World Defying Dan God - Volume 18 - Chapter 1788
Shen Xiang did not speak, he does not want to disturb Yang Yan to look to dance, he does not think that this table of dishes have wasted, he thinks that he was eating and drinking extravagantly at the same time, should not affect Yang Yan. The people see Shen Xiang this, secretly expressed admiration, they suspected that Shen Xiang knows Yang Yan, but they saw Yang Yan behind the complexion of that guy. Understands that actually Yang Yan does not know this person. They think carefully that suddenly understood a matter, is Shen Xiang has not disturbed Yang Yan, has not spoken with Yang Yan, but eats the dish that Yang Yan does not eat there, drinks liquor that Yang Yan does not drink, but Yang Yan has not looked at his one eyes from beginning to end. The people patiently are waiting, but Shen Xiang carefully is also tasting this big table of good dishes , after he eats the none remaining, has licked the lip, depends on the chair, curls upwards one leg on the other to look that stage above these beautiful women are jumping the beautiful dancer's posture. The dance jumped, female of dancing graceful drew back the stage, Yang Yan start to talk asks: Who are you?” These two really did not know! The people criticized oneself that courage not to sit in side in the past, this clarified is Yang Yan is testing others. dish was too cool, although the flavor is good, but I am not quite satisfied . Moreover the liquor is not the good liquor! Yang Young Master you entertain the friend not to be right like this, I do not want to make you dump a table cold dish, reluctantly puts in great inconvenience own belly, eats to drink completely up.” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile: Now you should on one table of steaming hots good dish receive cordially me!” Yang Yan smiled: Good, entertains friend with the cold dish is I am not truly right!” Quick, on the tabletop also had a table dish, heat is steaming. This time, Yang Yan holds up wine class and Shen Xiang drinks, while eats the dish, but Shen Xiang still has not told Yang Yan own status. Although the Yang Yan strength is very strong, Shen Xiang suspected that he is Profound God, but actually still does not recognize him to come, he is very satisfied to his Transformation Technique.

You, where person are you?” Yang Yan asked. I just came from Demon Execution Temple, that place was too noisy, that crowd of Devil Ghost kill outside all day.” In the Shen Xiang mouth is chewing big pile of dishes, is pointing at the dish on tabletop with the chopsticks, shouted: Eats quickly eats quickly, you're welcome!” The fellow who like this changes from guest to host, making people look criticizes, but Yang Yan has not actually manifested suddenly, obviously the Shen Xiang's disposition makes him appreciate very much. At this time also some people one after another came up to give a present, but this is makes that guy process, needed him to help, made that guy take down, if could not help, he will make that guy draw back the gift. Demon Execution Temple was besieged by Devil Ghost, at this time I slightly have hearing, should be Devil Ghost that Infernal Demon Emperor draws on, Hell Temple and Demon Execution Temple continuously as incompatible as fire and water, has such matter not to be strange, I am only have not expected, Demon Execution Temple unexpectedly has that fierce strength, the Demon Execution Heavenly God second group of disciples all appears, is Heavenly God of one crowd of nameless non- surnames, moreover powerful!” However the Demon Execution Heavenly God first group of disciples, are mysterious incomparable! In Gods, many people think that the God of Wealth strength is most formidable, because four big apprentices become small God of Wealth, is formidable Heavenly God! The fame is big and rich, will therefore give people this misconception.” Actually, strength of Demon Execution Temple hideaway is more fearful! The Demon Execution Heavenly God third group of disciples are High-Rank Profound God, does not need Takuya to become Heavenly God, when the time comes the Demon Execution Temple overall strength will promote many times.” The people nod again and again, although the Demon Execution Temple second group of disciples are not the secrets, many people know in Demon Execution Temple, but this time all sends out, resists these fearful blood person Devil Ghost, and has cut to kill, if changes into is other strength slightly weak Divine City, perhaps already fell to the enemy. Yang Yan continues saying: Now because of the restraint of audiences Temple, therefore Demon Execution Temple does not dare to break the rule of audiences Temple formulation, otherwise Demon Execution Temple was already visible to attack Hell Temple!” Now the Infernal Demon Emperor strength gradually was weakened, because before him, has controlled that world of Nine Heaven, made the large-scale death in world of Nine Heaven, thus obtained the massive ghosts, obtained formidable strength! Now world of Nine Heaven by the audiences Temple control, where Infernal Demon Emperor was unable to do all kinds of evil things, therefore Infernal Demon Emperor will then have a more further action.”

Shen Xiang said: Hell Temple can with Demon Execution Temple fight of that many years, should also to have certain strength! But Infernal Demon Emperor must have the motion, that must result in the rule of destruction audiences Temple formulation, making him arrive at Gods to dominate from Hell.” But by doing so, audiences Temple definitely will join up to cope with him, therefore he has a day of road, seeks to support his strength in audiences Temple! I heard that before War Temple and Fire God Palace also had the God of Wealth palace, has cooperated with him.” These Temple, are in audiences Temple one of the most formidable Temple, if can obtain these Temple to support, must hit second half Gods not to be difficult. Yang Yan has not spoken, because he is the person in God of Wealth palace, but in his heart is not willing to be a companion with Hell Temple, he waved, hints that guy to walk the person. Quick, here only remaining Shen Xiang and Yang Yan. Who are you?” Yang Yan thought that Shen Xiang is not very ordinary. Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang cracks into a smile: Has not recognized!” Shen Xiang chatted, changed own appearance, making Yang Yan ridicule one. I know that can also see again your, has not thought that met with you again, was bewildered and you drinks the liquor.” Yang Yan said with a smile: „More than 5000 years, you entered Gods quickly, moreover probably crosses also well, unexpectedly also got rid of the Infernal Demon Emperor tracing incantation.” I may not have more than 5000 years.” The Shen Xiang forced smile said that then explained matter simply, this made Yang Yan admire.

Shen Xiang said: Big brother Yang, after I leaves, Azure Dragon finally how? I know that he has killed these Profound God.” Yang Yan sighed: He has killed these Profound God completely, because of this, was also infiltrated Hell together with fleshly body, he stayed for more than 4000 years in Hell, suddenly was put back into Divine Prison, it is said Hell was tossed about heavily by him, now his strength also becomes more fearful, was detained, in four arrive in the 9 th unlucky star.” Then he can also come out?” Azure Dragon is formidable, regarding Shen Xiang is the good matter, but must make not to be easy Azure Dragon! Can, but needs many divine coin, should want hundred hundred million divine coin! This is not fond of playing jokes, even if Brilliant God does not get so far as that many all of a sudden.” Yang Yan said: 4 th to No. 9 unlucky star inside prisoner, is this price!” Shen Xiang not only need rescue Azure Dragon now, Wang Jinshi Sword God father! in addition is 200 hundred million divine coin!