curious, but cannot allow her to closely examine now, because in the space crack, presented a ten zhang (3.33 m) high blood red giant together. unexpectedly is human form Devil Ghost, and has a wise eye, this human form Devil Ghost forehead, a very big crystal. Nine Junior Sister fly immediately, that two Senior Brother also together go! Shen Xiang is taking a crystal in hand, his palm presents one small Tai Chi Diagram, under chart also has the silver-white flame. Builds up!” The Shen Xiang intention moves, the white flame follows Tai Chi Diagram revolving of revolving to dance in the air, silver Qi mist overflows steaming, is attractive. That now crystal of his palm, under dual smeltings that in Creation Fire and too extremely builds up, wraps turns into the black fog dispersion in the outside that matter shell, but internal pure Divine Power, unexpectedly is the substantive liquid. Concentrates!” Quick, that group of liquids contract fast, turns into a grain of shelled peanut size not long pill pellet. Worthily is Devil Ghost that profound Divine Level can not cope with, crystal internal Divine Power is so rich!” Shen Xiang is very excited, the Divine Power Yuan pill quality that Divine Power of this rank, concentrates is very good. He puts in the mouth pill who that grain just built up, then the stride walks toward front that crack, simultaneously displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, branches out several wisps of Divine Soul, searches the congealing crystal that these fall. „The Heaven Refining Technique biggest use, is turning trash into treasure! Hehe, arrives at the thing again disappointingly, to my hand , I have also been able it refined into pill.” Releases space domain Shen Xiang, probably is transparent such, penetrates these Devil Ghost groups directly, these Devil Ghost cannot attack him. Very thick flame energy, refinement destruction god Fire Pellet should be good!” Shen Xiang looked at Devil Ghost of house size, looks like probably is five toads, the body bulge grains of fiery red holes, are spurting the massive red liquids, but is useless to Shen Xiang.

Shen Xiang launches the both arms, the both feet falls into the ground, Creation Fire floods into the ground from the both feet, flows to under that flame Devil Ghost, forms a circle, turns into Tai Chi Diagram. „It is not congealing crystal Devil Ghost, should be very good to refine!” The Shen Xiang enhancement fire intensity, Tai Chi Diagram also emits the ancient character and spirit pattern. Limitless building up!” The Shen Xiang's book assigns Divine Ability releases this Creation Fire, this type of flame can create, can decompose the myriad things. Limitless building up opens, a Silver Flame fierce Tai Chi Diagram spout, the flame turn into dragon volume, wraps that flame Devil Ghost. Several instances, flame Devil Ghost on vanish from sight, turns into one group of fiery red liquid, coagulates on Tai Chi Diagram. Shen Xiang reduces Tai Chi Diagram, simultaneously gives that Tai Chi Diagram to increase space domain, this can disregard the surrounding Devil Ghost attack. Concentrates!” In the Shen Xiang heart drinks, that also very huge fiery red liquid, rapid congealing becomes granulose pill pellet. After so compresses, internal flame energy is more formidable, the explosive force is stronger, once detonates, the might is very fearful. Shen Xiang is looking at destruction god Fire Pellet in hand, very satisfied nod. Here also has very pure ice cold Divine Power Devil Ghost much, is used to refine destruction frozen pill should better.” Shen Xiang also had new goal. In the Devil Ghost group, he picks to take these Devil Ghost crystals, while seeks for the good alchemy material, is used refines that type to be used in the attack to destroy pill! „More than 600 grains of crystals, were many enough!” Shen Xiang picked, but now Demon Execution Temple several War-God, are coping with that human form Devil Ghost.

Really fierce!” Shen Xiang sees several greatly executes Devil God Palm to hit, that human form Devil Ghost melts the half body, but the flash grew. At this time this blood red human form Devil Ghost are getting more and more, in that dozens cracks, almost walks one. Several War-God collaborate, is hard to handle these human form Devil Ghost, let alone other people. Returns to the city!” Ten golden light fly to shoot from these space cracks, that is the Ren Tianyong squad. Hears to return to the city two characters, other War-God are separated from the fight, follows behind to evacuate in that Ren Tianyong. „Did this walk? These Devil Ghost project certainly on under the city wall.” The fifth child said: When the time comes we also will be deducted points.” We could not cope, can only look at old Senior they.” Ren Tianyong sighed. Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang also came back, with the Shen Xiang same place, the people follows in ten great war gods behind, hearing old Senior to go into action, cannot help but is startled. Is old Senior Brother they go into action?” That nine Junior Sister asked. Good, perhaps old Senior Brother must come out, now I have not known that first went back to tell the Master situation to say again.” The Ren Tianyong words make the people shake. Old Senior Brother, is the Demon Execution Heavenly God first group of disciples! The second group of ten disciples are also ten Heavenly God, they were called by Ren Tianyong for old Senior Brother, usually little makes an appearance, but Ren Tianyong they have seen, as for that Legend in old Senior Brother, they are so long in Demon Execution Temple, has not seen. Words that strength of that rank sets out, the explanation matter was serious!

Right Boss, our Demon Execution Temple came little rascal today, is you are responsible for receiving? We do not know.” That two Senior Brother said that disciple very little and very few that Demon Execution Temple joins every day, if has newly arrived, they will obtain the news generally immediately, is responsible for teaching new disciple Executing Demon Divine Art. Good, I am responsible for receiving, did he also come?” Ren Tianyong asked that the Shen Xiang's status was different, therefore he has not informed other people, moreover had the urgent matter at that time. He has not studied Executing Demon Divine Art, I made him go back.” Two Senior Brother said. At this time several other War-God also mentioned Shen Xiang, said that Shen Xiang has not gone back, in battlefield leisurely picking stone. That little rascal is very fierce, grasps to the space is very strong, the attacks of these congealing crystal Devil Ghost, are not effective to him, hit probably hit on him on the air, has passed through directly, but his matter does not have.” Nine Junior Sister said: This little rascal, should in behind!” Ren Tianyong Ha Ha has smiled several, whispered: This little rascal is not ordinary little rascal, is the Master own ownself suffer responsibility lead(er) crosses the threshold.” What? Isn't Master is closing up? His does unexpectedly for this little rascal, go out to do this matter?” That nine Junior Sister surprisedly said. Um! Later you know, after waiting, we make him have a look to plan that learns Executing Demon Divine Art from whom, but he good seedling, I very to hope that he can choose with me studies! However chooses your words, should not be happy, because he will not be your apprentices, he also had Master.” Ren Tianyong said that let his Junior Brother Junior Sister more curious Shen Xiang's status.