World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1786
This is Middle-Rank Profound God Godhead, and does not have the brand mark! However the War-God aura is so strong, should be in War Temple!” Wang Jinshi receives: Initially Infernal Demon Emperor sent two War-God to go to Divine Prison to cut to kill Azure Dragon, this Godhead thinks is their one! If War-God Godhead, should also be able expensive.” You now True God are not, unexpectedly has this type of thing! Even if sells out this Godhead, I have bought Jade Mist Divine Sword, should also be able remaining 45 surely divine coin.” Wang Jinshi is excited, asks: You said that must make me help you handle any matter!” „The first matter, you must help me find one to be called the Yang Yan person, he is Brilliant God a son of disciple, you inquired that should be able to know, where I want to know him! The second matter, you help me leave behind one group of marks in major Divine City, I must contact an old friend here. The third matter...... After you buy Jade Mist Divine Sword, said again, because that matter needs to use divine coin.” Wang Jinshi nodded: I go to get rid of this Godhead first, asks the second child to cash directly, quick!” Godhead can also be used to practice, therefore the Shen Xiang plan keeps Profound God Godhead to be used in the practice to oneself. Now Yuan Baibing that urgently needed divine coin, is used to purchase Divine Pill obviously, the promotion strength uses. Wang Jinshi hastily leaves Demon Execution Temple, Shen Xiang waits for her to come back here. A bit faster found Xueyi to be good, has her coordination, I can a bit faster get so far as ten hundred million divine coin, then goes to Divine Prison to rescue Azure Dragon!” Shen Xiang knows that in Divine Prison also passed more than in 5000, he loses that in 5000, loses in that passage that Azure Dragon will open. Must a bit faster obtain massive divine coin, can only purchase Sacred Level herbs through the low price, then sells through Heaven Refining Technique two many grains, therefore Shen Xiang needs to find Yang Yan.

Solid Yang Yan of Shen Xiang in Divine Prison should have very big superiority in this channel, he makes Wang Jinshi go to major Divine City to leave behind the secret marks, to relate Long Xueyi. Half double-hour, Wang Jinshi came back jubilantly, she sees Shen Xiang, takes Jade Mist Divine Sword, this has been her for many years desire, now has realized all of a sudden, but this also makes her be in the next 180 million great debts. Altogether has sold 200.03 million surely divine coin, this 50 million give you!” Wang Jinshi throws to Shen Xiang at the same time jade token: You dropped blood that's alright, can go to God of Wealth bank to receive.” Wang Jinshi is unable to put down is stroking Jade Mist Divine Sword, happily said with a smile: Finally has succeeded in obtaining, the feeling of coming back is really good...... My valuable LaBelle.” What? The feeling of coming back? Did you have before?” Shen Xiang very surprised asking. Ah? Wang Jinshi discovered one said inadvertently, the eyeball transferred several, saying of making excuses: This...... I before, I meant......” Good, I told you! But do not tell others, this is my father refines for me the sword, I am the Sword God daughter, actually this is my father refines to my mother the sword, my mother named jade smoke, such names.” Wang Jinshi is nipping the lip slightly, this sword, but her parents leave her thing only. Shen Xiang and is too accidental, he looked before: Temple Master does Heavenly God know this matter?” Does not know that do not tell him! Although my father is Sword God, but in Gods is not very popular, he had been infiltrated Hell by fleshly body, but Hell cannot surround him, but also had been made by him greatly, finally the audiences Spirit Gathering strength seals him in Divine Prison.” Wang Jinshi serious urging Shen Xiang.

Is so fierce!” In the Shen Xiang mind imagines that Sword God to grasp Divine Sword, at the scene in Hell creating a disturbance, thought that has the feeling very much. This is my secret, because you help me probably return to this sword, I told you! Do not say.” Wang Jinshi urged Shen Xiang once again: I to hide the identity, my my father's sword technique does not dare to use.” Shen Xiang said: You do not dare to use, that passes to me, my anything dares to use!” „It is not good, is not my stingy, because of that sword technique too danger(ous), has not been inferior to your Heaven Refining Technique! Gods has four big taboo divine art, Heaven Refining Technique and my father's Deicide Sword Art is, but other two taboo divine art followed Nine Spirit Kings to be lost.” Deicide Sword Art, this name is good!” Shen Xiang suddenly is interested very much, said hastily: Senior Sister, you pass to me Deicide Sword Art, how do you owe my divine coin to write off?” Wang Jinshi pū chī smiles: Taboo divine art where has convenient that...... Even if my initial price 10 billion, can sell.” That considers as finished!” Shen Xiang sighed. Shen Xiang has helped oneself that big busy, now sees Shen Xiang this facial expression, Wang Jinshi also to think somewhat feels sorry, although her father has not said that has not been able the to divulge to an outsider, but she very much will actually be worried to bring the root of trouble to Shen Xiang. Your Heaven Refining Technique possibly makes some young fellows move, but Deicide Sword Art is different! Demon Execution Heavenly God has regarded this sword technique is evil, is known by him, will be certainly troublesome, perhaps he can quarrel to become enemies with you.” Wang Jinshi said.

Did not fear that I did not use that's alright, even if has used, I will also be very discrete, this aspect I was an expert.” Shen Xiang used devil art that Bai Youyou teaches in the past is also this. Wang Jinshi hesitant half sound, Youyou sighed, then jade finger in the Shen Xiang's forehead, said: „After I this Deicide Sword Art passes to you, you must comply with my several matters! First, cannot have Deicide Sword Art this matter to reveal you. Second, if you must teach to others, must result in undergoes my agreement. Third, after your sword technique great accomplishment, cannot be used to injure innocently. Fourth, you are later competent, must go to rescue my father from Divine Prison with me. Fifth, I owe your divine coin to write off!” Shen Xiang nods hastily: I promise you, the truth told you, I planned to go to Divine Prison again, I must rescue Azure Dragon, when the time comes I helped you search the Sword God whereabouts while convenient.” Good!” Wang Jinshi passes to that Deicide Sword Art the Shen Xiang's mind immediately. Wang Jinshi said: You said before that what can let the third matter that I help you do is? Relax, I will help you complete.” This need some divine coin, I must make you help me purchase a number of middle-grade saint medicine.” Shen Xiang said: Naturally, if you can find Yang Yan, I will make him do.” Has not thought that you can the person with God of Wealth palace be so good, before that God of Wealth cooperated to catch you with Infernal Demon Emperor.” Wang Jinshi said. This Yang Yan is different, I in Divine Prison, he have helped me, is the friend of mine.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Moreover in this fellow heart does not approve God of Wealth.”