World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1787

After Wang Jinshi leaves Demon Execution Temple, Shen Xiang also returns to the Tai Qiang house, he thought that will be better in that side. Demon Soul Executing City has closed the city gate, but can still transmit to other big Divine City, Wang Jinshi can complete the matter that Shen Xiang transfers quickly. Shen Xiang enters in the secret room, he before and Tai Qiang Xiao Chou has said that if he enters the secret room, really does not have the serious matter, do not come to disturb him. This divine furnace, although rank is very low, but regarding me is very good, enough I have used a period of time, when Xianxian they come up, I make them help to refine one again to be better.” Before then Shen Xiang made pill furnace increase, put out him , the acquired Devil Ghost crystallization, altogether several hundred grains, inside was containing the rich energy, so long as removed outside shell, internal energy was pure. Must become True God is true Gods, when the time comes faces me is more formidable than Profound God or is Evil Devil anything, I can withdraw.” Shen Xiang loses into big pile of Devil Ghost crystallization that divine furnace, he one time puts all crystallization, refines that many crystals regarding him is not the difficult matter, this also does not have herbs of various unusual nature. Although is the first time uses this divine furnace, but the Shen Xiang's adaptive faculty is strong, quick can adapt to this divine furnace, he uses limitless building up and Creation Fire, has used for day a night, that several hundred grains of crystal refined into grain of small pill pellet, its quality very high. My present range True God Realm had the one pace, this grain of pill should be able to help on my one.” After Shen Xiang swallows, revolution Heaven Refining Technique, starts to practice! Shen Xiang of closed eyes practice, had not felt that passing of time, he has been paying attention to the Divine Soul in Yuan! In Divine Soul the Yuan is so-called Emperor Soul, but he must in this in the Yuan concentrate now Soul Frame! So long as there is a sufficient resources support, in addition good cultivation technique, must concentrate Soul Frame regarding Shen Xiang is not the difficult matter, now in he can see in the Yuan to present a grain of very small crystal, so long as this crystal as big as certain extent, in integration Godhead, by own Divine Soul Godhead complete being in one, can become True God again. Has Heaven Refining Technique, I in this can twice the result with half the effort!” Shen Xiang uses the Heaven Refining Technique practice time, builds up that grain of pill very rapidness that he eats up, simultaneously can concentrate fast Soul Frame, all these are quite same in alchemy. Not long, his Soul Frame was very big, moreover strength that grain of pill brings had almost also been absorbed by him. Started!” The Shen Xiang intention moves, Soul Frame in start by own Godhead Divine Soul as well as Divine Soul melts together completely, all these likely are alchemy are also ordinary, needs to rub the same place all things, lets their perfect fusion together, thus has a more formidable effect. Although is not alchemy, but actually and alchemy in the Shen Xiang eye is exactly the same, cultivates the Heaven Refining Technique alchemy master regarding this, this is easy. Concentrates!” Shen Xiang revolution Heaven Refining Technique, releases strength of very strong dissolution suddenly, turns into Primal Chaos the thing that needs to fuse, will then fuse together.

Godhead, Divine Soul and instance of Soul Frame three perfect fusion, Shen Xiang suddenly felt that vast strength wells up, making him almost unable to bear bellow. This is True God!” In Shen Xiang is regarding his Divine sea world, inside space was getting bigger and bigger, could have the weak energy, but Divine Power was also more vigorous formidable. His Divine Soul in Divine sea, has probably the genuine flesh and blood, if this time fleshly body destruction, if his Divine Soul can escape promptly, he will still not die, will not lose that vast Divine Power. So-called True God, should be refers to Divine Soul evolving to be the same with the true body.” Shen Xiang spreads out the palm, the intention moves, his palm white light dodged, presented thumb big villain, this villain and present he is exactly the same, but reduced. Shen Xiang put out a hand actually to pinch this villain, the soft and fair skin, very real, was not the empty spirit condition. This villain genuine fierce place, is he can also turn into the empty spirit condition, this can avoid the attack of certain extent. Godhead was compressed slightly is very very small, hides in inside.” Shen Xiang poked that villain belly with the finger, cannot help but smiled, then in putting in Divine sea, this becomes quite the security. Shen Xiang this practice, not with too long time, but has used for more than ten days, but outside the fight of city and Devil Ghost, had still not ended. Thinks that the crystallization of these Devil Ghost are so easy-to-use, but definitely will be destroyed in other day Divine Level great war, in the Shen Xiang heart felt that somewhat loves dearly. These Devil Ghost are really fierce!” Shen Xiang goes to the hall, hears Xiao Chou to say after a sigh. Master, you have not gone to look at great war, was really a pity! We experience to fierce of Temple Master Heavenly God second group of disciples, that is Heavenly God of genuine goods at reasonable prices!” Xiao Chou is somewhat excited: I later also use into Heavenly God, I will be actually fiercer, a fist can destroy completely blood person Devil Ghost.” Did Shen Xiang ask some these days people to look for me?” Has, nine Martial Uncle have looked for you, said that you came out, makes you look for her immediately.” Tai Qiang said. Xiao Chou face mysterious saying with a smile: Master, these nine Martial Uncle are probably good to you!” I am currently working with her, do not think blindly.” Shen Xiang has patted the head of Xiao Chou gently: „After and other great war conclusions, you look for the good point duty, we practice acquiring a skill together.” The Shen Xiang half step goes out of the house, goes to Demon Execution Temple.

Wang Jinshi will come five days ago, Shen Xiang holds the matter that she handles she to manage very smoothly. Sees Shen Xiang to come, Wang Jinshi some not happy saying: You practice do not practice here, works as the bystander me!” Naturally is not.” The Shen Xiang hollow laugh several, asked: How did matter manage? Found Yang Yan?” Had found, he came back from Divine Prison, comes back to have more than 100 years.” Wang Jinshi said: Moreover I have left behind these marks in major Divine City! What matter then also has to want me to do?” Yang Yan where? I look for him first! Later I needs you to help, do not reject that's alright.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Naturally cannot!” From Wang Jinshi there learned Yang Yan below falls behind, Shen Xiang was somewhat happy that immediately leaves Demon Soul Executing City. Day Brilliant God city, this is of Brilliant God constructions God of Wealth four big apprentices Divine City, is big Divine City! But Yang Yan Brilliant God grand disciple, therefore he is very here normal, Wang Jinshi is comes to here to inquire his whereabouts from the beginning. Yang Yan this fellow, stayed in Divine Prison was so long, should fish large sum of money with his father!” Shen Xiang arrives at a bank entrance, above writes flash divine coin village several characters. Yang Yan father Yang Kairui is a Brilliant God disciple, comes back after Divine Prison, was arranged to handle bank here. This bank scale is very big, after all Brilliant God city of this day is also a big city, as here only bank, that scale is not definitely small. Although Yang Yan lives in bank, but he also only then rests time in inside, usually is the upscale restaurants here, some solid friends, are the same in Divine Prison with him. Therefore circle very broad of Yang Yan, therefore Shen Xiang will ask him to help to purchase middle-grade herbs. Was this restaurant, day flash Restaurant! Suffices the style, must catch up with Demon Execution Temple!” Shen Xiang cannot help but acclaimed one, at present this semblance gold and jade in glorious splendor hotel, except for is shorter than Demon Execution Temple, other aspects looked like be better than Demon Execution Temple. After Shen Xiang goes, found storekeeper directly, said one are the Yang Yan friend, making him notify one. As soon as the storekeeper listens is the Yang Yan friend, is not circular, arranges Xiaoer (waiter) to bring directly him, because made a false report that here is the words of Yang Yan friend, the consequence is very serious.

Shen Xiang arrives at tenth layer with that Xiaoer (waiter), here does not have the gap room, is only some neat furniture, but the middle empties a big frustum, above is having one crowd of wear to spend the pretty female of red clothed clothes, is jumping the graceful attractive dancer's posture. Around on stage furniture, altogether sits hundred people, Shen Xiang from most found Yang Yan before a table on quickly, but only he sits there, is placed big table of sumptuous cooked food in the tabletop, looked like was somewhat cool. Although the people on other furniture can sit here, but actually does not dare to arrive at the Yang Yan nearby now, but now on the stage female dances lightly with the wonderful music, more than ten individuals stood up to want, but actually sits down. Because Yang Yan is looking at this time vigorously, others do not dare to disturb him. Some people cannot sit still, in the hand holds the jade box to arrive at side Yang Yan, but he just spoke a few words, stood stared one in a Yang Yan behind guy to him. Yang Young Master, this was the hundred thousand year can......” that human language not say that Yang Yan knit the brows to wave. Yang Yan indifferently said: This is you is too greedy, for a little thing, kills a person and takes his possessions, now walked , is also you have only self to blame! If I am you, I will go to the audiences Temple penalty building to accept the punishment.” That person of ashen-faced, but sighed, turned around to leave. Shen Xiang has not thought that this Yang Yan unexpectedly is so popular, coming to here to find his person, must ask him to help, he is also same. At this time also one after some other people wanted, moreover in the hand held ritual emphatically! Stands behind that guy probably is giving these person of sound transmission in Yang Yan, making these people return the actually position immediately. Shen Xiang thinks one and Yang Yan relationship is good, therefore also walked, in the hand has not brought any gift, like this passes. Other people see him not to be tactful, in the heart sneers, thinks that he will shout at to leave by that heartless guy. Shen Xiang hears sound transmission of that guy, said that Yang Young Master does not like others disturbing him to look to dance, making him wait first. However Shen Xiang has not paid attention, not only walked, but also sat a chair by Yang Yan, but also took up the chopsticks to clamp the dish, what making the person look is dumbfounded, Shen Xiang simply has not worked as itself the bystander, selfish wolfing down, but also drank up that several wine pot inside high grade good wines completely.