World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1785
Shen Xiang anxiously does not consider that value five million divine coin divine furnace now, regarding him, can only deal with middle-grade Saint pill and High-Grade now Saint pill's stove that's alright, good point sacred tool can deal with comes, let alone Divine Level pill furnace. Therefore 30 divine coin low-grade inferior divine furnace, regarding Shen Xiang are very good, was sufficient! If he needs good divine furnace, when that is also he refines Divine Pill needs, but at that time he will make Xue Xianxian their several females help him refine. In Gods, pill furnace very does not sell, specially that expensive divine furnace, because can use this rank pill furnace alchemy master, will have the Refining Master free help to refine, therefore now Yuan Baibing was happy. Does not use, 30 divine coin pill furnace sufficed me to use.” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, he does not want to make Wang Jinshi go to the expense that many divine coin, moreover will give him the pressure. These five million divine coin, might as well give him to purchase herbs alchemy, then buying pill furnace is more meaningful. 400 eight hundred thousand!” Yuan Baibing said immediately that in his heart is criticizing Shen Xiang, has Wang Jinshi this fool to disburse money, unexpectedly does not want. Wang Jinshi said: Wants, you are the alchemy master, although you now have not been able to refine Divine Pill, but your good pill furnace, can let your twice the result with half the effort! I lend you divine coin, you later the late point gives back to me, in any case I now not anxiously using.” In the Shen Xiang heart feels grateful Wang Jinshi, she is so natural, has the sharp contrast with present Yuan Baibing. Two Martial Uncle, bring that value three ten divine coin pill furnace, I wanted this!” Shen Xiang said that the manner is also very firm. Yuan Baibing saw the business unable to make, somewhat worried: Little brother, I said that you do look down upon my refiner level? Thought that my pill furnace is unworthy this money? Looks in Master to your deep affection, I to you low price, some previous people will not buy, I 6 million do not sell! Now 400 five hundred thousand give you!” In Wang Jinshi heart surprised, always stingy two Senior Brother, the unexpectedly one breath reduces prices now that many, this matter is rare. Shen Xiang gives Wang Jinshi sound transmission: Senior Sister, I do not need that pill furnace , the truth tell you, my wife is Refining Master, when I later truly need good pill furnace, I will make her help to refine, if I do not use pill furnace that they refine, they will be anxious with me.” Wang Jinshi hears, knits the brows: They? Your wife these many!” 2-3, they have not come Gods, but, certainly will come, moreover they are outstanding Refining Master, later I introduced that knew to you!” Shen Xiang said. Good!” After Wang Jinshi complies, then said to Yuan Baibing: Two Senior Brother, on my present, only then two million can divine coin, buy on credit 200 five hundred thousand first?” Yuan Baibing one hear, the sound also became pale several points, said with a smile to Shen Xiang: Little brother, you also uses low level pill furnace to be quite appropriate now! I think a moment ago that your present alchemy level, is unable to display with high level pill furnace.”

Yuan Baibing clarified has not wanted to give credit, he has put out that three ten divine coin pill furnace. In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, Wang Jinshi knew about these two Senior Brother that such a saying, that Yuan Baibing will not be determined to make him buy. Wang Jinshi helped Shen Xiang pay 30 divine coin, then brought to go to other places to stroll. I can give back quickly your.” Shen Xiang looks at small pill furnace on palm, although this pill furnace convenient, but also has to increase changes the small ability, internal space is also quite big, he is satisfied to this pill furnace. „A change!” Wang Jinshi is very natural, points at a blade saying: This is good the blade, is in low-grade divine tool is quite good, is only hundred ten thousand divine coin, you have a look to be appropriate, I give to you!” Wang Jinshi is High-Rank Profound God, but several million divine coin regarding this type did not understand that alchemy refiner Profound God is still a big number. Does not want, I do not like.” Shen Xiang hopes, cannot occupy Wang Jinshi convenient, after all Wang Jinshi does not make money easily. Senior Sister, how your does divine coin gain generally?” Shen Xiang asked. Kills by me everywhere, I am War-God, I can go to War Temple or am Demon Execution Temple receive some divine coin quite rich duties to do! Do not visit me now only then several million divine coin on the body, I borrow may have more than 100 million.” Wang Jinshi said. Shen Xiang believes very much shortly after her words, just with he knew, must lend his five million divine coin. Said, in person who I know, except for the second child is nouveau riche, other are the poor wretches! Also has Master to be quite rich, but his also very stingy.” Wang Jinshi looks in the shop is placing an emerald long sword, looks looks at steadily, wants to obtain such evidently very much. Old mostly owes my divine coin, after a period of time I look for them, I must buy High-Grade Divine Sword.” Wang Jinshi said with a smile: You is a alchemy master, you later will be certainly rich, when the time comes I ask you to lend money, like the stingy second child, do not find big bunch of excuses to decline me.” Shen Xiang thought that Wang Jinshi is a little silly, taking advantage of more than 100 million divine coin, has not received to the present, Ren Tianyong owes her, is this Demon Execution Temple disciple really so poor? In Gods , if no a good skill, must make money is very difficult, even if Wang Jinshi this Profound God is also so , can only depend to go hunting or make the duty to make money. Senior Sister, do you very much have free time now?” Shen Xiang asked. Right, I just completed a bulk bargain before, plans rest a period of time, what matter do you have to entrust me?” Wang Jinshi has looked at that emerald long sword, she also called Yuan Baibing. Yuan Baibing some impatient saying: Nine Junior Sister, this will not be short of sword divine coin, regardless of asked many times with you, was 100.08 million surely divine coin!”

Shen Xiang had been frightened one by this digit, 100.08 million surely divine coin! So to be how expensive? What special place doesn't look like?” The Shen Xiang curious inquiry, carefully looks afterward, but has still not seen anything. You cannot certainly look! This sword Jade Mist Divine Sword that but past Sword God built for the favored daughter, the significance was great, moreover High-Grade divine tool.” Wang Jinshi answered. Expensive does such thing, like this suspend here?” Shen Xiang has not thought that this is so big background of sword, he also thinks that is Yuan Baibing refines. Yuan Baibing said with a smile: Fellow who dares to snatch the thing here, he has not gone out of the entrance, I can turn into the ash him!” Shen Xiang asked: „Is Sword God very formidable? Why his favored daughter's can Divine Sword here?” Yuan Baibing said: Sword God including the fellow who God of Wealth fears, in the past almost a person the God of Wealth palace raising, moreover Sword God or the Heaven Punishment God teacher, you said that such fellow is fearful?” Then other people?” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, dares with God of Wealth is to the fellow, he admires. Does not know that it is said was infiltrated Divine Prison, you have stayed a period of time in Divine Prison, haven't you heard him?” Yuan Baibing asked. In Divine Prison has nine blood-colored unlucky stars, he truly had heard has some extraordinary fellow on other unlucky stars, has not thought of Sword God in inside. Two Senior Brother, I give you million divine coin, how does this use one year to me the sword?” Wang Jinshi asked. „It is not good!” Yuan Baibing shakes the head. One month!” Yuan Baibing still shakes the head: Does not borrow you, if you want, can only buy!” „Can 180 million, except for Master, who afford?” Wang Jinshi sighed one lightly, then the reluctant to part moving out of the way line of sight, leaves the shop. Shen Xiang follows in her behind, could see that she wants that Jade Mist Divine Sword! If Xueyi because of were good! Perhaps she can see that anything comes.” Shen Xiang always thought that sword to Wang Jinshi, is High-Grade divine tool so is not only simple.

Outside Divine City is still fighting, moreover is intense, the sound is getting bigger and bigger. Shen Xiang with Wang Jinshi, returned to Demon Execution Temple, arrives at the Wang Jinshi floor, sees only her to hold the fragrant cheek, looks at out of the window, but this window to the Yuan Baibing shop, can see that Jade Mist Divine Sword directly. Senior Sister, is very important to you sword? Why doesn't make Temple Master Heavenly God take responsibility for you, takes this Divine Sword?” Shen Xiang asked. „It is not good, to obtain any thing, must result in through oneself, this is a few words that Master for many years often spoke, therefore he will not help my.” Wang Jinshi shook the head. „Did you go to receive not that's alright divine coin that these borrowed?” Shen Xiang also said: So long as when the time comes collects a period of time again, sufficed divine coin to buy.” Had the majority unable to receive, because borrowed my divine coin person, majority was in my squad, they died.” Wang Jinshi also heaved a deep sigh, is bringing a sorrow, obviously because of the death of member, has brought back the grief in her heart. Shen Xiang had considered, said: Senior Sister, now Profound God Godhead value how many?” Wang Jinshi has turned head, delicate eyebrows one pressed, asking of doubts: „Are you make me mortgage Godhead? Incorrect, by words that Master knows, I will be scolded!” „It is not! This is my secret, in my hand has Profound God Godhead!” Shen Xiang smiles: I can lend you, but I need you to help me do several matters!” Wang Jinshi opens the big or medium mouth immediately, hastily nodded, it seems like she longs for obtaining that now Jade Mist Divine Sword, Shen Xiang had not said that makes her handle any matter, she nodded to comply. That must have a look is any Profound God Godhead, Low-Rank Profound God Godhead at present value hundred million divine coin about, Middle-Rank Profound God turns time!” In the Shen Xiang hand has Profound God Godhead, gets so far as in Divine Prison very much obviously, Divine Prison Godhead does not have what mark generally. Shen Xiang puts out Profound God Godhead, this is two War-God that initially Infernal Demon Emperor sent out, after Azure Dragon defeats, he takes.