World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1784
cultivation technique that one create, unexpectedly does not know is anything, Shen Xiang first time sees, but according to this cultivation technique difficulty, truly is very strong, if can use the first type, that can definitely make own strength promote several times. Now I speak the first type with you along change, I unified my attainment......” Demon Execution Heavenly God to explain very carefully, enough and Shen Xiang said for three days three nights. Shen Xiang hears is very earnest, in the mind, ponders over repeatedly, but was still hard to find the breach. It seems like comprehended with a period of time was good, really and Heaven Refining Technique was equally strange.” Shen Xiang left third ten layers. Demon Execution Heavenly God was only and he explained the first type, but actually enough he studied is very long. Shen Xiang goes out of Demon Execution Temple, suddenly felt one intermittent weak shivers to transmit. „Did Devil Ghost attack a city?” Shen Xiang heard the boom of being depressed to transmit, at this time many Demon Execution Temple disciples went to the city wall to watch the fun, because that second group of disciples have gotten rid, was other day Divine Level expert. Shen Xiang also wants to have a look, but he currently has a more important matter to do. Master, where do you go to? Doesn't watch the fun?” Xiao Chou suddenly runs, he waited for the Shen Xiang three days here. Does not go, how I must have a look here pill furnace to sell.” Shen Xiang said: I lack pill furnace now, my beforehand pill furnace soon fell behind.” Although Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is good pill furnace, the flame that but releases along with Shen Xiang is getting stronger and stronger, refinement pill more and more high level, Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace somewhat could not resist. I go, Old Tai has helped us occupy the position above, that is old Senior their fight, it is said these Devil Ghost also came to be very strong, must get for several months.” Xiao Chou sees Shen Xiang is still the facial expression that a face is not interested, shook the head, then runs toward the city wall. Shen Xiang arrives at Demon Soul Executing City well not to stroll, this Demon Soul Executing City is also big Divine City, the thing that here sells also has many. Hello, you do not have a look at old Senior Brother they to hit Devil Ghost? These Devil Ghost are you brings.” Shen Xiang's shoulder suddenly had been patted, what speech is a female, is that nine Junior Sister. Shen Xiang sighed: Regarding this I feel very guilty, I have not thought that I will bring to Demon Execution Temple troublesome.” Actually this does not have anything, these Devil Ghost appear to us is not the misdemeanors, at least can practice acquiring a skill to us.” That nine Junior Sister lightly smiled, she is bringing the mask at this time, is covering the above half face, her beautiful smiling face makes people want her mask to pick. Nine Martial Uncle, don't you watch the fun?” Shen Xiang also smiled, at present this female Heavenly God looked when his look is curious, Shen Xiang thought that she is asked mostly east asked the west, satisfied own curiosity.

Looked for 2-3 days, is very bored! Right, what cultivation technique Master does he pass to you?” Nine Junior Sister crack into a chuckle: Told me, perhaps I have practiced, in the past I had also practiced many Executing Demon Divine Art, found itself appropriately, perhaps I can direct your!” Shen Xiang looked at all around, said: Here did not speak conveniently.” Afterward nine Junior Sister brought Demon Execution Temple third layer Shen Xiang, here was her domain, Shen Xiang also knows her name, named Wang Jinshi. What? Master does unexpectedly pass to you Seven Demon Killings type?” After Wang Jinshi hears Shen Xiang said that surprisedly said. What issue has?” Shen Xiang thought that this Seven Demon Killings type should be very strong, although he has not learned now, but he is satisfied. Naturally has the issue, this Seven Demon Killings type radically is Executing Demon Divine Art that does not pass, although Master said all day our crucial moment is insufficient, but he only has also learned two types half, and has studied many many years.” Occasionally Wang Jinshi curls the lip saying: Our ten crossed the threshold in the past, his first teaches to our Executing Demon Divine Art, is this Seven Demon Killings type, we in this above has wasted for several thousand years, finally is a point does not have the society.” Fortunately, but delays us to study the Executing Demon Divine Art progress, has not lost our practice time, now was one's turn you, this Seven Demon Killings type cheated really very much.” Shen Xiang nodded: Truly so, but I think very fierce, I plan to try a period of time.” Wang Jinshi takes off the mask, appears her beautiful maturity oval face, said with a smile lowly: You, although has not done obeisance my Master for the master, but he teaches that Seven Demon Killings type to you, said that was also his half apprentice, later you were my small Junior Brother, only then I and your time, you can shout me Senior Sister.” Shen Xiang has gawked, then said with a smile: Senior Sister is good!” Small Junior Brother, this, you practice the Demon Execution profound cold merit with me, lets you cope with Evil Devil time, can Executing Demon Divine Art use.” Wang Jinshi whispered. Senior Sister, you should know that I am the alchemy master, my assigns Divine Ability to be related with the flame, do I practice this Demon Execution profound cold merit to be appropriate?” Shen Xiang said with a smile dry, this Wang Jinshi unexpectedly was so warm-hearted, if were appropriate, he will not dislike. Should not be inappropriate!” Wang Jinshi sighed: Then, you run into the Infernal Demon Emperor person, is careful!” The Shen Xiang nod said: Thanks the Senior Sister care! Right Senior Sister, I want to buy good pill furnace, here which shop is quite good?” Wang Jinshi pounds on the table, said with a smile: Naturally is looks for the second child, the second child is Refining Master, he is busy these days, anxiously is refining Divine Weapon to sell, he needs divine coin.” Shen Xiang thinks now that in oneself hand does not have many divine coin.

Two Martial Uncle can there give credit?” Shen Xiang somewhat awkward asking: I a little am on hand tight!” Cannot, this fellow be very stingy, divine coin haggles over with you, I have several times to be in need for cash, wants to give credit in his is not good!” Mentioned that two Senior Brother, Wang Jinshi hates the tooth to be itchy: You could rest assured that Senior Sister I am very natural, you need many divine coin, when the time comes I lend your that's it.” Senior Sister you so are good to me, I later will remember certainly your benevolence.” Shen Xiang very grateful saying with a smile. Does not use politely! Small Junior Brother, your space strength is so fierce, how to accomplish?” Wang Jinshi stares the big eye to ask, she is interested in this. This was my secret, Senior Sister you do not say that I told you.” Shen Xiang sees Wang Jinshi to nod hastily, then whispered: Because I fused Law of Space profound bead, therefore I can control the strength of Law of Space.” Wang Jinshi exclaims in surprise again and again: so that's how it is, no wonder Infernal Demon Emperor has taken you not to have the means! Bead of Mysterious Laws is really the good thing, I for many years was also seeking for the ice cold principle profound bead, but had still not found.” Shen Xiang touches the chin: Gods, these are Bead of Mysterious Laws also few?” Is few, but must give change has the clue, for example ice cold Bead of Mysterious Laws, majority under the god cold dangerous places, have a place bottom snow and ice world under that I have gone many times, but had not found.” Wang Jinshi sighed: „Some previous people sell, but is expensive, needs 1 billion divine coin, finally was bought by a God of Wealth apprentice.” Walks, we ask the second child to buy pill furnace, if his there you have not satisfied, but can also have custom-made one.” Wang Jinshi is drawing Shen Xiang, goes down staircase, to avenue on. Wang Jinshi has taken the mask, Shen Xiang by her, thought that some are not comfortable, this after is High-Rank Profound God, moreover female War-God. On the road, Shen Xiang knew that two Senior Brother named Yuan Baibing, is quite famous Refining Master, especially in Demon Soul Executing City, many Profound God asks him to have custom-made Divine Weapon divine tool, therefore he in the Senior Brother younger brother is richest one. The Yuan Baibing shop position is very good, has more than ten very big store fronts, altogether three, store front inside is placing many rank different Divine Weapon divine tool. low level sacred tool also has, but is not Yuan Baibing refines, but is in his shop other Refining Master. „The second child, your here which is alchemic furnace best?” Wang Jinshi arrives at the counter, has patted a release in the jade plate of counter. The jade plate vibrated, broadcasts the Yuan Baibing sound: „Do you want alchemic furnace to do? Do you want to change professions alchemy? But you do not practice ice cold Divine Power?” Two Martial Uncle, are I must buy!” Shen Xiang said.

Yuan Baibing hears the Shen Xiang's sound, walks from secret room, arrives at the counter final, he has sized up Shen Xiang, then asked in a low voice: What fierce Executing Demon Divine Art did Master pass to you?” Is Seven Demon Killings type that pit father's thing.” Wang Jinshi spits the tongue. Has sinned, Master has entrapped ignorant youngster.” Yuan Baibing shook the head to sigh, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Does not need to be worried that boiled that's alright, Master his old man several thousand years later, can certainly see that you were not suitable to practice the Seven Demon Killings type, when the time comes cultivated again other also good.” Second child, or you pass to him your Executing Demon Profound Fire Art now.” Wang Jinshi said. „It is not good, words that Master knows, I may be miserable!” Yuan Baibing shakes the head hastily, then asked Shen Xiang: This pill furnace is here is best, is middle-grade divine tool, value six million divine coin! Sold to your words, 5.99 million, if other people, I received their 600 five hundred thousand.” This......” Shen Xiang hears this number, was frightened. Is so expensive! I have five million divine coin now.” Wang Jinshi is nipping the lower lip lightly, she has complied with Shen Xiang, must help Shen Xiang buy good pill furnace. Then most convenient? low-grade divine tool that's alright!” Shen Xiang thought that wants is divine furnace then, explode pill furnace will not have exploded the smashing pill furnace. 30 divine coin pill furnace, although is low-grade divine tool, but said, that thing also can only be used to put the water, that is most disappointing Refining Master refines, old man now also in our shop.” Yuan Baibing said: You determined that wants that most convenient?” Shen Xiang nodded: On 30 divine coin, sufficed me to use, after waiting, I gained suffice divine coin, came to your here to buy again well!” „It is not good!” Wang Jinshi thought that Shen Xiang with that inferior pill furnace, was really too suffering from injustice, asked: „The second child, your does here have five million divine coin pill furnace?” Has!” Yuan Baibing saw her nine Junior Sister must lend money to Shen Xiang, before Wang Jinshi, frequently does this matter, she is a very natural female, this well-known matter in Demon Execution Temple.